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Found 19 results

  1. I have just hooked up my freeview digital TV in Australia. I can get all the analogue channels but can't seem to get any digital. Has anyone else had this problem? Would it work with an Australian top box?
  2. I'm not sure if this is in the right forum so feel free to move if not. Am due to head out to Adelaide at the end of this year on a 309 spouse via with my OH who is originally from down under. Over the past few years in the UK we have built up quite a shared collection of DVDs (100 or so) and CDs. My plan is to buy a massive capacity external hard drive and spend a good few hours (or even days) copying all of our music and films over. I would then take this over in hand luggage instead of either having to part with all of our media, or pay to have it shipped over. The originals would not be sold - they'll go into storage with my parents. My understanding is, although I may well be wrong, that it is OK under UK law to make backups of media I own for personal use (although circumventing the DVD copy protection is a bit of a grey area). Can anyone advise if this is likely to cause any problems with Customs? I understand how this might look like I am taking a load of films into the country to sell - but that is not the case. As ripping these DVDs is likely to take many many hours I really don't want to risk having the drive confiscated, or get into any trouble :policeman: Any advice gratefully received :err: .
  3. Well, I'm looking to buy a new digital camera. It must be compact and around the £250 mark. I like the look of the Canon 220SX but I am no expert. Anyone got any advice or recommendations? Thanks.
  4. The Pom Queen

    Digital SLR

    Has anyone any ideas of how much to spend or what we should look for? I want something to take night shots, action shots and landscape.:hug:
  5. Recently returned to the UK bringing with me a nearly new but much loved Beyonwiz 500Gb Twin Digital HD Tuner Freeview PVR, hoping that I could convert the tuners for use by UK Pal I standard instead of the Australian Pal B/G. Sadly it seems this is not possible. I don't want to use it with a set top box (it's just extra kit), so it needs to go to someone in the UK moving to Oz or with rellies out there. I could put it on ebay in Oz but the shipping costs are prohibitive. It's a great bit of kit, and cost me over $500 just 8 months ago. Still in original box and as new condition. There's nothing here in the UK which even comes close to the specification of the Beyonwiz, which is a real shame. Price is £100 + £15 post & packing. Contact me on 01756 752607 or dan.parker2010@hotmail.com. Full spec as follows: BEYONWIZ FV-L1 500GB DUAL HD DIGITAL TV PVR RECORDER 500GB Hard Disk (HDD) Dual HD Recording & Time-Shifting Direct playback of contents in USB Storage or Memory Cards (with Built-In Card Reader) Direct playback of multimedia contents in PC through home network (via Built-In LAN Port) HDMI & Component Output Multimedia Player (movie, music & photo) 5.1 Channel audio DVB-T compliant 1 x REMOTE CONTROL 2 x AAA BATTERY 1 x ETHERNET CABLE 1 x COMPONENT RCA CABLE 1 x VIDEO/AUDIO RCA CABLE 1 x USER GUIDE
  6. Guest

    Digital Radio

    Does any know it the 'Digital Radio' they keep advertising as starting soon is the same format as the UK? Will equipment purchased in the UK work here?
  7. Guest

    Digital TV and DVD

    I actually live in New Zealand, but hope that the information I'm after is relevant to Australia too. I am planning on returning to the UK after 20 years here. Can anyone tell me if my digital TV and DVD will work in the UK? I know that when we moved out here we had to ditch our TV, but that was back in the old analogue days. I'm hoping digital technology works the same in the UK as NZ and Australia. Thanks!
  8. Guest

    DAB Digital Radio

    Hi Everyone! We are moving to Sydney in just 5 days! And we are wondering whether our UK DAB Digital Radio Alarm clock will work in Sydney? Many thanks Jo and Pete
  9. TheBrammies

    Digital Camera for sale

    DIGITAL CAMERA FOR SALE Digital camera for sale Looking to sell a digital camera - I don't need it any longer as I'm in the hospital. I'm including the last photo that I took so that you have some idea about the picture quality.
  10. Guest

