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Found 51 results

  1. Hi We have our 457 visas yaaaah I think and we are being moved by John Mason on the 28/29 November but I have been told that no food and no candles and our dining room chairs are a no no because they have untreated matting on the seats and will get burnt by Aqua customs upon opening if we try and take them? Is all of this right? Tkx deb 2 really desperate for answers as running out of time.
  2. Hi all, I come on here most days and just have a bit of a nosy round at other people's posts but each day I am getting more depressed with it all. Myself, my husband and my two kids are desperate to start the whole visa process but money is tight at the minute. I've jsut returned to work part time following maternity leave so I'm short a good few hundred quid each month, hubby has just changed jobs from an electrician to an electrical project engineer and money is tight. We want to start the process and get my husband approved as a sparky before he doesn't have enough hands on work experience but I just don't know where we are going to find the money to start it all. We don't have equity in our house so we need to sit on that until the market goes up and we have debts to pay off, which within the next 3 years should be gone but it all seems so far away!!! :sad: We want to have another baby but our choice is between that and oz, we really can't find a way around it to do both. Any tips on how everyone afforded the visa process would be a great help. I also meant to say, I am 31, hubby is 32 and time really seems to be running out for us.
  3. Hello my name is Paul Benmore My wife and I are looking to migrate to australia in the next year. I have worked in the drainage industry for 5 years now with lots of experience in blockages,pipe lining,cctv surveying and all types of repairs. I am desperate to move to Perth and im looking for a sponsor to help me with the move.Could you help me? My wife is a newly qualified social worker she is also looking for a sonsor. If you have any vancancies or know of anybody who can help please please contact me Kind reards Paul Benmore
  4. Guest

    Desperate to get to oz

    Hi all just been checking site and it's full ov usefull comments, me and my girlfriend are travelling in oct this year and we land in oz in dec, defo going to be checking out the best locations along the east coast to live and work as I'm a time served joiner and is desperate to get some ov the Aussie lifestyle. So really can't wait to see how it is as I,ve never been before but I know it's going to be awesome.:jiggy:
  5. ok so starting to feel like its all over before its begun my husband and i, plus our two children are hoping to move to auz next year, plus a 9 month old betime we want to. ( due december 2011). my husband is a plant operator (digger driver) here in the uk and has been now for 5 years, but i cant find it anywhere as a skill on the catergories! please can someone help. have you had the same trouble but managed to find it thanks for looking :biggrin:xx
  6. Guest

    Desperate to emigrate

    Hi, I am a 45 year old Plumber / Electrician living and working in the UK. I want to emigrate to WA but can only go skilled sponsored because of my age and need to get moving before July when the rules change and I won't qualify. Can anyone give me advice on everything I need to get in place before I go so I don't stall the process please. I'm thinking that it's best for me to go over and sell myself to prospective employers, is that the best option to secure sponsorship from a company...what's involved with securing state sponsorship ? At the moment I have just completed the VETASSESS application and about to try and start the visa application. I got married in WA in 2005 and have friends and family there and I'm really, really keen to get over for a new start with my family. Any advice would be most welcome.
  7. Hi All, I'm from England and my Australian partner of 9 years and I have been living in Australia for just over 2 years, we have a 2 year old son and before he was born I always agreed that Australia was a fantastic place to raise children and I would be happy to move here. Our son was born in England and we moved here when he was 4 months old. When it came to the actual move I really didn't want to go but the plans were already in motion and I went along with it. I've struggled with homesickness the whole time I have been here and whilst I have made some good friends I completely underestimated how much I would miss my family and friends and everything else back home. The whole situation is made worse by the fact my partner works very long days and whilst we normally see him for about 1/2 hour to an hour in the morning he doesn't get home till gone midnight and we are in bed by then. We also have very little money and only have one car which my partner uses for work so my son and I have to make do getting around on public transport (we live in a semi-rural town and this is not very frequent or very quick to get around). My partner's family live 2 minutes from our house which is why we live where we do but we rarely see them (they have two younger children who still live at home and are therefore too busy still being parents). My family back home are very close and very supportive, it kills me that they are missing out on seeing their precious grandson grow up and I miss being able to spend time with them and my brother. Whilst skype is great is doesn't take away the constant nagging feeling I'm having that I'm living in the wrong country and wasting my life being so unhappy. I have been thinking a lot recently about moving back home and have decided that I will stay in Oz for another 2 years until I can get my Australian citizenship and then move home. My big dilemna is my partner, he LOVES Australia and wants our son to be brought up here, whilst I know he likes the UK I'm not sure if he would want to move back there. I don't want to separate our family and I don't want to bring my son up without his Dad, I am also aware that if things got nasty he could prevent me from leaving with my son but I just don't know how to convince him to go. Any ideas/help! Thanks :-)
  8. Hey you guys this is my first post here so please be kind I arrived in perth a few weeks ago on a short visit to some friends and have now decided to stay and see what happens a life altering experiance I know,Im a plumber by trade and am wondering where to begin or what to do to change over my certificates I hadnt really planned to stay here long so never looked into it before I came over any advice or help would be much apprecitaed :wacko:
  9. I am seriously looking for employment in Australia which will sponsor or support me in this permanent move. I was 45 in august 2010 so I know this can be a problem. Is there anyway i can get to aus with me and my family (wife and 18 and 15yr old)Regards Andy
  10. Hi, Everyone: Am desperate for migration information on a truly urgent issue ! My beautiful 83 yr old English Mum (born in the UK) is currently a permanent resident in the US. My Dad died in Oct 2010, and I am desperate to get her to come and live with me in Australia permanently ASAP I am English born (London, Dulwich Village), and have been living in Australia since 2001. I am an Australian Citizen. I hold both British and Australian passports. Mum holds British passport and US Green Card. HOW can we get her to move permanently to Australia so that I can care for her ? Please, please, please help ! Thank you so sincerely ~ Deborah x
  11. Guest

