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Found 54 results

  1. Sunset


    I have several irons in the fire especially art and photography, the past few days we have been getting the kids into crafting getting them to use their brains and imagination and not just festering stuck in front of screens. I found a nice little computer program that lets you make posters, yes i know i said get them away from computers but it then allows them to create away from the machines and gives them an end result. Not the greatest of site names but hey ho - https://rasterbator.net/ Our other daughter is making mosaics from rice and smashed pasta pieces.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm British and live in the UK. My girlfriend is Australian born and bred and lives in Melbourne. We want to start a life together in Oz, initially living together, but the criteria for the de facto visa seems to exclude us. So we're looking at a fiancee/marriage visa. We've been going through the visa info together (online of course!) and although lengthy and involved, we think we can handle it ourselves. I know down the line we'll have to provide paperwork of various sorts and have an interview. I'm 55 and she's in her late 40s. I'm a technical author working in IT/software. Does anyone have any general advice about taking the DIY approach or what might happen in an interview. We're keen to be as prepared as possible, so want to avoid falling down holes we could have avoided had we been better informed. You know what it's like, everything's easier once you've made the mistakes! It's going to cost an arm and a leg to do this and take a lot of time, so we want to avoid wasting either. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi All, I was planning to go through the DIY route on applying the 189 invite I got on the 15 Oct but feel that I am not 100% certain on all the documents that are required to be uploaded on the e-visa application. So, let me list down all the forms and supporting docs that we need and please correct me or add any additional ones if required, which might be of great help for all of us- Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa Points- 60 Applied for- Analyst Programmer Applying from - India (Could also be Australia in my case, as I would be travelling on my 457 again on an assignment soon) Forms and certificates- Form 80- Personal particulars for assessment including character assessment --- Not sure on this Form 26- Medical examination for an Australian visa Form 160- Radiological report on chest x-ray of an applicant for an Australian visa Form 1071i Health requirement for permanent entry to Australia (for reference only, not to be filled) Form 1393 Electronic application form ??? where or what is this??? ----Form 1229 Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years-- Not required in my case, lone applicant ----Form 956 Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance---Not going to fill this :biggrin: ----Form 956A Appointment or withdrawal of an authorized recipient if you have ----- Not required Supporting Docs-(scanned certified copies) Birth Certificate Passport UID (India) PAN Card (India) Tax returns for past 5 years (India) Tax Return (Australia, I was here from jan to june this year) IELTS result ACS Positive assessment result Bachelors Degree certificate (No detailed transcripts required) Employment Proof Letter from company HR Bank statement India for past 1 year (Original printout, can't be certified true copy) Bank statement Australia for past 6 months (Original printout, can't be certified true copy) Address Proof doc???? Anything specific is required for this? And which address, the permanent one on passport or temporary residing one? These below docs can be provided after submitting the visa form and before getting the CO allocated (Provided medical ref id is there)- - Medicals - character certificate or PCC (India from PSK) (Not required for Australia or any other country(Netherland) where stay was less than a year) Is there any other thing I am missing? Please do point out as I feel this checklist would be a great help for all of us going the DIY route. Another small query, what exactly is a certified copy? In Australia I gather this must be 'Certified a true copy' stamp from a JP but I could be wrong. How does this work for other countries like India. Where do we get it certified in India?
  4. Hi all, This will have to rank as the most boring forum post I've ever made, but I'm going to make it anyway... Coming from Europe, we're going to need to rewire everything of course. So the question is, how much can we expect to pay for an Aussie mains plug, both the three pin type and the two pin? Second question, where would you head to in Australia for DIY basics like that? What's the equivalent of, say, Homebase, in Oz? There, I've done it. Don't tell anyone I asked... Cheers,
  5. Guest

    163 Visa DIY

    Hello Hi Has anyone successfully applied for a 163 business VIsa DIY without using a migration agent , We have been quoted a cost of around £10Kand told from the outset to full completion takes up to 18 months .We have'nt started the process yet but we have been advised this would be the best way for as it would lead wider options for us in the future should we go for permanent residency We are looking to expand our family business in Oz , well sell stuff online and ship to Oz everyday ,so would it be easier to simply open an office . Any help We are UK based and heading to Adelaide , If anyone could help I would be I would be so grateful , I am a little confused as to how to proceed . We are taking a second fact finding trip to Adelaide in two weeks.just to make sure the kids a still OK with it Thanks
  6. Guest

    Migration expert or DIY????

    Hi poms, We're hoping to start a SS 176 to NSW(northern inland) ... Is it too complicated to do it myself or am I best using an agent???? How long would it take? Tips and recommendations are really appreciated!! :wubclub: Thanks xxx
  7. clusterofgeals

    Pet shipping D.I.Y

    Has anyone on here done pet export to oz by themselves rather than using an agent ?
  8. Cables

    Agent or DIY?

    Does anyone have a list of pro's and con's for going with an agent? I'm debating doing it myself. Thanks x x
  9. Hi, We have learnt that we don't need to be in Oz until March / April time, instead of rushing to get out by January. So I'm thinking that perhaps we can save some money by doing some of the work ourselves, like packing and paperwork re the dogs and car. We are probably going to use PetAir and Iron Chef, but is it feasible to do some of the work ourselves to save some money? Thanks Cal
  10. Arees23

    Pet export, DIY or company?

    Hey everyone, I'm already living in Australia and want to bring my two dogs from the Uk over. I've had a look into it and was wondering if people recomend using a company or doing it yourself? And if theres much of a price diference between the two? I have somebody back in the Uk curently looking after the dogs and they will be sorting out all the vaccinations etc, but as far as what I have read about export companies they only seem to offer services which you can do yourself, as far as the applying for permits etc the main thing that concerns me is the booking of the flights and getting the right travel crates etc, what do people think? Thanks:smile:
  11. Guest

    agent or DIY?

    hi everyone, not been on here for a long time, our daughter emigrated 2 years ago and now we are thinking about joining them.. have been in touch with go matilda and they seem to think we could get state sponser visa to perth, but do we go with them or is it possible to do it yourself?? any guidance welcome. thanks kim...
  12. mcmillsa

    DIY taking dogs back to UK

    Has anyone had any success in taking their dog/s home without using a pet carrier? Its a minefield trying to find out quite happy to do the work but could do with some guidance where to start with an airline. Thanks.
  13. Guest

    DIY Visa kits

    Hi all My wife and I (sounds like the start of a weeding speach) are just starting to reaserch the visa applicattion process. I have completed 21 years in the RAF as an Aircraft maintenance Engineer and my wife is a Registered Nurse. Trawling through the internet to see if we would be able to do it our selves or have to use an agent we have found several DIY visa kits and are wondering if anyone has used these, are they any good and can recommend any. If not can anyone recommend a good book on the process. Btw we are thinking of a 175 or 176 visa. Cheers Holly
  14. Hi Everyone this is my first post.... We have made the decision to give it a go down under and the more i look into the visa process the more i want to do it myself, has anyone done it DIY and it all went wrong? It seems that if you have the time to put into it the it is fairly straightforward? I have spoke to a few agents who have all been very helpful, but after putting together our Skills Assessment in the past week and realizing an agent would expect upwards of £500 just for this part i am beginning to have doubts about being able to justify the expense, plus the fact that fees vary from under £900 to over £3000 made the alarm bells ring! Has anyone used an agent to just check through an application? Like getting your passport application checked at the counter before posting, or any agents out there offering this service? Cheers Carl
  15. Guest

    DIY Shipping

    I have a 20ft container all packed up and in storage and I read on a post about someone who saved money by doing some of the moving process DIY. Cannot find the post now, sorry, so any tips on saving money? I want to ditch a lot of it and start again, but partner wants to bring the lot. Also it was packed by a removal company, so is that OK to then just put on the boat, or would another removal company want to check it all again, and charge us for the privilege? Thanks
  16. Ali&Paul

    D.I.Y. State sponsorship?

    I was just wondering how easy or difficult it is to try and get state sponsorship on our own? We already have an agent and they have quoted us an extra £250 for the extra work involved, that price was haggled down from their origional price of over £700! Just trying to save some money but is it worth it or will it be less hassle to just get agent to do it? We are Aug 09 applicants, 175 cat 4 so thinking SA state sponsor will speed us up? Thank you, Alison.
  17. Ali&Paul

    D.I.Y. State sponsorship?

    I was just wondering how easy or difficult it is to try and get state sponsorship on our own? We already have an agent and they have quoted us an extra £250 for the extra work involved, that price was haggled down from their origional price of over £700! Just trying to save some money but is it worth it or will it be less hassle to just get agent to do it? We are Aug 09 applicants, 175 cat 4 so thinking SA state sponsor will speed us up? Thank you, Alison.
  18. For all the DIY people and Nick. Makes you cringe at the end of it !! Don't try this at home !!!! For those of you who use or ever have used a table saw, you will find this fascinating. You are going to enjoy this one. Watch all of it! If you have never seen "Time Warp," it's a show all about super-duper slow motion cameras capturing things we take for granted and never see as they really are. In this case, they take photos of this guy's new invention. What a combination! http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=E3mzhvMgrLE&NR=1
  19. Hi, My husband & I & 2 kiddies love to move to Perth WA and our only way in is on 457 sponsorship visa. Does anyone know of any agents that can help LOOK FOR JOBS to match my husbands work? What are names of agents that look for jobs for 457 visas? Any other tips or advice welcome? We are currently applying to jobs advertised and other companies that arent. Thanks Brockham
  20. Guest

    Agent or DIY

    Whats the general consensus on the application process ? - use an agent or DIY ? I have initially enquired with one agent who looks to have gone quiet on me after they suggested applying as an occupation that I didn't think fitted my CV very well. :eek: Whats the approximate cost of the agent ? Anybody recommend some good reputable ones ?
  21. Guest

    DIY packing!

    Can I pack my own container? Got 5 months till we go and thought I might pack my boxes pros and cons anyone Ping Pommer
  22. Hi everyone and appologise if this threads alreadybeen done. The time for us to move is fast approaching, started to get removal companys in for quotes and they all seem to be coming back around the 4k mark with free this and that. Now I'm just wondering if anyone has gone down the route of packing their own stuff, organising their own container and transport to dock, then shipping of container and then transport from dock after fee's and customs have been dealt with. Just wondering if anyones gotany pointers, companies, horror stories or just plain advice. Maybe I'm just being stupid thinking about going down this route. Shane, Kerry, Jessica & new born Callum
  23. Has anyone out there any experience of doing the customs clearance themselves. I have had an unbelievable quote from a company to do this and transport a couple of pallets to our house. I have done abit of research and it seems you fill out a 4 page form (simple questions about dangerous goods etc), take it to the nearest customs office, hopefully get clearance without too much hassle, take the completed clearance to where the goods are and get them released. I can arrange transport through work which will be cheaper than someone else arranging it and putting margin on top. Surely if you are there in person at the customs office you can answer all the questions they might fire at you better than if a broker was doing it?
  24. Guest

    DIY Application or Agent?

    Please could i have some help, i need to know whether to apply for a Visa myself or use a agent.... any help much appreciated?
  25. Hi everyone We have just moved over to Sydney from Bournemouth and have had a really nasty experience with the freight forwarders we chose. I'm not going to bore you with all of the details but they turned out to be unprofessional, unfriendly, fairly inept and also decided to put the price up and demand more money, after they had packed and shipped all of our goods. As they had our stuff and we were just leaving the country, they had us over a barrel and, after taking legal advice, discovered that we had no choice but to go ahead and pay them the extra if we wanted to get our furniture without a hitch at this end. We thought we had put it all behind us but it turns out that the company they have passed us over to at this end are just as useless. They are rude and unhelpful and are in absolutely no hurry to get our stuff cleared and delivered. In despair we have started talking to customs and quarantine directly, just to get some information. The authorities themselves are really great and most of them will tell us the information that they are waiting for from our brokers so that we can then go back to them and chase them to respond to custom's queries as they just seem to ignore the emails that they are being sent. Anyway, enough of the rant. The point of this email is that someone from customs asked me this morning why I was using a broker as they don't ever seem to help anyone and make alot of money out of being useless! What I hadn't realised before (maybe it is me being dim but I'll pass it on in case someone else didn't know either) is that there is no fee charged by customs for customs clearance for personal effects. Therefore the clearance fee that freight forwarders always talk about (in my case $440 payable on arrival to the company that our freight forwarders nominated) is just an admin charge levied by the company themselves for dealing with customs and quarantine on your behalf. And considering that all they are doing is delaying the process for me, and that I am having to talk to customs and quarantine myself to move things along, it would have been so much easier (and free!) for me to have done it all myself. I could have gone down to customs house weeks ago when the ship arrived, lodged all the docs immediately and would have been contacted personally if there were any queries. I haven't even started the exhausting process of trying to get a delivery date out of this company (before Christmas hopefully!) and can't help but think how much better it would be if I could just call up and talk to some local removalists and be in a position to negotiate my own delivery. Hopefully this might be helpful for those of you still in the UK. I know that doing your own shipping and clearance might seem a bit daunting but I really wish we had done it, especially as we now face a long weekend with 2 young children in our new house but with no furniture as we can no longer afford to stay in holiday accommodation...happy camping!! :arghh: