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Found 21 results

  1. Hello PIO's, As the subject says; I am in need to some clarification regarding our 856 ENS application. My husband's company lawyer had lodged his application in August with me as the non-migrating partner. I returned back to OZ on a Tourist Visa and the lawyer had my husband sign a letter advising DIAC that he would now like for me to be added onto the application. I am not sure what else the lawyer would have sent with this letter to advise DIAC to add me on. We have asked the lawyer to clear the doubts but its been extremely frustrating for us to get anything out from him as he's not helpful at all. That is why I need assistance with the following; 1. Should'nt I be on a Bridging Visa already? I am concern as I do not want t be unlawful should I still remain assuming my Bridging Visa has kicked in when my Tourist Visa expires. I am also afraid to contact DIAC to enquire incase I alert them to the fact I am applying for PR whilst on a TV. 2. Would'nt DIAC send some sort of an acknowledgement to advise that they will add me onto the application? Many thanks in advance for any assistance provided with clearing my doubts. SW :hug:
  2. The Expat Explorer Survey focuses on expats’ experiences when bringing up children abroad. The report looks at which focuses on six key global locations the best opportunities and experiences for their children. Expats rated childcare, education, ease of integration, costs of raising children, time spent outside, and time spent taking part in outdoor activities. In addition, they also rated the relative ease in which they were able to do the following in their new country of residence. Read The Full Report Here Expat Survey Full Report Key findings One in three of the expats surveyed (31%) have dependent children (children under the age of 18) living with them abroad in a total of 26 different countries around the world. Of the top six countries (UAE, US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia), expats in Singapore are the most likely to have children who currently live with them (46%), while just a quarter (24%) of expats in the UK have dependent children. Generally, 37% of expats have experienced an increase in the quality of family life since moving abroad. Of the top six countries, Australia had the largest proportion of expat parents (55%) who reported an improvement in the quality of family life compared with where they used to live. Some expats reported that moving to the UK can have a negative effect on their family life – 45% reported a decline in quality compared with only 16% who reported an improvement. Australia Takes Best Overall for Children Of those countries surveyed as part of the Offshore Offspring report, expats living in Australia feel the country provides the best environment for healthy and active children. For example, parents report that these children are the most likely to spend more time outdoors than in their previous country. Children in Australia are more likely to have increased the amount of time spent playing sports (68% vs. 44% globally) and are also the most likely to spend less time watching TV and to eat healthily when compared with their home country; making Australia the best place for children to adopt a healthy way of living. Read The Full Report Here Expat Survey Full Report <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->__________________
  3. Hello, I applied for 175 last January, I am Industrial engineer though I got my assesment as a Plant or Production engineer from Australia Engineers. After running so much against the odds because my work experience over the last 24 months was going to expire I lodge my application (I have an Agent) on January 31 2011. I got the famous (yet infamous) email from march 18th, I went ahead with the medicals and the other forms (80 and ?? dunno remember the number). All in all, when I check VEVO to see the progress of my application appers as it was in January 31, no updates at all and requiring the documents. I do know that apparently they dont update that til I get a CO. As anyone know where am I now?, I am so confuse about schedules and the March-18 email, as well as the change after 1st July. This process was so hard before the lodgement but at least I knew what I need to be done. I am not in a hurry because there are so many people who lodgde before me, but I do wanna Know more or less how long i have to wait! Note1: I am from a high risk country (wherever that means). Note2: I show respect to those who have been waiting years for a VISA and are still in the queue; I just lodge this year, yet the waiting is so painful when you have put so many things there.
  4. jyotikhtr

