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Found 20 results

  1. I know its been discussed before but not for a while... My hair is very thick and i have loads of it. In the UK my hairdresser was fab at thinning it out with a cut throat and doing loads of layers. I've been to 3 hairdressers since arriving all who didn't thin or cut it right the worst was today :cry: The side fringe was looking a bit square and messy so popped in somehwere local for a trim and she just cut it on a slant above my eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :realmad: Please, please tell me there is a good hairdresser somewhere I dye it myself just want a trim cannot wear it pinned up with grips forever..... :wubclub:
  2. Hey folks I have had a couple of minor things in the last couple of days so I thought I ask some others to come up with some: Don't you just hate it when.............................................................................. Here's mine: Don't you just hate it when; Today - you find your son's mobile phone in the tumble drier, meaning not only is it dry but it is also nice and clean:mad: Friday - when there is only you and another colleague still left at work and her waters break 9 weeks premature in the middle of the meeting. :eek:hmmmm, let's just say I was a tad late getting home but glad she and baby are ok Drama does tend to follow me a little. My mother always said if I had been alive I would have been on the grassy knoll when Kennedy was shot. Anyone else got any good ones?? Millie x
  3. Well the Tories tried to get the time set aside for the Hillsborough debate shortened so they could talk about MP's pensions :shocked: Well Mr Cameron has said the debate will now get the full time allocated after Liverpool MP Steve Rotherham bought it up in PM questions Hope the families finally get some answers.
  4. EVAN failed again all imaginative reforms of c. evan to skill the oz labour force are evaporated .now he should be realized his capabilities and short sighting .now he should be questioned about his past regulations and act as a immigration minister and worse impact of his diplomatic attitude towards clearing gsm backlog by introducing unlawful instrument. julia have to pay hard for his sinister ministers:elvis: like evan:jimlad: and thomson:jimlad: her is the story......http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/bn-government-skills-program-failed-to-address-key-shortages/story-fn59niix-1226124865101
  5. Kevin McAuley

    Disaster of a First Day!

    Well guys I started working on Tuesday and had a shocker the rest of the week was awesome got to see loads of other cool sites like Martyn place, went out with a few peeps from work to the Rocks and to Kings Cross... Then to top it off we had a BBQ and drinks on the roof on Friday Certainly beats the working week back in the UK don't ya think?
  6. Mizzmp

    Medicals disaster!

    Well after our long awaited meds our car broke down on the motorway! We have now had to pay £275 cancellation fee otherwise they wouldn't rebook us another appt. We now have to try again on 25th July. I just hope our CO understands. Total waste of money and cross that we had to pay canx fee even tho we didn't officially canx. Please just give us our visa i cant take much more!
  7. Guest

    Flood and Disaster follow up

    Just thinking back to early this year to the floods, cyclones, earthquakes....... How are our PIO members coping? Have you got back on your feet???? Does anyone still need our help?
  8. Guest

    moving back a possible disaster

    hi all, just a quick one on heading back to blighty, we arrived back 2 weeks ago, im starting to think its been a big mistake, we headed back after two years in aus, the missing of family ect was the main reason, we went to oz for no reason other than the challenge of somthing new and exiting, i worked for all of the time there and we had some really good friends, however it seemed right to head back (family ilness ect) . after getting back we were in total shock, the unemployment is massive where we live, (was thriving when we left) family were pleased to see us for about a day , its back to normall already, house prices seem to have risen here, freinds are still here, their lives have not changed which is fine because thats a individual choice, however we have changed a lot, we are more independant as a family unit, we no longer need family to dictate our lives any more, and yes the green rolling fields are lovely, but so were the hinterlands of qld, marks and spencer rocks but so does big w. coffee here is shocking and going to the pub involves not taking a piss due to the possibility of being mugged by a 14 year old on coke!!! wine bars have sprung up every where and folks seem to go in and pretend their somthing else due to the fact their in a wine bar, honestly it baffled me when i bumped into some old friends acting like somthing from a flaming reality show, food is cheap as chips here, fuel is through the roof expensive, all people talk about is how crap the govt is, there is no positivity about the place, i spoke to so family friends about the floods and the damage it caused and also the spirit of how people turned up to help out because its about "doing the right thing" , one bloke said how pathetic it was that the govt needed to get the public to help out, i nealy swung for him, but thats the spirit of the uk, no motivation at all, this is only how i see it so dont leap on me, i just want folks to understand that heading back to the uk may not be the right thing to do, we were so exited at the thought of heading back, only two weeks in and were almost broken, one more thing, nothing is free here, the weather is bland and dreary, i read folks banging on about driving through the countryside here for a lovely pub lunch in a beer garden with the kids a watching a fantastic sunset over the hills, reality is cheap microwaved pub food indoors due to the dreary rain with the kids moaning because the beergarden is vandalised and full of vomit and needles, oh and you know that carvery or fish and chips your dying to have when you arrive, well it tastes great but after you have had it you wonder why you missed it, i hope those who are back in blighty are enjoying there time here and not having the fun times im haveing, to those in aus, think before you head back in fact try a holiday before you ship it all back. this is only my opinions so dont bag me to much,
  9. kernow43

    Flood Disaster Fund

    Here is one way to donate, cash in Velocity points earned with Virgin Airlines. https://shop.velocityrewards.com.au/Pages/SOR/Browse.aspx?CategoryCode=RELIEF
  10. blobby1000

    Ielts disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My name is Robert, and I am an idiot. My wife has her Ielts test tomorrow in Bristol so she can work as a nurse when we arrive in Melbourne in 2 months. We have just received our visas. Today I sent our passports to London to be stamped. Tomorrow she has her test and needs to take her passport as ID (nothing else will do). Surely this is the most stupid thing anyone has ever done on here???? Has anyone managed to sit the test without a passport? I wondered if she could sit it and then take the passport in next week? But these people are generally very formal and official. I have tried to get the passports back from Royal Mail, and although they know where they are (8 miles away( it is illegal for me to collect them!!) It looks like another £100+ fee and a new date. Presumably she can sit the test in Australia?:elvis:


    We had a phone call a few days ago our container as we knew had landed in Sydney but then came the bad news there were a number of holes in the container including one rather large one, if anyone is on Facebook look me up you can see the photos. So far according to the loss adjuster who visited yesterday, the damage is basically my 3 piece suite, beds, plus around 24 boxes that he could see we have to await until they arrive probably next week to double check. Does anyone have any experience of this happening? If so have you claimed and how long did it take to pay out, we were so looking forward to sleeping in our own beds!!!
  12. Guest

    Hair Dye Salon DISASTER

    Got my hairdresser back home to write down the "formula" for my hair dye b4 we left she said the "formula is the same everywhere just different products used but all hairdressers would know the mix, NOTTTTTTTTTTT Went in to a salon yesterday armed with my colour mix details and the hairdresser didn't have a clue what it meant said it was totally different here so explained the red colour/more golden that I always have and then the fun started. Showed her roughly on the hair sample chart what I usually have done it turned out what I call brown so then she started over again and now I am a horrible really dark totally fake looking copper with purple tine, basically it a brown paperbag job. Didn't what to chance getting a 3rd dye on it so have to live with it. Also I always have permanent back home to cover the grey roots and then mixed through but she said that semi permanent was better and would stay in longer etc so thats what she applied this seems really strange to me how would semi stay in longer???? (it hasnt washed out any bit with all the washes its had today though) If there are any UK hairdressers out there that can convert what my hairdresser wrote down for me into Ozzie speak please help. The salon at home used Clynol: Roots: 90 + 95 6% (20 vol) Midlengths to ends: 95 3% (10 vol) Think there may or may not be a decimal point between the 9 numbers above. Please if you can help as really need to get this rectified. Thanks
  13. "Federal Labor backbencher Kelvin Thomson says Australia's projected population explosion will have a "catastrophic" effect on the environment and he has called for immigration levels to be cut. The latest Intergenerational Report predicts Australia's population will rise to 35 million in 40 years' time, up from about 21.5 million people at present..." In my opinion scaremongering using flawed data, many refer to data which includes temporary residents as PRs included in the population data e.g. 457s, WHVs, ETAs/Tourist Visas, International Students etc.. Many population and social experts and commentators with well known racial or cultural views are inclined to highlight environment, population growth, (Asian) student rorts etc. as a reason to stop or limit non caucasian immigration. Interesting how you never see Australians asking themselves as to whether they should compromise their massive appetite for more cars, bigger houses, suburban sprawls, conspicuous consumption, etc.?
  14. Kazzarazza

    Family Sponsorship - Disaster.

