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Found 20 results

  1. Bulya

    Driving Around Australia

    And yet there’s always the odd Pom who will travel, and discover the real Australia. http://www.traveller.com.au/driving-sydney-to-melbourne-why-you-should-do-this-australian-road-trip-at-least-once-h131qo
  2. PityTheFool

    How big is Perth???

    I know this may seem like a stupid question but - how big is Perth??? Obviously I have googled population, area, distances and times etc but it is still difficult to get a real feel for the size of the place, so to help us out would people mind posting traveling times from Perth-suburb or suburb-suburb??? (could you please state whether or not the times are in rush hour) Maybe; Joondalup to Perth Cottesloe to Kalamunda Rockingham to Perth Joondalup to Rockingham Many Thanks!!!
  3. Hi all, Am busy surfing the net looking at Australian Distance Learning sites. Is there any mileage in me signing up for one of the courses relevant to my current job / area I hope to progress into? Would this increase my chances of employment in Australia? Has anyone else done this? Only initial research phase at the moment, but as we're not planning on making the permanent move for another 15 months, thought it may be worthwhile using my time left in the UK productively, getting a short course under my belt and getting myself an Australian recognised certificate of some kind? Any feedback/advice appreciated. Forgot to add, I'd be looking at business / senior admin / human resources area.
  4. sossijchops

    Australia from a distance

    Having been home now for three months, I'm still waiting for the supposed realisation that I made a mistake, yet I'm sure in my heart that it won't. The dog is happy and this feeling of belonging is far too strong. It's an odd thing viewing Australia from a distance. I smile when I read the SMH, Australian or Canberra Times as it reminds me of just how insular and myopic the country is. I don't think I've seen the word 'Australian' or 'Aussie' in any of the broadsheets here, (except when discussing the Murdoch debacle) yet while I was there, I was led to believe that the country was probably one of the most important in the world, whereas in fact, it is not much more than a blip. I don't know why Australia is like this. You could blame the media and the politicians, but you find the same arrogance and hubris across the land. It might seem okay if you live there, but trust me, it's not. It reminds me of school where nobody liked the bully, or the big-head and Australia has both characteristics in spades. Someone once said that Australian's are like this because of history and that if classroom sessions had begun with a lesson in savoir-faire, rather than flag-raising jingoism, there would be less impudent strine. I'm more than happy to watch from a safe and cultured distance.
  5. Hi we are looking at re-locating from Brisbane to Melbourne quite soon - but know many of the suburbs we like the sound of are very expensive for a young family. We really liked some of the hinterland small towns in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast (a few minutes inland from Noosa) as they have decent acreage, friendly communities but don't feel too hillbilly. Does anyone know if there are hinterland townships around the Melbourne region (also not too hillbilly) that are commutable to Melbourne and not too far from transport links - or is this a ridiculous question!!! any info gratefully received
  6. Hi, I'm possibly moving to Aus soon, the offices where i will be based are in Macquarie Park, i was was wondering if anyone knew where the best areas for housing would be within commuting distance, i'd be looking at a budget of around 450k, looking at some of the posts on here most seem to shy away from the western suburbs, ideally we would want a 4 bed (and kids want a pool :smile:) but I'm unsure of the areas/locations suitable for a family with 3 kids etc. Any help would be most graciously recieved...
  7. He is in UK. I am in Australia. We have not met for 1.5 years. This is because he would like to sell the old house and buy the new one before the next meeting. At the moment , the buyer has agreed to buy his house. However, the process is quite slow now. We are not sure when we can meet again. He also has fear of flying phobia. Therefore, it is harder. Have you ever had long distance relationship with the partner in UK. Do you think it is gonna work?
  8. Guest

    distance is relative

    Hi PIO, sent my cv to quite a lot of coach/bus building factories and got some positive replies,only after a little reserch into where these places are i discovered how far away they are from where we have been looking to live (springfield lakes and brookwater areas), so it's either look for somewhere else to live or travel upto one and half hours to work or find other employment, can anyone tell me how difficult/easy it is to find work in Brisbane. Thanks. Graham.
  9. Guest

