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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    A students dilemna.

    Hey PIO. This is my first post so please be gentle! I had found your website this morning and have been on for a good couple hours checking the place out, but I think I need some direct advise to help me in my decisions. To put it into a formal order; I am currently a student, 18 years old and living in Oxfordshire, England. I have lived here for most of my life and hold a full citizenship here. Ive just finished my exams in the final year of sixth form (prioir to University) in Mathematics, Physics, and Design. I'm looking into going into mechanical engineering when I am older and so I applied for university here in England to do Mechanical Engineering in which I now have several conditional offers which will be decided on the results of my exams, which I recieve in 12 days on the 18th of August. One university is asking of me to recieve BBB of the three subjects and the second university, moreso my safety net, is asking that of CCC. I have a friend based down in Melbourne, who half a year ago, asked me to come down to visit. Feeling like I will need a break after fighting exams, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I took a six week holiday in Australia, mainly that of Melbourne but also in Goldcoast and Port Douglas, from June the 29th till August the 5th. I've been home for a day or two now, and I think it's kind of sad to say that I dont feel like I should be here. For over a year before I had even thought of trying out Australia I started feeling like England was not the place for me, I am not a fan of cold weather and I personally feel that the economy we live in will do nothing but get worse and i feel other countries like Australia hold a much more exciting and interesting diversity. And since i have been in Australia them feelings have been growing. I genuinely feel out of place being back in English soil. So now I am unsure what to do, and here is the question I have been asking myself and will be asking myself for a while; What do I do? I am very lucky in the sense that right now there is not alot tieing me down in the world. I have just finished all education leading up to university; and although I have applied for university I can always bail out. I definately want to extend my education, either in University or an apprenticeship. One thing worth pointing out is that next year tuition fees in england will be triple of what they are now. So if i want to go to university in England it must be starting in 2 months, or I am looking at 36,000 instead of 12,000 pounds tuition fees. This means if I dont get the grades in 12 days I need to cancel the England&Uni idea. I could always try to go for university in Australia instead though. Apprenticeships will be apprenticeships wherever you are, I think i would prefer to have one over in Australia, but, with the whole VISA thing I am not sure how easy it would be to get me into Australia. One thing I am very unsure about is the VISAs. Would it be easy for me to get a VISA to do engineering at university over there? - (I presume so as engineering is on their list of wanted professions right?) And equally so is it easy to get a VISA in order to get an apprenticeship in Australia? It would still be along the route of mechanical engineering. I do love my family but I feel that I can handle the distance from them, and as far as friends go, most of them are also going to university so either way I will not be seeing them alot. This is my main concern though; I have a girlfriend and have been with her for over four years now. She means a great deal to me and I know she will not want to go to Australia as she is going to university here. - Though you could argue that this doesnt make our future look so clear either. Another factor to consider also is my friend in Melbourne is fairly rich and his mother had said to me I can always live with them if I decided to embark on Uni or an apprenticeship in Melbourne. - Which is something I deffinately would consider. Through the six weeks in melbourne I also feel like I have made a few roots, I already know I like the city and can see myself living there, and had made a few friends in the process too. And also I do not see myself living here when I am older, I havent been able to picture that for a long time. I can picture myself living in Australia; more specifically Victoria though. And this is my dilemna right now. I am very confused in what I should do. I would really appreciate feedback from you all, including any suggestions or questions. Furthermore who do I seek if i want professional advise? Very kind regards, foxx.
  2. Guest

    Perth IT Jobs Dilemna

    Hi I am a Prince2 Qualified Senior Project Manager with extensive experience managing major IT and business transformation programmes. Ive been advised that I am 5 points short on a 175 visa but that I would qualify for a Western Australia sponsored 176. Does anyone have any good sources of IT job in Perth that I can view on line - I am a little concerned as most people I have spoken to have told me I need to go East Coast for IT jobs. Alternatively a job sponsor for the East maybe?
  3. I'm back on my "I don't speed" pony I'm afraid!!!! I posted last week about the fact that I got a speeding ticket and wasn't sure what to do about getting the demerit point as I am on a UK licence. BUT - I was sure that I wasn't speeding as I was being overtaken at the time..... and being a bit bloody minded,I asked for the photo from Vic Roads. and guess what - there is a 2nd car in the photo, in the other lane, ahead of me!!:arghh: ie the car that WAS speeding and was OVERTAKING me!!!! Question is - What now??!?!? Do I just phone Vic Roads and have the argument? It's $150 and 1 point - neither of which are really that big a deal - but it's the PRINCIPLE!!!!!!! I have a clean licence and have had for over 12 years!!!!! As always, advice and sarcasm welcome!! Cheers Jules :wubclub: