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Found 13 results

  1. Hi we have been advised by an agent that we are likely to get turned down for a visa because our 3 year old son is disabled. He has global developmental delay and autism. He cannot walk or talk yet but is on his way to learning to walk. He is not on any medication and has no need of medical help apart from speech therapy and physiotherapy which we provide. He does have a statement for educaional needs. Just wondering if anyone else has been in similar situation and have you any advice? Riggers
  2. RedL

    Dependent Adults...

    I am in the earliest stages of thinking about a move to Australia. At this stage I would like to know if it is actually even possible. Any help would be much appreciated. My family circumstances are very complicated. I am a 24 year old female, my mother and father have both died. As a consequence I am the legal guardian for my 16 year old brother. However, I also have another brother for whom I have power of attorney as he is severely autistic. He is entirely dependent on me. Where do I stand in terms of visas? If I can get one, which I've been told I can, are they entitled to just come along too? Or is that totally naive? By the time we might move I think my younger brother will probably be 18 too. He is also autistic and dependent though, so I am assuming his case will be similar to my elder brother? So, I guess my question is how do visas work if you want to bring a dependent adult rather than child? Equally, is there any problem getting a visa for disabled people? Thanks in anticipation of any help or advice
  3. Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me. My parents are visiting in December, my mum has MS and so it would be good if she had a disabled parking badge. She may also book assistance at the airport. There was a question on the visa application which said "Do you, or any other person included in this application, require assistance with mobility or care due to a medical condition?" They have said No to this question. Has anyone else been in this situation. Currently she will not assistance, apart from at the airport and requesting the parking badge. Does anyone know why this question is asked. Also if you say no is it ok to apply for the parking badge and assistance at the airport. Thanks
  4. Hi does anyone have any experience of getting a disabled, aged, dependant parent out to OZ with them? We are hoping to move out but for the obvious reasons above we cant leave my mum behind nor can we wait until we are 'settled' to move her out with us. Any experience stories / advice would be very welcome. Thanks Ali
  5. Guest

    Disabled and applying for visa

    Can anyone help, my husband is applying for pr visa I am classed as disabled and get benefit due to I'll in the cold weather but I work full time and have always done. Can anyone see any probe getting a visa thanx
  6. A federal inquiry has heard families are abandoning their disabled children in order to fit into Australia's immigration criteria. A parliamentary committee is looking at relaxing the rules which block many immigrants from entering Australia if a family member has a disability or a health condition.
  7. Hi all We are new to pomsinoz, we have read numourous previous threads, and it seems like our chances of getting our dream is very poor (hopefully not impossible) We have a 19yr old disabled deppendent, he has cerebral palsy since birth and is in a wheelchair. he is very mobile (the knocks in our walls show this), he is compas mentis and can talk the hind legs of a donkey. His health is very good with the exception of his disability, he goes to a special school but this finishes in June this year. He is as independent as he can be, but due to his disability needs help dressing / washing etc, and is unlikely to be totally independent. The migration agents I have spoke to are very positive with regards to my qualification / career etc and the possibility of obtaining sufficent points on the skills independent visa, but are very unclear about our chances when we discuss Jamie We have sent a request for an assesment to George Lombard Agents, as he was recommended on some older threads as being the agent to contact with medical querys. Fingers crossed Any suggestions whould be appreciated
  8. Hello guys, Im hoping someone on here can help? My mum is coming to visit us in Melbourne in October and in the UK she has a Blue Badge so she can park nearer the shops as she struggles to walk too far. Is it recognised over here too or can we arrange a temp one for her here? Any help and advice much appreciated, Terry
  9. Hi all, I have briefly outlined our circumstances in the dilemma topics but have also posted this as this area is a bit more specific. Anyway my wife and i both 34 years old are in the very early stages i;e only just speaking to agents and doing research etc. I have been driving construction machinery for around 10 years mainly on rivers and sites and also in the forestry trade however as work was slow and wages not great i started retraining in the air con trade around 12 months ago and have really progressed as i am now specializing on the commissioning and service side,i've looked online and there does seem to be plenty of this type of work paying around 65-70k$ per year and it looks like it's a required skill on the list.The ideal outcome would be for me to learn a bit more then maybe get a position with Mitsubishi or Daikin (main UK A/C brands)followed by a transfer to their Australian branches although i would have to be very very lucky for that to happen, i doubt that i would be granted a visa unless I'm fully trained otherwise i would look into carrying on my training over there but again that's unlikely to happen.My wife works with adults that have learning disabilities,downs syndrome and autism etc,she loves her work and would like to continue that career,does anyone know the correct name for that job over there?.Here she is a day services assistant within social services. As we are only just starting we are planning the move in around 18-24 months to allow for visas and tying up of various commitments here, also to allow me to gain a lot more knowledge in the a/c trade. Any ideas/advise on any of the above would be great, we are most likely looking within the Perth area if that helps. many thanks DEC
  10. My OH looks as if he could be going through a 457 but I am worried about the medicals as I am disabled will I be a definite No No or is there set things that are permitted and definte no way. I would rather know now before we get our hopes up Cheers
  11. Guest

    older kids and disabled child

    Hi havnt actually started the process yet, but found this web site and you seem a very knowledgable bunch! we are looking at emigrating to australia but need some info, we have five kids ages from 17 to 21 and cant find info on how old they have to be to still come wiith us our youngest is also disabled. have found some info on disabled applicants but looks like you have to pay for visa and then be told you cant come because of her disability, does anyone no what our chances are? thanks.
  12. Thread startd by Gollywobbler on behalf of Bina Freeman hi, we are preparing to fill in the forms to emigrate to the land down under. We would be interested to hear from anyone who has emigrated with a child who is disabled and has special needs. We have many questions of both a medical and educational nature. we have 2 other children who have no problems and would welcome any information on emmigrating with children all together, regarding schooling etc. many thanks bina
  13. considering emigration through family sponsorship, in very early stages of information gathering. would love to hear from anyone who has had experience in this specific area. My daughter has hydrocephalus and had a shunt fitted when she was 2, no problems since and is now almost 14, attends mainstream school with no special arrangements other than to avoid contact sports. We are worried that we will fail at the medical stage, we had information - not sure if urban myth- that if you are likely to cost the oz gov more than $20k you're not welcome! worst case scenario if daughter required new shunt don't know what cost implications are. can anyone help???