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Found 54 results

  1. I will be starting work as a registered mental health nurse on an acute ward, I am bit worried about what my role will be and how different it will be to now in the UK. What do the enrolled or endorsed nurses do? I've heard they can give meds, so how are they different from registered nurses? I know the qualifications are different but what is the actual difference in practice? Is there an equivalent to nursing assistants/support workers? And who takes charge of the ward? Ive heard someone above registered nurses do this??? In my current job I do it all the time and I am usually the only registered nurse on shift or just one other RMN, will I have less responsibility in sydney? Thanks for any info, I have no idea what to expect, keep reading different things or out of date info on other sites.
  2. Hi folks! I'm just curious.. Is there any visual difference between 175 and 176 visas? Thanks!
  3. Middle Britain is a fictional location, but apparently 'Sierra Man' and later 'Mondeo Man' lived there........ From the Telegraph, Does Mondeo Man matter any more? (George Jones 28 Apr 2007) "Sierra Man" was the archetypal figure whom Tony Blair made famous at the Labour Party conference in 1996, as he was launching his bid for power. Based on a man whom Blair met in his Sedgefield constituency while campaigning for the 1992 election, he was reputedly an ex-Labour voter who had bought his former council house and would polish his ageing Ford at weekends. By 1996 he might well have had his eyes on a new Mondeo, which replaced the Sierra in 1993 (hence the misquote that gave birth to Mondeo Man) but higher taxes and mortgage rates prevented it Aside from the obvious that if spin doctors were trying to come up with an Aussie equivalent of 'Sierra Man', they'd get stuck arguing the toss between 'Commodore man' and 'Falcon man', what is the essence of your average man in 'Middle Australia'? and how does he compare to the Middle Britain man? Or for that matter, the difference between Aussie women and British women? Keep it civil.....:wink:
  4. Guys anyone know if there is any particular difference between the above re ethos, structure or otherwise???? Thanks in advance! Kate
  5. fattony

    Cant see LAFHA difference

    Hi Guys , after a bit of to and fro my employer has agreed to give me LAFHA ...so now after my second paycheck (monthly) I'm confused ..pre LAFHA (1st Month ) I had $x amount of dollars paid into my account ..so now employer agree to pay $650 a week LAFHA and $15k a year for food coming to approx $47K a year in LAFHA for our family ..great or so I thought ...so my salary goes into my account (2nd month) and it clearly states LAFHA but hey its only $200 more than my last month pre LAFHA salary ..and my original contract definitely does not mention LAFHA and I had to fight to get it put on ..Am I imagining or have they simply added up my LAFHA as $xx dollars and taken that much of my salary and then added the LAFHA in and it remains more or less the same ..hoe does LAFHA work should I not get my pre LAFHA salary +LAFHA so my salry now should be annual slary +LAFHA /12 ? I'm really confused and think the company may now be benefitting at my expense any LAFHA experts out there please help?? Thanks
  6. Hi, Is the 176 grant/Visa different than the 175 grant/visa. I am not asking the difference in terms of obligation to stay in some specific territory. My question is about difference in appearance of a 176 grant/visa and the 175 grant/visa. Regards, Ezy Going
  7. Hi All, I'm a little confused :wacko: Does anyone know what the difference between TRA and vetassess is. My OH is booked to complete this Skills Assessment this month through vetassess but on the WA SS it say's you need TRA. Please help i'm worried it may be the wrong skills test? OH is a joiner. Thanks Sporty
  8. With what seems the country spiraling out of control, (which it isn't really) and you are contemplating, in the process of migrating, have recent events (riots) confirmed your decision to emigrate. Migration is a very complex issue, many reasons and emotions are involved in the decision, but one that crops up now and again is 'A Better Life', I'm not quite sure what this means, but it means different things to different people I guess. So has the decision to emigrate been validated by these events or are you of the mindset now that this country well and truly needs help. I guess we can all in our own little way make a difference to what happens around us, and maybe that is a thought that has crossed your minds. I don't want this thread to be another on the reasons why these riots took place, but in your mind does the decision to emigrate seem ever more resolute, or do you feel a little like you are 'Jumping A Sinking Ship' Cheers Tony.:wink:
  9. Hi Everyone It's been fantastic finding this site, so much useful advice and hearing other stories is great. I thought it was just me finding it complicated and stressful!! So I'm having issues on where to apply for the epic De factor Partner visa. I realise that it it was offshore (london) then it would be subclass 309 and onshore the 820. I need to return to the UK for approx 3 months so was thinking I should just apply offshore (despite being apart from my partner which I am not looking forward to) as I will be out of Aus for some time anyway and the processing time is a lot shorter offshore (6 months vs 12 months with an onshore application). But an agent told me that it's much better to apply onshore as the 820 subclass visa is a much 'better' visa to have than the 309. And I would be better off having the subsequent 801 (residence) permanent visa and not the 100 (migrant). I dont know what the difference is? Does anyone know? Why is one subclass 'better' than another? The Dept website says you get the same rights and benefits (work, travel, medicare) so I dont know why there would be different subclasses? I wouldnt want to risk not getting a decent job or medical insurance rights etc because I'm on the 'wrong' or a 'worse' visa and would be a migrant rather than a resident. While I was on a WHV I had already found it impossible to get a decent job or joint medical insurance etc with my partner because I wasn't a permanent resident. Agents and immigration have told me completely different things and it's getting very confusing!?! Can anyone help??? :arghh:
  10. Hello everyone; Wondering what the difference is between the two in terms of programmes we can watch. Apparently I can get broadband internet (up to 100GB) and a T Box for $99 per month and as far as I can gather the T Box offers Sky Plus features but what kind of channels does it provide? I think to get Foxtel have to add on $100 a month which is a whole lot so not sure if it's worth it...And then there's this Big Pond thing which I have no idea what it means. Can anyone explain it all to me in simple terms as I can be slow when it comes to stuff like this. Thanks in advance.
  11. Guest

    The Same Difference

    Hi, About 12 months ago I asked for help from members of your forum in some research I was undertaking about UK to Australia migration experiences. I had some very good responses and many of you completed a small survey I had put together. I promised to update you all on the progress of the research and would like to take the opportunity of thanking all those who contributed. The research has now become part of a small book, due to be published on 1st November, which is intended to inform and amuse (I hope!) those who have migrated and those who are contemplating it. All those who completed the survey can claim a contributor's discount on the rrp, PM me for further details. Thank you once again for all your support
  12. this post will hopefully be an inspiration to our teenagers / younger adults out there and possibly their parents who are worried that their kids are doin it hard at the moment ..... when we arrived 18months ago ...our daughter came with us ..permanent residents ....she was 19 when we got here and to say she struggled was an understatment ....she had a few jobs here and there ....she had already done her trainin in uk as a beauty therapist ...but when we arrived we could not afford to send her back to college to transfer her quals over ....so the beauty side took a back burner and she had to find paying work ....as the months went on she became more and more down and we could see a dramatic change in our once lively happy go lucky girl ...and as parents it was very hard to watch ...anyway to cut long story short when she told us she wanted to go home we were devestated ,,,but knew in our hearts she had to do it ....so on jan 30th this year she headed back to scotland .....BUT ...within the first few months of being home ..guess what ...yep she decided that maybe she had made a mistake SO ...she booked her ticket and arrived back in oz on sept 5th ....i knew straight away when she walked through the airport that we had our lovely daughter back ...full of renewed energy and having lost some weight looked fab !! ....well that was about a month ago now ....and she now is a supervisor working in subway and trainin for assistant manageress job ....not the perfect career but it is full time and good money ...she has looked into going back to college to do her beauty thing BUT ....the proudest moment of my life was seeing her in her fire fighting kit this morning ...as she has joined the VOLUNTEER FIRE SERVICE .....i cant believe how much she has turned her life around in such a short space of time .....and as all parents know if children are happy then so are we .....heres to the next year of life in oz and all it has to offer ...:jiggy: mrs keily
  13. Hi Guys, I am extremely new to this forum and hav'nt tried any other yet for my Migration queries. The thing I just wanted to get clear about is really a quick one. What's the difference between 176 Family Sponsored and State Sponsored ? I am quite clear what both means but, Is there any difference in priorities for both of them ? If I apply on Family Sponsored 176 and my occupation is found to be on SOL Schedule 3, What will be my priority ? Will it fall in 2 or 3 ? Can a Family Sponsored 176 be converted into SS as soon as the SMPs launches? Or should I have to slip in a new application ? I hope any of you may assist in these quick ones. Cheers.
  14. HI There, I had a response fromt he ACS regarding a re-assessment. One of the ACS SKill Assessment officers mention the following: Please take note that the application may not be suitable under PIM3 based on the documents provided under PIM2. Anyone know what thie means? Thanks
  15. Hi all, Could anybody explain whats the difference between these ANZSCO codes (From ACS) 261311 - Analyst programmer 261312 - Developer programmer and 261313 - Software engineer I'm not sure which category I fall into, I got 4 years experience as "Oracle Applications/Oracle E-Business Suite/Oracle ERP" technical consultant and two masters degrees with maximum no.of Computers related subjects (one is 3 Years from India and another is 2 Years MIT from Australia). I'm an offshore applicant. Any help highly appreciated. Thanks/Baazighar
  16. Hi everyone! I wonder what is the difference of those lists for Skilled Migration: FSL(future skill list), SOL, Migration Occupations in Demand List, Critical Skills List (CSL). And besides MODL plus old SOL will be invalid, anyother list among them will be repleaced/corrected? Cheers.
  17. colin&lorraine

    nurses grade difference

    Hi I am confused what is the difference between a nurse grade 5 and a clinical nurse grade 6. Lorraine:confused:
  18. Hi guys Dont know if anyone can help me but I just had a thought and was wondering if it was do-able. At present we have applied for SS with the ACT (176) ASCO Code 2231-11 Systems Manager. I doubt very much that it will be on the new SOL or SMP. Fingers crossed we will hear back in the next couple of weeks if our SS has been approved. The ASCO code is also on the SA list but it is for a 475. We havent applied for SS with SA and again i doubt the occupation will be on the SOL or SMP. So my question is - Is there any difference in the processing times between a 176 and a 475 or would it still be a long wait for either? The only reason we would apply for Ss with SA is to get to Oz quicker. Also does anyone know how long SS for SA is taking at the moment if you have already lodge a SS application for another state? thanks Suzanne
  19. Hi I am hoping to apply for a 175 visa Ive just sat the ielts test and if I pass I have enough points. If not its going to be a 176 appart from having to have a sponser what is the difference what are you entitled to on a 175 that you dont get on a 176. Lorraine:wacko:
  20. I was up thinking last night, as you do and end up not getting to sleep, so I thought I would put my views and questions here to see what all you PIO peeps think. :eek: From the look of things at the moment we seem to be snail pacing through the cat 5's. Being one of these myself it is far from being processed quick enough for my liking so it got me thinking......... When this new SMP comes into play, say July 2010 when the new everything comes out, allocations etc, what will the real difference be? If the SMP is going to include those sponsored by their chosen state will there really be an improvement in the speed of the processing seen as though they are already plodding through that batch of applications at the mo? In layman terms to me they are actually working their way through such people at the moment as the CSL and those above seem to have already been done, or get their visa very quickly. Like I said this has been bugging me ALL night and day...................... so your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!! :confused:
  21. Guest

    Big age difference

    Hi all, There is big age diffence btw me and my gf (we are getting married soon), it is more than 10 years. I am 24 male. Do you think that might be a problem or is "genuine and ongoing relationship" bottomline? Thanks!
  22. I have a question. Our update does not say we have a CO but the front page says that medicals are required but the docs checklist says everything is "met" except meds and PCCs and these are now "requested"? Does this mean that we may have CO? JOHN
  23. Hi there, I was wondering if i start working in Oz and pay tax will this help and speed up my cat5 176 Victoria SS? I have been in Oz since Feb 2009 and haven't worked yet. Apart from three months seasonal work which i had to do to be able to renew my WHV. Your comments are appreciated! asad
  24. Hi Please can someone advise me my husband is waiting a job offer in Newcastle in the next few days if he was earning a salary of $85,000.00 dollars in Oz is that the same as earning £85,000.00 dollars in Uk or just earning £35,000.00 sterling. We are thinking of moving with 2 kids and at present in UK cannot live off one salary. Could we have a comfortable life in Auz on a salary of $85,000.00????? Any feedback would be appreciated thank you... Also we are moving on a temporary residence visa how does the medical work out their?
  25. Hi there, I am a bricklayer hoping to start to whole skills assessment/visa process shortly, however I am very confused about the difference between a VETASSESS and a TRA skills assessment - having been on the website, both seem to cater for bricklayers. Do you have to have both before you apply for your visa or will one do? Is one better to have than the other? Is one cheaper than the other? Is one processed quicker than the other? Sorry for all the questions, but if someone could help it would be much appreciated! Phil