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Found 114 results

  1. Hi, It might be a silly question but I am about to start my online application for the 176 visa and was just wondering about supporting documents uploading: can you upload more than one for a single question? For example, for evidence of employment, can I upload 4 scanned files: payslips at start of employment, payslips at end of employemnt, P60s & a letter of reference from my employer? Or do I have to re-scan them all into one big document, if the system only allows you to upload something in each section only once? Don't want to start the application process only to be tripped up in the middle of it because my documents are not as they should be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know if a police officer in the UK can certify documents to go with a 457 visa application? Also, other than being 'certfied' do the docs need to be 'witnessed' as well? I have my degree and masters degree info but cannot find by GCSE and A Level certificates, do you think this will be a problem or will my degree and masters info suffice? Thanks guys Paul
  3. Guest

    Proof of Employment Docs

    Hi Everyone I have been assigned a CO and have meds booked and already sent off for my police checks. I have been asked for proof of employment history (12 months out of the last 24), I have wage slips for the past 5 months, I can provide reference from my current employer, but I was self employed running my own business prior to that. I have some bank personal bank statements showing money going in from my business account and can obviously provide trade references for clients I carried out works for. Is this enough or should I get my accountant to knock up some wage slips for 12 months prior? What has other people sent in that has been accepted? Any help is of course very much appreciated. Neil
  4. Guest

    Uploading docs !!

    Can anyone advise me please ? Uploaded my docs for teh visa application as requested last Friday (30th Sep) but they are still showing as "required" - is this normal ? Thanks
  5. hia

    Where are VETASSESS Docs?

    Good day everyone! My sister applied for VETASSESS 2 weeks ago.One week after which her university sent off her documents to VETASSESS.Now she found out only yesterday that her docs are yet to be recieved by VETASSESS. She was told by an employee there that its very likely that docs take atleast 1 week to be allocated to the respective file numbers as their courier department has got 1000's of application everyday... My question is that is it a usual thing or is it something to be worried about?Should my sis have followup on the matter or should dhe stay quiet for another week?
  6. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows what documents you need when sending your stuff over. For example do you need receipts of things to prove purchase and to prove how long you have had it for? Thanks Cara x
  7. Anyone have any idea how long this takes ? Didnt send mine in till August. I go in 3 weeks and still not heard anything.
  8. Hi guys, Although only just signed up I've been reading this forum for a while now and have enjoyed reading the good luck stories. I'm hoping to start my own good luck story now. Fingers crossed. I'll keep the introduction brief for now but questions are welcome and more will come out as we go. I've been with my now wife, who is Australian, for over three years and since the second year we've been satisfied we'd be settling in Australia. We currently live in London. After a lot of turmoil, considering and then rejecting applying on the grounds of de facto, a year apart while she saved money at home, her move to Ireland for a year, while I went over from London a couple of times a month, we finally got married in October last year and again in Australia in April this year. It is now time, having settled into our married life, to begin the process of applying for a visa. I suppose I am just looking for opinions and advice on how much supporting evidence we require or should include with our application. How many supporting stat decs should we include? Her parents think, after we convinced them the priest who married us didn't know us sufficiently, that we should include one from each family member, I say a select few. Apart from the obvious bank statements, evidence of travel, of which we have loads, what other, less obvious, proofs of relationship do people include? The hand book says evidence of joint membership of clubs but we aren't currently members of any clubs. My wife insists that I join a salsa club to tick that box. I have two left feet, so please, help me out with an alternative :biggrin:. As I say, having read the forums for the last year its daunting now that I'm on the verge of beginning the process and your suggestions on where to start would be appreciated. Regards Red
  9. paris hipon

    Vetasses docs returned to sender

    Hi all i have sent my vetasses docs on the mailing address they told me to send but it says return to sender by sender. anyone here had the same experience?? I have emailed vetasses about this but it will take them about 5 business days to reply so im thinking ill just call later. this is the mailing add they gave me: VETASSESS Skills Recognition - General Occupations GPO Box 2752 East Melbourne VIC 3001 AUSTRALIA
  10. Hi guys has anyone has a same situation like me since I moved to another country and Im unable to get my certificate of employment right now. Is it ok if I just give them the statutory declaration and names of character references where i worked before? I hope it wont be a problem. If anyone has the same situation like mine hope you can also share what happened to your situation thanks. :eek:
  11. Hi there, we're flying out mid-August and we're trying to put together a solid list of important docs that we copies made of and certified. I'm getting the awful feeling that we are missing out on a few things that we will need once we arrive over there. Maybe anybody who has any input can suggest other items we are missing so it can help others in the same situation.... Here what we have so far: Certified & originals. Birth Certs Marraige Cert Child vaccination history Driver Licenses Letter from bank (showing past repayments for mortgage, for when trying to rent in OZ) Cetifications for employment. Also, a list of things to do before going: Set up bank accounts & ability to transfer funds Internationally. Get International drivers permit. Best of Luck everyone, Harry
  12. Guest

    Attaching docs for 176

    Hi all!! just want to know if I have to upload the educational quals certs and the employer reference letters at the time I lodge the 176 visa?.... thanx :notworthy:
  13. Hi, We've just lodged our 176 (state sponsored) visa. But a little unsure as to whether we now need to proceed with police checks and medicals or wait until instructed by CO as mentioned on other PIOs threads - it states online that these are 'required' along with all other documents, with no mention of waiting for a CO. Also the info regarding proving a defacto relationship (i believe this is the info provided for all types of visa applicants) states we need at least two 888 forms completed by Australian citizens... Is this really a requirement for offshore 176 applicants? Thanks in advance Chris
  14. Crumbs so we now officially have a CO. Things seem to be moving rather fast. (I.e. got a CO in 13 days after we lodged. We have booked to have our medicals for the 24th June (the earliest date we could get) and we are printing off forms today to apply for our police clearance certificates etc.... The CO is also asking for Evidence Item 3 and Evidence Item 4. However there is nothing else in the email explaining what these are. We have emailed him but does anyone else know what he is referring too? Rather confused as we have asked an migration agent friend of ours and she has no idea. Wow, I am a bit shocked as we started this process in January and we thought it would take a year before we would get our visas and yet here we are. Soooooooooooooooooooo excited but scared too. Keglin
  15. Guest

    176 visa uploading docs?

    Hi we have just pressed submit on our 176 visa!! We haven't uploaded the documents yet and we came out of system then back in and it says there is an error with the system at the moment and check back later. It does say payment taken and application processing. Just a bit worried as we havent added any docs yet?? We can go back in and upload once their system is ok - cant we????
  16. Guest

    176 Uploading docs questions

    hi, sorry I know this has been answered but can't for the life of me find the thread... I submitted our 176 application online this morning and now want to start uploading docs. The screen saying what to do next seems to have disappeared? So far I have: 1) clicked the button on the SA sponsorship application site that triggers form 1100 to be sent to DIAC - proof of State Sponsorship? 2) How long do I have from date of 176 being submitted to upload docs? 3) where does it actually state that coloured scans are acceptable to upload without certifying? Can someone point me to the DIAC blurb please. 4) My CV that has been signed by my employer is black and white - is it best to get this certified before uploading? 5) The document checklist says that xray form and medical form are required - do i action this now or wait until asked to do so? 6) This morning (before aus had looked at it) the checklist mentions penal clearance form - this has now disappeared from the checklist?? sorry to be dim but it isn't the clearest of procedures and I can't find where it was all clearly laid out on the screen. many thanks!
  17. Guest

    SS Docs

    Can I just check I've got this right- SS I submit SS online form Then I post- 1. Application Cover Sheet (presume you get this when you submit online??) 2. Copy of Positive Skills Assessment 3. Copies of any qualifications (BA PGCE) 4. Copy of IELTS 5. Copy of the main applicants Passport page 6. Evidence of Registration requirements for your nominated occupation(teacher??So not sure what this means/I'm mention my registration info in the form) 7. Letter from current or previous employer Thanks
  18. Boesman

    Upload word docs?

    Hi, Can't find an answer in previous posts. I have uploaded all my docs as pdf's, but one is too big and I can't split it. If I copy it in badges to Word, can I upload a word document to DIAC? I have tried to ZIP it, but still too big, so will have to break it up in smaller pieces. I do not want to rescan it as it took hours to scan and save 4 years of docs. Thanks Boesman
  19. Guest

    SA SS -just docs for main app?

    Can I just clarify- For SA SS I'm main applicant so I'll need a copy of my passport- does my OH need passport/birth certificate/photos??? etc. We're not married- dont know if that makes any dfference for SS? Thanks
  20. Hi, my hubby is applying for a Spouse Visa and was hoping there may be someone who has already had this granted who may offer some assistance. Firstly, the statements from ourselves - does 1 page each seem reasonable? (or are they looking for a detailed saga of our lives together) In respect of supporting docs, I have found the following items in our joint names. Is there any guidelines on how many docs you should send? - Home Insurance policy in joint names - Council tax bill in joint names - Rental agreement in joint names - Water bill in joint names - My old super fund statement, showing hubby's name as beneficiary - Private health insurance in joint names I am not in the habit of retaining old documents so all these are recent, do you think this matters? We have been together for about 8.5 years. Thanks for your help! I do love this forum - wish they had an Australian equivalent when I was trying to get my UK visa! :biggrin:
  21. Afternoon everyone! We submitted our 176 visa online on Sat 26th March, we uploaded everything that was required at that time i.e. passport copies, marriage cert, qualifications etc.. However whenever we log back in to track our progress it says this items are still required... Is this normal... How long roughly will it be until we're assigned a Case Officer? Is it the CO who then requests medicals and police checks from us?
  22. Guest

    SS to visa docs

    Can I just ask a quick question? When you are granted state sponsorship and are then applying for visa do you need the actual state sponsorship letter or do you just need the number for the form? Thanks
  23. HI How many people have done this - ie scanned in colour docs without getting them certified? Just checking because am about to do this and can't find any reference to this being allowed on the DIAC website. Don't want to do anything wrong!!:jiggy: Also a technical question about uploading each doc - did you save each doc as a separate file and name accordingly for example - skills_assess.pdf OR save all docs together in one file under the applicants name i.e. - HappySAD.pdf ?
  24. Guest

    All docs met

    Meds showing "MET" AND ALL OTHER DOCS TOO.:wub: :biggrin::wink::jiggy:waiting for grant letter now. HOW LONG MOOOOORRRREEEE????????
  25. Guest

    SA SS deadline-registered docs?

    Just wondering if anyone could help:eek:. Unrealistic as it is...... I'm hoping against hope that my skills assessment will be some miracle could back in time for me to apply for SS SA. Also hoping that I can get IELTS results back quickly. Anyone had an experiences with AITSL skills assessment? How long did they take? They say 8 weeks but I'm desperately hoping it will be much quicker. (they acknowledged them on 22nd March) Also IELTS results? Always 13 days after test or has anyone had them quicker? (sit them on 16th April) Also SA states that all docs will need to be submitted and registered by 5pm Adelaide time. Just wondering er how long does it take them to register them? If we by a miracle get everything sorted and off to them by courier and it arrives and is signed for Monday would this be ok as they count it as registered?? or do them take a certain amount of time to register it on there system? Trying to sort out the last posible time we could send docs off and still make the deadline. Sorry for a long desperate post but I'm feeling really :arghh::unsure::swoon: