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Found 9 results

  1. At No 10 WIND YOURSELF UP ALONG THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD One of the nation’s most spectacular drives, the Great Ocean Road in built into steep seaside cliffs in Victoria. Spectacular sights along the way include the famous Twelve Apostles and various shipwrecks. It is also home to the most popular surf coast of Victoria, with its beaches often deserted.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Do we have to die in hospital

    I have thought about this a lot recently and just wondered when your time comes would you want to be in a hospital ward maybe alone or at home with your family. Personally I want to be with my family at home, is this being selfish?
  3. The Pom Queen

    When will you die?

    If you were given the choice to know how long you have left to live and what day you would die on would you want to know? Personally I don't, I would prefer to live every day happy rather than sit there and dwell on what will happen.:wubclub:
  4. Hi Peeps. Would you at the end of the day die for something that you passionately believed in. I think I can safely say that the vast majority of us would die for our loved ones and family if the need arose, BUT. Would you if push came to shove die for an ideal or belief. I'm not talking of suicide bombers etc, but a core value that makes you what you are today. Wether this be politically motivated, and wholeheartedly believe that your death WOULD change things. Or just an adamant belief that what you were about to do would in the very minutest of ways change the way people think and interact. A difficult question I know, there are a whole host of things to consider, loved ones left behind, your future life, etc. But in your heart of hearts can you say that you would lay down your life in the belief that it would bring about change. PS. I'm off now to the cinema to watch 'The Last Exorcism', I'm in the mood for a bit of cheering up.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:goofy:
  5. Hi All, Im dying with hayfever here in Ireland the last few weeks. No matter what i take it just wont ease up. Anyone any ideas. Id be willing to do anything. Also whats the story with Hayfever in Oz. Im praying once i get to Oz i wont suffer anymore. Any one any experience of Hayfever in Oz.:unsure: What should i expect????
  6. Guest

    Die For Your Country

    I know, I know, a very deep question, but there again if you don't ask you don't get. In this modern day era we find ourselves I think it is a relevant question to ask. We ALL know that this country has many faults, foibles and catastrophic happenings day after day after day, BUT. It also has many redeeming qualities. I for one am extremely proud to have been born an Englishman, and I reckon in the main that I can balance my opinion and see both sides of the argument, some of you will disagree though.:shocked: So my question is simply this, if push came to shove would YOU lay down your life in the name of Queen and country/country. Never mind the outcome, wether the laying down of your life would in anyway influence the outcome. It could be through a war, protest etc, etc. When I was 17 I had my whole life mapped out. I was going to join the Royal Marines and if necessary fight for this country, unfortunately I have colour blindness so any career in the armed forces was ruled out of the equation at a very early stage. I also realise that a lot of the conflicts/wars we are involved in 'seem' to be things that we should have never got involved in the first place. But as a matter of debate, if this country was put under threat by an 'enemy' and you were called upon to 'join' up would you do such a thing. Even if the said 'war' was in your opinion wrong and futile would you for the sake of this country lay down your life in order for this country to still be free and democratic! I dare say that there were many hundreds if not thousands of soldiers in the two great wars, and even in the present day certain members of our armed forces must question the legality and POINT of these conflicts, but they do as they are told and for all intents and purposes they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Queen and country/country. Have we got to a point where we have lost complete pride in this country and would think little of saying no to such a proposition? Or at the end of the day are there many millions of us who would stand up and fight because we are told it is our duty and responsibility to do such a thing. I realise that governments over many generations have made huge mistakes and taken us into conflicts that we should have stayed well away from, but is this enough to make you say 'Bugger that, no way'. This question is in no way just aimed at the Brits on here, it is also a question for the Aussies. It would be interesting to see if there is a variation in opinion from the two countries. I realise it is a very contentious issue and I don't full know if I have explained myself fully, I hope so though. Cheers Tony
  7. We are on our last couple of weeks in Oz before we return to the uk (loving oz as a holiday destination rather than a place to live as you know!) but thought today was our final day alive!! We took a scenic flight in a sea plane around the islands and over the reef but then the plane started to splutter and back fire..... the first couple of times I could just smile in that stoic british way, but my god, after about the fifth time I was just thinking land the plane in the water god dammit!! The pilot eventually made an emergency landing in the sea at Palms bay resort and we were ferried back to the mainland by boat......... all I can picture is my 8 year old daughters face as she looked at me terrified. Thank god I got my o/h to cancel that sky dive.........:unsure: Debby x
  8. Guest

    Will I die?

    Please don't all shout "yes please." Bitten in the night as I slept....any nurses or doctors can tell me what bit me on thumb....how long have I got to live....and how long till I will be able to use my hand as the girlfriend is away for a week. Swelling is about half the size again as on photo.
  9. One of my hubbys goals is to be able to give our kids more than what we had when we were young, and be able to leave them something for when we die. I'ts hard to find a balance some times as you only live once and i'ts alright to stack the money and save for a rainy day, but life is short and you need to live it too. Whats the point of having all the money in the bank and going without what you would like, cause then your dead and hav'nt done all that you want in life. Your kids will survive, we did, and learnt from the hard times. My kids would rather us leave them nothing and see us having a ball with our life, And I feel the same about my parents. You have to put yourself first and take risks sometimes. So if in your heart you want to do things like move to Oz for instance. Go for it, live your life, if things do'nt work out at least you've had a go and done what you wanted to do at the time. It will more than likely be the scariest thing you've ever done but at least you will be living your life and not just existing and wondering what if. I'd just like to Encourage people out there to try and find a balance, but to live their lives as their parents have lived theirs and their children will live theirs on their own eventually. I know from experience what a topsy turvy time of emotions people come accross when deciding to emigrate, as they are afraid of upsetting somebody, but the truth is you will upset some people, but eventually they understand and come to terms with things. You just have to do what you feel is right for you. I just wondered what other peoples views are on this sort of thing.