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Found 54 results

  1. Shartleen

    Diploma in OT

    Has anyone with a Diploma in Occupational therapy moved to Australia? I'd like to hear the experiences, epecially regarding skills assessment. I have 10 years OT experience with diploma, only recently I got a Masters, does the experience with the diploma count? Someone please advise.
  2. Hi all. iv been in Perth 4 years and came back to the UK in May for work due to the downturn.My family are still in Perths north and i miss them and want to come back over.Iv been in construction for 30 years.I can multi trade but as all the brits in Perth know it means nothing.I was laying bricks for several months and then worked on maintenance as most of the poms end up doing.I have my building diploma, first aid trained, work at heights, asbestos removal and would like to ask if people there would keep their ears open for me. Previous work with Dale Alcocks, webb brown neaves etc etc. Really appreciate it cheers
  3. VickyDenham

    AHPRA Help needed please

    Hi, I am currently applying for my registration with AHPRA but in need of help with the CV they require. Has anyone got a example they could forward me which they sent so I have an idea of the layout and information needed. I studied the DipHe in Adult Nursing and I have seen there have been some changes about the qualifications that are now accepted. Has anyone applied with a diploma since the chances have been made? Thanks Help much appeciated!!
  4. A beautiful little country setting is looking for an experienced early years worker to come and work with our great team. We are a 19 place centre whioch was close to closure a couple of years ago. A young lady from the UK came and helped us stay open and has started training us but unfortunately she is leaving and we need someone to take her place. Our centre is split into 2 and currently has 5 staff, 4 of which are training. We have a team directorship model which means that we all undertake an aspect of the business management and work really closely on the floor together, we aspire to be one of the best centres in the Wheatbelt and have come so far that our director won Western Australia' director of the year before achieving the Australian National Director of the year back in June 2014. Our philosophy is based on the practices of Reggio Emilia and Steiner theories. We are a happy and hardworking team that believe in working together and have so much love and time to give the children in our care. We are approximately 2 hours away from Perth and although it can be hard working in the country, you are guaranteed that the experience you will get here will be a credit to your C.V. If you are enthusiastic, dedicated and would like to come and help us finish our qualifications and help our centre become even more amazing then we would love to hear from you. We are able to offer RSMS sponsorship to the right candidate but we need you to be innovative, creative, open minded and not afraid of hard work! Get in touch for more information
  5. Guest

    Qualifications for Logistics

    Hi, it been a while since I was last looking at a possible move to Australia, I was looking around 3 years ago but on a 457 visa but nothing came of it. I have recently completed a Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, have been looking to see how this compares with an Australian qualification. Are there any website of people on here that can tell me what how this compares with an Australian qualification or has anyone on here migrated to Australia with this qualification.
  6. Just to let you know I received an e-mail today from the ANMAC to say that they will continue to assess UK Diploma in Higher Education (nursing) as comparable to an Australian Degree after 30th June 2011. Gives peace of mind to all us Diploma Nurses!!!
  7. arkansasgoneaussie11

    Working Holiday Visa Advice Needed

    I'll be quick and concise. In 4 months(July) on the 27th i leave for australia. Currently i have planned to do things in this order and i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on anything i may be forgetting before i make contact to apply for my visa as i want to make a good impression. #1 I'll be getting my passport first and in plenty of time to spare. #2 I'm currently on route to pass my GED (diploma) test June. #3 I plan to apply for my working holiday visa directly after getting my GED As i've heard it only takes 15 days at the longest to get your visa approved and sent. I just wanted to post this to ask humbly if there is anything i may be forgetting, or could do differently, and if there is anything else i should tweak, or things i should ask my visa agent i talk to? Thanks in advance for reading this and any replies
  8. Hi All, I am looking to apply for the subclass 190 visa and manage to get the 60 points required on the skills test but I have been told by 2 migration agents that a HND or diploma level is required and another has said that a degree level is required to be eligible for the skills test. I have 3 -Levels and not sure whether they count for anything (Can't see what the Aussie equivalent would be) and also whether my industry qualification would count for anything? I am also looking to go for my CCNA but again I'm not sure if this is worth doing if it won't count for anything despite being a highly regarding industry qualification. Age - 27 Occupation - Customer service officer(SOL) (certifications - CompTIA A+) Knowledgeable with Windows OS, and Macintosh. Work experience -3 Years in IT Support Education - 3 A-Levels I appreciate there's probably a lot of these type of posts but some clarity on what level of education is actually required would really help! :arghh: Thanks all
  9. Guest

