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Found 23 results

  1. supa

    Edward Woodward dies

    Although this is of course a very sad occurance, it does allow me the opportunity to wheel out an old joke that had otherwise been consigned to my cupboard; Why does Edward Woodward have so many "D"s in his name? Because otherwise he would be called E War Woo War. I'll get me coat. RIP though - he was brilliant in The Equalizer as I remember.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Worlds Oldest Living Dog Dies.

    RIP Pusuke:hug: THE world's oldest living dog - a male crossbreed named Pusuke - has died in Japan, aged 26 years and nine months. Pusuke died peacefully at home after his owner returned from running errands, according to Kyodo news. He was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest living dog. His owner said he was healthy and active until Monday, when he began to struggle for breath. "I think [Pusuke] waited for me to come home," his owner told Kyodo of the dog's death. Pusuke died two years and eight months shy of the record for the oldest dog to have ever lived, a title held by Bluey - an Australian cattle dog who died in 1939 aged 29 years and five months, ABC News reported.
  3. They were reminding people what to do in case of snake bite on TV today, after that poor woman in Qld was killed this week. I was out walking in the bush today and spoke to my daughter who was with me about it, and it turns out she knew how to do the first aid (given that you know about it that is). Without panicking, it's worth knowing about I think.
  4. The Pom Queen

    Man dies in Sydney Immigration Centre

    A Sri Lankan has man died at a Sydney immigration centre.:sad: The Department of Immigration said the man was discovered in distress at his accommodation in the Sydney Immigration Residential Housing complex early today. An ambulance was called and CPR done but the man died shortly after midnight. A department spokesman said police would investigate the circumstances of the man's death. He expected it would also be subject to a coronial inquest. The dead man's family are overseas and the department is seeking to inform them of the event.
  5. The Pom Queen

    Dan Wheldon dies in Indy Car Las Vegas

    [YOUTUBE]NbIWuYvglWc[/YOUTUBE] RIP:no: Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon died of injuries sustained in a 15-car wreck at the IndyCar World Championships in Las Vegas today. Wheldon was airlifted to a nearby hospital with undisclosed but severe injuries after the crash, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, but was unable to recover. IndyCar announced his death shortly before 6:00 p.m. eastern time. The crash occurred during the 13th lap of the race. It appears Wheldon's car went airborne, turned, and slammed into a semi-flexible "catch fence" above the wall. But the exact details of the crash and injuries he sustained are still undisclosed. Three other drivers were hospitalized with more minor injuries. Wheldon was 31 years old. He is most famous for winning the Indy 500 in both 2005 and 2011. He leaves behind a wife and two sons. Below you can find ancedotes, driver reactions, and videos of the crash. EARLIER 6:15 p.m.: Tragic scene in Vegas. Many drivers crying as they prepare to drive on a five-lap tribute around Las Vegas Moter Speedway. 6:20 p.m.: Here's what Danica Patrick told the AP after the crash: It was debris everywhere across the whole track, you could smell the smoke, you could see the billowing smoke on the back straight from the car. There was a chunk of fire that we were driving around. You could see cars scattered. Others have said it's the worst crash they've seen. 6:30 p.m.: Three other drivers — Will Power, Pippa Mann, and JR Hildebrand — were injured in the crash. None of them were airlifted, and there is no indication that their injuries are as severe as Wheldon's. 7:25 p.m.: It appears that Dan Wheldon wrote a blog post for USA Today yesterday. It's a chilling and saddening read. But it gives you an insight into Wheldon's thoughts and frustrations on the eve of the race that would ultimately claim his life. Read it here.
  6. A DWARF porn star who was Gordon Ramsay's double has been found dead in the most bizarre of circumstances, according to UK tabloid The Sunday Sport. Percy Foster's 107cm body was discovered in a badger's den in Wales. The report says the 35-year-old was found, "deep in an underground chamber by Ministry of Agriculture experts ahead of a planned badger-gassing program." Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of suicide, according to the report. In a recent interview Foster spoke of his excitement about his growing career as Ramsay's double. "Porn lookalikes get more money than normal actors. Dwarf lookalikes are as rare as hen's teeth and so can command top dollar.
  7. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/09/04/2011-09-04_ohio_baby_13_months_suffocates_in_car_after_being_left_behind_by_babysitter.html What I don't understand is how they can say she hasn't been charged with any crime, she left this little one in a car and forgot About her:no:
  8. Guest

