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Found 67 results

  1. Hi everyone, I hope you are well! This is my very first post on here and I am hoping I'm kind of in the right place for some help! I have a few questions and would love if anyone could advise?I uploaded my EOI and was invited to apply for the subclass 189 visa on Thursday and I'm a bit worried! Should I apply for the 189 visa now or wait 60 days to see if I get any other offers for other visas which could be cheaper or more suitable? Which I'm not sure which, maybe the sponsored visas? If I apply for the 189 would this hinder any other possible visas in offered? Further to this, and this is why I think it relates to this thread, although I have put that I am engaged on the EOI I didn't say that my fiancé was a dependent? Does this mean that he cannot be involved in this visa application? I am attempting this without an agent so any help is much appreciated! Jade ****Inserted by Moderator**** Moved from an unrelated thread so some info is duplicated.
  2. rohitbhagat

    Need Help - Skill Category

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I am planning to go for skill assessment from ACS. I have a B.E. degree with major in Electronics and communication. However, I have been working for 6.5 years as a SCM (software configuration management/Change management + Build and release management) since I graduated. I have also experience in various automation activities we do as part of our job and have gained some expertise in UNIX shell and perl scripting. I am not too sure which category would my skills fall in. Will I be falling under 'Developer Programmer' or 'System Administrator' and any other category?? I would really be thankful if someone can help me recognize the category with which I should go with skill assessment. Regards, Rohit
  3. We are due to emigrate to Oz in a few months time. I currently pay child support for 2 of my children to my ex partner via UK CSA. We have input our details on the Au CSA website and found that the payments would be triple what I am currently paying for earning slightly less out in Oz. This doesn't make sense !!! Have any of you been through a similar problem/issue and what was the outcome ? Do you continue to pay through the uk based on their rules and calculations or go to the Oz calculation method once you are working out there ? Based on the Au method we would be unable to cover our living costs !! Hence we are extremely worried Any help , advice, guidance would be greatly appreciated !! :unsure:
  4. Hello, I am making the move down under in September and I really don't want to leave it until the last 4 weeks to hand my notice in at work. If I tell my employer now, is there anything he can do to get rid of me sooner? I don't think he will, but if anyone knows where i stand with this legally that would be great! Thank you S
  5. Hi everyone, finally after 6 years of planning and dreaming we are ready to start the ball rolling. I would like some advice on if we should use an agent or not for the visa applications? I cant decide if I should try it myself and save some money or use a comapny that will do it for me and pay more. If you think I should use an agent then please could you give me any tips on who you think are good. Im only at the beggining of this whole process and already really confused! Also, my hubby will need to do an AQFIII for solid plastering and I dont know if we should be getting this done before we start the application or once we have begun. Please help. Thanks, Kat x:confused:(confused)
  6. Paul Creighton


    Hi, hope someone can help. We have just received an email from the immigration firm stating they want Police checks and medicals we have a case officers name. The dilema is my wife is pregnant and the baby is due in April 2012, we would like to postpone doing medicals, etc as long as possible as the visa will be issued 12 months after they have been sent and we will have to activate this within 12 months with a young baby we would like to postponed until the baby is older. Should we come clean with the case officer and tell them our dilema? Plus wife not willing to have xrays when pregnant. Documents have to be sent by end of December 2011. We have applied for a 176 visa sponsered by a relative. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  7. Hallfamily

    What a dilema!

    We carn't make our minds up which visa to apply for. We both like the idea of going to Perth as we have friends there, but my OH occupation which is (environmental engineer) is not on the Sols list for Western Australia but is on the list in other states. This dilema is driving me crazy, the only visa we can go on is the 457 sponsorship and it seems to be a bit risky if you are migrating with family. The other one is 176 and end up in another state hoping it will work out. Another thing is when looking at the job websites in Perth they have more vacancies for his job than the other states. Totally confused.:confused:
  8. Guest

    457 visa dilema

    Hi to all, I ve been here in oz for for 4/5 yrs now struggling to get decent and consistent advice and help. my situation is as follows. I am a qualified landscaper of ten yrs & have just completed my compulsory 2 yrs in my landscaping industry on the business 457 visa and was about to apply for ENS Perm residency. The company has informed me that they are shutting down and have left me in a bit of a spot. The immigration dept just tell me to find another sponsor as does my agent. iv approached many local landscapers(sydney north shore) but none of them appear to have sufficient work. so in a nut shell im asking for help in any form from anyone, anywhere.
  9. Hallfamily

    Dilema on visas

    We are struggling in which visa to apply for. My OH is a Head of Health & Safety in his current job, but is also a Chartered Environmentalist as well. We both want to move to Perth but he is not on their Sols list. When looking at jobs advertised on the net there is loads going for Environmental Engineers in Perth, (catch 22) the problem being do we get a company to sponsor us, which would be risky after two years if we don't get permanent residency. We do have two children involved and that is our worry. Can anyone please give us some advice.:unsure:
  10. Right everyone help with this dilema, we are perth bound and cannot decide wether to sell up or not, fortunately i run my own business and can scrape 20.000 together.This would then enable me to keep my home in the uk to sell at a later date because as we all know the property market is not good at the mo. However would this weaken us in our determination to stick it out or would it give us an excuse to return to the uk if things got tight. My home is my pension as i have never trusted the robert maxwells of the world with my money. Do i sell or not, Are their any out their that have done similar.I was hoping that in the near future if things level out i could sell at a later date and buy down under.It appears that their are cracks in the oz housing market and their prices might drop soon. :wideeyed: regards jules
  11. jaylew

    schooling dilema

    Hi, we arrive in sydney around the beginning of sept and have two children school age. We will be in temp accomation for the first month or so. I need advice as to whether i should put the children into temporary schooling or wait until we have found a house and enrol the children then. I have noted that the school holidays are from 23 sept until 10th Oct so they may only be in the temp school for two weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Hi everyone, I will try and keep it short.. I am a qualified Nurse, currently in the process of applications etc.. I am at a quandry fo what state to go to, either Melbourne (Vic), adelaide or Canberra. I am trying to do research for all; crime rate, schoolings, etc which is harder than I thought. It will be myself and my children, due to me and my boyfriend not having any evidence of us being together for more than a year due to seperate living conditions I may be moving out there on my own.. I would be very greatful on any input you may have.. I live just outside London, not too far from nightlife, but also not too close to the hustle and bustle of city life.. Look forward to some replies I hope :err: Val
  13. Guest

    The In-Laws Dilema

    Long story cut short.. The in laws are now discussing moving over to Aus on one of the numerous parents Visas....5 year plan and all that. The father in law has a drink driving charge his record (For the record he wasnt drunk driving just in the drivers side drunk with no keys, Police did him for it.) Anyway will this stop him obtaining a visa. Thoughts really welcome. D>
  14. Guest

    school dilema with visa

    Unsure if anyone can help at such short notice. I have applied for a student visa and taking my wife and daughter out everything seemed to be ok. Just had an email asking for school enrolment details to be submitted by 2nd June. I am running out of time to give a nice notice period and not sure what to do about the schooling details. Surely you would want to go to look around an area then decided what school in the area gives you a good vibe and that your child would want to go there. Any help on this please and to make matters worse its a bank holiday in the uk so no phone calls and night in Australia. any advice welcomed Thx

    Mortgage Redemtion Dilema

    Hi guys Have been pondering this one for a while now, just would love some feedback/thoughts We have £5000 redemption fees on our mortgage that end 31st Oct this year. Would it be worth waiting to sell until then or just going for it now? My concern is that if we dont get over until November then most places will be going on shutdown plus airfares will be higher so the £5k will be used in other ways anyway. Just dont know what to do really.....
  16. Morning all, I know this has probly been covered before, so sorry, but i just want to get some advice!! We (me, hubby, 2 & 5yr olds) are due to fly out to OZ in September.. However, we are moving out of our house in 3 weeks as its being rented. So our stuff was due to go into storage before beein shipped in August.... HOWEVER.....:twitcy: The last few days we have thought about just selling everything and starting fresh in OZ. just shipping personal effects... It just seems like so much hassle to bring everything and waiting times and insurance and prices just keep going up with hidden costs... Changing plugs and everything.. We're not the kinda people that need the finest things in life.. All our stuff is 3yrs old that we were bringing. THe only REALLY expensice things were our leather suite and our super king bed.. (thats only 1yr old). I see loads of mixed reviews on here on what you wish you brought, what people wish they didnt.. bad and good shipping experiences... Really need to decide in the next day or 2. Basically im just looking to hear as many different sides to the story as possible.. What you did, are you happy, would you do it again... thanks everyone!!
  17. Hi, I am sure someone knows the answer to this. The plan is to arrie and rent a car for 2 weeks or so, and then buy a car, and rent a house, as we and many will do. How do we get a rego/insurance for the car, when we might not have an address to use ??:mad:
  18. Guest

    Mortgage dilema

    Hi Just wondering if anybody has been in the same situation. We have our PR visas and have to make the move before September before the visas expire. We have a very small one bedroom house on the market for 6 months now and have only had 2 viewings. We have just received an offer 10k below the asking price which if we accept will leave a shortfall of the same amount in our mortgage. At this stage we would be happy to accept the offer however we are not in a position to cover the shortfall of 10k. We are due to speak with bank to see what they say but we are not too hopeful. They know we are emigrating and auctioneer does not think we will get a higher offer in this current climate. We were hoping to fly out to OZ in May and just wondering what options do we have or if anyone else is in the same boat! We live quite rural so renting out would be hard enough and then we would have the expense of maintaining a rental while in Oz. Any thoughts please would be welcome as it is a bit headwrecking. We dont want to lose this opportunity of selling the house as it would allow us to start a new life down under. Thanks
  19. Guest

    Major Dilema - 175 or 176

    Ok here's soemthing I hope someone can help me with. As previously discussed, my wife has her heart set on Perth, and I think I would like the laid-back outdoorsy lifestyle there too. I qualify for a 175 visa (IELTS withstanding), which obviously gives me the freedom to go anywhere, and chase any job. However, my 'skill' is also on the WA list of state sponsorship. Whilst this restricts us to Western Australia, it wouldn't be dependent on getting level 7 in IELTS, and I believe has a chance of coming through quicker then a 175. What's the best way to approach this? Should I carry on with my 175, or look into the possibility of 176? How long would it take to get State sponsorship? If it helps, I fall under 1261111 (ICT Business Analyst), and have been 'passed' by the ACS. Thoughts? Comments?
  20. Well after alot of going round in circles Perth or Sunshine Coast we decided on our original decision the Sunshine Coast and I feel very happy with it! We put the house on the market Monday and accepted an offer pretty much the asking price today from a couple with cash and no chain! I feel very very lucky. Have lots to do now and with hubby working in Malaysia for the next 6 weeks its pretty much down to me, have one shipper in tomorrow for a quote and then its down to mucking out. I have lived in Australia before (Sydney pre 3 kids and back packing and met hubby whose from there) the winter there was what I would consider a bit cold and I did own a coat and warm clothes, but I have never visited QLD in the winter and need to know what clothes to keepor get rid, I have uggs and feel very reluctant to get rid of them and is it just hoodie/light coat weather in the winter? What about duvets? I have summer and winter ones, do I bring both? Can't think of anything else at the moment but I'm sure I will be back on here soon!
  21. Guest

    Brisbane or Perth - Dilema!!

    Hi there, I am reasonably new to this site and have mainly been posting about moving to Brisbane. However, my hubby has now had a job offer in Perth and we have been told that they are two very different animals!! Help please - we are a very young family (boys are nearly 3 and 15 months) and so very much want somewhere with a great family lifestyle, good areas to live and good schools. I know there are going to be people from both sides but just wondering if anyone can give me some of the differences and some ideas as to what on earth to do!!! Thank you so much in advance for your help!
  22. gaz n family

    Medical Dilema

    So here is where we are at. SS aproved by SA, 176 visa applied, police checks application sent. So, other than the obvious CO all i need to arange is the medical. Several years ago i injured my knee, resulting in several minor ops since 2005 with the last one being December 2009. Basically the cartilage in my knee is almost non existant. I am on daily pain relife 2 x 50 mg of tramadol 4 times a day. He diagnosed osteoarthritis, with the long term prognosis from last auth surgeon total knee replacement but the current wear in the bone is not significant yet to warrent this, maybe in about 10 years. I explained our wish to live down under and he claimed it should help me no end, possibly even get off the meds. My dilema has been worrying me every day, since we started this process, will i fail the medical. Will this long term diagnosis cause an instant failure, my being on pain killer cause the failure, without them taking into account the climate will help me. It doesnt effect my work, or life when on the pain meds, when not on meds i can work, but it hurts big style. Have we been foolish pinning our hopes on emmigrating, or am i being silly worrying about nothing?
  23. Guest

    New born baby visa dilema ?

    We were lucky to have our 175 permanent resident visa granted in June last year. My partner then fell pregnant with our 2nd child in September. We managed to validate our visa in March this year but are unsure how we go about obtaining a visa for our yet unborn child ? Can he (we already know the sex!) be added to our visa or do we need to apply for a separate one ? Does anyone know the timescales, has been through a similar process and know the costs ? :unsure:
  24. Guest

    457 catagory dilema

    I have a dilema, an employer sponsor wants to employ me on a 457 visa. I am a Sign Maker of 27 years experience but have always worked as a Project Manager/ Technical sales role and this is the role he wants me to work in. Would the classification 2222-79 technical sales (nec) be the best to apply under or is it for another industry. He is suggesting Sales/ marketing manager would be more suitable. I have no formal qualifications and look to make the move to PR after a year or so.Any advice welcome
  25. bennyboy

    Statement Dilema!!

    Hi, Can anyone please advise? When you have to obtain a statement for Spouse Visa application, and it's from an Australian Citizen and resident (my brother) not sure what should be written and if my brother and his wife sign it or just my brother? Is the information required just a statement to say that i am married, 3 children etc etc.......? Thank you. Bennyboy.:biggrin: