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Found 282 results

  1. Mickeyjones

    Brachycesphalic Syndrome

    I found an article about Brachycephalic Syndrome Dog and cats Visit This Link to know. Click here
  2. Robert Greene

    Pet Taxi Recommendations Please

    Hello all. Been living in Newcastle for a while now, and decided to move with the family down to Sydney. For reasons beyond my control (like, HIS SIZE), my doggo is going to have to travel alone in a pet taxi, since I don't know anyone who's willing to have his car seats ruined by that furball, and the truck that's moving our stuff says it would be unsafe for him to be locked up with the cargo. Do any of you know about any pet taxi that's willing to travel that long? And a trustworthy one, at that. I'm very afraid of what might happen to him, he's so big and dumb that anyone might snatch him away without resistance, quite docile the mutt. I wouldn't want to have to give him away just because of not being able to move him down there, but still, there's that possibilty. Here's the big old mutt!
  3. Hi folks, My husband and I are thinking of going out to Australia for 6 months next year to look around and decide whether to emigrate or not. We have a 5-year-old Labrador cross and we're trying to figure out what to do with her while we're away. We have no family who can take care of her and we don't like the thought of putting her in kennels for that long. We also don't have a home in the UK (we live in Slovenia) so in-home pet-sitting isn't an option. Does anybody know of a place she could stay where she could be part of a family? It doesn't matter whereabouts in the UK, we can take her anywhere. Many thanks!
  4. xkayxwx


    Hello I’m looking for people to share their experiences of their pet pooch in Oz quarantine. How did they find it? Were they well treated? How did they adjust to life in Oz? We are making arrangements to take our 9 year old Shihtzu over at the end of the year. She’s quite timid and scared of other dogs especially, so I’m feeling quite anxious about how she’d cope with the whole ordeal
  5. Free to good home - a rescued pup 18 months old - pugalier (pug x Cavalier), very friendly, well behaved toilet trained and in need of a good home, free delivery to anywhere in Victoria to loving home. He has had an op on his eye but will get better soon. Leave a message for me if you like the idea on private messages. Ta Olly
  6. Hi, I am new to the forum and we are moving to Adelaide in June/July. I have already done the following: rabies/titers/RNATT and import permit to Australia and was just wondering if I really need to pay all the extra money for a pet shipping company. We have two medium sized dogs we will be bringing with us. I am a veterinarian with a pretty good handle on importation requirements but would love anyone's experiences good/bad with doing it themselves. Don't mind paying the money if it is really necessary - they are our fur babies after all!
  7. Hi everyone I was wondering if anybody had flown a diabetic pet to Australia before and did they cope ok? I have spoke to some UK pet export companies and have had mixed advice. I know that the dog will not receive insulin for up to 24 hours and will also not have any food for this amount of time also. I know with diabetes, this amount of time with neither insulin or food can be lethal and lead to coma's and death. I would hate to put my boy through all the stress only for him to die scared and alone in the plane cargo. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He is a 8 year old Chihuahua.
  8. mogsandrovers

    Emigrating pets - D.I.Y

    Hi - Im currently looking into shipping our German shepherd Dog and DSH cat to Melbourne in 2015. I decided I was going to do it all myself though - its really not all that difficult. You have to make sure you have all the relevant import / export permits and vet checks etc and an air kennel which can be purchased from the airline. There are guidelines from IATA as to the standards of the kennels, however IATA dont approve or recommend any specific make. I had a long chat with a very helpful lady at Emirates SkyCargo.com at Heathrow - they deal with Pets as manifest cargo. They have a great service for travelling animals with a stopover station for pets in Dubai where they are let out and exercised and fed etc before sent onto the forwarding flight. Skycargo gave me a rough quote for booking our animals....it was nearly £1500 cheaper than the quotes I have had from reputable pet shipping agents. The advisor also told me that there is no need for animals to be boarded in local kennels overnight beforehand and they can be brought straight to the airline handler day of flight. Now for the vet bit - I have emailled my vet asking for a quote for all the relevant vaccs and blood checks and form filling etc Next would be to apply for import permits and book quarantine when we know our flights. Flights themselves will be through Emirates and must have a min of 6 hours stop over for a comfort stop. They will also have to be on a weekday and between business hours at the Heathrow end. However, Emirates have said that many people send their animals on the flight before to avoid the 6 hours stopover for themselves. Then they rejoin on the connecting flight. Its not hard - just time consuming and has to be done properly.. But if your organised then you could save ££££ If anyone would like me to keep you updated with progress I am happy to. Just a thought x useful links: DEFRA UK: As a first step, ring DEFRA/AHVLA - Carlisle 01228 403600 Skycargo http://www.skycargo.com/english/products-and-services/live-animals-pets/pet-care/index.aspx DAFF Australia (permits) http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs AUS Quarantine http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs/quarantine-facilities-and-fees Very helpful PetExports site http://www.petexports.co.uk/defranumbers.html
  9. Hi all, can an anyone possibly help? $50 to you :-) Dogtainers are shipping my dogs back from perth to Manchester in February but due to EU new law someone has to travel within 5 days. Unfortunatly we are already in the uk. The person would only need to email their details to dogtainers. They would be in no way responsible for the dogs what so ever. You can travel five days before or after not the same flight even please if anyone can help please I am totally stressed I want my babies home!!! Thanks in advance xxx
  10. Captain Roberto

