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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone I was wondering if anybody had flown a diabetic pet to Australia before and did they cope ok? I have spoke to some UK pet export companies and have had mixed advice. I know that the dog will not receive insulin for up to 24 hours and will also not have any food for this amount of time also. I know with diabetes, this amount of time with neither insulin or food can be lethal and lead to coma's and death. I would hate to put my boy through all the stress only for him to die scared and alone in the plane cargo. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He is a 8 year old Chihuahua.
  2. Guest

    Prescriptions drugs

    Here in the UK I don't pay for prescriptions because I have diabetes. Will I have to pay for them in Perth? If so, does anyone know how much please?
  3. Guest

    Type 1 diabetic

    Hi, New to PIO, loads of really useful info on here! My partner and i are looking into moving to Oz; one area that seems quite complicated and very different to the UK is healthcare. My partner is type 1 diabetic and we are trying to work out an approximate figure of how much this may cost us per month. any useful info very much appreciated! thanks Gem
  4. twinkletoes35

    help for diabetic and medicals

    hi all could anyone give me any pointers when it comes to the medical and what tests they do for diabetics (type 2) do they expect a certain BM? About to file visa application but really really nervous about medical, any advice would be much appreciated TT x :frown:
  5. Guest

    Diabetic Care in Queensland

    Hi, Can anyone help me? How does Medicare work with insulin dependant diabetics in queensland and has anyone gone through the medicals with this? We are still making our decision on should we or shouldn't we, we are coming over in May for a Holiday but trying to get much of groundwork out of the way. Thanks Ian.
  6. Hi, I am very interested in moving to australia, SA in particular, but i have a couple of questions. 1) I am 29, and type 1 diabetic, insulin dependant, does anyone know rulings on this etc.. 2) My job role is specified on the current SA occupation list, under a couple of titles realy, basically network administration, i have two Microsoft certified professional qualifications, 10 years exp in this sort of role. WOuld the MCP's count toward this, would they be enough? any advice on these would be appreciated! thanks!
  7. Hello my name is Sam. I would like to apologise because I know that this is a completely different topic to what this forum is about. But I could not find anything to do with health and things like that. (I am fairly new to this) I am moving to Australia in the next 2 years or so and I am on Diabetic tablets called Metformin. I am on a 500mg dose and I get it free in England for obvious reasons. But I am on this tablet for life. I also cannot go on any other form of diabetic treatment. Could you please answer me these questions as it is quite important... How do I go about getting this tablet over in Australia? Would it be free? Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your help. It is much appreciated. Take care everybody :cute:
  8. Guest

    Is there any point?!

    :wub:Hi..we are a family of 5 wanting to move to auz my partners qualifies for the current CSL list he's 36 im 35 and our kids are 11 9 and 2. Im diabetic and have a insulin pump i also have degenerative disc disease. Our eldest child has a mild form of dyspraxia for which she has no treatment for..(until i read a post on here i had never considered that tha dyspraxia could be a problem!).. Are we just wasteing our time trying to realise our dream of living in austrailia?
  9. Hello! I wonder if anyone could help us? My OH is Type 1 diabetic, and we are thinking of re-locating to Oz, but, would this go against us? If anyone could help us, please?! Thanking you in advance.
  10. Does anyone know what the practicalities are of travelling within Oz as a diabetic. Have been on the Qantas website and Diabetes Australia but it seems geared to international travel and not domestic. Any diabetics with recent flying travel in Oz able to say what really happens re security and having diabetic kit on board? My OH has to travel as an emergency to Cairns from Perth on Monday as his father has to have emergency surgery due to a very recent discovery of aggressive cancer and OH has not had to fly since being diagnosed with diabetes so not sure if he needs a letter from the Dr or will his NDSS card do etc. Any advice welcome. Also, anyone who knows of any deals for flights or car hire also welcome. Cheers Julia
  11. Guest

    diabetic ,medical waver

    hi all has anyone been refused for been diabetic my sons diabetic and worried they might refuse us as other posts sugest the will only spend so much per person , also i have read about a waver that can be applyed any info much appreciated ( going employer sponsored rsms 119 ) many thanks dobba
  12. Guest

    Diabetic wanting to go to oz

    Hi i am looking to go to oz on a working holiday visa. One problem is i am diabetic does anyone have any experience of doing this will it cause problems with getting a visa or whats the deal with getting insulin in oz any help would be appreciated
  13. Hi All Not sure if this is the right place but I have a question. My hubby is diabetic taking insulin that in itself is not a problem as long as it is well controlled, or so I am lead to believe. My question is as we are hopefully going on a 457 visa what would we have to pay for the insulin etc as I have been told some are quite expensive? Also is it possible to purchase it here in the UK and have it posted to Australia by a family member? Any imput would be gratefully received.:wubclub: ktb08
  14. Hello all We are Lin and Roger, friends of April & Richard (Mr & Mrs C ) We have not started our process as yet but would like to know if there is anyone who is a Diabetic out there. If so have you come across any problems with your Med's. Spent some time in Oz last year, and loved it there, visited Sydney and Victoria. Roger did the bridge climb (Sydney)but I stayed on the ground. It took nearly three hours. Would be good to hear from you! Lin & Roger
  15. Guest

    Is anyone got diabetic

    Has anyone come to Australia got diabeties, I have a friend back in the UK, who would love to emigrate but is diabetic. Any info would help Julie
  16. Guest

    diabetic advice

    hi, looking for some info. i was planning to apply for a contributory parents visa. i was diagnosed diabetic in march 07. type 2 treated by diet and medication. contacted australian embassy re this for their medical advice. couldnt give me any advice as such only that i would have to apply first and an answer would be made when my medical documents were submitted.. does anyone have any knowledge as to anyone else applying who is diabetic ?. have been accepted / rejected. it may be me, but i would have thought the australian embassy would have been able to give a more reasonable answer to an enquiry at this stage without having to put applicants through the whole application process, before being accepted / rejected. they appear to have a very negative atitude towards applicants. any help appreciated ringo
  17. Guest

    Immigration Diabetic issue

    Hello, new to all this so bear with me. considering moving to Australia my wife has a skill on the occupation list. I have been a diabetic on insulin for over 12 years and have heard that this may exclude me from entry. Does anyone know of succesfull applicants with this conditon or would i be wasting time and money applying.