    Doubts in ACS online form

    Hi All, I was filling my online application to ACS for ANZSCO Code 262113 (Systems Administrator) from this link. I have few doubts. A) About filling my name :confused: The online application has three fields for name I feel for me it should be as below My full name is JYOTI KHATRI, what should I write in Given Name(s). B) Where can I find the list of ICT Qualifications ? Can I include my Technical Certifications like Sun Certified System Administrator, Red Hat Certified Engineer and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 Foundation here. C) Also, what is Date Awarded in "Relevant qualifications" section. Is it the date when the degree is awarded, it is normally after an year of completing the course. D) What is to be given in "Details" field of "Relevant experience" section Do we have to fill this field with Roles and Responsibilities in that organization. Please suggest. Many Thanks in advance. Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  5. Guest51810

    starting to have Doubts

    Is it normal to get doubts so early on or is that a sign that you arent ready to move? I had a lovely 21st party ( except for a few hiccups) and during it and after it i started to think i dont know if i could leave my family and the few really good friends that i have. Its more my family than friends tbh, i know that my friends are all going to move on when they finish uni. My gran gave me a ring that shed kept for me for a long long time, it meant a lot to me and i just thought i dont know if i could leave her. Also got a quote from a pet shipping company at the glasgow expo, they said it would almost be 5,000!! could be more depending on sizes. Thats A LOT of money to us but i couldnt leave them behind if they were healthy enough to go. Im starting to think im just not cut out for moving and should just forget the whole thing. Told Dave that im having doubts now, he says it would be a once in a lifetime chance and he wished hed went when he was my age but if i really dont want to go then he wont either, said he couldnt go without me. Is it normal to feel this way! my family have told me to go if i can
  6. traceyd

    Starting to have doubts!

    Hi all, I am 40 years old and planning to emigrate in September 2012 as finishing a MSc degree first. I will be making the move alone. I started to have doubts yesterday as I am worried about the cost of living, particularly on retirement. I rent at the moment and will probably rent in Oz and am a nurse so salary should be about $70000 a year, more than the UK, but I keep on reading posts about the high cost of living. I am particularly worried that I won't be able to afford it there. I have a good job in the UK, although I don't seem to be able to develop any further so don't know what to do. Has anyone else had any doubts? What did you do? Do you regret going? Thanks, Tracey
  7. cartertucker

    Doubts ~ Whose had them?

    I really want to hear from anyone that has had doubts about making their permanant move to Australia :unsure: Would love to hear the experiences of those that didnt go following these doubts & those that made the move anyway Thankyou in advance :cute:
  8. Guest

    Form 1100- Doubts???

    I am in the process of lodging application for 475 visa. I have got NSW SS nomination. Will I need to inform NSW to send the form 1100 after lodging my application or it will be automatically submitted to the Diac by NSW after giving sponsership? Thanks in advance to your great responses, tony
  9. I am preparing the application for my 475 visa . I am little bit worried about DIAC surprising news like suspension of visa during transition period same as the previous year. Can I expect this month for preparation and application of my visa? Will any such things will come out in this month?. I know noone cannot give an answer except DIAC... But I hope the senior members can give an approximate answer by the previous experiences. Thanks in advance tony
  10. Guest

    457 Visa. Got Doubts!

    Hello I have just been offered a great job in Australia. Over $100,000 a year, Flights, shipping and expenses all paid for plus temporary accomodation for a couple of weeks when we arrive. Sounds great except for the visa. They are sponsoring me on a 457 which, having done some research on this visa, seems a bit too risky. If we move to Australia we want it to be permanent or if we choose to come back then it will be our choice. My wife and I have 3 young children and I am worried about giving up a good job in the UK and selling our house here then finding in a few years that I cannot gain PR and having to move back with nothing. Also, am I correct in thinking that it is difficult gaining a mortgage or loans whilst on a 457? The offer I received is very tempting and I know a lot of people would jump at the chance to go on this visa but I don't want to make a hasty decision then regret it. Should I approach the company and see if they would sponsor me on a ENS? Seems a bit daft that they would spend all this money on me and risk me having to leave in a few years time. Any advice from anybody would be very much appreciated! many thanks Martin
  11. Guest

    To everyon with doubts...

