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Found 21 results

  1. Any idea what sort of documentation is typically required when applying for or starting a new school? I'm looking at Queensland in particular. I'm presuming general proof of ID, possibly some sort of handover document from their school in the UK, possibly medical documents (?)... Any general info or links to relevant posts would be appreciated. Regards BFB
  2. Hey there,me again with another question! hopefully lodging our application for 457 visa. Myself and my fiancé have been together four years,live together and have joint bank accounts etc.. I was wondering how many and what type of supporting documents are best to upload with our application as proof of our relationship?we have lots of documents to prove our relationship but wondering what ones are best?
  3. Hello All, I have like most members on here been waiting anxiously for any snippet of information or correspondence from DIAC. Out of the blue today I received an email requesting additional documentation to progress my application, this included; Undergoing Health Assessment Character assessment - Form 80's I’m chuffed to bits but I have a simple question for anybody who maybe in the know!!! Does this mean that everything else regarding my application at this point in time has been cleared/accepted, is this ther final hurdle??? Anybody, please
  4. Hi, I'm looking to complete the Vetasses application form (the one for professionals etc) but having read through the form & the notes for completion, it appears that the only document I need to enclose, other than photos, copy passport etc, is my degree certificate and the form does not ask for a huge amount of detail for my secondary & post-secondary education. Having read a number of posts on here etc, I got the impression I would have to enclose a lot more supporting documentation and more information on myself. I'd be really grateful for any information from people who've completed the application and can shed some light if I need to supply more than the basic information that the form seems to ask for? Thanks a lot, Jon
  5. Hi All, I am providing my pay slips and W2 (tax doc in the US) as additional form of employment verification. I am little confused regarding the same. I have my SSN (Social security number) displayed on the W2, is it okay to send it as it is to ACS? Has anyone attached W2 as additional document? Please let me know. Thanks,
  6. Hi, has anyone had any problems with the documentation reaching ANMAC, all the documentation I have sent has been received, as has the transcript and IELTS results, but the NMC verification was sent in June and it didn't arrive, so they resent it on 25th July, and ANMAC still haven't received it, it is driving me mad, as without it, they can't proceed. Tracey:sad:
  7. Hi all Yay, finally had the email today that our acs is on its way to us - now here's hoping it was actually successful. I have a question about completing the 175 visa application online and providing the documentation. Do you have to upload all the education/work experience documents from the skills assessment, or do you simply upload the skills assessment results? If anyone know where I can find a checklist for the online application, that would be great! Thanks for your help :jiggy:
  8. motherof2

    Kid's documentation

    We're moving to Geelong late next month so realistically I can't see my kids starting school until the new term in October. I think my daughter is doing to have to repeat her final term at primary school again and my son who's just moved into yr 10 (they start earlier at his school) willprobably have to do a term of year 9 again. Can anyone tell me what documents, letters, info I will need to have to hand? I've got their red imms books out already. Thanks
  9. Guest


    hello could any of youn help by telling me waht documents i need to take or should take for my working holiday visa in oz thanks in advance
  10. Hi all We are coming to Perth in mid February on a WHV. Just wondered do we need to produce any documentation at the airport such as the emails we received confirming that the visas have been granted? Or are the visas just tagged to our passports so that when the passports are scanned at the airport they know that we are authorised to enter the country? Many thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help me at all, my OH is a self-employed bricklayer, he did a three year apprenticeship and for the past 25 years has worked for a national housebuilder on a self-employed basis. The problem that we seem to be having is that our agent keeps asking us for items such as a contract list, letterheads, proof of business premises etc all to support our Vetassess application. This is all well and good if my OH actually had his own company, he doesn't, he just puts in a time sheet, gets paid and we complete a self-certification tax form each year. I'm sure that there are other brickies out there who have put together all of the paperwork required for the Vetassess and I was just hoping that maybe one or two of you who have been successful could let me know what you supplied. Thanks Tracey :biggrin:
  12. I'm an australian citizen entitled to a british passport, so am trying to sort this stuff out now. On the C1 form it asks "have you ever held a passport or travel document.... is this attached?". I have an australian passport, so does this mean i am required to send that away with the application form? I also looked on here: http://ukinnewzealand.fco.gov.uk/resources/en/pdf/Passports/Checklist7-ApplicantbornoutsideUKandfatherbornUK and it doesnt specify that i have to send my australian passport away. so im a little confused. has anyone made an application recently and had to send away their australian passport too? normally i wouldnt care about sending my aussie passport away, except i need it within 6 weeks because im going on a short trip to new zealand, which wouldnt allow me the full 6 weeks recommended for the british application processing time.
  13. I lodged the visa and then stupidly uploaded the ordinary documents rather than the compressed ones:arghh:. So ive exceeded the maximum upload. Is there a generic email adrress to send the outstanding documents to? Its a WA 457 if that makes any difference. Thanks
  14. Guest