    Telecommunication diploma TAFE

    Hi everyone, I am an international student planning to come to Australia (thinking of coming to NSW) to study Telecommunication at TAFE. Therefor if someone who has studied in this field at TAFE could you tell me more about the study programme and if it's very similar to Information Technology studies..? Is the studies very theoretical, a lot of maths etc..? Do you think this study is worth it and is there a possibility to gain a work visa after completion of this study..? Thanks for your help :wink: Robindronat
  10. Hi Everybody, Just a quick question, (i only ever post on here with questions sorry) I'm training for my DipHe in adult nursing over here, a 3 yr course which allows me to work as a registered nurse in the UK (get pin number can dispense meds etc). My mentor on my latest placement is from NZ and has just told me that in NZ you can only work as a registered nurse there if you have a Bsc and she thinks it is the same in Oz... in other words i would only be able to work as an enrolled nurse and not a registered nurse which basically means 3 yrs of hard work would be wasted...... Have to say i've never heard this before and thought as long as you were a registered nurse in UK then you could take that over there (subject to skills assessment from ANMC blah blah blah). Can anuone shed some light for me please? Cheers xxxxxx
  11. Hey does any one know if AHPRA are registering University diploma nurses at the moment? I applied to them in April but they still say they are processing my registration, due to a back log. I just wish I knew if I was eligible or not... I'm learning disability trained too which makes it trickier! Cheers everyone! Becca
  12. Hi All, I have been seriously thinking of a career change into nursing. I have looked into this and think I would enjoy the job. From looking at the entry requirements I would meet the requirements of a post graduate diploma, which mean I would qualify in after two years on study. However I am not sure this would be recognised in Australia. I have seen than nursing diplomas are recognised, but cant find anything about the post graduate diploma. Looking on AHPRA's website it states post graduate courses are accepted - but must be at least 6 semesters in length - which I thinkg my post graduate course would not be (I think its only 4 semesters - but maybe they mean tearms, in which case it would be fine). Please - can anyone help! Thanks
  13. Hi all anone knows if you can study if you have a 176 visa?? Im applying for a 176 visa under state sponsorship of west aus and i was also thinking maybe if ever i get a succesful 176 visa application maybe i can work and study at the saame time. Will this be possible? Thanks in advance to anyone who can share info/ reply. Paris :idea:
  14. im thinking of doing a BTEC advanced diploma course in refrigiration, heating and air conditioning from home ( a course from home with ICS), will that qualification get me the skilled trade visa that i want???? please can some one help??!!!! any comments advice will be much appreciated.
  15. Hello! My name is Beccy and I am near the end of my 2nd year training on a diploma course. Me and my partner would love to come to Australia (looking at Queensland) as soon as possible from me qualifying! However, from doing some reading around we know it might not happen! I have looked into the graduate nursing scheme, however on the queensland health website it says you can only apply once your right to work has been granted. So I would need a visa and to register with AHPRA right? On the AHPRA site it says newly qualified diploma nurses without experience are considered on a case by case basis (to do the grad scheme you arent allowed to work as an RN beforehand). So, I am not sure how to go about it? Would there be more chance of AHPRA allowing me to register if I have been offered a job somewhere? Or is there a visa I can get that wouldnt need me to be AHPRA registered, then I could apply for a job and then apply to AHPRA? I would be happy to work as an RN without doing the grad scheme, so have emailed a few hospitals, but it looks like the hardest bit is going to be to sort out registration. Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Beccy
  16. Hi! I'm new to this forum and starting off with the one question which is causing me sleepless nights! I am a "old style" RGN, qualified 1996 Part 1 on the NMC register, no diploma or degree, but lots of experience! I'm working on a neonatal unit in the UK and was hoping to go and do the same in Perth. My AHPRA docs are just about to be delivered (by my WA rellies!)... Shall I prepare myself for heartache? Mx
  17. Dear All, I'm a IT Graduate Diploma holder ( offered by British Computer Society ) and successfully went through with ACS assessment and my Group is A. Which mean ACS confirm that my qualification is equal to B.Sc. degree. Now I have a question, with new points system starting from this July, will I be able claim points for my educational qualification ( Graduate Diploma ) and get 15 marks for that? (15 marks - Bachelor Degree including a Bachelor Degree with Honours or Masters)? Please kind enough to share your thoughts. Regards. Anne
  18. Hi All, I am in a confused situation. I have done Masters in IT (overseas). In Australia I did graduate diploma in IT (one year 2009-2010) and applied for Skills assessment. ACS assessed my skills as suitable based on graduate diploma. But for PR I needed 2 years Australian study. So I went for Masters and have recently finished Masters in Information Systems Management (one year 2010-2011). Now I am going to apply for PR before 31st July. CAN I APPLY ON THE BASIS OF MY PREVIOUS SKILLS ASSESSMENT or I need to get new skills assessment based on my Masters? Any help or guidance will be highly appreciated as i am very close to launch my application. Regards, Mohsin
  19. o'connors

    diploma not recognised?

    I've been told that under the new system coming up in July nurses who have completed diplomas won't be recognised just degree nurses so you either have to top up to degree or have over 5 years experience. Can anyone clarify or deny this?? O'connors
  20. Im a student nurse and have been umming and arrring whether to go up to degree in my final year, due to hearing rumours about the AHPRA only allowing in Degree graduates within a few years. But as it stands at the moment i found this link which actually explains what is permitted. Hope it helps. Does anyone know if this is set to change any time soon? and where do i find out how many years experience i need? for western and southern australia Charlie
  21. Please can anyone tell me if this qualification is recognised by any employers in Australia??? Also if it is, is it likely that you could get an employer to sponsor you or do you know of any childcare provders that do sponsor people.:cute: I am just looking into possible ways of getting a visa with the qualifications I have. Any help is appriciated Thanks Jessie
  22. Guest

    AQF Diploma - Projects?

    Hi after looking through some threads seems some people have been abe to complete an Australian Diploma from afar whcih VETASSESS have approved in Project Management. If you have ay experience on this / detais please share! THANKS ALL! Lu
  23. endtroducing27

    AHPRA and Diploma Nurses

    Majorly confused here guys. Sent off my application to AHPRA a couple of months ago and have an email from them. Part of it reads: Further information is required to support your qualification and English language skills: Question 11: Your academic transcript has been received and assessed. To complete the assessment of your qualification further information is required. In Australia the qualification standard is a degree. You have completed a Diploma at a recognised university and have ten years experience as a registered nurse in the UK, however you did not provide any evidence of ongoing professional development leading to academic credit points, e.g. have you completed any further professional courses at the university or another higher education institution leading to the award of academic credit points? If so please provide certified copies of evidence of course completion so that the assessment of your qualification as equivalent to a degree may be completed. but then... you have met the recency of practice standard supported by your statement of service and CV. Evidence of ongoing professional development is noted- please refer to the comment at Question 11 above regarding professional development at university level to be considered along with your diploma qualification and experience to assess your qualification as equivalent to a degree; I completed my Diploma in Professional Studies in Nursing at Uni of Manchester and it's not recognised? I'm also annoyed because I've arranged for my IELTS results to be forwarded 3 times already, since sitting it at the beginning of Sept!
  24. Guest

    BTEC National Diploma

    hey guys me and fiance are looking to move back to australia, she has a BTEC National in animal management and over here that would be sufficent to access uni to study vet nursing or do an apprenticeship, would this be the case in oz or would she need to do more studying first all comments welcome
  25. chapmans

    The I B diploma

    Helloooo, Just wondering if anyone has experience of the I B diploma? (yr 12) as our daughter was supposed to study it, hence the reason for sending her to an I B school, but she has been put off by other students telling her that it is really hard and that you can kiss goodbye to your social life if you do it! Not great when you are talking to a 15 yr old girl who likes socialising at the weekends!! So now she is adamant that she isn't going to do it and thinks she will do much better by doing the VCE. Would love to hear from anyone who has first hand knowledge. Thanks Vanessa