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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, Can't believe it, this place is hard to take sometimes. :sad: In a nutshell, moved from Liverpool UK in Jan 2010 with 2 cats - now 9yo. Two days ago our male was fine - he was the house cat, the female is an outdoors cat. He hid in our closet for 24 hours - usually hides, but I didn't see him eat his dinner, or sit with us when the kids went to bed. About 2am I woke up and opened the door as I heard him moving inside, so he could go in and out as he pleased. Didn't think to check him, so next afternoon thought he was trapped somewhere when I found him in the cupboard, unable to move, his breathing sounding like snoring, struggling a miaow, covered in urine, a real mess and pretty harrowing. carried him and lay him on the kitchen floor while I got catbox, vet called and baby in carseat for dash to vets. Raced to the vets - they found a tick on his neck - (1cm murderer!!!) and they stayed with him till 9pm, he got stressed being moved - to be taken to a 24hr vet facility, and so they said they'd have to leave him unattended in the surgery with oxygen, sedated, and see if he made it by himself. Got a call at 7.45 on Tues 26th Oct, to say he'd died in the night. Went there at 9.30am to say goodbye. :cry: Worst is that I didn't want him to die alone, so wish we could have brought him home and stayed with him. Once we'd got the cats from Quarantine in March, it felt the family was whole again. Now it's a nightmare, and I feel like I just can't breathe. The guilt of bringing him, of not finding him earlier, of now cleaning out the shelf he was on, and the cat box and towel I took him to the vets in. Just so many tears. He was with us pre-kids. I insisted on bringing them because they are family. Doing the kitchen sink thing, and being irrational thinking, why did we even come out here, such a struggle and now this before our first Xmas here. argh!:cry::sad: It's only been a day or so, so pretty raw still, but he's not coming back. and I'm at a loss. Poor kids just keep saying, oh mummy don't cry. It's ok. One word from the wise, 'you can't turn back time'. And that's all I seem to be wishing right now.
  2. tonyman

    Basil has died ....

    whats the life span of Basil ......ive enjoyed having it in the herb garden as the smell is so lovely ,as is the corriander but its only stayed around for a matter of weeks ,is this normal , does it come back...? as there is no seed unlike corriander......
  3. Parrots in the trees, possums running around the back garden endless days of sunshine ( and it's winter ) friendly Ozzies, this is what i thought Australia was all about and it's proving to be the case. Then guess what !!!!!!!!!!!! Went for our TFN's in Brisbane and the most rudest of people i have ever met in my life behind the desk of the first office of officialdom i encountered in Australia..........and the irony of it was she wasn't even Australian !!!!! i kid you not.......... A bloody scotswoman ( i don't wish to offend any scottish people here, my dad was scottish ) but i thought to myself, i've come all this way and every Ozzie i've met has been welcoming and sincere, then one of our own insults me in an adoptive country. Is this typical of our culture back in the UK or just particular to this one person. Anyway OZ is GREAT...............and we love it, only wish i had come years ago. So when is the next Brisbane get together type thing happening ? Byeeeeeeeeeeeee for now
  4. Guest

    micheal jackson has died

    today the world has lost one of the greatest performers there has ever been. god bless his children and family r.i.p
  5. Hello, we found out yesterday (friday) during our daily call to Eastern Creek, Sydney that our beautiful black labrador Sydney (5 years old) was found dead in his kennel the day before. With my terrier in the same run. We were unable to make contact with the kennels on the thursday, presumably because they were dealing with Syd. They did not make contact with us - we were home all day. We found out in our routine friday call. Both our dogs arrived two weeks ago, and now the little one is alone for the next two weeks, and if I visit it will be more traumatic when we have to leave her again. They are doing a postmortem on Syd, but I will never forgive myself for not being there. How many dogs do die in Quarantine, does anyone know ? I was wary of eastern Creek after the Equine Influenza disaster, but nothing can prepare you for this.
  6. Hi PIO's, I have just been reading all the threads about thongs etc and I thought I would share this embarrassing moment that happened to me today! My just turned 5 year old attends daycare every Thursday and as she is getting such a BIG GIRL she likes to dress herself now. This morning she got herself dressed as if she was going out skiing, so I sent her back to the bedroom, took out a lovely short skirt and t-shirt and told her that this was what she was going to wear today! She quietly agreed this was a better choice. Off in the car we went, dropped her off and that was that! This afternoon I arrived to pick her up and was HORRIFIED to be pulled over by a number of the daycare assistants. I thought OMG what has she done?................................. NO KNICKERS................... she hadnt put any on and told them that it was all my fault,.............. I nearly died!!......... How am I going to face those people next week!!! I didnt even think to check, I just assumed that she would have put some on!! ................ she does normally!!!! :wacko: In future I will ALWAYS check!!! Anyone got anymore funny stories, that way I wont feel soooo GUILTY !!!!! Luv Sian xxx