    War Heroine Nancy Wake Dies

    Nancy Wake, the French Resistance fighter who became Australia's most decorated World War II heroine, has died in a London hospital at the age of 98. Born in New Zealand and raised in Sydney, Ms Wake was nicknamed "The White Mouse" by the Gestapo because she was so hard to capture. She is regarded as a heroine in France, which decorated her with its highest honour, the Legion d'Honneur, as well as three Croix de Guerre and a French Resistance Medal. Ms Wake left Australia and moved to France in 1932, joining the Resistance after the German invasion in 1940 and helping shelter displaced Jews fleeing the Nazi regime. She later recounted how she had first become aware of the cruelty of the Nazis during a visit to Austria in 1933. "In Vienna they had a big wheel and they had the Jews tied to it, and the stormtroopers were there, whipping them. When we were going out of Vienna they took our photos. That was my experience of Hitler," she said. Credited with helping to save thousands of lives, Ms Wake was placed at the top of the Gestapo's most wanted list and fled France for England on the advice of her husband Henri Fiocca in 1943. "Henri said, 'You have to leave', and I remember going out the door saying I'd do some shopping, that I'd be back soon. And I left and I never saw him again." Trained as a spy by Britain's Special Operations Executive, she then returned to Nazi-occupied France to work with the Resistance in preparation for the D-Day landings in Normandy in June 1944. Parachuted back into France, Ms Wake's job was to distribute weapons among Resistance fighters hiding in the mountains. "In those days it was safer, or a woman had more chance than a man, to get around, because the Germans were taking men out just like that." To arrange the delivery of weapons and other supplies, messages had to be sent via radio phones. Ms Wake's group lost theirs during a raid by German troops. This disastrous loss meant Ms Wake had to pedal more than 200km to another radio operator. "The blokes didn't think I'd ever get back. I only volunteered for it not because I'm brave but because I was the only one who could do it, being a woman. "I got back and they said "How are you?" I cried. I couldn't stand up, I couldn't sit down. I couldn't do anything. I just cried." As well as the Legion d'Honneur, Ms Wake was awarded Britain's George Medal and the US Medal of Freedom. But despite the international recognition, it took 60 years for Australia to honour her service, awarding her the Companion of the Order of Australia in 2004. It is believed Ms Wake's health had recently deteriorated and she was admitted to the Kingston Hospital two weeks ago with a chest infection. She had lived in London since 2001. In accordance with her wishes, she will be cremated privately and her ashes scattered at Montlucon in central France next spring. What an amazing woman .. I found her book fascinating. RIP to an exceptionally courageous and brave woman:notworthy:
  9. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3676191/Biker-dies-at-anti-helmet-protest.html i heard about this a couple of weeks ago .......what a silly thing to protest about .....itwould be like not wearing seatbelts again ........so many lives would be lost ......:policeman:
  10. k8bug79

    Spouse visa when partner dies

    Hello, I know this will be a rare situation but I am hoping someone may be able to help. I have posted something similar to this before but didn't get any answers but I have found something else that may offer some light at the end of the tunnel and I am hoping someone may be able to share their experience. I am married to an Australian Ctizen by Descent and we are hoping to file my visa for spouse in the new year. His Dad was an australian citizen and in the two years we have been planning to go it was the plan that my FIL and MIL would come with us with her on a spouses visa also. Sadly my FIL died last November, at first we felt that our plans would have to stop as my MIL would no longer be eligible for a spouses visa but looking at Immi website I have just found the following: Relationship In a married relationship, you and your partner must show a mutual commitment to a shared life as husband and wife to the exclusion of all others. You and your partner must be living together or, if not, any separation must be only temporary. You must also have a genuine and continuing relationship with your partner. See: Evidence of a Genuine and Continuing Relationship Note: Under certain circumstances, you may still be eligible to apply for and be granted, or continue to be an applicant for, a Partner visa in Australia if: your relationship breaks down and you and your partner have custodial rights under the Family Law Act 1975 for any children aged under 18 years that you and your partner may have your partner dies, and you can establish that, had your partner not died, the relationship would have continued and that you have developed close ties with Australia. Relevant info is in red, my understanding of this is that my MIL could be eligible to apply as long as she can prove that she has close ties with Australia and her plans had been to join us. Am I right? and if so how long could she wait before applying under this clause. Also how would she show her relationship to be continuing, in the same way as we would? Ie bank statements wills etc. There is no written evidence of our plans to go, as we only talked about it over the phone but I guess people could write a statement of the intention. Also she had never visited Australia, do you think this would be a major stumbling block? I guess any application of this nature would be on a case by case merit but does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks
  11. He served in 2 world wars having lied about his age to join up http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2011/s3208962.htm
  12. Guest

    Henry Cooper dies.