    Shipping our pet dog to Sydney

    Hello Does anyone have any recommendations on how we can get our dog Lola to Sydney? If anyone has done this on a limited budget, then this would be good, as we are on a limited budget! Value is key! Thanks The Roberts family.
  11. Captain Roberto

    Dog friendly Sydney?

    Hi We are moving out to Sydney (location TBC) in June 2015, and so is our dog. We have have always assumed that there will be places where dogs aren't allowed at certain beaches maybe, - just as it is here in the UK. Does anyone know to what extent this will be there case? Which places are ok with dogs being there? e.g - parks, beaches, national parks etc
  12. Hi Pet air - Were booking flights London to Melbourne with Singapore airkines as they have the shortest stop over time - What happens to the pets in the cargo during this time (which will likely only be 1.5 hours) Who transports them? What if our flight was late from london and we miss the next flight? what then becomes of the animals in the hold? Ta Mogs&Rovers
  13. Nic Eachmharcaigh Ciara

    16kg dog - - - Dublin to Perth

    Hi there. I would appreciate help here! I plan to bring my dog Wally to Perth with me in April/May next year, he is 16kg and will be almost two at that time. Can anyone recommend a good pet shipper? I have got quotes of €3500 from K international and two quotes form Multi-Cargo for €3500 for a PVC box and €2500 for a wooden box a little smaller than the PVC. Would Wally be ok in a wooden box to Perth? Is quarantine open in Byford in April/May 2014? Any help, or tips or ANYTHING will be gratefully accepted. Lost and confused.
  14. Hello all, Well we are booked in for the big move, I'm moving in May (and will be working in Camberwell) and my husband is coming over soon after. We are lucky in that we have family to stay with for the first couple of months while we get ourselves sorted and the other half finds work. I want to pick your brains about where to live (and if it is doable in our budget): Option 1 Ideally we would like to live around Carlton area - central but not right in the CBD, with me traveling east (and we may be getting a housemate that works in the west) we would be looking for a townhouse or something similar for 3 adults. We have a dog (cocker spaniel) in NZ who will be staying with family until we can find a house - how hard is it to rent with pets? We would be looking at around $400-450. He doesn't need a lot of room (we have a small townhouse in NZ and he is fine) - but I'm more concerned with how hard it might be to secure a rental with a dog? Option 2 If we can't arrange this my husband and are are thinking we go north east/east/south east so we could find somewhere under $400 where we could definitely have the dog. This would just be my husband and I and he will most likely be commuting into the CBD on public transport so limiting the commute to under an hour each way is important. Thanks in advance
  15. barnsey10