    Visa documentation

    Dear All, Hello, not been here for a while, busy doing this and that! Not checked our on-line Visa Application either!!! I have just checked this morning and at the side of each document requirement it has 'message' in blue for the link. When I have pressed the link for various documentation it states the same thing on all DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED. We have supplied documentation for all when we submitted out Visa, it stated that they had been received. So, my question is, do we e-mail with a copy of their e-mail stating receipt? Please help, many thanks Ley x :daydreaming:
  15. I have been sitting on a British Passport now for close to 10 years. I was born in and have lived in Australia for my entire life, passport obtained due to my father being a British citizen. Now I am considering going over to Europe to work for a while and am needing to renew my Passport. What I need to know is what documentation is needed to renew a 'red' British passport? Reading the C1 form it seems to indicate I need to supply my birth certificate, my fathers birth certificate, his marriage certificate etc Do I need to supply all of this again, or is sending back my passport, form and photo's all I need to do? I would have just called the helpline but after discovering the cost I thought it best I post here first :biggrin: Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi all I just did a search to find the answer to this question but I'm going so stir crazy with thinking about submitting our visa app that I couldn't find anything! :err: My fiance (he's the pom, I'm the Aussie) is applying for the Prospective Marriage Visa (300) and we're just about ready to submit the app, finally - does anyone know what the deal is with returning documentation?? I'm sure I read somewhere that if you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope then they return it all, but I can't find it, and I'm worried we won't get it back (I figure we'll need it all again when we have to do the partner one in Aus)?? Do we have to put in a cover letter and request this etc?? Also, as we're both in London and planning on coming back to Aus together, I don't have a permanent address there (part E of the sponsor form 40SP asks for an address where my partner will be living in Aus) - I've written an additional statement to explain everything, and I've given the address of my house in Canberra (which we won't live in - it's rented out, but I still receive mail at that address, and I own the house)... What do people think, will this be enough?? We're planning to live in Sydney, but yeah, won't have an address until we get there and find a place etc... Thanks in advance for any advice and sorry for the rambling - as I said, I'm going a bit insane with the stress of it all, argh!! :wacko: Cheers Kat
  17. We're planning to move to Queensland at the end of December, so we are in the process of "de-cluttering" and getting rid of our tons of excess "stuff" that has accumulated over the years. One of the categories of said "stuff" is a filing cabinet full of all the bills, statements etc. that arrive in the course of living in UK I am wondering WHICH of these I should bring with us to Oz? Also, I have a neat scanner and was wondering about scanning lots of the bills and getting rid of the originals. Does anyone have any experience as to whether this will be acceptable to any Oz agencies etc? We already have a bank account set up at ANZ, so that's one layer of correspondence that we won't have to worry about. And we already have Medicare cards, having been in Oz on holiday. Can anyone give me some guidelines as to what other official documentation we are likely to need? Finally, I am assuming that 5 years worth of records ought to be sufficient for most purposes. Does this sound sensible? I know we had to prove a longer paper trail when I applied for my spouse visa, but with that and Permanent Residency in hand, is anyone ever likely to ask for bank statements etc. going back beyond 5 years? Obviously we will retain things like birth and marriage certificates - I am talking mainly about the other sorts of paperwork above. Would really value some insight / personal experiences please.
  18. Hi All After speaking to quite alot of people and having it confirmed today, if you are new to this site and you are just collating your documenation to send off and submit example ie work references, client, supplier ref...... please please ensure that you dont send any orginals documentation. (unless you have been given multiple originals) We are doing our submission and migration via an agent and boy..... he didnt advise us of this fact. only advised us that any supplied copies have to be signed accordingly........ Why you may ask!!! As you need the orginals once your in OZ for rentals purposes, future employment in oz and also getting your trade licence once their. I nearly made the same mistake, but asking questions in the lounge and meeting some really great people on here just within 1 week has saved our bacon big time .... lol .....and just think of the additonal stress and panic we would of incured. getting refs again but from down under.. painfull and massive delays and making things difficult in renting - homeless!!!!! I Really hope other new people find this useful. Regards Judy :wacko:
  19. Guest

    Documentation for visas

    Hi everyone, my first post here. I'll be lodging an application for a prospective marriage visa soon. I'm getting all the documentation together - certified copies of birth certificates, passports etc. When I come to apply for a spouse visa after I get married, will I need to submit the documents again or will they go by what I've submitted in the prospective marriage visa? Of course I'll have to submit new statements and declarations, but will I have to get another health check and police checks? Thanks for any help. Phil.
  20. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a question at all: we are trying to apply for a visa, but would need the 5 points for fluency in a Community Lanaguage, in my case, for Dutch, as I am Dutch. # Does anyone know what kind of documentation I would need in order to do this? My occupation is translator, I have gained NAATI accreditation as a translator English-Dutch, would this accreditation be sufficient to claim the Community Language points at all? Help would be much apreciated, Karin
  21. Guest

    documentation for dogs

    Please can anyone help me with advice regarding all the quarantine export documentation for my dogs. I've made a list so here goes: 1. Import permit for Australia have already faxed this off. 2. vaccination certificates and microchip certificates 3. Export health certificate (this is the one I'm struggling to get hold of, does this get sent to the vet for them to fill in or do I have to request and take to the vets? thanks Monty