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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum, Can anybody help? I'm really keen to migrate to Australia preferable New South Wales with my partner who is a nurse and my two kids. I'm a hard working electrician who has crohn's disease, and worry that we may face problems with entering the country. I have an ileostomy and take regular medications which require routine blood checks every three months. however I do lead a normal healthy life. Does anyone know what steps to take regarding insurance/prescriptions ect. and most of all cost???? any help will be greatly appreciated. David.
  2. Hi all I have Addison's disease which is an adrenal deficiency. I take a daily dose of steriod (hydrocortisone) and my illness has been under control since diagnosis in 2007. Does anyone know if this will cause us any issues with the immigration process? Any advice greatly received x
  3. As there are a lot of threads about the UK economy and if it is or is not in trouble, these threads always seem to lead to arguments about the Australian economy. So here is a thread about the Australian economy to stop the other threads being dragged off course ...... Is Australia suffering from Dutch Disease...... Personally I think it is, and for those who do not know what Dutch disease is there is a link to explain.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_disease basically are we being kept afloat by the mining industries while the manufacturing side is failing...???? I feel this describes the Australian economy perfectly. Of course that is just my opinion and I could be wrong.
  4. MaryC

    Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on PIO for ages. I am going to Oz with my partner and son on a 457 visa. I have well controlled mixed connective tissue disease (very similar to lupus). I felt sure that a medical would be required and was really very worried about it as I have seen quite negative posts about getting a visa with this condition. So I thought I would post for anyone else searching for information on this in the future that my 457 was approved today with no medical required. I provided recent reports from my consultants along with the application and a bupa health check report that I had from a few years back which showed everything well controlled for me. I fully appreciate that the situation may be different for PR and so if after 12 mths we decide that we like it and would like to stay beyond the 4 years then I will start the PR process early.
  5. Hello everyone, Hope you can give me advices or share with me experiences somehow related to my concern. I am an applicant for State Sponsorship Visa. We plan to lodge our Visa Application this January 2012 subject to the release of the State Sponsorship Nomination-SA . I understand that there will be a medical exam along the way. The thing is, I have a congenital heart disease which is called as Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. However, my case is asymptomatic (clinically silent) . I was hospitalized before due to pneumonia in November 2010 and because of Pneumonia, I had heart palpitation which is a manifestation of WPW syndrome. Nevertheless,I visit my Cardiologist regularly and complied with all medical exams requirement. All tests taken in January 2011 and October 2011 reflected a good prognosis, thus, I don't need to take any medication as instructed by my Cardiologist. He provided me a medical certificate last October 29, 2011 stating that I have WPW (asymptomatic), fit to travel and work ,and does not need any maintenance medication. In this regard, given that I have this existing condition, do you think I should still give it a shot? Of course lodging an application will impose financial risk as I need to pay a big amount that's why I am concerned that my medical condition will be the potential deal breaker. :eek: Hope you can shed light on this matter. Warm Regards, mjcg
  6. Guest

    Medical for Crohn's disease

    Hi all, I have applied for a 457 visa and have been asked to have a medical because I have Crohn's disease. Fingers crossed it should be fine but I was wondering what sort of questions they might ask and if there is anything I can take with me that will help my case. I do have a very recent letter from my specialist nurse stating my diagnosis and medication, and commenting that I am well at the moment. I never realsied quite how frustrating all this was going to be! It doesn't help that I am also being made redundant at the moment and half way through selling our flat!:eek: Any suggestions would be gratefully received!
  7. hi, my husband has been offered a jobs with a pr 121 visa. We have 10 weeks to get all documents together and get our medicals done. He has PKD the only 'symptom' he has is high blood presure which he has medication for. He was under a specialist when we lived in germany (we moved back to the uk 10/08) He hasn't been to a specialist here yet as he hasn't had any other symptoms....what can I say, nurses make the worse patients!!!!! I have said that he should get to a doctor/specialist so as he can get a letter stating that he is in good health. The only letter he has concerning this is dated 2007. I am really worried he wont pass the medical....Moving costs sooooooo much money and to go ahead with everything and he fails the medical...we dont have that kind of money to through away...not only are we moving with 2 teenagers but we are leaving 3 behind to attend Uni here.....very expensive!!!!!!! Anyway.....has anyone, who has PKD, had their meds recently and passed without any hassles????Just want to put my mind at ease a little;) My husband says he if it comes to it he wont say anything at the medical...but i am not comfortable with that at all. any info will be very helpful. thanks. Sharon.xxx
  8. Guest

    Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

    Has anyone any experience of hand, foot and mouth disease?? (not to be confused with foot and mouth the cattle disease) My nephew has it, now my son has it and I think I may have it...though supposedly rare in adults but ulcers are appearing in my mouth, every time I look theres another one:shocked::sad:
  9. Guest

    Von Willebrands Disease

    Hi All. I submitted my medicals in mid December and have received a mail from an immigration health officer asking me to return to my panel doctor for further checks. Von willebrands is a blood clotting disorder which in my case requires no medication or attendance to doctors. The only issue with it is I need to have an injection if I am ever going for surgery. Has anyone heard of someone being refused for this disease or being asked for further information about it.:err::err: Thanks
  10. Guest

    crohns disease

    i have had crohns for 8 years no and not once have i had a problem. i applied for my visa and now i might have to do a medical. i dont see the point in this and my visa could be put on hold for up to 3 months. does anyone know how this will effect me?? will they ask for a medical or doe crohns not matter to them? thanks E
  11. Hi, Has anyone any experience of passing medicals with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), we recently discovered my wife's mum has this condition, she is 55 and it doesnt really affect her she just has to have regular check ups, however it may lead to her having to go on kidney dialysis or kidney transplant. Since PKD is a genetic condition that can be inherited - therefore my wife has a 50/50 chance of having PKD, and if she does so do our two children have an equal chance. My wife doesn't want to have a scan to see if she has PKD as although it can lead to a life threating disease, there isnt anything that you can do now to prevent it so she thinks why worry. The thing is does she have to declare this information in her medical (our visa application was only submitted last week so its a way off yet)? I have looked at the medical forms and can't find any reference to declaring known medical conditions of parents. There is a section for "Kidney or bladder disease" - where she can truthfully respond "No", she hasn't been diagnosed with any kidney or bladder disease neither has she shown any sysmptoms. None of the medical tests would show if she has it - only genetic testing or kidney scans would show it up (if she had it). If she does have to declare this information, then I guess she is best having the test to see whether she does have it or not. That way we can hopefully find out she doesnt and then its fine, but if she does does anyone have any experience of passing the medical with this condition. Sorry for the long post, any advice welcome Rob
  12. Is it just me or does anyone else find that PIO goes best with a glass of red? When I'm feeling stressed I find that a glass or two (three tonight as a particularly bad day) and the odd rant really helps. If I don't get there soon I'll need to book myself in for rehab. will anyone else be joining me?
  13. Guest

    Coeliac Disease

    Hi - we are in the very very early stages of applying for our visa, but were just wondering if anyone has come across any problems with the medicals if you have Coealiac disease? I shouldn't think so as it is gluten intolerance and can be managed by diet alone but OH is a little worried as it is him who has it! Thanks all. Em