    MBA through Distance Learning

    Hi, I am working in a IT based company and want to get MBA degree. I am interested for getting MBA through distance learning from USA university. Can anyone suggest from about which university will be best for enrolling distance education for MBA degree....... Kindly suggest...... Thanks David Johnson
  10. Hi can anyone help, my husband has been offered a job and told he will be working mainly in the south suburbs. We want to be in easy comuting distance so hes not stuck in traffic each day, but we also want to live in a good suburb near the beach. we love the water and hes a keen fisherman. We have 3 children and need a good primary school and college or tafe. Are we asking the impossible?PLEASE HELP we originaly wanted to live in Coomera or Pacific pines but have been told traffic is impossible and it will take a good hour and a half to work and same home. we want to avoid to much traffic but are unsure what areas to look in. My husband flies over from melbourne this tuesday 15th, so we have 1 week to find an area , rentals and check on schools, we are all in panic mode
  11. Hi! Can anyone tell me how far apart Kinross and Quinns rocks are? Also does anyone know what kinross is like? Thankyou!!
  12. Hi, I have applied for a De Facto visa on my boyfriend skilled migrants visa, but as he lives in Australia and Im at university in the U.K we are finding it impossible to give evidence such as joint bills. We have given everything we can for the social aspects but my case officer seems to be dismissing this information and she wants financial evidence. and with us being in a long distance relationship and me not having the right to work in oz I cannot provide that information. Is there anything else I can do the get this visa? and can I apply for a bridging visa in the mean time? Im flying out in 2 weeks and I really need to make money this winter/summer as Im going into my third year of university in september! Can anyone help!!!???
  13. My dad has abitions of semi-retiring and becommig a long distance lorry driver in Australia. Now he hasn't done it in the UK, but does anyone have any experience and can compare the conditions to that in the UK? TIm
  14. Hi there, Has anyone got a room to rent for my better half who has just arrived in Sydney. He is being put up in a hotel until the 21st November however he needs to find a room to rent for short term let. He is a quiet, tidy non smoking mad Irishman (well, he is not mad!!), works in IT and has permanent employment. Help would be much appreciated. Planning is not his strong point DOH! Trace
  15. Hi, It's times like this when you realise the saying "its just a flight away" might not be quite as easy as it sounds. To quickly put you in the picture, Tams sister, brother in law, and kids emigrated to New Zealand in September 07 to start a new life. They were just the same as many people on here, wanting a better life for themselves and their family. They settled in really well, and were totally loving New Zealand. Sadly we got a phone call last night, one we did not expect to receive. My brother in law passed away from a massive heart attack. He was only 41 years of age. This was totally unexpected, and as you can probably imagine the family are in pieces, and what makes it harder is we are not there immideately for my sister in law, yes she has a lot of new friends around her, and her children, but she desperately wants the rest of her family with her, and it gives you a right kick and reality check that the "only a flight away" statement is a bit harder at a time like this. On the other hand though, it makes you realise you have to live life for the moment, as you never know what is round the corner for you, you must follow your own dreams, whatever they might be. Thanks for listening but need to go now Andixx
  16. Sitting here in my empty front room. All our stuff went off in the container at 12.00 noon. Mel's gone to work, Alice has gone next door with her friend and Joshua has gone to the skate park, without his skate board, because he left it in the hallway and they packed it; told him once told him twice. All went well, Mel's nervous breakdown aside, except we ordered a pool table off ebay, which never turned up. The bloke has stopped answering my emails. So i'm worried he might be ripping me off, does anyone know the procedure to take? We payed through paypal. Anyway, it's a funny feeling when your stuff is all gone, we move out on monday into a rental until christmas, then we're offski. A glass of red stripe's my only friend now. Next door have invited me over for a Chinese, so i wont be lonely for long. Darren.
  17. hi, what it like flying with children.our longest flight so far is 3 hours-how do you entertain them and what sort of food do you have?do you pre book or buy on the plane?:jimlad:
  18. I've been here for 5 weeks now so I know it's early days yet but I just wondered if you ever stop 'feeling' the distance from oz to the UK? I'm missing family and friends (left loads behind) and I just find that when I think of calling them there's 9 hours time difference to complicate matters!!! I also wonder if anyone feels that they miss their close friends any less? Like I said, it's early days and I'm missing 'home' a lot which I think is normal I just want to know that it gets easier.
  19. Hello :spinny: We are looking to move to Bris in Aug 08, I dont really fancy driving, although I have a UK Leicence, do you think its going to be near impossable to get a job I can either... walk to.... get a short bus trip and short train ride? I dont wanna be skint with travel costs before I ever start a life I do Admin/Offie work kinad stuffs Thanks xxx
  20. Guest

    commuting distance

    Hi, hopefully moving Q1 2007. Cheryl will be working central Brisbane. Whats a typical work commuting distance? Looking at real estate the farther afield generally the cheaper property prices any suggestions welcome :spinny: Andy