    Pet Travel From Scotland

    Just a quick one. Are there any pet exporters that fly direct from Scotland (Glasgow) to Perth. Might consider if they could pick up the dog. Any recommendations for particular companies would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
  16. Hi All I havent been on here in ages due to the fun of moving countries, but here is our story so far and I hope it helps, and I hope I remember all of the important things! Flights- we set off on 15th Octber from Manchester, UK, flying with Singapore Airlines who were great. We had double baggage allowance as it was our first trip and I can honestly say we were well over our allowance and nobody said a word!! (I think it was because most of the extra weight was in our hand luggage). We had an 18 hour stopover in Singapore which we thought would be fun to explore the city, but after 15 hours of no sleep and hitting the humidity it was not fun and we spent at least 6 hours asleep in the airport. I would definitely recommend having the shortest possible stop over or book in to the hotel in the airport. Day 1 - we booked a short term rental stopping with an Aussie bloke in his spare room with our own bathroom and privacy, plus free internet, cooking facilities and the biggest bonus of having someone to ask about everything you need when you arrive. We booked through airbnb.com and it was a fraction of the price of normal holiday rentals, plus the bonus of making our first aussie friend. Rental - we secured a short term rental NOR in week 2. I would recommend pulling together a rental pack so that when you find somewhere you like you are ready to fill in thier application form and attach your own rental pack to sell yourselves. I work in Marketing so this was wasy for me. I included a profile of us and our dog, plus pictures of our rentla in the UK and references from our letting agent, landlord and neighbours. We managed to get the first rental we went for, without having any jobs at the time. Work - I managed to secure a job in the second weeks we arrived even though we came over on my husbands visa (he is a carpenter). I applied on Seek.com one week before we left the UK and had two interviews set up when I arrived, which was lucky (I am a Marketing Manager). My husband did not have as much luck and after a few weeks of intensive searching for work we were beginning to worry, but he managed to get a roofing job two weeks before Christmas so this is a weight off our shoulders!. Although, when you arrive you cant beleive how much building work is going on both NOR and SOR, thr majoirty of the enquiries my husband made they wanted WA experience. I would recommend to other carpenters to get thier ABN number and white card sorted straight away and then just dont give up, drive roud sites, check out Gumtree and you will eventually get a break. My husband has loads of experience and he brought his tools on the flight so that he was ready to work, but it was still difficult. He says it is like starting from scratch again, as the work is so different from the UK, the majority of work is roofing and carpenters tend to specialise rather than being, like my husband, able to do all aspects. There is also a lot less aspects of joinery here, as they dont tend to have skirting and the door frames arent made of wood, which was something we werent aware of. Shopping - back to the subject I am best at!! Shopping is really funny here as it is like stepping back in time. Sunday trading has only just been introduced and it is VERY expensive. You obviously have Coles and Woolworths for food shopping, but for clothes I would suggest UK websites ie ASOS deliver for free and you just have to wait two weeks for delivery. For BBQs and by stuff check out Bunnings or Masters (lik B&Q), for cheap household items I bought everything from KMart and Target as they had a great selection. Household items - we came over with very little as we only shipped 10 boxes of sentimental things. If I could do the move again I would have brought EVERYTHING!! Even things I thought were junk as the cost of even second hand goods out here is daft. We have spent a lot on some nice new furniture for the living room and bedroom, but most of our other items are second hand. We bought our dishwasher, washer and fridge/freezer from gumtree, alotuhg thrse are not the type of items I would buy second hand, I think you know as soon as you go to someones house if you want it or not, we met some really nice people this way. Garage sales are a must, there are laods of them every weekend, you just watch uout for a sign on the main roads. We have found that if you check out the really nice estates you get some lovely items. Its great for the things you forgot you would need ie lawnmower, garden items, a heater for the winter, plug adapters, fishing gear etc etc. I am now a huge fan of garage sales and I wouldnt even visit a car boot at home! Socialising- there isnt the same pub scene up North as we were used to in Manchester, so you have to be willing to get out and about a bit further from home. I find people are really friendly here and offer loads of advice and support. Dog - Our border collie Flossy, arrived in Perth two weeks after us. We used Petair and the service was great. The quarentine in Byford is a bit more tricky as the visitng times are so restricted and biased towards people who dont work, plus I wasnt a fan of the kennels which look like little prisons. She is 13, so I was worrried about how she would get on but she survived! She is so far loving Perth, particularly the beaches, she has found a new lease of life! Top tips 1. Hire a car from day 1 for at least a few weeks. We hired one on the internet for pick up at the airport, and it was a life saver 2. Insect security - shake your clothes before putting them on and particularly your shoes 3. Bring as much as you can carry! 4. Ensure you have air con in your rental. 40 degree heat needs it! 5. Get a SIM card as soon as you arrive. The Vodafone $30 ones in Perth airport are fine as you need an Aus mobile for better job hunting 6. Buying a car - second hand cars are super expensive. So if you dont have a lot of money get on Gumtree and be prepared to buy something with high mileage as it is just normal out here. 7. Working in the city - look at houses near the train line as the traffic is rubbish in to Perth 8. Buy an Esky (cooler) as you will use it most days It will save you money on buying drinks when you are out and about 9. Get your Medicare card as soon as possible as it takes weeks to come through, and you need it for ID, and you need it before you can get your Aus driving license 10. Bring your warm clothes. It does get cold. That is all I can think of for now! We are so far loving it and have no regrets. The weather has heated up considerably in the last week. Let me know if you have any questions! Lisa & Robert xxx
  17. Hi Not sure if anyone else has ran in to this problem. But you can only pick up from quanretine between 9am and 11am on thuer release date. My dogs release date is this Friday, but my husband has just managed to secure a job today (starting tomorrow) so we are very stuck!! Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have any advice as this system seems really restrivtive for people who work!! Ta Lisa x
  18. Hi Folks, need to start organizing the shipping of the two dogs, looking for some info. We are based in Dublin and need to get a Yorkie and a Basset Hound to Oz. We are looking at leaving mid March 2013, we have two options, fly the dogs straight out or leave them with the folks for a few months until we are settled and have them picked up. Frank (the basset) is a big lad, prob 1.2 - 1.3m head to tail, Clyde (yorkie) is prob 30 - 40cm. If anyone has time frames on jabs etc, i could do with the info! Also, if anyone has ballpark figures for getting both to NSW / Victoria, thanks in advance. Cheers, Kev
  19. Hi to all you other dog lovers. My little dog is presently 'serving time' in Spotswood having arrived from the UK at the start of the month. I had some concerns about him being in isolation for 30 days having made the 24 hour plane trip. As some of you may have noted, the quarantine staff are very busy and if you cannot make the 'prison visits', then the staff will try to walk your dog in the paddock up to twice per week ! I have located to South Australia, so visits were not possible. I therefore arranged for a professional dog walker to make the visits for me. I actually found his details on one of the threads on this site. I have to let you know that the service I have received has been excellent. The walker attended at each of the arranged visits, and then immediately following the visits, composed an e-mail report, detailing the activities he undertook, any issues regarding the health and well being of my dog, and most importantly, a full set of photographs taken during the visit. Whilst it has been a long 30 days, the process has been so much easier by the vicarious contact we have had with our dog, and the excellent reassurances we have received from the groomer. If you are bringing your dog over, and if you are using the melbourne facility, then please give some thought to utilising the excellent services of : Bruce Dwyer - Dog Walkers Melbourne tel. 0402 262 875 bruce@dogwalkersmelbourne.com.au It goes without saying that we are delighted with the attentive service we have recieved. Thankfully we have only a few more days to go before we are reunited with our dog - the last piece of the puzzle !! Regards Verod
  20. Hello! We're just awaiting our457 visa's to come through, the dog has had the rabies jab and we're all fired up and ready for action...but not having much joy finding anywhere to live that will take a small dog. He's 8kg, and the real estate agents we've spoken to you say that homes to rent that accept pets are few and far between - or at least, they're in the minority. So I'm wondering, how did you guys and gals find it when you moved over? We're after a 3+ bed home in or around Spring Hill (or similar) and are pretty specific about what we're looking for in a home...and we're hoping that we can find something that ticks all the boxes, including having a pet. Did you find that pet-friendly homes were in a minority? Thanks, TJD
  21. Happyviolet