    Digital camcorders

    Hi guys Can anyone advise? Would like to buy a new camcorder which uses cds (will save alot of time and be very easy to email). Have seen a few around £120, would like to know if i'll get a better bargain in Singapore Airport? Any ideas? Tina
  11. Guest

    Uploading Digital Photos

    Hi there, We are currently uploading our documents for our 176 visa. Most of our photos are sat on the computer but I was wondering whether I could upload them like that or do I have to print them first and then scan them in. Your advice would be appreciated. Sam
  12. Hi all!! Im brand new to POI so this is my first post and would like to get any info I can from people who are looking into or have managed to find work as a digital designer in OZ. There are a lot of Graphic Designer posts out there but not many for the online counterparts! I am a senior designer / art director in a global advertising agency based in Manchester. As stated I am a digital designer so mainly design websites and aps for emerging technologies such as iPhone. I would like to know any of the following information as I am planning on moving to Oz in the next year: - What is the market like - demand particularly in Melbourne / Sydney - Has anyone had any experience getting interviews pre or post arrival - Any experience in getting sponsorship again pre or post arrival? - What are the best sites to look for this kind of work - What kind of sallaries are likely - Anyone know of any excellent online/through the line companies? Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you all soon! bbben1 :biggrin:
  13. The uk ones dont work out here............... .......................more bl**dy money:mad:
  14. oldgit

    Digital top box

    Hello All Is there anything I can do to make the freeview top box that I brought over with me from the UK work in OZ? Cheers The oldgit
  15. kernow43

    Digital sweatshops

    Aussies are offering their services for work as low as $4 per hour according to this report. Australian workers offer to work for $4 an hour through job bidding websites | National News | News.com.au
  16. Guest

    digital radio

    Hello everyone Happy New year I have a small question i hope someone can answer will my digital radio work in Brisbane? And just another one does anyone know how the time line is going for Visa applications or where i can find info out about the timelines All our paperwork has been done Meds Police checks in Dec 07 so just getting jittery :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  17. Guest

    Digital Radio

    I have a DAB digital radio (Pure Evoke), and am wondering if it would work in Oz? Just curious to know if anybody has taken one on the trip down under and could let me know. Thank you! Andy.
  18. Like me you may have noticed that Australia, like the UK, uses the DVB-T standard for digital television. I had assumed that I would be able to take my PVR but a quick email to the manufacturer yielded the following answer - it won't work:
  19. Guest

    Digital x-rays

    Hi all A friend of mine is applying for a family-sponsored skilled visa for Oz. She waited till she was asked for the meds. Then she went to the nearest Panel Hospital and got the chest x-rays done. Instead of giving her ordinary x-ray plates, they gave her a CD. Armed with the CG, next she went to the local Panel Doctor. He put the CD in his machine and confirmed that the x-rays are OK. However, he said that DIMA will not accept digital x-rays for manual (ie paper & post) visa applications. The Panel Doctor phoned the hospital in question. They said they had got rid of the machine which could produce x-ray plates instead of a CD. My friend rang the Australian High Commission in London and asked for their help. They said they were not aware that this particular hospital is no longer able to supply x-ray plates. The AHC rang the hospital and then rang my friend back. The AHC had sorted the hospital out. Somehow, they were able to produce x-ray plates after all. (Maybe they got a different hospital to print the x-rays on to plates or something - that bit has not been explained.) Anyway, it is now sorted, but anyone going tor meds any time soon would be well advised to ask the x-ray clinic in advance about whether or not they can print ordinary x-ray plates still. If they say they can't, then consider getting the x-rays done elsewhere, I suggest, because nobody needs this sort of hassle. Having said that, I believe that it is different with x-rays done in connection with visas applied for on-line, particularly the e-457. I gather that with those, digital x-rays are OK. So there seem to be two different systems running with x-rays, and the x-ray clinics are unlikely to distinguish between different visas. Their inclination will be to do whatever is cheapest for them, and my guess is that digital x-ray results probably cost less to produce than old fashioned plates. Cheers Gill