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Found 29 results

  1. Xtonite

    Double glazing

    Heard about a friend of a friend that does a lot of renovating and always insists on installing double glazing. Apparently you can get the complete window and frames in wood, uPVC or aluminium. I don't particularly like the look of aluminium and wood does need more maintenance, but how does uPVC stand up to the Australian summer? It's what we always used to use in the UK but I'm not sure if it would last as long in the sun here (would it become brittle?). Has any got any experience of double glazing units? Thanks, Geoff
  2. > Thank you for your email. > > Please be advised, if you hold an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states that you are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely / permanently, you will then be entitled to the double baggage allowance (40 kilos, per passenger). > > The double baggage allowance will only be granted when you check in at the airport when this visa is sighted and checked that it has also not been travelled on before, this has to be the first time it is being used. > > You can have as many items of checked luggage as you wish provided: > > The total combined weight of all the items put together does not exceed your total checked allowances > No single item of baggage exceeds 32 kilos in weight, as a health and safety requirement > > If you are not holding the correct visa mentioned above at check-in, then you will be entitled to the standard free checked baggage allowance of 20 kilos per passenger. > > Yours Sincerely, Hi all, Yesterday I emailed Singapore airlines to double check that we will get 40kg of baggage allowance when we fly to oz. We just bought a regular one way ticket, we bought it online. I also spoke to them yesterday - to request this email confirmation, and they said I didn't even need the email, that the check in staff would automatically grant the extra on seeing the visa, but it is nice to have something to wave under their noses just in case! Anyway I just thought I would pop their reply in here, for all to see. X >
  3. Hi all My Husband & I are making the move down under we will be our there within 6 months. We would love any info on Scarborough, Double view (coastal) and Yokine (inland). Looking to rent $400 budget, (looked on a few retail websites so know this is possible) We have 2 young children 4 & 2 so would be looking for a good primary school if anyone has any ideas. Also trying to work out a budget for household utilities costs. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
  4. The Pom Queen

