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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all I need to submit evidence of CPD for AHPRA for registration. I am a bit confused as to what to send to them for this. I have been a mentor to a 3rd year student nurse from Jan - March this year and was wondering if this would account for the 20 hours evidence? as I have worked with her on lots of my shifts 12.5 hrs? She said she will write a statement for me and I was going to write a reflective piece to cover the time I have worked with her and the learning outcomes I wanted to achieve with her. Do you think that this would be sufficient? I have looked at the FAQ on AHPRA website, but would liketo hear from anyone who has sent in their CPD to give me some reassurance I am on the right track or will I need to send in a lot more written evidence to cover this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. My name is Chris Baddeley and I am the Sales Manager for Vodafone in Victoria and am currently recruiting for Business Development Managers due to headcount growth in the state. If you have a proven track record in sales and are hard working, energetic, hungry for success and looking to earn in the region of $80k - $100k please pm
  3. Hi I am a Permanent resident and trying to apply for a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course and hopefully, work is paying for it. According to 3 TAFEs and 1 uni, I qualify for the lower fees as my UK qualifications and degree count for anything so technically, I have no qualifications! I didn't need my O/A Levels or degree assessed by VETASSESS for my visa but to do the short course, Vic Uni insist that my degree is assessed by Skills Victoria (which is free). This whole situation is laughable given that I have never had to prove my qualifications to get a jobs in 3 years! Has anyone else applied to a Uni or TAFE/training provider to do a course having previously done non-Australian qualifications? Cheers Mark
  4. Hi All I am currently researching the opportunities available in and around Brisbane / Sunshine Coast areas for a qualified accountant and business development consultant (with 22 years experience commercial and practice). My family and I anticipate making a move around March April next year (we already have visas!). Any help, advice or assistance in building a good picture of what opportunities exist in the area would be most gratefully received. I current own and run my own accountancy and business development practice here in blighty, so would class myself as senior and/or very experienced in my profession. Thanks everyone Take care Adam
  5. Hi, We're looking at giving Sydney a 1-year trial, but I'm really concerned about whether I can get a job in my field: sports development. I haven't found much on the web so far. It feels like too much of a risk of 7 years hard work in the field & I'm too long in the tooth for waitressing again. Any ideas? Cheers
  6. Hi all. I noticed that they've now added training and development manager to the skills list - I'm sure that wasn't on there a year or so ago. This is my husbands profession. He's been a manager for about 3 years and before that a business trainer (for 1.5 years). Is there anyone else with this profession who are looking to go to Australia. Do you think it would be possible for us to go - we really want to :biggrin:
  7. Guest

    Language Development Centres

    Looking for advice. My 4 year old is at Kindy in a great school. Two weeks after we arrived he was flagged as having comprehension difficulties, mostly with sequencing and processing. His teacher, school psyche, deputy principal invited us to a meeting where his difficulties were shown to us. They had a point but my gut feeling has always been that he needed time to settle (we have had 3 house moves since arriving and the whole migration experience to deal with). We now have bought a house, feeling very settled and all is great but in the meantime we had speech therapy and again we were encouraged to apply for him to attend a Language Development Centre full time from feb 2011. I have been secretly hoping that he wouldnt get in because he has made such excellent progress in these last few months, has made friends and enjoys being at the same school as his two older brothers (y4 and y5). We got the letter yesterday to say he has been accepted at the LDC and my heart sank. Many people are advising me that the LDC is the way to go and that we would be mad to turn down an opportunity of special care (this special care will last for one year after which he will go back to the school he currently attends). I have a very strong gut instinct that I shouldnt move him from where he currently is, I dont think he copes well with change. I would be very grateful to hear advice from anyone who has been through this process. He is already talking about his teacher for next year, and wants me to get his uniform from the school shop..... how on earth do I broach this with him and more to the point should I?:unsure:
  8. I'm reading conflicting reports regarding software development jobs in Australia. I would be interested to hear from those in the industry to how the jobs market is. I'm a senior developer (14 years) working with C#, ASP.net, SQL server. There seems to be plenty of jobs on Seek but I know quite often there can be loads of duplicates on these job sites. I plan on getting a skilled migration visa(175) and would we looking at going to Melbourne (or possibly Sydney).
  9. Australia stands pretty high on Human Development Index :wink: http://hdrstats.undp.org/en/countries/country_fact_sheets/cty_fs_AUS.html
  10. I am a property developer and i am hoping to set up a new company when we get to OZ. Does anyone have any experience of this i.e how easy it is to buy land, get planning permission, architects, legal issues etc. Please help. Steve. :goofy:
  11. Objective (<http://www.objective.com> ) is an Australian owned global technology organisation head quartered in Sydney. We have sponsorship and relocation opportunities for Development Project Managers who have the following essential attributes : - Experienced people manager - have directly managed a team of 8-10 software engineers in-house including recruitment, performance appraisals, training and development - Degree qualified – IT degree - Project Management – minimum of 10 years project management experience with a minimum of 5 years directly managing complex software development projects, with a deep understanding of methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, XP - JAVA Application Development – strong understanding of Java and web development (Java, JSP, Javascript, HTML), Open Source frameworks and database technology - Communication – ability to articulate effectively both written and verbally If you can answer yes to each of the above requirements please take a look at our job description at http://www.objective.com/about-objective/careers/job-listing/jobs/development-project-manager. Interested candidates should submit a covering letter and resume specifying: - Why you’re right for the role - Anticipated time frame for arrival in Australia - What stage you are in your visa process if at all - Salary expectations - You are from the pomsinoz website Candidates of interest will be contacted before Christmas. Agents please do not submit candidates. Covering letter is essential.
  12. Chaps Anyone know or can point me in the right direction for government agencies in regards new business start-up in Melbourne area and potential grants. I know there are numerous organisations in the UK doing it and I'm sure there are some here but while I can still trawl the net, many of you may have had experience of this and thus be able to assist with the links and/or people to talk to. It would be a sideline business at the start, but still something that is important to me. Thus nay advise or thought would be most appreciated. Thanks Andy
  13. Hi, I am looking at VIC State sponsorship under subclass 176 as Research and Development Mgr. I am unable to understand clearly what qualifies as R&D Mgr. I have been working in a large computer networking company as a test manager involved in network product testing and validation as part of product development. Do I qualify as R&D Manager ? Anyone has experiences applying under this category in this field ? Thanks in advance..
  14. Guest

    Business Development Manager

    Congrtats to all that are on their way! My OH is a Business Development Manager (he was 40 last week) for a leading freight forwarding company specialising in road freight and we have just found out from Go Matilda that to get a permanent visa in Aus he needs a Batchelors Degree. He is only 1 step under the Director now and hasn't got a Degree, he has been asking around and nobody in his line of work that we know has one. He has worked his way up the ladder from a 16 year on work experience by swapping companies etc but always staying in the same trade. The only way is a sponsorship it seems, though he works for a multi million pound company they don't have offices in Aus, so we are finding it tricky. Experience and a proven track record doesn't seem to count for much. He is quite happy in his job but has been thinking of moving to TNT who has offices in Aus or similar but is reluctant because if he can't get a transfer and he is not happy, it will all be for nothing, so obviously we are reluctant. We are thinking of attending the Leeds Expo to see if this is any good, but quite honestly at this moment we feel a country that is supposidly desperate for honest good skilled workers they are making it very difficult. :sad: Any ideas out there?? Any Business Devopment Managers with similar experiences or got round it some how? Feeling a bit like the dream is over right now and we haven't got of the first rung yet! Milly mayhem
  15. Hi, I currently work for a print company in the UK as a Business Development Manager. Is there any chance of getting sponsorship doing a similar thing in oz? I'm not 30 yet, have been in sales for about 5 years, and print for about a year.
  16. is there a lot of problems and buearocracy involved in buying land and building your own place also i know this sounds lazy but if you go on a skills visa are you expected to work full time for the first number of years or so and show how much youve earned ie reach a target. only i will still be recieving dividends from the uk average wage a year so i would like to enjoy life, maybe play golf, ive never done that