    Reading this book, 'Why you are Australian - a letter to my children', (and last UK winter) sealed it for me. It's beautifully written and is especially apt if you have children but not necessarily. It's a wonderful celebration of the sense of belongingness and seriously asking what sort of life you want for you and your family. At times, it's a bit UK/London negative but generally I recognised myself. And Im not even Australian! It's written by Nikky Gemmell. It's only available from Australia. Happy reading!
  12. For about 3 yrs now we have been considering a move overseas, mainly just for a bit of adventure, see what it's like, and to see if we can have anymore luck with life than we have currently. We did look at the US first but the red tape and the retrogression was just too much to bear so have been researching Oz for a year or so now. We have never been before but like i said we are not looking at this as a permanenet thing it is just an adventure and we have said we will do it for a couple of years, if we love it we stay if we hate it we come home we haven't done anything formal yet but i have a couple of interviews for nursing jobs next month so the ball is about to start rolling, but i do sometimes have doubts as to wether we are doing the right thing or not and wondered wether this is normal or a sign we shouldn't be bothering Basically life is okay here in the Uk for us at the moment but not great. we don't own a home, we live pretty much hand to mouth each month. I can't get a nursing job, hubby works for pcworld (so no future in his career then) and we have very very little in the way of family and what we do have we see rarely and they don't play a big part in our lives. The good parts are that we live in a nice town in Scotland and the kids go to a good school and like it there and are doing well but they are only 5 and 7 so still little. I know if we go to Oz that we will probably still struggle, we still won't own a home initially, but i can get a good job as a nurse and you never know hubby might get a job too. I'm sort of torn between struggling through here in the UK and hoping one day we might get some luck and hubby might get a decent job, or i might find a job, and that we can eventually buy a house.( and I'll buy myself a horse in a couple of years and we'll go on holiday to florida, or whilst we have no ties, no debt, and the kids are little we should just try oz even if for just a couple of years I'm thinking that i don't want to be stuck here in the UK in 20 years and thinking what if
  13. Hi All, I am planning to move to Adelaide on 176 visa in 1st week of March'10. Before that we need to clear some doubts: 1. Initially i am going there and rest would come later once i get a job (hopefully) and arrange for suitable place to live. Is it ok if initially i go there and rest come later. 2. I am planning to visit my cousine in Melbourne for a week and later move to Adelaide. Is it in compliance to terms of 176 visa; or I have to land initially in Adelaide itself. 3. Once in Adelaide do I have to report to Sate Migration office about my date of arrival in SA (for the purpose of time frame of 2 yrs for 176 visa). 4. As others membetrs would join me later, what is the estimated amount I should take with me initially. Thanks
  14. hi i would like to ask advice regarding my plans to apply for last remaining relative visa.my mom and dad and sisters are in australia, my other brother is in nz. i have a daughter which is 6 years old living with me now. my doubt is that, about 10 years ago, i applied for a visitor visa and was granted.but i have written in that application my half-sister who i met just a year before that application and who i havent been in contact for 10 years already. i dont know where she is now. would that affect my application? and also , i have been granted an Australian fiance visa before but i did not push throught with my fiance.will it have an impact too? and then there's the case with my child, her father is australian citizen.and i applied for her to become an australian citizen but she was not granted that..does it affect our application now? thank you for your time and help.
  15. I wrote on the forum before that when we started on this journey it was hubbies idea,unfortunately his idea has became my dream.The problem is I have a job as a nurse in Bunbury hosptal which we have paperwork for permanent employer sponsored visa had since nov and still not lodged .Brians career has been varied but after waiting since march 08 for paperwork he finally landed the job he has always wanted car and bonuses included. Everytime i mention this forum he gets cranky but since christmas i have been obsessive about this site and getting the paperwork together. Well yesterday and last night we had a long chat and it turns out he feels with the global financial situation that he wont get a job with the prospects that this one has. If I am being honest most of it makes sense we can afford to wait 2 yrs and clear more of our debt watch the property market then sell up and go with more money in our pockets kids are 8 and 6 . We are 40 and 38 yes im older than him he accepts that i have always moved and adapted with his jobs and says he would go if i really wanted to. Have to say his health been bad last couple of years and he appears to be fixed and that i do have some reservations in case he gets unwell again unsure whether he will pass medicals for permanent visa as still under consultant so maybe some things are just not meant to be? I do believe in fate or at least you make your own.I have some tough decision to make although i think i have already made them and will be opening the australia 2011 bank account pretty soon.:frown:
  16. Guest

    Online App 175 - Doubts!