    Britain Facing Double Dip Recession

    Britain should brace itself for a devastating financial crisis, the governor of the Bank of England warned last night. Sir Mervyn King told MPs there was no doubt the banking system was ‘less safe’ than three months ago and might not be strong enough to withstand a eurozone meltdown. He spoke out amid fresh warnings that the UK is set to plunge into a double dip recession. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said the economy will shrink in the final three months of this year and the first three months of next. The bleak warnings were a blow for George Osborne on the eve of today’s crucial autumn statement. The Chancellor will be hit by another dire growth warning today when the independent Office of Budget Responsibility issues its prediction for economic performance. The OBR will reveal that borrowing has to rise and that Mr Osborne’s plans to eradicate the deficit by 2015 will be blown off course. The Chancellor plans to recast his goal as something to be achieved after five years – giving him until 2016-17 instead. The one glimmer of light is that the record low interest payments the government is making on its debt mean Mr Osborne will have to find £22billion less over the next three years. The Paris-based OECD think-tank warned of a ‘deep depression’ in Europe and beyond if the single currency debt crisis spirals out of control. It said the break-up of the euro was a ‘devastating outcome’ that would trigger ‘massive wealth destruction, bankruptcies and a collapse in confidence’.
  5. New research from RP Data has found that 45% of Australian properties are worth at least double their original purchase price - and less than 4% are in negative equity. The research firm's latest Property Equity report has revealed that 45% of Australian properties have doubled in price or more since being purchased. The areas with the highest proportion of homes which have doubled in value are typically located in regional markets where values have moved from a low base and the housing market has seen long-term improvements in housing values, but Melbourne also makes the top performer list - the only capital to do so. “The Melbourne metro area is the exception; it is the only capital city to fall within the top ten list of regions enjoying the largest proportion of homes with more than 100% equity accumulation,” said the report's author, RP Data research head Tim Lawless. The report also shows that just 3.7% of Australian homes are currently valued at a lower amount than the price at which they were purchased. According to Mr Lawless, there is variation between regions, with locations that have recorded a more severe downturn in home values in recent times now recording higher proportions of homes in negative equity. Properties in Far North Queensland and South Eastern Western Australia currently hold the largest proportion of negative equity at 13.5% and 11.2% of all dwellings respectively. He said that other lifestyle markets such as Queensland?s Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast also show a large proportion of homes in negative equity. Over the five years to June 2011, capital city home values increased by around 30 per cent and provided a significant wealth boost to most home owners during this period. However, with Australian housing markets softening recently, home values are down 2.7 per cent from their October 2010 peak to June 2011. “Recent buyers who purchased a home during this time have potentially seen the value of their home move below their contract price,” said Lawless. He added that Australia?s residential housing market is now worth an estimated $4.56 trillion - almost four times the value of the Australian equities market ($1.3 trillion, according to the ASX).
  6. A DWARF porn star who was Gordon Ramsay's double has been found dead in the most bizarre of circumstances, according to UK tabloid The Sunday Sport. Percy Foster's 107cm body was discovered in a badger's den in Wales. The report says the 35-year-old was found, "deep in an underground chamber by Ministry of Agriculture experts ahead of a planned badger-gassing program." Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of suicide, according to the report. In a recent interview Foster spoke of his excitement about his growing career as Ramsay's double. "Porn lookalikes get more money than normal actors. Dwarf lookalikes are as rare as hen's teeth and so can command top dollar.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if anybody had any dealings with Medibank for health insurance? They quoted us $197.15 for 2 adults and a child. They took an initial payment from our credit card even though I set a start date of 1st August. Now they have sent us a letter saying the ongoing payments will be $280 per month. Something strange there. Has anybody else had similar experiences and how did it end up? Cheers, Sian :sad:
  8. My husband & I have been talking about moving to Australia as my brother & family are there and living in Sydney. My husband has a double glazing firm over here that specialises in UPVC double glazed windows, doors & conservatories and also fits fascias and soffits. We were just wondering how much this job pays in Australia and how easy it would be for him to get a job in this trade. with thanks in advance Luisa
  9. Just had the following email from Singapore Airlines! Don't think this is common knowledge as cant find it advertised on their website anywhere! Unfortunately we are not eligible for it as going on a 457....although we were initially told we were so trying to get some more for free!!! Imagine if we just turned up with 40kg each!!! "If passengers holding an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states they are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely / permanently, then they will be entitled to double baggage allowance (40 kilos, per passenger). This visa has to be used for the first time to enter into Australia and the double baggage will be granted after, the visa has been verified by our staff at the check-in counter on the day of their departure. For reference, passengers holding Work / Business / Students / Working-Holiday / Partner Visas, or visas that have already been stamped / validated, will not be eligible for double baggage allowance. "
  10. Hi we have available a double divan bed and tv, it was given to us whilst we were waiting for our furniture to arrive and was a godsend, if it can help another pom family you are more than welcome to it, we dont have a trailer but would certainly do out best to help get it to you cheers Claire x
  11. We were due to move in Oct but the sale of our business fell through so we have had to put 80% of our goods in storage after we sold our house and we moved into temp accomodation. The shipper was excellent during the move with advice and support but we are paying rent for the storage and their insurance is covering our goods for 60 days. I have now been informed that we need to start paying storage insurance which I expected plus they want the transit insurance paid although the goods aren't shipping for some time and we don't have a fixed date? I queried was this not a double insurance then paying twice and does the transit insurance policy not cover us for the storage? I understand that transit insurance covers us from the time they pick our goods up until delivery at the other side but because we had to put our goods into storage until our business sale goes through this falls into a grey area. We haven't confirmed if we will take their insurance but we only have 10 days to sort it as the shippers insurance runs out. The shipper is going back to his insurer to query this? has anyone any expereince in a similar matter or advice? I'm sure there are others who packed and put their stuff into storage with the shippers only for things to change at the last minute due to changing circumstances. thanks
  12. pumpkinpie

    Double beds

    Hi All, Ok so I know that over here queen size beds are equivalent to King in the Uk, but how does it work for doubles? We've shipped over 2 'double' bedding sets which we plan on using for the spare room. I was just wondering if the 'doubles' here are the same size as the UK? Anyone know? thanks! Amy
  13. Guest

    Double edge sword

    Has anyone like myself had to remain in Australia with their chidlren after a divorce and then gone home to the UK for a holiday to see their family and friends that they have NOT been able to visit for 7 years due to ex's court orders. How do you enjoy your 3 and a half weeks holiday in the Uk and come back not aching to be with them all again?? I will be going in 4 weeks time for 3 and a half weeks. Any suggestions as to how to get my head around all the feelings or excitement, happiness to saddnes and then to here we are back again feelings. Also my parents are sick and elderly which is not good feeling ....any suggestions...please
  14. Did you get your migrant double baggage allowance on a 475 visa? We are trying to arrange flights to Adelaide with Singapore Air but they have sent me this in an email today in reply to my enquiry. 'Passengers (adults and children/infants occupying a seat) migrating to Australia from the United Kingdom are entitled to double baggage allowance, if they present unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visas that specifically state that they are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely, at check-in. ' Did anyone on a temp 475 visa like ourselves manage to get the double baggage allowance, and how did you get it? Did anyone get this with a different airline? Thanks for any help given. Johnnyyt
  15. keily

