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Found 78 results

  1. Annie Phanster Lightfoot

    Skills Assesment for 190 Interior Design

    Hi there, Please can anyone shed some light on what exactly the Skills Assessment for Interior Designer entails? - What documents will I need to provide etc. - Will it matter that I have not worked full time in my skilled area for the past 5 years? Due to recession?! - Should I hire a migration agent? If so, can you recommend any? Help! Thanks Annie
  2. Hello, Can anyone clarrify what visa process I'd have to look into to move back to NSW. After about 7 years living in Syndey we moved back to Europe for a few years so our kids could spend time with grandparents. We were initally buisness sponsored and then independent permanent residents and our first child has an Australian Passport, but not citizens. Still have superanuation, have degree from an aussie uni etc but no property. We stayed away longer than planned as additional children followed on but now are thinking of moving back We have now been gone just over 5 years ( other than a month long holliday a couple of years ago) which looks to be problematic but but have maintained good ties and could easily have my employer move my job back with me. What approach should we take? Can we use a resident return visa? Should we look at a family visa based on our son? Would I have to go down the route of another buisness sponsored visa. Cheers
  3. derham

    details on 475 visa

    Can anyone pass on information on the 475 visa (what is classed as regional within WA, do you pay for school fees etc etc). I am considering options away from 176 if I do not get enough points on my IELTS:arghh:
  4. Prior to yesterday's suspension, quite a few of us managed to lodge applications and are now sitting with fingers crossed, touching wood etc etc hoping our applications are accepted. There's also been speculation about how quickly [or not] these applications may be processed. Please could you add your details below and update on your progress? I'll start... Names: David & Nicky [he's the applicant] Visa Type: 176 QLD sponsored CSL: yes Job: .NET Developer Progress: got the TRN number and they've taken our money...
  5. Hi all, Just a quick question for all those that have completed a Partner Visa Application :- For the letter about your Relationship did you do it in letter/story format or just list all the events in your relationship e.g. first met, engaged, married, children born etc.? Cheers
  6. Hi I think I am having a dumb moment but after the time I have spent doing these application forms I think I am allowed to...perhaps.... Form 80 , question 36 - 'Give details of all visits (including short stays) to countries outside Australia for the last 10 years' I have been back and forth from England to Australia for various periods of time - do I have to put every time I have gone to England? (I live in Australia now on temp spouse visa) thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin:
  7. Hi All We recently returned from activiting our visa subclass 475. We are sponsored regionally by the SAus gov, so its a 3 year temp visa: Visa granted 1 July 2009 (had to be activated before 10 Mar 2010) Activated 6 Mar 2010 - so the visa will run until 5 Mar 2013 My understanding is that I need to live in SAus for 2 years of which I have to work for 1 year in order to apply for PR Predicament - we need all the time we can get before we move to SAus, so what are our options? I have been told that you can apply for an extension which works out to 4 years from the date on which the visa was granted, which means the visa will expire not on 5 Mar 2013, but rather on 30 Jun 2013. Question 1) Is all of this this correct? Question 2) Can this be assumed as given, I.e. can we wait to enter SAus on 2 years prior to the extended date in order to still make the 2 year requirement? Or MUST we still enter prior to the non-extended date. Even though its just 3 months more, it will really help of we can assume the extension as given and therefore only move prior to 30 June 2011 (as opposed to 5 March 2011). :goofy:
  8. Guest

    details about 887 visa?

    hi to all we were came australia one and half year ago. we are on 475 visa .i am first applicant. i want to know:- 1. can my wife apply for PR ( she is working in company from one year) after 2years live in adelaide ? 2. she came here without IELTS, she payed 2nd installment fees. but she did not join English class. should she do IELTS? 3 and also about Fee ? i am waiting ur ans thank you
  9. George Lombard

    Details of DIAC 1 July Legislative Changes

    DIAC has now released more information on the raft of changes from 1 July, including further details on the new points test, fees and charges, balance of family provisions, etc: Amendments of Migration Regulations 1994 relating to eligible non-citizens Amendment of Migration Regulations 1994 relating to personal identifiers Minor amendments to Bridging Visa A and Bridging Visa B Amendments of Australian Citizenship Regulations 2007 relating to Centrelink concession codes Amendments to the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations) relating to the Bridging E (Class WE) visas Amendments to introduce a new points test for certain applicants for General Skilled Migration visas Amendment of Australian Citizenship Regulations 2007 relating to the payment of fees in foreign currencies and foreign countries Amendment of Australian Citizenship Regulations 2007 relating to evidence of citizenship Annual adjustment of Fees and Charges Amendments to Family Stream visas Changes to the Balance of Family test for parent migration as specified in Regulation 1.05 of the Migration Regulations 1994 Transfer of Business Skills Processing from Taipei to Hong Kong for residents of Taiwan Amended definition of ‘client number’ Amendments relating to Public Interest Criteria 4005, 4006A and 4007 Changes to the health criteria are welcome but will require careful analysis. See http://www.immi.gov.au/legislation/amendments/ Cheers, George Lombard
  10. Hi, I've read through a great number of threads about Stat Decs, but most of them refer to Spouse visas... I hope there are some guys who know similar situations. I'm from Low Risk country, my boyfriend is British. From my side I want to get Statuory Declarations from my Mum and my cousin, as they know us best as a couple. We visited them several times and they live in different part of my country. For certification I will pick notaries, because they seem to be most recognised worldwide. I assume the Stat Dec is to be written in our native language, signed in the presence of a notary and then it goes to the sworn translator? Second question- while notarising their declarations, should the witnesses attach the copies of their IDs /Passports (also notarised as valid copies of originals) ? Last thing - is it OK that from my side only family gives declarations? We live in the UK, so when I go home I obviously visit family in the first place. Me and my boyfriend had some contact with my friends a couple of years ago, but now, because of time and distance, we're not very close. I'll be very grateful for any tips and advice!
  11. I'm attaching the Minister's press release and the points test to apply from July next year. By removing points for occupations and ascribing points for qualifications the points test will give relative advantages for degree based qualifications as against trades. Ironically these changes will also, by adopting a credentialist approach, spell the end of RPL based applications for a variety of occupations. Also the introduction of additional points for a higher level of English might discriminate against many applicants. More analysis to come. Cheers, George Lombard
  12. Hi, I've sent several blank emails to GSM Processing over the last four weeks but I've had nothing back. Has anyone else had this? I send a completely blank email with no subject or anything and the address is correct as I sent it using the link from DIAC. Help please. Thanks, Mick
  13. Hi Anyone got a direct contact telephone number or email address for the unit who may be able to advise if I want to quit my 857 employer before the two years is up? Waited on the phone for 45 minutes and was given the wrong email address :arghh:
  14. Hi It has been mentioned in a couple of places but not everyone may be checking those threads so I thought I would open a separate thread. Here is the link to the the latest release of details about the points test - came out yesterday I think The pass mark for points is still 65 http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-test.pdf
  15. Long awaited details: On 1 July 2011 a new points test for skilled migrants will come into effect. Information about the points test, which visas are affected and how this relates to those eligible students and former student visa holders for transitional arrangements is available. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm
  16. They are asking me to add to my application and have given me the link which is telling me that it is not possible as the outcome has been made Any suggestions I have emailed them and they keep coming back with the same answer I am still going mad after getting a visa approved!!!:confused::confused:
  17. Hey all, I'm planning on going to Australia hopefully this time next year to work for 12-24 months with a view on making that move permenant. If i'm not moving there permenantly from the off do I still need the NMC to send my details off to Australia? If so could anyone be so kind as to fill me in on how I go about this? Thanks very much!
  18. Dear All, I am working through a to do list for emigrating to Sydney in August. The hardest decision is which company takes my two cats get out there. The forum has been really useful and I have narrowed it down to the above transport carriers. Did Pet air send out the wooden crate beforehand as they say they will? (Airpets dont do this) Was the boarding cattery ok in Windsor which pet air use? - no photos.. Is newspaper better (Airpets) or absorbent vet bed (pet air) in the crate as am worried if they have newspaper it will be wet & might clog up the water bowl but they can hide their business. Both have good reviews on this forum but does anyone have any experiences of either that would help make my decision easier? I just need to make a decision.. Many thanks for any replies.. Merlinphoenix
  19. Hi all, I'm just about to lodge the import application permit for my 4. I've been in touch with quarantine in Melbourne to see if they have space for them in October and they said they've plenty at the moment but will confirm once I lodge the application. This is probably a very stupid question but what details did any of you put for the importer details? Did you use a friends address or make one up? I've a feeling there's a lot of paperwork coming my way :eek:
  20. Guest

    LAHFA Details - 457 Visa

    Hey All, My husband and I are moving to Sydney during the 1st week of June My company is providing me the LAHFA component in my offer. I wanted to know how do I become eligible for the same and how do I apply for it? Does it take a lot of time to apply for the LAHFA to get tax exemption? How much is the approx tax exemption that we can get? Any help in the regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks,
  21. Guest

    Initial Entry details

    Hi, My Australian PR would lapse if I do not make an initial entry in the next month. In lieu of this I am planning to make a short visit. Is there any minimum time lines I have to be in Australia for the visa to be active? Do I need to do any registrations or the like? Am planning to stay for a week and then come back and travel again in the future. At the immigration point do they ask for any specifics like the time I would be staying, the reason I have come etc..Please advise. Cheers, Light
  22. I am a social worker, completing the AASW form. It is asking for details o the placements I undertook whilst at college in 1995, placements, supervisors names etc! I cant remember what I did on the course to be honest and certainly dont know who my supervisor was. Im not asking to be assessed on this course. What to do? Aymie
  23. Hi all For the changes coming up in July, does anyone know when final details are likely to be announced? Would it be on the day of the change or beforehand? What's happened in the past with this sort of thing? I know the 1st July date is not set in stone either and could be delayed. Thanks for your help, Amy :unsure:
  24. rinkerdink

    From 80 travel details

    Hi, Has anybody else had trouble detailing their travels for the previous 10 years? Like many I have had a many short trips abroad that I can barely remember the year let alone the actual departure and arrival home dates. There was a France daytrip too that I have no idea when it was other than 3-5 years ago before christmas :shocked: I've been told that you need to be pretty much exact, just wondered if anybody had any experiences and what the implications were should the details provided not be correct? Concerned I might screw this up by forgetting a trip or getting the dates wrong
  25. Hi all Filling in our 176 at last!!. My aim is to complete it all and then hit send when we are ready to pay. Want to do this so we are ready to send before April as these rumblings about changes maybe happening before July are v v scary. (we have already waited patiently since November 2009 to apply) Problem is my sons passport is due to expire soon and we have sent off for a renewal. I am some way through completing the app form and have got to the passport details bit. What I want to know is can I put his current ( due to expire ) passport details down, carry on with the form up until completion and then as soon as his new one comes through - go back to that bit of the app form , change the details and then hit send. Think I'm over complicating it !! basically can you go back to bits of the form to change them before you send it Many many thanks in advance Rachel