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Found 14 results

  1. Joob joobs

    Doubt has changed to excitement!

    :chatterbox: In two weeks and 20 minutes we'll be taking to the skies from Heathrow on our way to Brisbane (via Hong Kong). :yes: We've got three nights in HK then on to Brisbane, with temp accommodation booked for the first 6 weeks. Today the doubt and sick feeling has changed to excitement and I can't hold it in! :arghh::arghh::arghh::jiggy:
  2. Guest

    Doubt on form 26H

    Hi all, I have doubts on question 13 of form 26H . It is asking Are you a, 1) protection visa applicant 2)refugee child 3) 4) 5) I am applying for 475 as a priamary applicant, which one i have to tick Thanks Rex
  3. vbulsara

    Character Clearances - Doubt

    I went for character clearances, Today with my Wife and Daughter to Passport Office, They Accepted my wife and Daughter , and told they will issue character clearances for both. Now the Issue is they did not accept mine. They Told my wife Name should be on Passport on Mine So i need to get New Passport to get character clearances. My Doubt : 1. Is it ok to Renew my Passport ? Any Problem with our 176 Visa? 2. Do i need to give IELTS again after New Passport?
  4. Guest

    160 Form Q7 doubt

    In 160 form what should i fill for: Question7: " If you are in Australia: How long have you been here?" I was in Australia (on 457 visa) 1 year back and right now im not in australia. Does this question has to be filled only by the person who is residing in Australia right now. Please help
  5. Hi, I just read a thread in agents information named "Computing Professionals - ASCO-ANZSCO mapping" and first point mentioned is as following Applicants cannot change their nominated occupation; Computing Professional (NEC) in ASCO does not currently map to an ANZSCO occupation on Schedule 3. Does it mean that people who have got earlier assessed as 2231-79(Java in my case) will not be able to reapply to ACS for some other code say for example 261311,261312,261313 for analyst programmer,developer programmer and software engineer. If they do then does it mean rejection as nominated occupation is changed. Cheers Mands
  6. Hi All, I have doubt regarding document checklist for south Australia's state sponsorship. I am offshore candidate and I am going to apply for state sponsorship for south Australia. Should I have to send copy for proof of fund along with other document? or Should I send proof of fund when they will request to do so? because document checklist doesn't mentioned about proof of fund for offshore candidate. It shows only for international student for financial support from their parents. please guide me. thanks. regards, tejas
  7. First of all, I thank beforehand everyone that reads this topic with good intentions and even more those who help me in my decision! Now to my issue... For some time I've been flirting with the idea of moving to Australia - for about 1 year actually. I'm Italian-Brazilian, 23 and to this day I live in Brazil. I started to think about Australia because here there are lots of shows made there showing quite a promising country with nice weather, nice people, good organization and respect. And there is quite a bit of good sense and taste that they put in those shows, which got me even more interested. So I started doing some research about it and fell in love with it. Through the internet there are lots of people and articles saying that it's indeed an amazing place with clean and beautiful cities, nice people, safe, full of opportunities and - most importantly - serious and sensible inspite the so called "laid back" style. Some of the contact I had with the local people has been positive as well, in fact one of the Australians I got to observe in a forum that I take part in seemed very good in his character, respect and achievements. The pictures of Sidney and Melbourne and the intense European immigration got me thinking if this wasn't the best place on earth for what I look for. European-like food, people and manners (not saying no other culture is good or even better but it's my favourite so far) in somewhere with lots of space, less cold and a will to go ahead. Heck, I even started to cheer for Mark Webber in F1! Now I have finished my graduation and I'm on a kind off trip-year and got the opportunity to visit Europe and Italy for the first time. I loved it! The food is amazing and cheaper than in Brazil for the quality it has, things are way more organized and serious, the overall quality of services and products is better for cheaper prices as well and actually I coped with the cold and the weather much better than I do here. The sun in Europe doesn't burn my skin and the cold, even in sub-zero forms, is for me much more pleasant than the Brazilian cold at 12 to 14 ºC. I always wanted to move to Europe and got triggered after the trip. The thing is that I never liked Brazil since I was a kid. One can classify me as quite an "uptight" and that is not only given little value here as it is even undesirable. There are many good people here, but a huge chunk of the society like to do things the wrong way and think it is clever to fool people. They ruin it for everybody, specially since most of the other part doesn't do anything to change that because of fear or lack of will. Along with that, my preferences regarding food and lifestyle here are not attended as well. When I started making the plans to move to Europe after this visit I remembered two things: Europe does seem to be a bit on a halt in therms of economy and people in some places and my crush on Australia. Then, finally, I decided to use the rest of this year to know it before deciding where to move. With that I began to make more serious researching about the Down Under and found this forum and many others about people that actually did what I'm thinking about doing and things are getting pretty disappointing. Not only here but in other places I heard about migrants that are having loads of complaints regarding Australia. Many are having issues with overt and even violent racism, many say that only a part of the people is receptive and most is only about the laying back, the nice weather has been reported like a oven by some, the quality of the products and services is being put to question and so on. There are also those who say that the people are thick in general and the cleanness and safe is only hype. I know that inside a country there are many countries and that you can never generalize, because it's wrong and a form of prejudice, but in the end of the day when you are in a society you have to deal and live with all aspects of it and important bad points about it will be very annoying and will create trouble if there is a considerable part of it behind this bad characteristics - let alone if that is the case with the majority. So I'm really worried about going to the other side of the planet to find just the many of things I dislike about Brazil and others like thick people. I'm thinking how a country so beautiful and that is one of the few colonized ones that actually worked out can be so disappointing. I'm even reading about drug problems there, which I thought before that was a very controlled issue in Australia. Now I got this huge doubt: Do I take the risk to know the place or I'm better off using the money to move to Europe straight away? I know that there is nothing like seeing for your self - I couldn't believe how wrong people where about French people being rude to tourists for instance - but the flight alone for my family and I to Australia costs 6k US dollars here. I don't want to convince my family to burn 10k or more in a trip only to find out - like many - that the dream was a nightmare and I could have used the money to live and start my career on the lovely Spain or Austria or even in some breathtaking parts of Italy. So, fellow Europeans, can you help me with this choice? Any Australians contributing would be awesome - in fact, anyone with something concrete to say about Australia would. Thanks again for those with good will and sorry for the long text! PS - In case I didn't leave it clear enough, here are things that I value in a country or society and/or in people: seriousness, respect, politeness, gentleness, cleanness, will to move forward, separation of religion and ideology from the practical issues, passion, quest/focus for quality and discreteness. A fine living - but not run down or arrogant - lifestyle is also valued by me.
  8. Guest