    double demerits

    for all you newbies ....remember from midnight tonight [thurs] till midnight mon ...double demerit points are in force for driving offences ....double the fine as well :policeman:.....apparently not in all states but defo wa mrs keily ps ..most shops also closed good friday and easter monday ...so remember to stock up on the booze :biglaugh:
  16. Hi For all of you that have already vailidated you visas please be aware that you will not be entitled to the double baggaGe allowance when you emigrate. This allowance is only available for passengers with an unstamped visa. However if you contact the airline you are flying with and explain your situation (like we did) they should give you extra baggage allowance. We managed to get an extra 5 kilo each for the 4 of us. Ness
  17. Double Mattress - Wonderest Support-A-Pedic 1 (pretty firm with attached mattress topper - or pillow top sleep surface as described by SuperAMart!) Flip free. Approx 18 months old but used for one week only (guest bed). Immaculate condition, advertised for $450 in SuperAMart, sell for $200. George Foreman G2 Grill and Griddle, model no GF20G One half is open griddle, other half is grill with lid. Approx 18 months old, hardly used, still looks like new. Sell for $50. I am on Pacific Pines, Gold Coast. PM me for my tel no if you want to have a look/more info, etc. Lyn
  18. Hi Guys My partner and I are moving out of a shared house this weekend (4th Dec) as we need a car parking space desperately. We are searching for a couple or single who needs short term rental accommodation in the CBD. The room is a large double in a HOUSE, not apartment, with large walk in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom, sharing with 1 guy and 1 girl. Just off La Trobe street, in between Russell Street and Exhibition Street, it is perfect for trams and trains. 2 minutes from the QV centre and 5 from Melbourne central station. Rent is $300 pw with a reduced bond of $1000. If you are looking for temporary accommodation in the CBD, or if you know of anyone who is, please let me know and we will arrange a viewing. Cheers Melbsbabes
  19. Hi Guys, Just in case anyone didn't know. Some airlines increase baggage allowances if you are permanently migrating and are validating your visa for the first time. For Singapore Airlines I understand this means that you get 40kg per person (10kg for infants plus pushchairs,carrycots etc etc) !! How good is that. We wouldn't have known about this if I'd not seen something about it months ago on this forum (so thanks PIO). Please don't take my word for it though as I may have got something wrong - ring yourself to check. Caroline
  20. Mongrel

    Double D`s

    Heads up kiddywinks double d`s start tomoz so ease up on the right foot Mally
  21. Modern Charcoal Grey 3seater,2seater,double sofabed/ottoman. $1,450 ONO. Bought 18 months ago for $3,995.Scotch guarded. Sale due to relocation overseas. Photos available upon request.
  22. Guest

    Double oops

    Sorry folk, Fat fingers small keyboeard.. managed to bring PiO down for a bit.. all back up and running now. Tim
  23. Hi, just to remind all of you in NSW that DOUBLE DEMERITS start as of midnight tonight & go through untill Jan 4th inclusive See the link Demerit points scheme Not sure if this applies in any other states. happy & safe driving stuju :-)
  24. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has been in my situation.... I have a spouse visa and will be flying with singapore airlines a week on Thursday to Sydney. When we first booked our tickets i checked and they said a spouse visa is acceptable for double allowance i asked for confirmation and the lady said its something all check out staff are aware of you wont have any problems. Then i decided to email them for written confirmation and was sent this generic response saying unless it has indefinite on the visa your not eligible - mine doesn't say indefinite. :cry: So i have just called again and they are saying unless it has indefinite on then i am not eligible and if i bring 40kgs i will be charged £32 per kilo over my 20kgs . Has anyone flown with singapore on a spouse visa? if so did you get your double baggage? Thanks in advance i'm praying for some positive responses... xx
  25. Hi all. We have just been granted our visa :jiggy:and there are all sorts of questions and decisions i don't know where to start so expect a few posts from us over the next few days! We will be travelling with a 2year old and a 3 year old and wondered if maybe a stop over would be a good idea to break the long flight up? thats question 1 but if we did do that would we still get the double baggage allowance??:wacko: