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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all. I don't know if anyone is able to help and I realise variations on this topic have been raised before, but any advice gratefully received. We are preparing a 189 visa submission and virtually everything is in place and looking good. The fly in the ointment is that my wife has Type 1 diabetes. Whilst her sugar levels are ok, and have improved significantly in the last two years following a change in insulin, we are very concerned about how a MOC will view this situation. She has no complications or end-organ damage, but we have received advice that a strict interpretation of the regulations would result in rejection as the cost of medications alone is above the threshold. However, there appear to be a number of people in this situation who have been successful. This is a real dilemma and everywhere we turn provides conflicting advice. Any suggestions or thoughts gratefully received as we don't want to throw money away on a doomed application. Many thanks.
  2. Guest

    Type 2 Diabetes

    Hi can anyone help me I need some advice. I have a sponsord visa and am on my way to Oz with hubby and three children in 16 days but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few days ago. I was hoping to apply for permanent residency in 2 years and am realy worried now that this will have an affect on our application as we were not intending on comming back to the Uk. Can anyone give me info on how this might affect us and do you need another medical for permanent visa application. Many thanks:no:
  3. Hi everyone I was wondering if anybody had flown a diabetic pet to Australia before and did they cope ok? I have spoke to some UK pet export companies and have had mixed advice. I know that the dog will not receive insulin for up to 24 hours and will also not have any food for this amount of time also. I know with diabetes, this amount of time with neither insulin or food can be lethal and lead to coma's and death. I would hate to put my boy through all the stress only for him to die scared and alone in the plane cargo. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He is a 8 year old Chihuahua.
  4. pete2011

    Medicals and Diabetes

    Hi, has any one had a problem when it comes to having the medicals if you have diabetes, I have diet controlled diabetes and are well controlled and have no problems, be good to hear from any one.
  5. Hi all..I went for my Meds the other day, and adivsed on urine check that it had high sugar levels! they redid the test and came higher (not helped im sure by the fact i was panicking as never suspected diabetes 2 or high sugar problems). now my worry is that i´m trying to get visa via state sponsor,i have priority group 2 ...could this be me stumbled at the final hurdle prehaps as i have read that diabetes may mean visa rejected!! I never expected this shock nor suspected potential diabetes as feel ok,and hence awaiting now results from my local GP I have already submitted police checks as requested by CO and advised done medicals... and understood this may be the final decision stage what do people reckon ... are my dreams of the Aus life shattered? ahhhhh! please advise thanks!
  6. twinkletoes35

    medicals and diabetes

    Hi all I was wondering if any one can help me out with some advice, I am a typer 2 diabetic and was wondering what test are performed at the medical and what info should I provide. I also have slight hypertension which is not treated at the moment anyone have any advice on this too Thanks TT xx
  7. Guest

    Child with diabetes advice

    hi we are hopefully moving to Perth as soon as our house in the uk sells!!! i would like advice from anyone who has moved to WA with a diabetic child as to how the child coped with the move. did it effect their normal blood control with the temperature changes? also were they able to sign up to medicare straight away? my son uses an animas pump would i still be able to get supplies in australia as easy as i can in the uk? any advice at all related to type 1 diabetes would be very much appreciated thanks
  8. twinkletoes35

    medicals - guidelines for diabetes levels

    hi all I have been on the DIAC website but just cannot find the guidelines for diabetes levels used, when I undertake my medical. Can anyone let me know or provide me with the link? is it measured by BM or do I need to get a letter from my GP, I was only diagnosed 6 months ago Any advice much appreciated TT xx
  9. bartlett

    Mum with Diabetes

    Hi all My parents are coming to vist me in Melbourne in January for 3 months they live in Spain but have British Passports my mum has type1 diabetes and needs insulin she was asking me if you can buy insuiln over the counter or have to see a doctor she is not sure if she can get 3 months worth of insulin from her doctor in Spain.I have looked on the internet and it is not clear i think i might have to go to the doctors and ask. Thanks Heidi
  10. Guest

    Diabetes in Oz?

    Hi, In very early stages of looking at a move but wonder if anyone could enlighten me as to the likelihood of my family actually being successful in emigrating? My OH and daughter both have Type 1 Diabetes and as such require daily insulin injections. In UK their meds are free, what happens in Australia? Also, will the fact that my husband has diabetes, as the wage earner, stop us from actually going? Hope someone can point me in the right direction because if the answer is a going to be a definitive NO then we can stop looking now? Thanks:unsure:
  11. Hi, After 12 months of starting our application, hopefully we are nearly there ! we are just about to have our medicals and had a question about the cost of diabetic medication. My husband is Type 2, which is controlled with metformin tablets. Over here although we pay for perscriptions, he is exempt because of the Diabetes. Wondered if anyone knows the cost of buying them in Oz ? will we have to buy ? will this be covered in the medical insurance that i think we will have to take out (another query !).
  12. Guest


    We are in the process of applying for PR and hubby has to have a full endocrinology review for his insulin well controlled diabetes, Does anyone know if they will refuse us PR 'cos if so we won't waste the money??? Help:eek:
  13. My 9 month old baby son has been very ill and we have discovered he has diabetes type 1 which will mean he will need to have insulin injections for the rest of his life. We have already made our online application and know I need to declare the change of circumstances but will I now be denied entrance? At the end of the day whether or not Oz decide to let us in is not important compared to having our beautiful liitle son still with us but just wanted to get an idea so I can readjust future plans. xx
  14. Hi All, I'm moving to the UK in May and was wondering whether anyone can give me a heads up about glucose test strips for diabetes. I'm a Type 2 diabetic and here in Australia I don't need a prescription for test strips for my glucose meter,but I do have to fill in an order form and pay $14.10 for 100 strips which lasts about 30 days. Can anyone advise me about the situation in the UK?Will I have to pay for them and how do I go about getting them? All advice appreciated.
  15. i would be very grateful if any1 could give me any info, to set my mind at ease with this huge decision.... we are currently waiting for Mr M to do his practical skills assessment in Feb, and hopefully if all ok we will be moving to Adelaide in Oct 09, but in August my 9 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, this was a huge shock and obviously the whole migration business was put on hold as we tried to get used to the idea, we finally decided to carry on with the move, and we are hoping that this won't create a problem wen it comes to the medicals, but i am very worried about how much support we could expect to recieve wen we finally get to Oz, as here it is a fantastic support network, my son has his own diabetes nurse who is on the other end of the phone whenever we need a shoulder. My son sees his specialist every 3 months and all prescriptions are free etc etc, can any1 tell me if i can expect the same in Oz? Plus the transition from here to there in the first couple of weeks is worrying me, how easy is it to find a GP, Diabetes nurse, specialists, get prescriptions etc? also another massive thing to worry about is whether the insulin would be the same? :unsure: Is there any1 that has already done the move with a child with type 1 diabetes? Any info and personal experiences would be much appreciated thanks
  16. Guest

    diabetes , medical ?

    Hi there we have just received an e-mail from hoc to say my sons medical has been refered and they want more info on his eyes before they decide whether he meets the criteria for entry into oz. he has been diabetic since he was 5 he is now 17. i never even thought this might cause problems as diabetes is so common. has this happend to anyone else or is it just procedure. thank you for ANY info:confused: dobba
  17. MelandJas

    Diabetes In Australia

    We are travelling to Queensland this year with hopes of moving eventually, my 12 yr old child is diabetic and would like to know of any other diabetic experiences in Oz
  18. Guest

    Diabetes on insulin

    Has anybody had any problems being granted a visa who is insulin dependant diabetic. My control is good and I have no complications. Obviously if this is going to cause our application to fail, then we do not want to go though the expense and heartache to find this out towards the end of the process.I would like to hear from any diabetics (in particular those on insulin) who have been granted visas and who could offer some good adviceThanksRich
  19. Hi guys, Currently awaiting the OK for skilled independent 136 MODL. I have been qualified 16 years as RGN and 7 years as RN child. I also have my degree in community nursing(specialist healthcare practitioner) and was a children's diabetes specialist nurse for 2 1/2 years. I have been a diabetes nurse advisor in the pharmaceutical industry for the past year. I am starting to panic now that they may say I am too specialised. What does anyone else think? Will my skills and qualifications be recognised? You know what its like... Won't believe its going to happen until it does! Currently at stage waiting for policw checks, had medicals etc. Cheers! Gaynor. PS. I would be willing to work back on wards with either adults or children if needs be. I have heard that they are quite hot on diabetes in Oz.
  20. Hi, my OH is joining the ADF through the lateral transfer process and we are currently waiting for our visas, we submitted the application first week in Feb and he has a start date of 3rd July. My daughters are both in the Scottish Education System with the eldest daughter finishing her Advanced Highers this summer and the youngest finishing her GCSEs (Intermediate 2s). Our dilemma is that the eldest has had several acceptances for Uni starting in September and has to accept a place and apply for her grant very soon. I'm hoping that the visa will come through in the next few weeks but what happens if it doesn't? I wish there was a way to find out where we stand. I can't think of anything in the application that would cause us problems other than the fact that our youngest daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and I know that this can throw up questions. Her medical was sent with a report from the Diabetic Clinic that she attends. Does anyone have experience with Diabetes and the Visa process? I contacted the Doctor who was at the interviews and he didn't think there would be a problem as she is young and fit with the Diabetes fairly well regulated (for a teenager!) with a lifetime of paying tax ahead of her. Any advice gratefully accepted!!!
  21. Lynne2007

    Diabetes Type 1 Insulin Dependant

    Hi, Was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has diabetes type 1 (insulin Dependant) had there visa approved or refused recently? Please respond if you have or know anybody who has. Much Appreciated and anticipated Lynne :eek:
  22. Guest

    Diabetes in Queensland

    Hi all, Me and the family have just got the news that we have got our visas, and the passports are currently off being stamped. We are really looking forward to part 2 of our lives and are looking at setting up home in the Buderim area of the Sunshine coast. We have a slight concern though, and that is that when having our medicals done the panel doctor diagnosed our daughter with type 1 diabetes (the type that needs injections to control).We have searched the internet for a scale of charges for the insulin and equipment that she will need for the forseeable future, and cannot find too much information on the long term costs (everything is free in the UK). We are not looking for excuses or barriers to put us off but obvoiusly want to make sure that she will be OK on arrival. Any news will be much appreciated. Also any information on Buderim would be welcome.