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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys! To set the sceen ... I am 29, I have two chlidren (6+4). My dream is to live in Australia for a few years min, possibly settle down there. My problem is leaving my childrens father behind in England. I was raised my just my Mum and have no problem with how the kids could adjust, because as long as they are secure they can adjust. My problem is I have just given 9 years of my life to this man, we fell out of love and now I want to take his kids away. I am not sure how to start talking to him about this or how to answer the questions he is bound to have like, when will he get to see them, will he have to pay maintanance still ... or maybe it would be a good idea for him not to pay maintanace but save up to visit us instead? I need to be sure in my mind before I can talk to him so am asking for any advice ... I have also looked for advice on being a single parent and emigrating but can't find any. I am not even sure where to start on that one.

    Change of Direction

    Well after 14 great and enjoyable months in Sydney- Castle Hill hubby got a new job and we are now relocated in North Lakes- Brisbane. What a difference the cost of living is much lower paying over $300 less a week in rent. Love the area, found some new friends already and looking forward to this chapter of our lives Anyone in the area wanna meet up shoot me a message over
  3. AaronS

    Advice on a direction to go

    Hello all! Glad to have found this forum! I'm not a true "pom" by definition but the resources for someone in the US wanting to migrate to Australia are few and far between. That being said I hope it will be alright if I hang around and maybe ask some questions from time to time. My wife, 3 children and I are actively working to migrate to Australia and we are looking for some general advice on a direction to take. A little back ground on us. We are currently US citizens. My wife would be the primary applicant. She is 33, holds an MBA from an accredited university and has been employed in a field on the SoL for over 10 years. I am 41, have had some college and also have been employed over 10 years in a field on the SoL. English is both of our primary language and proficiency is not an issue. My wife is currently employed by a major computer manufacture that has locations in Australia and has spoken with them about a transfer with an employee sponsored visa. I believe that’s a 457. Currently we are awaiting information on two positions she has applied for. Regardless of whether they come through our plan is to continue the process for immigration. Would it serve our best interest to go ahead and apply for a 175 visa for her with me as a partner or continue to peruse the employee sponsored 457 through a potential employer? Our ultimate intent is to gain PR and become a productive part of Australian culture and society. Thanks, Aaron
  4. Hi looking for a little advice in regards to migrating to Australia I'm English, 30 years old and unskilled... having spent 2 years in Australia on a working Holiday Visa I fell in love with this country and knew that this was the place for me, actually for us, i met my Fiance in Australia a girl from Hong Kong who i travelled with and spent everyday with anyway to the point... I know Australia requires skilled migrants to be able to move there. so i took it upon myself to do a bricklaying course. I am now approaching the end of my course Diploma lvl 2 in brickwork (Is this an accepted qualification in oz or do they require NVQ or?) i plan to study the 3rd year here in England and then get a few years bricklaying experience under my belt in England before i think about migrating. Perth/Western Australia would be top of our choice of places to go as my Fiance has her sister there and she said she would be a sponsor for us if needed Me: England, 30 years old, Studying Bricklaying (Diploma lvl 2) (otherwise unskilled) Fiance: Hong Kong, 30 years old, Higher Diploma in Design (5 years experience in designing Lingerie) Am i doing the right thing? Are we going in the right direction? Should we get married before migrating or after? Bricklaying the right choice? are there many opportunities for this? Would i still need to find a sponsor? Would i need still need to do an assesment before i would get considered? Would it be able to study my 3rd year of bricklaying in Australia? how would i go about this? How much does it cost? would it guarantee me a residency? who to contact? TAFE? Do i need a Diploma or NVQ? (What is recognised in Oz?) Would my girl be able to migrate with her skills alone and am i wasting my time doing my bricklaying course? We are not married yet but we will get married in the future and would like to migrate as a couple.. would this affect me? she is a designer but this is not a job that is needed on the SML (skilled migration List) Can you offer me anymore advice? anyway any advice would be helpful Thanks for reading and thanks for your time Jason
  5. Hello, I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules with my question (I tried checking the FAQ). I am a 25 year old male currently living in the USA, and I am interested in migrating to Australia. I have worked as a network engineer / network administrator for more than 5 years now, and from my job searches, it seems as though there are LOTS of job openings in my field, however, they all require you to already have work authorization or resident status in Australia. I guess what I would like to know is where I can find jobs from companies looking to sponsor people from abroad? I have my resume on hand, and I currently maintain employment with a highly regarded university in the states, what do I have to do? I am relatively young, educated, English is first language, and I am extremely dedicated to my profession, but I don't know where to look. Please point me in the right direction.
  6. OH has received confirmation of skills assessment and English test and everything is good. In the process of gathering all our other documents, evidence of relationship etc and started filling in the online application. Hoping to send application off in next few weeks and then its fingers crossed and a bit (or more) of waiting. We keep thinking of a lot of big decisions that we need to make - Sydney or Melbourne and which areas, sell or rent out our house in the UK, take or leave the cat... Hope others are also making progress and can maybe inspire us with the decisions we have to make. :jiggy: Aileen
  7. munchkinpie

    Right Direction?

    Morning all! We are very early stages ie no applications made yet but minds made up etc and trawling our way through the minefield of info. :confused: As it stands my other half would be the main applicant. He is a Visual Effects Technical Director which is on the ENSOL. So we are guessing the next step is to have is skills assessed (just need to find out how long the assessment is then valid for so need to back and research that site?) We talked over last night the option of him perhaps applying for a Working Holiday 417 Visa and getting out there and building up some employment contacts. Any one else done this? Me and the kids will stay in UK which will be tough but a worthwhile sacrifice and perfect holiday opportunity lol He has found plenty of advertised jobs in most of the main cities (Sydney/Melbourne etc) that he is more than qualified so fingers crossed he would find work easily. Unfortunately I had to leave my nurse training in 2003 a year before qualifying due to marital breakdown but have always wanted to get back into it and would love to train in Aus - Student Visas from what I gather mean you need to prove ability to support your dependants - if oh was successful in his application would that still be the case does anyone know? Finally cause ive rambled on - my biological father lives in Tas. He isnt on my birth certificate, Im over 25 (long ago), he has no other children but i have other siblings in UK from my mum so am I correct in saying that none of the family visas would be applicable? Thank you in advance for those brave enough to read all this. xxx
  8. :realmad: I got a pre-grant letter oct.1. Then got a letter oct.6 regarding stop processing of my visa. My plans are spoiled. I fell in confusion.:wacko: What is my option?
  9. Guest

    Help in the right direction?

    Hi everyone im fairly new to the site, and ive been reading most of the day, and to be honest with all the shortened words im still a little confused. Im looking to move to Australia, and i was wondering which is the best way to start making this happen, I have spoken to an agency that helps with the application process and they are looking for me to pay £3700 roughly and cant gaurntee anything, but will try. SO really im looking for some information on the best way forward. Additional info Im 23 i work for HSBC bank in the uk, and my partner(boyfriend) is quantity surveyor with a law degree in construction & engineering law hes 26 which makes is job on the new CSL. we also have a 1yr old son,(weve been together 5 yrs and lived together 3) so any information would be truely greatful thanx :biggrin: HI again sorry maybe i wasnt to clear in my previous post. Im wanting to go know the best way, work visa, sponser, apply and see what happens when we get there, al these things im unsure of and would like as much info as possible to go about these different options and were do you start? thanx
  10. janine the party queen

    Point me in the right direction

    We are moving to Sydney in 3 weeks on a L,A 120 offshore visa with the job situation at the moment I am considering gaining more qualifications.I have worked as a chef for 14 years but the only qualification I have is NVQ2.I have been on the TAFE site but dont really know what I am looking Can any one help please:unsure:
  11. This is for anyone that moved to Oz and then decided to move back to the UK. I am trying to get an idea of shipping costs from Perth back to UK. Any ideas?
  12. After 2 & ahalf year, many talks, hours surfing and a trip to Oz........we now know where we are heading...............ADELAIDE:jiggy: Its great to know were we are going now and finally i can start making plans for our future......as well as deals with the kids, house (ive moved there already..found a house and even know where the furniture is going!) ect ect ...but not the visa though.....got to let steve do something!!:biglaugh: our trip was brilliant and can't wait to get back. Steve was offered a job while we were there...and we looked round a college and a few suburbs. Still don't know where we will end up! Still not sure about our 16 year old!! She starts college next week and want to stay in England!:unsure: only just started the visa so still time to see what will happen! I will be keeping my fingers crossed. I'm sure we will have many ups and downs over the next 12 month and thats before/if we get the visa! Tracy, Steve, Amy(16), Emily(7) & Katie (2):wubclub:
  13. Hey all... I have question about living costs and tax that "you, we" pay in Oz... specifically Queensland. My wife, child and I are moving to Queensland in June and I have a jobe waiting for me for a large IT Recruitment / HR organisation. I have been told that I will get a tax benefit as I will be "living away from home allowance" have you ever heard of such a thing? if so can you break it down for me in terms of what you get, how much, what is is exactly... I have asked the question of my new employer and I have been told I will receive all the information in due course... so I have turned to you for any input?? On another matter, is it possible for you to offer me an insight into the living costs.... I have a place to rent which is 4 bed 2 bath...so I know what my rent will be but.... What are the average costs of : Shopping for a family of 3 Gas Electric internet connection petrol - average local miles around town over a month... $ ? per tank per month? etc etc..... Any help would be great. Regards Ian and Family. [/b] :?