    Hiya, After I submitted my online 175 visa app & made the payment - a Document Checklist was thrown. The checklist shows the required doc's for me, my parents & sister. However, my parents & sister are not migrating along with me and I am the only one that is migrating. It shows Form 160EH & 26EH & Overseas penal clearance certificate to be filled for all 4 of us. My question is - Do I need to submit medical reports & PCC for my non-migrating family members as well? I am sure - I mentioned that I am the only one migrating but I did fill in their details as it asked to.. IS this normal? Can the PCC & Medicals for them be ignored? Thanks in advance for your help! Regards, JW
  17. Guest

    Are you having DOUBTS!

    Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things you didnt do than buy the ones you did. So throw off your bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE DREAM DISCOVER. - MARK TWAIN :spinny:Just wanted to share this with you guys. It kept us going. Best Wishes.
  18. Guest

    Anyone else with doubts!!!!

    Hi everyone, just wondered if any of you guys are experiencing the same ups aund downs as us!! We have the visa and are looking at moving to Brisbane at the end of the year. Everything seemed to be going along fine - parents told, visits to oz X2!!, house up for sale and it seemed a matter of time until we were booking flights and off. This week tho we feel like maybe just staying here and giving it some more time. Is it that bad here? and I know for certain oz is not the land of milk and honey! Is it really worth all the upheaval and family emotions?:unsure: Anyone else in the same boat? Interested to hear.
  19. Any doubts i may of had about going to Oz have been washed away, quite literally, as i write this from the Venice of the North, i say Venice as there is a cat surfing past my back door on an upturned skateboard. All weekend it has done nothing but Pi$$ed down. It's no wonder the UK is called this green and pleasant land, green because it always rains and i'm not too sure about the pleasant bit, fortunately i don't live too close to Sheffield as it's been turned into a lake so god only knows what they feel like. I am stuck in the house waiting to start a 2 oclock shift tortured by the lack of decent telly, Jeremy Bloody Kyle, another reason to leave the UK if the vast and willing collection of muppets, skivers and drugged up dole dossing bunch of morons is the future of the UK. I'm not saying the grass isn't greener etc but i've got to give it a go, Now we have a new prime minister, Gordon the gopher Brown, who made a statement acknowledging that they had established the means of the device at Glasgow airport, nothing gets past Sherlock Brown does it ! this several hours later, my god i and the rest of the country seen it 10 seconds later, a bleeding great big jeep, so it is with confidence the UK moves forward, i think not !!!! still at least with him there now we don't have to endure the affront to our eyes that is Cherie, just how far back does her mouth have to go ? Anyway i had to let off some steam and i apologise for it but the weekend i've had weather wise has been enough to make the pope turn Muslim. Im a Englishman get me out of here !!!!
  20. johnd

    doubts about going????????

    anyone with doubts about going to oz, please read my post in the migration issues forum, its in reply to the 'rugby lad returns home'. i feel it encapsulates the uk today in a nutshell. johnd
  21. HELP.. My husband and I are hoping to move to Aus next year with our 1 year old son. Going to visit Melbourne in Nov (we haven't been before)and if we like it then and decide to go then because I will be sponsoring my husband it is a quick process. The problem is my husband seems to be having little doubts. Mainly about leaving family behind and that we are taking our son away from his grandparents and cousins.. Also so worried that we might not be better off financially over there and what if he can't get a job (he is in insurance).. Has anybody else had these worries. He does say he knows it is for the best and our lives will improve in the great outdoors but then adds what if our life is the same as here.. Don't get me wrong our life isn't terrible here and family are wonderful... He is a little worrier but is this normal??? Has your life really changed or are you looking for a better lifestyle like us??? The Windsors :?