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Found 9 results

  1. Here’s the situation, It has been around 14 months since I ve made the onshore partner visa(820) application BvA and since we moved together in Melbourne and due to my partner’s disabilities/needs and the whole pandemic finding work has not been our priority, especially because I wasn’t aware of the extend of his disabilities until we started living together. After many years of medical issues he finally found out that many of his issues were caused by fibromyalgia which is good news since we finally can explain many of his medical issues and find actual treatments that work, he has been improving in that area lately through exercise and a more balanced schedule and has been talking to an disability employment agency hoping to maybe finding casual work soon. Though another issue is his paranoia which does have mild schizophrenic symptoms like auditory and visual hallucinations(seeing a figure at the corner of your eye in the kitchen, hearing someone walking behind him etc) which specifically happen (some times) when he is alone which finally explains why he never liked living completely alone, this is a thing that again he only recently explained, it can be hard to get him to talk about those things sometimes. Anyway the issue is that because I wasn’t aware of either, in our initial statements for my visa application I mostly focused on saying how my presence helps him a lot mentally and in reality it helps both of us, and I also wrote how the plan would be to find jobs sooner or later after moving together in Melbourne, this sadly hasn’t happened due to finding out the extend of his disabilities and mental needs and the pandemic making things harder too. I worked as a 2nd officer in the merchant navy in the past so I had a decent amount of savings but those are long gone after paying the pretty high visa and agent fees so at the moment we live with his Disp payments, it isnt hard since neither of us care a lot about luxuries and I always cook homemade food so budgeting is pretty easy but savings are limited to 2-3k but slowly rising. My concern is about the department’s visa decision since my agent told me they mainly care about 2 things, that the relationship is genuine and that we can live financially ok, my worry is the latter part since living with just his disp probably looks bad so I would like to ask for your opinions in two areas. 1) Do you think it would be a good idea to send his diagnosis(once he gets the ) of the above to the agent to upload to immigration as proof and explanation about why my daily presence around him is important and the main reason i haven’t focused on finding a job? 2) Because I am worried that due to lack of work they might outright refuse the visa with no interviews or chances to explain our situation should I just abandon everything and just try to find some form of work in order to guarantee that the visa won’t be refused? Because for both of us a refusal of the visa would be the worst possible scenario. I do have an agent but sadly the one I was assigned to doesn’t seem as helpful so I would like your opinions, I know you cannot know for certain but would like to hear your opinions or experiences, especially if you know any similar cases with disabled partners.
  2. I am considering applying for a student visa but as an older student I have dependents. One is 18 and mentally disabled he would be unable to work or study himself and is solely dependent on me. I know the rules regarding disabled dependents has changed Ive spent hours researching but I can not find anything that relates to a student visa and the changes. can anyone offer any advise please. Thank you.
  3. Hi There, We like in Kent, but my husband has just been offered a job in Melbourne. We have a three year-old daughter who has special needs (physical and learning disabilities). She has an English statement of special educational needs and was going to start attending a specialist school this September. I would appreciate any advice on education, medical care, social care help etc. for children with disabilities in Australia. Many thanks
  4. hello this is the 1st post for me. we are a family who dream of the big move to oz but we have three kids and 1 of them has cerebral palsy. this seems to be an issue with a few of the agents that were reccomended to us and i would like to know where the country stands on this and has anyone got any advice? or have you moved over there or come up against the same problems? any help would be fab. as you all no its a huge thing anyway but it seems even harder for us.
  5. Jasper Buchanan

    Son with Learning Disabilities

    Our dream is in tatters after a conversation with an agent on Friday! We have a son(18) who has had medical difficulties such as very mild cerabal palsy, incontinence and again very mild epilepsy. Medically he is now in good health. He is on a trial free of epilepsy medication as the docs think he may now be free of this. His bowels have improved greatly with natural remedies. As far as cerabal palsy goes Jordan can walk,talk, run just like any other teenager apart from having slight balance issues. We don't beleve he w I'll need any medication going forward if his epilepsy has disappeared. However Jordan also has learning disabilities which prevent him from making day to day decisions.Currently as parents we have guardianship to make any life decisions on behalf of our son. Jordan is now at mainstream college learning life & independent skills such as cooking, communication & finance. How much he learns and takes in at this stage we just need to wait and see. On the above information an agent we spoke to has said that we would be wasting our time in applying for a visa destroying our dream! Can anyone offer advice - please???????
  6. Well the DIAC website shows our visa was granted today, still waiting on the email from our agent! Not sure where to start! This could be a long one but I promised myself that if we were approved I would post our details so others would not give up hope. We have a 9 year old who has Mild Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegia) He uses walking sticks for short distance and a wheelchair for long distances, around the house and at school (attends mainstream) he walks unaided. His main issues are balance, when in busy surroundings he could be easily knocked over. We also have a daughter who has Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Enlarged Heart) She has been stable since a baby and over the years her heart has decreased in size, although she will be on medication all of her life it does not restrict her from any activity. Through POI we contacted George Lombard and his medical team who assessed both our children and at the time said that there was a 50/50 chance we would get approval. In our eyes the glass was half full, if we didn't try we would always regret and it was now or never! We decided to use a UK based agent and Go Matilda was recommended again on POI. Sarah (in OZ) & Wendy (in UK) have been great putting up with my questions and emails and because of the matter of our medical problems being told what was needed from us was less stressful than us having to work out what paper-work was required. Also in the early days Gollywobbler (Gill) was a fantastic help, thank you x:notworthy: Saying that the medicals were always going to be the biggest hurdle for us, especially for our son so I made sure I contacted every consultant, doctor, pyhsio, senco and club (swimming, football etc) leader anyone involved with him on a regular basis and asked them all to write letters explaining how he coped daily/weekly within school and clubs. The letters that came back were amazing, very in-depth about his physical ability and how nothing stops him from joining in, they were also very well written and the best glowing report we could have wished for. The children's medicals were then referred for 5 weeks then finalised last week and yesterday I emailed our CO to ask for an update, to find this morning that the DIAC website showed our visa as APPROVED. The moral of my long story is that you should never give up hope, we started this process 3 years ago, almost to the day and were put off lots of times. You have to put a lot of time effort, money, heart and soul to get to the end but the pull, dream or adventure, whatever you want to call it will never go unless you take it to the end of the line! We have finally made it to the end!!!:jiggy: There is a lot more I could say but don't want to bore you all, please pm me if more details will help. My last few words are CONNIE, PLEASE TURN US PURPLE (and thanks for keeping up the thread)
  7. Dear Pomsinoz, Could you please have a look into my job desc. and let me know if i could use any of the following 6 options, please Help(i pick option 3)but i might be wrong and need to ask for aadvice.Thanks in advance That's my present job description Role and Responsibility The Team Leader’s role is essential to the wellbeing of the person we support and to the team of people employed to support them. It is a role of both providing practical support and providing leadership and management to a small number of people. The role expects a degree of autonomy, initiative and responsibility from the post holder. Option1 Alternative Title: Welfare Project Manager Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates a centre, program or project concerned with social welfare support. Skill Level: 1 Option2 411711 COMMUNITY WORKER Facilitates community development initiatives and collective solutions within a community to address issues, needs and problems associated with recreational, health, housing, employment and other welfare matters. Skill Level: 2 option3 411712 DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICER Works in a range of service units which provide education and community access to people with intellectual, physical, social and emotional disabilities. Skill Level: 2 option4 Job description Assists young people as individuals or groups to solve social, emotional and financial problems in an agency framework. option 5 Job description Assists individuals, families and groups with social, emotional or financial difficulties to improve quality of life, by educating and supporting them and working towards change in their social environment. option6 Job description Assesses the social needs of individuals, families and groups, assists and empowers people to develop and use the skills and resources needed to resolve social and other problems, and furthers human wellbeing and human rights, social justice and social development. Registration or licensing may be required.
  8. Hello all, i am coming over to aus in may 2010 and i am going live in queensland arround the brisbane area,i have worked for 7 years in supporting people with becoming independant in their own homes, has any one got any info on where to start to look for work in this industry and how much work is available thanks sue:smile:
  9. Hi, its been a while since I visited but need all the help anyone can give me!:notworthy: I want to move to Coffs Harbour with my 3 children and 2 friends and child. I'm a Registered Learning Disability Nurse and are in the process of getting registered with NSW Nursing Board. My 2 friends, who are both nurses have both secured jobs through an agency, however, I'm finding it more difficult to find employment in the area.:cry: Can anyone in the area please point me in the right direction of where I could look for suitable jobs etc, ie agencies, organisations etc etc. It doesn't necessarily have to be in nursing as long as my skills could be matched and I can get over there! Any help will be greatly received. Many thanks