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Found 13 results

  1. TBH with you, and don't tell my DH , but my worst dilemma for moving to Oz is my MIL coming to stay with us. We have zero in common and I just dont' feel comfy having her around me , my DH always does a disapearing act when she visits and leaves me to entertain her. Or should I say he used to until I clocked on to what he was up to, the cheeky begger lol. And then theres my nutty parents, at least I can be frank with them. What to do? :arghh:
  2. runslikeafish

    Timing Dilemmas

    Hi all, We've been granted our 176 visa today (fantastic :jiggy:) and so we're just deciding exactly what to do with regards to timing etc. It's really hard! I'd therefore appreciate hearing what some of you have done. Realistically, we need to sell our house (although we're just looking at ways we can go without selling) and it's on the market. Given that we need to book shipping, flights, initial accom etc in advance we are struggling with the timing of it all. What did you do? Book everything once you accepted an offer and hope there were no problems? Book everything once you exchanged contracts and rent somewhere in the interim? What about employers? Neither of us have a job offer yet but I would hope/expect that we can get one before we go. My wife has had interest from a few employers and the employment agent is very confident but needs to know our timing. Any thoughts/experiences gratefully received!
  3. Hi, I had lodged the 485 visa on 12 December 2010. According the current scenario the processing times for 485 is more than 10 months possibly 14 months or more. After getting 485 granted , i have to got through the state sponsorship which may take 2 months to be granted. Will i be able to apply for the 885 visa before July 2012? If not what are the possibilities of getting 885 visa granted through the new selection migration model ??? I am totally confused and shattered !!!
  4. Hello everyone, i am new here, after much googling i found this forum and was hoping perhaps there was someone out there that could give me a little advice on a dilemma i have at the moment which is currently sending me rather crazy. I am having problems getting a british passport due to not enough evidence of my identity. First a little background information.. I moved to Australia (adelaide) from the uk in 1996 when i was 13 years old with my parents, i arrived on my mothers passport and we have a permanent residents visa. Everything was smooth, graduated high school, got my drivers licence, got married, had children, worked etc etc.. Here comes the dilemma that i am hoping perhaps someone can help me with I have recently wanted to apply for my own passport, after hearing that a relative back in the uk is unwell, and wanting to visit home etc. Upon looking at the forms they want a form of ID such as a drivers licence.. Ten years ago due to some severe anxiety reasons i stupidly (in hindsight).. decided i wouldn't drive again so wouldn't need a licence (first mistake!)... No problems I thought, i will go down to the registration office and get my licence back, sit the tests if i have to etc, get over the anxiety and also have the form of ID i need for filling out my passport forms. Upon applying for my drivers licence i was told that i need to show a form of ID (even though the lady was able to bring up my previous details address/name etc on their computer).. My UK birth certificate was not good enough nor was my australian marriage certificate. She asked for my passport..... (catch 22).. I got home and jumped online, searching information about passports and found the phone number to call for general enquiries (in new zealand???).. The man on the phone was rather rude and curt to me when i was asking for information, he didn't seem to want to be helpful at all, I tried to explain my dilemma to him but all he could offer was that i contact immigration as they could not supply a passport to me without the correct identification information. Not to be defeated i next contacted the australian immigration information line, who also could not give me any information about my permanent resident status unless i had the document that we were given upon first entering australia. I tried to explain to him that i was 13 at the time, and that would not have been my business (if you know what i mean). So they then told me, that without the document, nor a passport they also could not help me. Next I contacted my mum, hoping she still had the passport, even though it was expired, and perhaps the permanent resident document i had been told about.. weeks later she still can not find either of them, having perhaps been lost in various house moves in the past 15 years. So this is my dilemma, I am not sure where to turn next, every place i turn seems to point me to another that i have contacted, and none of them can help me without the proof of another one and i feel like my head may just explode. Does anyone have any advice, or know of anyone i can contact to help get this all resolved, i feel like i am stuck in a such a catch 22. I hope i have made it clear in my post, i do have a tendancy to ramble, but i wanted to try and get as many facts out as i could and thank you if you managed to get this far!
  5. bettyboo


    hi we have just recieved our visa,s just need to send our passports of when our daughter comes back from holiday.the problem is we started the application in 2008 and it would have been easier to go then.We have one daughter at uni who graduates in july and we have to validate our visas by may we were planning on going for two years in august and renting the house out.The problem is we do not want to go in may and waste more money so do we just go for it in may and take our 14 and 15 year old daughters out of school before the oldest one finishs her exams.I no that the qualifications in britain do not mean anythink in austrailia b:arghh:ut what are the qualifications like in austrailia and will they be able to just fit into that system and get some qualifications over there.I feel really selfish if i mess there careers up and if we dont settle in austrailia they will have no qualifications to do anythink back in england.We have been waiting so long for this visa and i feel if we hang about anymore we will not go.HELPPPPPPPPPPP THANKS JILL
  6. As a new starter to the immigration process we have a lots of questions and the whole process seems quite daunting. Our background is we are a married couple (both aged 37) with two boys under the age of four. We would like to emigrate from the UK to Victoria State. My wife is a part-time primary teacher and I am an energy manager. Our questions are: are teaching jobs still in demand in Australia? Are energy managers jobs easy to come by and becoming sought after like they are in the UK? Where is the best place to go to find energy manager jobs? What is the best option, to try and find a job and be sponsored or apply for a visa and then look for a job in our fields? Seek state sponsorship? We understand there is a points scoring system for visa applications, where can we find the scoring mechanism? If anyone can help guide us with our queries, we would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
  7. onecrankypom

    New addition Dilemmas

    As one or two of you know my wife expecting my first baby in late March who an aussie and was told by a friend of mine who on the same visa as me if I opt to become an Australian citizen in the future the baby would not be able to claim UK citizenship by birth if he or she decides to opt for that:unsure: This seems a dumb question does the baby become an Australian because of my wife or does he/she become a Pom i throught this married stuff was simple not when it comes down to this sort of thing. :unsure: I scared pom here just thinking of having to a hold a baby a scarey thing hoping we have crash mats around arms feeling wooble just thinking about holding the baby :unsure:
  8. My name is Kim, I am 20years old and came back from a gap year in oz just a year ago. I came back pregnant and had my baby in January this year. I met my boyfriend in Oz and he is still there on a student visa, he visited me in England for 10weeks after our son was born but had to leave again before his Australian Visa was stopped. Its become a lot more difficult for him to come to England, and when he visited he wasn't very happy here. How can I go to Australia with our son. I don't know what kind of visa I can get. Its all pretty unclear on the website. I think I can be added onto his visa but then on the website it says I should have been declared on the visa when he applied. I'm so confused with all this visa stuff and need some help!!!!! Thanks
  9. Guest

    Midwife dilemmas!

    Hi all! I am a registered midwife and I currently work in an incredibly busy and large teaching hospital in Birmingham, UK. The hospital I work in is constantly short staffed and so work can be incredibly stressful. I would love to hear of any midwifes who have emigrated to Australia and their opinions of work in Oz. I am particularly considering applying to the Mater Mothers hospital, Brisbane due to their generous relocation allowances but I am concerned that such a large hospital will mean my job will prove as stressful as my job here. Does anybody have any advice on what I should do??? Thanks for the help...
  10. Guest

    Midwife dilemmas!

    Hi all! I am a registered midwife and I currently work in an incredibly busy and large teaching hospital in Birmingham, UK. The hospital I work in is constantly short staffed and so work can be incredibly stressful. I would love to hear of any midwifes who have emigrated to Australia and their opinions of work in Oz. I am particularly considering applying to the Mater Mothers hospital, Brisbane due to their generous relocation allowances but I am concerned that such a large hospital will mean my job will prove as stressful as my job here. Does anybody have any advice on what I should do??? Thanks for the help...
  11. Guest

    Tax dilemmas

    Hi all Right oh & I are self employed but have not issued any invoices since dec 31st when we paid up our Vat to date as we knew were leaving theUK. Also both have just paid our tax bills on 31st Jan. Now our accountant says we need to finalise our accounts and deregister for the vat (which we can do ourselves) I am temtped to just ignore the advice and leave (apart from the deregister part) Does anyone know the implications of this? I doubt we owe any tax as ceased trading on dec 31st anyway. Its just going to cost a fortune to keep our accountant on and then we will have hassle over in Oz too. Don't know what to do really, its just such a pain and we are going in a weeks time! I naievely thought that once we'd paid tax and vat up to date that would be it! Any advice greatly appreciated Mandy x
  12. Guest

    Selling and moving dilemmas

    Just wondered if anyone has been able to sell then emmigrate straight away without having to move into rented accomodation first. You see, my dilemma is: We currently pay £250 pcm on a mortgage and if we moved into rented accomodation we would have to pay over £400 pcm, which I suppose we can manage, but it will be a shock to the system. Also we may not be able to keep to a contract of 6 months. The other thought was that once the sale of the house goes through and we have unlocked the money, we could maybe try and get enough leaway from our buyers to have enough time to organize flights and shipping container to leave straight away. This would probably have to be done within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately our parents don't have the room to put us up temporarily before we go. Any other ideas would be very much appreciated...:notworthy: Cara
  13. Guest

    General Dilemmas.

    Hi everyone,we are thinking of moving out to perth but the house prices look high.could anyone suggest somewhere else,ideal for 3 little monsters .we looked on realestate.com and find the prices a bit up and down,hard to know what is a good price when you dont know the area.we would have 100,000 after selling the house and im a mason paviour by trade. :? :? thanks Mike.