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Found 19 results

  1. Dear Friends I was assigned CO on 30th Nov 2010 after been category2 and she asked me for form 80 and other required docs then i submitted form 80 and all other required docs on Dec 28 2010 how i got no response from My CO yet can someone give a brief idea that how long will it take that CO asks for med or ask for next step?i m from HR country best regards OZGuy
  2. Hi I got my CO last week asked for form 80 only. On the online status:in the document checklist section it shows ON THE SAME DAY All documents to Met! Form 80: Character assesment: MET! AFP Check: Received PCC: Received(Been 10 month since i send it) form 160eh:Form 160EH - Radiologist report on chest x-ray: met! Form 26EH - Medical Examination for an Australian visa: met! My questions are: Why co asked for for 80 again even though document chelist says met!(is it just to get updated info) And why did i wasnt asked for med or pcc(Cuz i think pcc and med valid for 6 months) How long may it take approximately....my lawyer said 6 months!!!!!! Thank any expert input will be highly appriciated!! Regards reza
  3. ........ it doesn't make the least bit homesick!
  4. Hi Guys, I m going to apply for Skill assement in Telecommunication Engineer. I need to prepare the my CDR. Does anybody has any sample doc in this regard..? Or anyone can guide me preparing those..? Thanks in advance Aman
  5. Hi Everyone, Another question for your perusal please!?! Daughter needs a medical. When we had ours there was a panel doctor 20 miles away. Looking on the Panel Doc list there now appears to be only one for the entire south east!?!?!? Is that right and how long is that gonna take? Further advice on getting through this apprciated! Cheers, Steve.
  6. sunnysun

    attaching doc's after visa sent.

    Help. sent off via the post 176 visa form but forgot to enclosed support documents for work. does anyone know if and when we get a CO they will ask for them, or can I send then once the money has been taken and we have a reference number? Can they be sent via PDF or will i have to post again. Thanks
  7. sunnysun

    doc's needed for 176

    Hi, just wondering if you can put my mind at rest. We have gained WA SS, now completing 176 visa form, when asked our agents what doc's we need to support the visa, told only to supply marriage/birth certs and bio page of passport, with two pictures certified. panicking as when reading form for additional doc's mentions bank statement, proof of hubbie's job, yet agent say's we don't need these. Just don't want visa returned as not enough doc's sent, as been a long journey. Any advice would greatly help and allow me to sleep. Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, Have hunted high and low, but cannot find a simple layout for a statutory declaration (for evidence of our committed relationship). We are going to Tasmania on a 457 and my partner is coming as secondary applicant (de facto), Im aware of all the evidence needed but the family members and friends who are happy to provide us with their declarations are asking me for guidelines as to what info they need to provide and how should it be laid out. Does it have to be typed or will a hand written document be accepted? In addition, who notorises the document as genuine, does it need to be in the presence of say a solicitor and them to sign???? confused.com :confused: There are lots of guidelines and examples for permanent partner migration, but cant source anything that will give me a basic suggested layout and content for 457 de facto secondary applicants. Also can anyone tell me what evidence to give for dependant over 18 (as of this Friday!) who is in college and has always lived with me, is fully dependant even tho her Dad has also always contributed maintenance. Thanks so much guys :wink:
  9. HI, my patner and children had there medicals done 2 weeks ago in london. Just wondering how long it takes for the panel doctor to send them to our CO at Oz house. We have not heard anything in 2 weeks since medicals were done so just wondering what is happening??? Also when my partner lodgedher aplication, we recieved a email about 4 days later from our CO saying he was looking after our case. About 4 days later she recieved some of our docs that we sent in with her application, like evidence of our relationship (our bank statements, proof of out defactop relationship, cards that were given to us for our engagement etc) but there was no letter attached mentioning why they sent them back to her. Is this a good thing or a bad thing???? cheers
  10. Guest

    my BMI is too high for visa doc

    Hi just been for my medical in adelaide for my spouce visa too be told because my BMI is high but everything else is perfectly normal ( my blood pressure, chloseral,x-ray, urine and everything else ) that the doc cant sign it off and that he has to send it to Melbourne to have it approved,:arghh: Has anyone else that this happen? Can they really stop my visa because im overweight? Any advice? thanks x
  11. Guest

    Online GSM - Doc Upload

    Hi all Is it required to get the certificates certified before we load them in evisa? I read somewhere that the colour scanned images without NOTARY certify would be fine but i am little worried when i read the message link provided in the doc checklist as it contains like "Please provide certified....." Please share your info.
  12. Hi Folks, I'm off to my solicitors later to get some documents certified for VETASSESS and thought whilst I was there, I'd get anything else that I need certifying at the same time. However, the online system is down at the moment, and therefore, can't access details that need to be submitted with the 176 visa. Can anyone tell me what is needed, ie, passport, photos etc? Doesn't matter if its not everything as I can always make another visit if needed. Thanks Julie
  13. Guest

    Skilled Visa Doc CheckList?

    Hi there, I've discovered I qualify for a 176 visa. I have an agent to help me with the first part, but I'm planning to do the second bit (the general skilled visa) myself. I have the application form, (1276) but I can't find the doccument check list. I know I can't complete it until I have recieved the State sponsorship approval but I thought it would be a good idea to gather everything together in advance. Can anyone please help? I heard I need payslips/a tax statement proving my previous employment. From what I have read on here it is best to get police and medical checks at a later date/when requested by the case officer. Will I need to get actual written letters from my current and previous employers for references? I'm a bit worried about alerting my boss to the fact I'll be leaving as it may take over a year to get the visa! Any advise is much appreciated!!
  14. Hi guys, am bouncing round with joy at the arrival of our visa's - esp was worried about proving our de facto status. Our case mgr at immigration was brilliant though & kept us up to date by email ( my fella got sponsored e457 as engineer) so after weeks of uploading & emailing photo's to her we finally got the answer 2 days ago. Gald I am not getting left behind! Does anyone know if you need to bring along original taxation documents from UK for registering with emp agy? Couldn't see this anywhere so if I am a big wally & missed it on this site pl tell me ;-) Hello to all the Irish in melbourne .. another one on the way ;_) All the best & thanks in advance. Happy Karen ;-):chatterbox:
  16. Guest

    Letter from Doc with Meds??

    Hi Quick question.... Do we have to have a letter or copy of med records from Doc to explain our med history to take to actual medicals? Cheers, Lisa
  17. Can anyone help please? Does the Panel Doc contact your GP for any reason? Although I am completely clear I have a family history of breast cancer. I have been referred to the Hospital for closer inspection and am worried about jeopardising our application in case this comes up? I had a non-malignant lump removed in July and mammogram, but this was all done privately. This other referral is through my GP. As I am not at all worried thinking about cancelling the appointment. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks. :?
  18. Guest

    Certification of doc's

    Hello all, just a bit good of news when we are all spending like mad to make our dreams happen. A solicitor we have seen this week has said that they are willing to certify any docs we need for our skills Assessment/Visa, for free if we use them to sell our house when we move. I had seen on one website (can't remember which) that this has happened to others so I thought I would mention it to them and it has saved us a few quid. The price for selling is no different to any other solicitor in the area but the are willing to provide all certified docs for free. We have had to get 30 pieces of info certified for a skills assessment which will go off this week and had one quote of £5 each (£150!!). We can pop in anytime with anything extra as and when we need it. All we have had to do is to open a file with them for as and when we sell, even though it could be a fair few months. If anyone is in the same position, then ask them if they are prepared to do the same as it could save a few pounds. If you dont ask, you don't get. Might save yourself a few pounds. Regards Karen
  19. KazzE

    certification of doc's

    Hi, I read somewhere that somebody had their documents certified by a friend or relative by putting stickers on the copies with the relevant wording and then the person signed the sticker. Do you think this would be acceptable to TRA and/or the visa people? Has anyone actually done this and had documents go through the process I am just about ready to send every thing off for TRA and thought this was a really good idea as I have a relative who is a magistrate and has agreed to sign loads of pages for me But I am now having doubts as to whether the stickers would be acceptable. the stickers say I, Jane Blogs, xxxx magistrate, 123 Pudding Lane, London, certifiy that this is a true copy of the orginal there is space left for her to sign, which she is going to do next weekend for me Panic is starting to set in I really need to send this off, really worried that something stupid will be missing or cause the application to be rejected Karen