    RIP big man :dull:
  13. lynne1266

    Doctor Who's Sarah Jane Dies :((

    I read today that Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane in Doctor Who and recently had a spin off show has died from cancer. I was shocked to hear that she had died and most of all that she was 63....she looked amazing for her age !! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-13137674 RIP
  14. Another asylum seeker dies in detention Who is pushing so hard for these news to appear so frequently? People are killed daily in Sydney and there is no news about it... P.S. I am not trying to be negative. Just pointing to the irony.
  15. kernow43

    Norman Wisdom dies

    BRITISH comic actor Norman Wisdom, famous for his slapstick film roles in his trademark cloth cap and ill-fitting jacket, died Monday at the age of 95, his family said. Comic actor Norman Wisdom, best known as The Gump, dies in nursing home at age 95 | Courier Mail He was a real funny but sometimes a sad comic. RIP
  16. mandymcqueen

    What does this mean??? Schedule 3

    OK I am really confused now, Was on the immi website and this is what it states for Schedule 3 This list applies to applications made on or before 31 December 2012 for a Subclass 885 (Skilled-Independent), 886 (Skilled – Sponsored), or Subclass 487 (Skilled – Regional Sponsored) visa by an applicant who held a Subclass 485 visa on 8 February 2010 or had applied for a Subclass 485 visa that was not finally determined on 8 February 2010, and may nominate an occupation on the current SOL or the new SOL that commences from 1 July 2010. This list also applies to applicants who held a student visa in subclasses 572, 573 and 574 on 8 February 2010 and who apply for subclass 485 visa on or before 31 December 2012. Applicants can only nominate an ANZSCO occupation from 1 July 2010. The ASCO codes correlated to ANZSCO occupations provide DIAC-endorsed policy guidance for the purposes of acceptable skills assessments. An applicant with a relevant valid skills assessment in an ASCO occupation should map it to the relevant ANZSCO occupation. So I was on a Student 572 on 8 February 2010 and applied for a 485 last month. S what does it actually mean, can we apply for GSM or not?? This is starting to annoy me now. Any info/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mandy
  17. I'm wondering what the outcome would be for the Minister’s priorities if and when the CSL disappears. The only logical priority group would then be state sponsored applications, wouldn’t it? Or if they replaced the CSL with some Frankenstein combination of the CSL and MODL, then logically the new list would need to be the subject of some new prioritisation? In any renewed listing, surely there must be scope for the Minister to save face with respect to those who were previously on the verge of grant? Cheers, //Mach
  18. Guest

    Sir Bobby Robson Dies

    Some sad news today and I know we have a lot of football fans on here. Sir Bobby Robson died today aged 76. As most of you will know he had suffered a long battle with cancer and been quite ill over the last few years. This man was not only a true gent throughout his life, he was a football icon who had known success across many countries where he had managed and of course who could forget his great efforts for England in the 1990 World Cup Finals. I remember meeting him when he was just Bobby Robson as Manager at Ipswich so I'm going back many years and he really was a nice man. I was once told a funny story about him, that he had three sons named Matthew Mark and Luke, the names of 3 of the Gospels in the bible yet was not a believer in God ? Don't know if it's true or not. Anyway I'm sure this true Gent is in a better place today. Cheers to Sir Bobby, REDDERS:frown:
  19. Rudi

    Michael Jackson dies

    Unconfirmed report that after being driven to the hospital after having a heart attack, that Michael Jackson has now died. Love Rudi x
  20. Guest

    If family sponsorer dies ??

    Im thinking of asking my grandfather hes 72, to sponsor me for 176/886 subclass instead of my uncles or aunties (don't feel letting him sponsor me cause they might ask for favours or brag to the whole community that he/she sponsored me and want some kind of "reward" or favour in the future. He is australian citizen. he is healthy for his age, limited english and his on pension. Due to his age, what will happen to the visa if he dies before the visa is issued? (Of course i dont want him to die, but just want to prepare) thanx in advance for any input
  21. kernow43

    Ex Bank of England gov dies

    Eddie George Ex Governor of the Bank of England has died of cancer. Eddie was a cousin of mine and retired to Cornwall.:sad:
  22. For all Eastenders fans,even though I'm not one,very sad news. EastEnders Star Wendy Richard Dies At 65 - Yahoo! News UK R.I.P.
  23. Sorry for such a sad thread, but I thought this worth a mention. A boy from my son's school had a fatal accident on a school trip yesterday. The poor thing lost his footing and fell and broke his neck. Although he was in the same year as my boy Bradley, he did not know him. I cannot imagine how his poor parents feel, I feel bad enough just knowing that he was from around this way and only 12 years old. It brings it home to you just how precious our children are to us. You don't expect to send your child on a trip for them never to return. Very sad indeed. April