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Found 7 results

  1. Would the secondary applicant of the 489 visa be able to stay in Australia and apply for permanent residency if the couple were to get divorced? They have a child also. Thank you.
  2. Guest

    Divorced parent visas?

    Hi Everyone I am hoping that someone can shed some light on our predicament. My partner and I are permanent residents, in Australia, for nearly two years and my partners’ parents want to move and live in Australia from the UK. Her father has three children, two from a previous marriage and my partner is from the current marriage. Her mother only has one child, which is my partner. The two previous children, from her father, live in the UK and all children are in the 30s – 40s and are all self sufficient. So the question is, what would be the best approach to getting her parents to live in Australia and get Permanent resident status. Thank you so much.
  3. Drew&Ang

    Divorced but now remarried

    Hi could anyone shed any light on this? When submitting your app online to DIAC do you have to include your divorce papers from previous marriage or just your current marriage certificate. On the site it says if you or anyone included in this application has been divorced to include copys of divorce. Does that mean if you are currently divorced or ever have been? Thanks Drew:confused:
  4. jimmy1977

    Divorced - Taking kids to Australia

    Hi all, Before I start applying for a visa , has anyone taken children with them after a divorce? What is the procedure? I am divorced with custody of my 2 children aged 12 & 7, my ex currently sees them 1 day a fortnight ( & that is only recently after moving back from down south after a year, meeting someone on the internet & now broke up with her, otherwise he wouldnt even be here! ) Ive been told that I do need his consent which i find annoying when he didnt need ours to move away from his kids! but anyway Im told there should be a way but I need to propose keeping in contact, which I would, I would never want them to lose contact ( would pay towards air fares etc & of course there is web cams) Thanks, Cheryl :unsure:
  5. Hi. I am in the process of getting divorced and have been in a new relationship for 2 years. My new partner wants to join me in Oz, but will me being married to another woman mess my application up. My divorce wont be finalised for around another 6 months yet and I am now 44 years old. Timing was never my strong point. Also I have downloaded the application form 1276 for the 175 visa. God theres loads to it. I hope the online version is shorter.
  6. Guest

    Taking Kids When Divorced?

    Hi - I'm guessing a few people probably ask about this. But, I'm divorced from the father of my two kids (they'll be 11 and 14 next year when I plan to go). They're not bothered about leaving him behind - he barely sees them as his girlfriend doesn't want him to. He saw them once last year for 2 hours, even though he only lives 20 minutes away. He hasn't paid a penny in maintenance either, but still I know I have to get him to sign some form to give permission for them to go. I don't think he'll sign it simply out of spite. In fact, I'm not even keen to ask him - I avoid speaking to him because he was seeing someone else when I threw him out and both he and his girlfriend harrassed me constantly for the first couple of years or so. So, I am stuck. Has anyone else been through this. What's the best way to handle it - do I get a solicitor to send a letter asking him to sign the form? If he refuses - how difficult will it be to get a court order? Would my kids have to go to court? We're planning to move out there with my new husband, but I'm worried that this will slow things down, or even stop them altogether.
  7. Hi, I'm hoping that someone wil be able to offer me some advice! I've been divorced for 8yrs now and have been with my finance for 5 yrs. I have 2 kids, 13yrs old and 10yrs old. We've been talking about moving to australia on and off or a yr now and have finally decided that we wil start the ball rolling this year. One of my many questions is that my ex husband will not want the children to leave. He lives a good four hours drive away at the mo and only see's them 4 or 5 time's a year. I totally understand why he wouldnt want them to go and I do appreciate that he won't see much of them at all. I know it isnt good for me to take them away, but i really feel that we will be able to make a great life for all of us and we're desperate to go. But, I think i've seen somewhere that if he doesnt agree to us taking them (in writing) that I cant. Is this right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou! Hays