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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there my family and myself have just been granted our 175pr visa and i am intending to travel to Australia asap on my own initially just to make sure there is sufficient work around and to convince myself that it is all going to work !! i realise its just after xmas/summer hols and some people arent back to work till the end of the month but i need to get the ball rolling , i intend to be out by mid-feb/early march by which time any slowdown that would have been contributed to xmas etc should be over (and if its not then who knows )i have friends/family in gold coast,brisbane and sunshine coast and intend to travel to all three checking them out ,so what im after please are any email or telephone contact numbers (preferably landline cheers) of either any of the forum members or of anybody that you think would be useful to me to contact prior to me coming out there,i am a time served bricklayer with 21years experience and with a variety of construction jobs/processess under my belt as well as some management experience and qualifications. I am looking for full time work and also would be gratefull of some temporary work on my initial visit for a few weeks to tide me over! Thanks for any help or replys!
  2. Please can someone advise me if I must have worked for at least 20 hours a week for 3 years out of the last 4 to gain the extra 10 points for specific work experience. An agent told me that I only needed to have done more than 20 hours for that last 12 months but looking on the DIAC website it reads like it is for 3 years?:confused: If this is the case and I need to get an employer to sponsor me am I right in thinking I have to work full time? Thank you Gill
  3. Hi, I am desperately seeking visa 857 sponsorship in Sunshine coast area. Over 25 years experience as tiler but need permanent residency urgently. Any tiling contractors need a highly qualified wall and floor tiler, please reply soon as! Full C.V. can be provided and I am able to pay visa fee costs. Available to work as soon visa applicayion completed ( about 4 weeks ). Thanks!:biggrin:
  4. Hi all, Taking a bit of a long shot here, but desperately trying to help a friend.... A good friend of mine that I have known for 4 years recently migrated to Australia from the UK on a 457 Visa. He is a qualified Carpenter/UPVC Window Fitter. After 11 weeks of employment(667 hours of work he put in!), his sponsoring company let him go, citing economic climate, internal politics etc. He is extremely talented and has a small portfolio of his work available for viewing. He is willing to work for an agreed period of time, without pay in order to prove his worth. If anybody is able to assist in any way or put us in contact with anybody, please pm me. He basically has 28 days before he will have to leave Australia if we are unable to find him an alternate sponsor. Please help!!! Many thanks, Lee
  5. Hi all we arrived in Perth on wednesday & so far loving every minute, its winter although it has rained a bit (apparently theres been hardly any rain so its very much needed!) today has been lovely skys & sunny! Were in a holiday rental for 1 month in Mindarie but we desperately need a long term house to rent as the kids cant go to school until we do due to the cathment areas. We dont really want to settle in Mindarie as weve heard its quite expensive & we have fell in love with Butler (we came last year for a month to suss out areas) but struggling as we want a pool. Thre doesnt seem to be any with a pool???? If anyone knows of any for rent in or around Butler (would consider other areas) please please let us know. Didnt think it would be such a headache!!!! Thanks Hayley:laugh:
  6. Does ANYONE know who can help me. I am a qualified electrician. I have knowledge in health and safety and am computer literate. In South Africa I am a qualified Master Electrician (I can work in hazardous areas) and have my wireman’s license. I have worked in both the industrial sector as well as the domestic sector. We are a family of 3 and have applied for immigration to Australia from South Africa in July last year under the general skilled migration visa application. As the visas for approval have been reduced, unless you get sponsored, I have been told it could take me up to 3 years to get my visa. I am hereby asking for help with either sponsorship or a job offer. I have completed all the requirements under independent skilled immigration, ie, my IELTS exam, passed the Trades Skills Assessment through Vetassess under general electrician etc. I have sent out so many applications for jobs, but to no avail. I am at the end of my tether. Thanks:err:
  7. Hi everyone I am hoping someone might be able to offer me a ray of light and hope. I moved to Perth in Jan 2010 initially on a one year working holiday visa. The plan was to live with my girlfriend of 2 years for this year and in Jan 2011 apply for a de facto spousal visa. However she has recently told me that she cannot commit to that visa and is unwilling to apply for it, ironically it was the requirement to live together that has caused all the issues. The thing is I love Perth and my life here and want to remain! I am 27 and a law graduate from the UK and am seeking to work here as a solicitor but legal professions are not state sponsored and it is exceptionally hard gaining employer sponsorship so do I have any other options?? I have Australian family (late grandparents, aunt, great uncle, cousins etc). I am pretty sure I have no options but maybe I have missed something! Thanks Kas
  8. Hello, Ok so we have been here in Melbourne 8 weeks now and our stuff was supposed to arrive on 26th August, however the silly ship went and got itself delayed in Singapore and now isn't scheduled to arrive into Melbourne until 6th September and delivery to our address is forecast for around the 17th September, that's if customs just let it through with no problems! However, we are now faced with a problem, in that we are going on holiday on September 10th to Thailand and do we have any summer clothes or swimwear here with us??? .......No! We brought with us all our winter woolies, ugg boots etc etc and packed all our summer stuff on the ship!!!! Hence my question.......... does anyone know of a great little shop, to get all your swimwear, beach clothes and summer dresses, that doesn't cost an absolute fortune??? I have been to Chadstone and Southlands, but have so far managed to find one dress!!! Oh and two bikinis!! However this will never do and I am really panicking now!! It seems as though the summer wear hasn't kicked in yet in stores. Please help! Vanessa x
  9. Hi all, Was offered sponsorship at the start of this yearby a plastering company in Perth. We were granted our 457 visas on June 24th and were delighted! We sold our home and our furniture, gave up our jobs and were all booked up to fly out to Perth on September 24th. On the 4th of October we received an e-mail out of the blue from my would be employer in Perth stating that he no longer had a job for me. He said that the government wanted him to guarantee 2 years work and he couldn't do that so he had informed immigration.It was our understanding that the government had to be satisfied that the sponsor was able to offer 4 years work in order to be allowed to become a sponsor. The following day we received notification of the cancellation of our visas from DIAC. They said they were satisfied that as we had not yet entered Australia there would be minimum impact and implications on our lives. They have not taken into account that we have taken our whole lives apart here in the UK in preparation of moving to Australia. We now have until 3rd October to enter our response to the cancellation notice and to find a new sponsor. I have been plastering for the last 22 years since I left school. I was taught my trade by my father who was also a plasterer for 45 years. I am highly proficient in all aspects of plastering and am looking for a good Australian company to give us a break and offer us sponsorship in any state of Australia. Should you have any contacts or advice please forward them to me, it will be very much appreciated! Wal
  10. We arrived in Sydney last week and are currently staying in temporary accommodation, our dogs are in quarantine and are due out in 3 weeks. We've been trying to find some rental accommodation that will be suitable for all of us but keep coming up against brick walls. No dogs allowed, has anyone got any suggestions, we've done the usual thing like offering extra money/bond to the agents but they won't even consider it. We can aford to pay up to $400 a week but not much more so this limits the type of accommodation we can get. What have other people done who've come over with pets, we don't want to be in the same situation in 3 weeks time and looking at sleeping in our rental car with the dogs as we have nowere else to go
  11. Hi I m new in this forum. I m confused about my offshore 175 visa application. I applied offshore 175 visa application on 3rd February 2009. It included me and my wife. I am studying in Australia and my wife is in my home country. I applied as an electronics engineer which is in CSL. I claimed MODL points as an engineer. The thing is when I was doing my master degree I did job as an research engineer in abroad for 1 year 2 months (1st november 2006-31st december 2007) . After that I returned to bangladesh and worked as a lecturer in the electrical engineering department in an engineering university in Bangladesh for 8 months ( 9th April 2008- 31st october 2008). If some one wants to claim modl points he or she has to show at least 1 year work experience in his relevant field in last two year. If i follow this ruls from 3rd november 2009 I have 11 month work experience as a research engineer although i did for 1 year 2 months. But also I showed I worked as lecturer in the electrical engineering department for the last 8 months. So I showed that too. In this part I am confused whether they will count it or not? They assigned me a case officer in august 2009. First she told me to submit personal documents employment certificate. Later she asked me for employment reference letter. I also submitted that. After that i submitted all the required documents such as police verification, wife's ielts result and all the other documents. After couple of days she told me to do medical test. Also she advised if it takes more time to take decision on your application you should submit your australian police verification. I also did that. When I did my medical the case officer told me to keep the results with me. She told me not to send to her until I am requested. So far what i heard if someone does medical test here for offshore 175 application, he or she sends the medical results to case officer immediately after doing medical. But Why she told me to keep it, I don't know. The HSA told me case officer can see the results online. I have done my medical at the end of October. I applied paper based application so I cant track the status of my application. I sent an email at the end of december. They told me its processing normally and to be patient bla bla general terms, nothing serious. Still now nothing came. I am not sure whether my application is pooled or not. Or when the results will come. How can I know is it pooled. What i mean that if someone's application is pooled, does the case officer ask for medical. Or When the application is pooled what i mean at which step they notify. It will be great if someone can help me on this.
  12. we have been here since April last year on a 4 year Spronsor Visa (457). We sold our home and brought our two young daughters here and we really love it and see this as our home now. Problem is one of the Managers my husband works for is a bully who is messing with our lives and obviously trying to wind my husband up so that he either does something he will regret or walk off the job. He is speaking to a Union Rep next week but we feel so alone and angry that we have given up everything we had and come here hounuring our side of the Contract and are being put in this position. My husband is slowly getting depressed and he has NEVER suffered with depression and it is starting to affect our family life. We just feel in such ;limbo and don't know where to go for help or what these next weeks hold for us, which is making me feel tearful all the time even though i love it here. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them (obviously i hope not but really appreciate some advice as feel like giving up as we are going to have to go home eventually anyway, so why prolong the obvious), thanks, Nikki.
  13. Hi guys, Joined yesterday and have been researching like crazy the last few days, but certainly feel like a rabbit in the headlights and could do with any guidance anyone can offer. Where we stand at the moment is after talking to a couple of agents they believe our score against the Australian points system would look something like this: Occ - Chef 60 Age - 29yrs 30 Exp 10yrs 10 Eng 15 MODL 15 TOTAL 130 The question i wanted to ask is knowing this, what would you do next? Apparently we could qualify under a 176 and 175 visa, but suggested we shoot for the 176 as they are processing them now. Which forms would you look at filling in? Which order would you do things? We now have a base level feeling for our points and it's looking promising so want to go full steam ahead and get the ball rolling as we expect it to take 18 months give or take. Also told she will need to have her skills assessed as she doesnt have any formal qualification (AQF apparently) so just want to get an idea of order in how to approach this all....VERY EXCITING TIMES!!! Roland
  14. Hi All Can anyone recommend a good seamstress/dressmaker in the Melbourne area- I'm in the process of starting an online vintage retail business and need someone that can alter vintage clothing for me - someone working from home would be great! Many Thanks in advance Sharon
  15. We fly to Oz in just over 3 weeks time and are yet to find anywhere to stay when we arrive. The only website I can manage to find which has possible places to stay is Kate's moving to Melbourne' site however, al the properties which are within our budget are already bookied! I know we have left it very late to book and didnt realise it would be this difficult! Does anyone know of any other websites similar to Kates which might have short term accom available? Thanks
  16. Helloo whoevers reading this youve probably seen my latest thread, its not far down the list as its on this forum. Im 12 years old, nearly 13 and im moving to brisbane in the middle of march. were hoping to go to redland bay as we are renting a nice house there. my question is.. does anybody know what the rules are here in aus? whats swearing there? whats the age limit to drive? whats the age limit to have a first job on like a saturday or however long? there just questions i deperately trying to find out but the internet comes up with different answers every time, so i PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE need answers (: thankyou to whoever can give me a reply and some help .. thanks,. emmy x
  17. My friend is working on a farm at the mo while she's travelling round OZ and has a UK driving license. She was driving the farmer's trunk and the tyre was flat and skidded on gravel. Anyway, ended up righting the trunk off and the farmer says she has to pay the excess. She doesn't have a contract with him or anything so doesn't know if she is meant to pay or if the guy's just trying his luck. Anyone have any advice???
  18. hi everyone i am a new qualified solicitor trying to move this year. if anyone has any useful advice on the process i.e what i have to do in terms of applying for visa, extra exams, being able to practice law in Australia that would be great. I was hoping to move to either Sydney or Perth. Is it best to sort things out in UK first or would it be better to jump on a flight? thanks dan
  19. Guys I need your help and advice once again!!:unsure: OH company are now basing him in Perth, after orginally he was to be based in Melbourne then at the 11th hour they decided Sydney would be better, as that is where they are HO is, after we explained there was no way we could live there on his salary and pay to educate three children as we are on a 457 Visa which was free in Victoria they have had a little re-think which I have to say will not be confirmed until next week and suggested Perth he flys out in a few weeks I will follow in November. I carried out lots of research on Melbourne, with loads of help and support from everyone on this fantastic site, I had the perfect place to live with great schools near the beach and in within our tight budget even had the quote from the removal company for our possessions :arghh: The problem is now I know nothing about Perth, the company are leaving it up to us where we live as OH will travel around with the job anyway. I am looking to live near a beach but I suppose excellent schools are definately at the top of the list I have an 11, 8, and 7 year old they would so love to be able to walk or cycle to school something that is virtually impossible where we live in England, and be near the beach. Please could you help and advise me on great areas for the children with excellent schools etc I have budgeted around $3-$400 PW OH salary is only $70,000 PA so I know things will be pretty tight. Actually my head is really starting to spin with all these changes that have been thrown at us I just so hope it will all be worth it :-) I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my thread and in helping in anyway at all possible!!!!