    Had the opportunity to visit DIAC today in Adelaide to try and get some idea of processing times now for family sponsored 475 visas. Application was submitted Oct 2008 before priority processing changes, DIAC website still shows processing time of 7 months from low-risk country. Despite all this, we were told today that application will not be looked at for 12 to 18 months! Agh!!! Totally wrong that changes to system can affect applications already submitted under previous arrangements. Does everybody else agree that changes on January 1st should only affect applications from that day forward. Can we not set up a protest group, or some kind of appeal. HELP!!
  15. Guest

    What A Disaster

    Hello all my Friends at PiO, sorry I have been off a few days. Yes we left last Wednesday 30th January, and we arrived last Friday morning, after a 26 hour travel, (Business Class) via Frankfurt and Singapore, into Brissy and guess what, we are going home tomorrow. Yeas OK all laugh and get it over with, tell me we are mad and what fools we are. OK What can I say??? :unsure: Fact is my Mum and Dad inlaws are so devastated, almost on suicide watch, and my Hubby, Tony , a 6ft 5 rugby playing back row forward is absolutely broken into pieces. He’s crying like a big baby, and we are telephoning home every few hours. No matter how much you plan for that moment you will never be prepared properly or enough for it. Luckily my sister Sandy is there at home to keep me informed and to make sure what I hear is correct. My plan now is to get home reassess it all and see what we can do. At least the Visa’s are activated. Both of us do not want to give up on this dream, but what do we do? How do you deal with such a situation. (his parents are both 75 & 73 year old) and so upset with it all. If I can get us back quickly and try and resolve it then maybe we will salvage the dream. I know many of you will say stick it out in Oz, don't go back. But it’s not an option, both sides, the old folks and Tony are so low right now. Get home, regroup and then sort it out, because we can still do it. It just needs better planning. Maybe this was a trial run.:shocked: Just to add Brissy is fantastic and wet and green today. The people are so so happy to see so much rain. WHAT A FANTASTIC PLACE, and HEY, WHAT A GREAT GREAT COUNTRY TO LIVE this place is. Australia we love you. Got soaked yesterday at the Gabba Cricket ground, the game was abandoned to rain, then today, we were going down the Gold Coast to see it again after loving it last year, but the Flash flooding put pay to that, can you bloody believe it. So instead we had a great look around Redcliffe and the Northern suburbs of Brissy, Absolutely beautiful, what a fantastic city. Just had a lovely meal tonight in Pier Nine on Eagle Street, (no drink though as I’m taking care of my man, as he’s a bit down in the dumps) just got him off to bed now a wee bit drunk. This has been a hell of a trip, I think I have been, in more states of emotion than ever before. Forget the Jet lag, or being so tired I have had to be a nurse, driver, councilor and shrink not to mention Wife, all in about 3 days.But I know he does it for me all the time. But I’m not giving up. Going to have a glass of wine now out on the balcony of our room, I think I deserve it. My 6ft 5 baby is asleep to the World and we will be off back to England tomorrow night. I will keep you posted. Sorry to sound so down, thanks for listening, EMMY :SLEEP:


    We have been 'tarting' up the house ready for sale in New Year at present the living room is being decorated. Then OH went downstairs (our bungalow is cut into a hill and is on 3 floors) and water was pouring out of the bathroom and when we went into the bedroom which has been used as a storeroom piled to ceiling with boxes it was worse than we thought it had obviously been a slow leak and had spread round the room and we are now having to completely re-tile the bathroom, the leak was behind the wall between bathroom and bedroom, dry out the bedroom, hack off the plaster, tank re-board plaster, decorate and take up the laminate and re-floor. The smell hit you of damp when we opened a room we hadn't used for 12 months! What a lovely Christmas present, I know the insurance company will finally cough up but it sets everything back in our plans of getting the house on the market. Sorry to rant on but i am really p****d off this morning.
  17. Hope none of our members are affected by this:wideeyed: BRISBANE has been declared a natural disaster area, as soldiers help repair damage caused by one of the biggest storms to hit the city in two decades. More than 32,000 properties across Brisbane, Redcliffe and the Gold Coast were without power this afternoon after yesterday's storm brought hail and wind gusts of up to 130km/h, ripped roofs from houses and toppled power lines and trees. While most areas received 40mm to 60mm of rain, Ferny Hills in the northwest suburbs of Brisbane received 80mm, 69mm of which fell in 30 minutes yesterday afternoon. A 20-year-old man was killed when he was swept away by quickly rising water while photographing the storm in a drain with a 23-year-old friend at Chermside, in Brisbane's northern suburbs. Premier Anna Bligh compared the disaster to Cyclone Larry, which devastated north Queensland in 2006. Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard activated natural disaster relief and recovery arrangements, including the deployment of 40 soldiers, and pledged to cover half of the State Government's clean-up costs. "The Government's thoughts are with the thousands of families that have been caught up in this disaster and most particularly with the family of the young man who tragically lost his life," Ms Gillard said. Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said 1200 people, including emergency services personnel, Energex staff, Queensland police and the army, were working on the clean-up. "Nothing like this has happened to the city for at least 10 years," he said. "Perhaps it goes back to 1985 with a very big storm back in those days." He said Energex had recorded 576 cases of toppled powerlines. Some homes are expected to remain without power until tomorrow. The city council has warned residents in western Brisbane to boil their water or buy bottled water after a bird dropping-coated roof collapsed into a reservoir at The Gap - the worst-hit area of the city. Transport services are expected to remain disrupted into tomorow and traffic lights are out at many intersections. Ms Bligh said families severely affected by the storm were eligible for cash assistance of up to $765 and individuals could claim $165. "These are just the immediate cash payments for people who have literally got nothing, for people who need to buy food for their children or buy clothes," she said. Ms Bligh said some people would not be able to return home for weeks. Police patrols are being boosted to deter looters. Ms Bligh said up to 4000 insurance claims had already been made, but this would grow. She also warned more storms were expected to hit southeast Queensland on Thursday.
  18. Today i am feeling like one very lucky lady,after last nights disaster the only part of my hubby that is injured is his ego. Not really sure what happened it all happened so quick,but we have a very very steep driveway & last night it was very wet from all the rain. Hubby was bringing the car down & the next thing he knows my lovely mazda 6 has a mangeled front end in colision with hubbys work ute. After we had both stopped panicking from the shock, hubby rang his boss - yep an aussie, who all he could do was laugh his socks off !!!! :wacko: At 5am this morning hubby tries to set off for work but his ute is still in the garage with my poor car stuck up its arse, so we call the tow men & by 6.15am they are here with us waking up the street. Oh what joy life gives us, still it could of been alot worse & as it wasnt for that i am thankful for - Guess the long short of it all is live in a property with a decent flat driveway & take extra care when its wet. Thankfully for hubby, its our wedd aniversary tomorrow so i wont shoot him this time !!! Take care Guys & Gals you never know whats round the corner. Ju x (stuju)
  19. Guest

    Medicals Total disaster!!!

    Hi guys Its the Vicar again Well we had our meds today. Hubby and two children sailed through! Me...complete disaster. I now need a total of five different reports done including (get this ladies) reports on the two D&C's I had after 2 miscarriages!!!! (Sorry if that is too much info for some). Can you believe that???????? I am totally gutted. Not only that but my blood pressure decided to go through the roof. I was totally distraught by the time I came out and have only just stopped crying! It seems like I will be the failure and because of me, no-one will be able to go to OZ. I feel totally devastated.:sad: :sad: :sad:
  20. Guest


    I left the UK on the 12th Feb and expected to stay for four days in Dubai and Singapore and arrive in Brisbane on the 21st Feb to start my wonderful new life. Instead I am here in Dubai, with a prolapsed disc, lying on my stomach which is the only way I can manage to lie. We have had to change our flights three times and our hotel twice with each one being more expensive than the last. I have spent all of my time since the day after we arrived travelling to and from the hospital in acute pain or lying in a hotel room. The first doctor said I was not fit to fly onwards and needed an MRI scan, the second doctor looked at he scan and said I needed immediate surgery and the specialist said I needed to closely monitored. He said he would not declare me fit to fly to Oz but would agree to the shorter flight option back to the UK. We had to buy return tickets to the UK for £650 each or the rest of the ticket to Oz would be invalid. We will arrive back in Manchester the day after we should have been in Brisbane having spent a fortune in flights, medical bills, phone calls and hotels including room service as I cannot walk more than 100 yards without having to lie down. Goodness knows what the journey back will be like with long walks to and from the plane and queueing at customs etc. I'll just have to find a row of seats every 50yards and lie down for five minutes! This is not the happy journey I expected it to be. We have changed onward tickets to April in the hopes that I will be cured by then and can have another go! Rebecca