    rsms / skill level doubt

    hello this is vikram again i have got a doubt in my mind that whether my qualification is diploma level for rsms or not cert 4 in cookery followed by diploma of hospitality management any advice appreciated thanks
  9. Guest

    RSMS visa Eligibility doubt ?

    Hi all my name is kash, i am leaving in adelaide. I have completed Masters in IT and now i am on 485 temporary visa. my visa is going to expire on 25th of Nov 2010. I am working in a restaurant as a cook as a casual worker but working 35-40 hours a week since Dec. 2009 and before that i wan working there part time (from march 2007- Nov-2009) as i was student at that time. Now my employer told me that he is ready to sponsor me and he can do anything for me to as long as i work with him in future. I just came to know about RSMS visa but as i dont have relevant education so i am confused wheather i can still apply for this visa or not ? i saw on website that there are skill exemption but i am not sure whether i can fit in those exemptions or not. My boss told me that he is ready to do anything for me. so i want to know what i can do so that i can fit in one of those skill exemption ? i have 6 band in each section of IELTS..
  10. Just a warning to those trying to get a tan before going to Oz' sunbeds are as deadly as lying for hours in the Mediterranean sun. The new assessment puts sunbed use on a par with smoking or exposure to asbestos. There is no doubt using a sunbed or sunlamp will raise the risk of skin cancer, say international experts. Previously, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) assessed sunbeds and sunlamps as "probably carcinogenic to humans". But it now says their use is definitively "carcinogenic to humans". and is as dangerous as smoking for causing cancers in later life. BBC NEWS | UK | 'No doubt' sunbeds cause cancer
  11. Hello, I am planning to migrate Sydney (because Sydney being the main IT hub in Australia/ Asia Pacific) I have currently scored a min. of 6 in each of IELTS module with an overall score of 6.5. Hence, I can not get the NSW state sponsorship (176). So, I am planning to re-appear in this exam and hope to get the required min. score and hence 120 points (currently its 110). But i have a doubt >>> I am into web application development, e-commerce, payment gateway integration and have developed lot of web based properties using open source technologies like php and mysql. If I score a min. of 7 in each of the IELTS modules, can I apply for Skilled (Migrant) Sponsored Visa Subclass 176/886 for NSW ??? I am little confused because as per http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/Visa_Criteria_ICT.pdf, I can't get this type of visa even if I score a 7 (because of skills mentioned under Specialization required column) Any guidance will be highly appreciated. Thanks ausmig
  12. Ok, here as it stands, we moved out here in September 08 on a PR visa. Im a nurse so no problem getting a job, however hubby hasnt worked since last year and is still looking for work. He is ex army,an engineer and college lecturer but his qualifications arent recognised because he didnt do a degree :arghh: I know everyone is in the same boat, but our son is finding high school a bit different too here too and isnt happy right now either. Im sure it is normal to be thinking have we done the right thing!! We moved everything out here,all our belongings,our dogs and really just want to make a go or it but it seems like its hurdle after hurdle, Im sure it will get better wont it? The sun is still shining so surely thats a start...
  13. Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration so I thought I would share this with you, maybe someone will relate to it. Honestly this is a true story. My Dad was left to bring up myself and 2 younger sisters, when I was aged 8, my Mum decided she’d had enough and run away with a guy she met while working at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. Last heard of in America somewhere. Sadly dad passed away a few years ago now. Trying to cut this story as short as I can, after leaving school at 18 I went on to study to become a Hairdressing and Beautician, had a few jobs before opening a hair salon with another girl in 1995. All my life I had struggled and worked hard sometimes going 2 paces back before moving forward. Suddenly our salon was going well, mysef and one of my sisters Sandy had bought a house between us, and through working almost seven days a week for a few years I managed to clear our mortgage back in 2000. Life was great, plenty of work, owned my home (modest little 2 bed terrace in Liverpool) but it was our palace. One night I was out at a club with Sandy and a few friends, there was a rugby team in the club making quite a noise with a few younger one’s showing off. As the night went on and we moved to another bar then club the usual thing, I recognised one of the guys from earlier. He came over and started talking. He asked me was I following him, t which I replied "That’s the worse chat up line I have ever heard". We had clicked. Well after a few dances and meeting the next day, we kept in touch. The long and short was within 3 months he asked me to move in with him. What a situation to be in. On the one hand I had met the man of my dreams, Big, tall, Athletic and yet a warm caring person. Against that I would be leaving everything behind in my home city, and moving 200 miles away to an area I knew nothing about, had no job, and no friends. I decided to go for it, thinking Love would not come my way like this again, and I must say I was head over heals. Inside a month I had sold my half of the business to my friend, Sandy kept the house for herself assuring me I could always come back. Packed all my personal bits in my car and was ready to leave to move to Gloucester the next day. However that week I had a terrible row over the phone with my man Tony, I was a nervous wreck all week. Crying and upset, edgy and rowing with anyone for any reason. As I looked out over the city I cried because I was leaving all I had ever known. Should I go or not? What should I do. I remember going up to Paddy’s Cathedral and just asking God What the hell am I doing? What should I do.? The next day I sat alone, it was the day before I was due to leave in my kitchen, just feeling low. In walked Sandy my sister, with the post, throwing me an envelope saying "here this looks like it’s from Loverboy" I can still see her and hear her now doing that. . There was an envelope for me and I opened it and it was off Tony. It was a card, and this is what it read. There comes a time in your life when you realize that if you stand still, you will remain at this point forever. You realize that if you fall and stay down, life will pass you by. Life’s circumstances are not always what you might wish them to be. The pattern of life does not necessarily go as you plan. Beyond any understanding you may at times be led in different directions that you never imagined, dreamed, or designed. Yet if you had never put any effort into choosing a path, or tried to carry out your dream, then perhaps you would have no direction at all. Rather than wondering about or questioning the direction your life has taken, accept the fact that there is a path before you now. Shake off the "why’s" and "what if’s," and rid yourself of confusion. Whatever was – is in the past. Whatever is – is what’s important. The past is a brief reflection. The future is yet to be realized. Today is here Walk your path one step at a time – with courage, faith, and determination. Keep your head up, and cast your dreams to the stars. Soon your steps will become firm, and your footing will be solid again. A path that you never imagined will become the most comfortable direction you could have ever hoped to follow. Keep your belief in yourself and walk into your new journey. You will find it magnificent, spectuacular, and beyond your wildest imaginings. :cry: I was amazed to read these words at such an appropriate time. From the despair and feeling of hopelessness I suddenly felt a rush of blood like a force, making me feel strong, emotional but determined. I took that journey and it’s the best thing I ever did. I found my true soul mate, best friend and Love like I never imagined. Now 7 years on, we are married, have made a great life, both workaholics but that’s our own fault, but yet are setting off together on another journey, (just a bit further this time) I think what I’m trying to say is You have to Follow Your heart and your Destiny. Dreams can come true and they very often do. So anyone feeling down or wondering about should they or shouldn’t they go through with their plans for Australia. My advice is Follow Your Heart, - It’s your true Destiny really. EMMY :SLEEP:
  14. Hi, everyone. This is our first entry. We, Edward & Marieke, are Dutch and went for our Skilled Independent Visa two years ago. And we got it last week :twitcy: I can tell you, it was not a walk in the park to get it! But, we are now two years further and we have a baby and both good paying jobsin the Netherlands! Our family is realy attached to our bob and I must say I am used to the secure way of living. Also I feel responsible to take good care of my family. Is there anybody outthere who had the same doubt of leaving all behind to jump into a pool of insecurity? Let me know, Groetjes, Edward