    Pet insurance for quarantine

    Hi, Thanks to everyone who has added info in these threads about pet insurance. It's really helpful to have names of a few companies to look at to cover my 2 lakeland terriers when they get to Oz next month. I've taken out cover with petmigration.co.uk for the journey and on arrival. There are a few mentions of insuring pets while in quarantine kennels but I'm not sure if anyone has actually managed to find cover for this? I'd be really grateful for any information. Fiona
  22. Guest

    Taking dog - book flight only?

    Hi, We are taking our dog to Australia when we emigrate and I am looking at the cost to arrange this myself. Does anyone know where I can obtain the cost for just the flight for my dog at all? Thanks for any help!
  23. Guest

    Moving my pug back to UK

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone has flown a pug or any other snub nose dog back to the uk. i was ment to be flying my pug on Cathay Pacific but they ban snub nose dogs as of monday. Im cant find another airline that will fly snub nose dogs to the uk, does anyone know of one?
  24. Puppies Just how do you stop them ,and this is not a pi"s take thread ,got a new puppy and the little bugger will not stop it . :cry: Have been told to rub his nose init ,what do you think :unsure:
  25. NowPerth

    Pet microchip registration in Oz

    Just for info. Anyone bringing a pet into Oz will have had it microchipped. The uk personal details won't show up on the Aussie database if your pet is found and handed to a vet, ranger or RSPCA etc over here. You will need to reregister your microchip no and personal details over here in order for them to contact you if your pet is found. (You don't need a new microchip). We just did this through our vet and it cost $25 per pet.