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Found 9 results

  1. hi there everyone, have to admit feeling a bit guilty havent been on here in ages... Been living it up all over oz for 2 yrs now back in perth where we started , staying couple more years get some cash togetha and the who knows. the problem is I have just been diagnosed with Leukemia. Im not even sure which sort as i have a specialist appointment this thurs. I had bloods done at the docs after a cold that wouldnt shift and been feeling run down for a while. I would like to hear off anyone who has had anything simular happen to them while living here? does anyone know what the health service is like here in perth? I have no family here just me my boyf and a couple of friends we have made (most alot younger than us) I really dont know how im going to tell my mom she will fall to pieces, she has my nan to worry about back home already. I was going to tell my dad but i feel bad just telling him as i dont feel its fair. I just started work 3 weeks ago so not even sure if i will keep my job although they are very nice. no sympathy please , not being funny but im feeling ok just need some advice off some mature folks thanks xx:hug:
  2. Well we thought things were going to well!!!:mad: We have our PR visa and flights are booked but today I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis following two attacks within 2 months, but to be honest it is likely that I've had it for a few years. I'm still trying to get my head around this and how this is going to affect our visa. Have anyone else been through a similar situation? Thanks Est :eek:
  3. Please can anyone offer advice or point me in the right direction.............. I was granted a 309 Defacto Visa last October, it's temporary for 2 years and then reverts to a permanent visa. I have recently been diagnosed with M.S. and am worried about how this may affect my permanent residency. Will I be asked about medical issues when my 2 year temporary visa is due to convert to a permanent visa? Am I best to get private healthcover and cover the costs of treatment fully so I am not a drain on Medicare? I am working full time and will continue to do so, meaning that the Government will still get their fair share of taxes from me! I have settled really well in Australia and would hate to think that permanent residency could be denied for me due to this illness.
  4. Hi guys, Help/ advice really needed. We left Oz to travel and hand in our de facto application in London offshore so I could see my family/ it was supposedly quicker. We handed it in Mid- August so got caught out with the change in processing times. Our case officer was happy for me to come back on a visitor visa in the meantime which I did on Oct 1st. We were advised february for the visa, whereby the case officer would email and we would hop over to NZ to get it granted. I just got out of hospital from a massive case of DVT, which we think actually occurred on the initial trip over to the UK. I'm now on anti-coagulents for the next 3-6 months with travel considered to be not the best. Do I immediately tell my CO? I am worried about the fact that I am costing medicare money and had to fill out the question in the visa application about whether you had used government benefits. I'm also scared that my medical will be invalidated. Does anyone know of exceptional circumstances for an offshore visa granted onshore? we can't afford to delay the visa grant even further as we're struggling on one salary? Any help/ advice is really appreciated, we're really shaken up by this whole thing. thanks!! Sian
  5. We are going home to England at the end of this month and on a trip to the vets she casually asked if i knew Molly had a heart nurmer. I was shocked because 6 months ago she had been the fittest 12 year old dog the vet had seen whilst getting her rabies jab. We are flying in the middle of the night and she is supposed to follow on another flight in the morning. What will i do if she is not okayed to fly? The vet says he doent see why she shouldnt fly but Jetpets say it depends on what their vet says at the final check. I am so worried and wondered if anyone had flown a dog with a heart murmur before. SHe has no other probs apart she is 2 kilos overweight but on a diet and has lost some already. She has dry eyes as well and thats why she was at the vets anyway. I hope someone will put my mind at rest as i would be heartbroken if she was grounded here without us.
  6. Hi Hopefully someone can help me with this... I am really suffering with anxiety issues at the moment and I really think I need a little help to try and calm myself. I have been struggling since the birth of my first child a few months ago and several things have happened to me over the past year that have lead to me having panic attacks - although pretty mild - and general anxiety issues. Its nothing major at the moment but I want to see my GP now and get some medication. The thing is, we have had our medicals and police checks have all been sent away so we are basically waiting for our visa to see if it is granted or not. I am not the main applicant either, and I will be looking after our baby when we get to Oz therefore not working anyway so its not like a diagnosis will stop me from doing anything I was going to be doing anyway... Sorry to babble on.... The main question is, do I have to inform the DIAC and will it affect our visa being granted? If so, I will just have to go and buy more Kalms. We have been over so many hurdles getting to this stage that it would be awful for my nerves to ruin our chances at the end of it all... Thanks for reading and any responses :goofy:
  7. Hi all, I dont know if anyone has had any experience with anything like this, but my son was diagnosed with ADD when he was just 5 years old, he will be 16 in December. He does not take any medication & no longer has to see a specialist. He is doing really well & his school has really helped him, he will be leaving at Easter 09 & will have some good exams, one of which being a Duke of Edinborough award. He has just finished work experience for a Mercedes Benz body repair garage & did really well. Basically what im trying to say is that he is growing into a very well adjusted young adult & I know I could get many professionals & teachers to fully back me up on this. But does it affect our application? :unsure: Kelly.:smile:
  8. Hi, I was wondering if ayone can tell me if they have been in the same situation. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and will be on the drug 'concerta'. I've been told that most grow out of ADHD by mid to late teens so i'm hoping that this wont be an issue for our medicals. Has anybody applied with this on their medicals and been granted or refused a visa because of it? :unsure: Hays
  9. Hello everyone, My son has recently been diagnosed with Colitis and is currently on Predisolone. We are planning on moving to Australia in the next couple of years as im a Nurse and know that finding work shouldnt be a problem. I wanted to know how my sons condition will be regarded, are we likely to be refused a visa on medical grounds? Really any information would be appreciated at this confusing time :smile: Thank you