    In desperate need of advice!

    Hi there my names andrew.i arrived here in 2005 on a 12 month working visa and commenced work straight away paying high tax each week.then i was sponsored of a company on a 457 visa for 2 years working hard paying tax ect.now i am on my second working holiday visa so ive been in the country for over 3 years working.i was wondering if someone can advise me wheather i can apply for pr visa.im alittle unsure as to what to do next
  12. Guest

    Desperate to move back...

    Hi everyone, Myself and partner really want to go back to oz, we did a years visa and fell in love with the place. (mainly lived in frankston, vic) My partner is a welder and we are hoping to get a visa from his skills, we would look to get an independant visa but its sooo time consuming. I just wondered if anyone knew if someone would be willing to sponsor us in victoria or know any companies we can contact?? HELP!!! Thanks peeps. :biggrin:
  13. Guest

    Desperate 457 problem!

    First of all, greetings for the forum, and the people here, i've seen it, and its very helpful! Hope you all can help me aswell il be very grateful if u do! So here is the problem! In a month i will be applying for 457 temporary visa! The problem is, that i want to include my fiance on the visa! But thats not possible, because both of the familys don t agree on our marriage, so its imposible to get married here ! Other reason why i cant take him on the visa, is my relative who s sponsors the visa, cuz im sure that he will not sponsor my fiance....again cuz of the family! So ive been brainstorming a lot lately...had a lot of ideas how to solve the problem, but its not working! Is it possible when i get permanent residence, then my fiance to come here in Australia, get married and add him on the visa? Or i should be already married in my home country??? And if I am PR, will I be able to sponsor my fiance? Or again while on PR, i will be sponsored by my relative?? I just want to take my fiance, and nobody to know whats the deal! And after we settle down, with the status thing, married.......tell everybody about it! Help me out please, real love matters.....:wubclub::hug:
  14. Im on a years working holiday visa and have to leave in january. but i want to stay due to the fact i love it here. i have experience and tickets in water pipe laying and railway track maintenence but have been working as a garage door installer since arriving but theres no chance of sponsorship please help il do any job there is if it means staying
  15. Hi All, Myself and my OH have only today joined this forum which was recommended to us from a friend. We are keen to start the process for applying for a GSM visa, however, after having chats with an agent who asked for quite a lot of money to undertake the process for us we have now decided to do this process alone; this however is not as easy as first thought! We think its the right visa for us but we aren't totally sure, we aren't sure how much it is to apply for a visa, who we submit the visa too, if we have to go to specific people for medicals or just our GP - everything is so new to us and we simply aren't sure where to start. If anyone who has undergone this process alone can provide us with some hints/tips/web links etc then that would be fantastic as we wish to get the process moving sooner rather than later!! Many Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Nicci
  16. :wacko:Hi Can anyone help me as I am in desperate need of a honest reliable agent who is not just after my money! My hubby is a Roofer and has his NVQ 2 as a slater/Tiler but have since found out that this will not be enough because he needs 900 college hours which he has'nt done as it was issued on grandfathers rights. Anyway we are desperate to get to Australia but are not on the Main list so now we have to wait for all the states to release a list which is why I want a good reliable honest agent (if there is such a thing) as everytime I am ringing agents off the net they are telling me porky pies that the state lists have been released but they have'nt. Please can anyone help or recommend anyone. Thank you for your time x
  17. Guest

    Another desperate newbie!

    Hi all, as stated I am new to this site and as such am not sure where I should post this! I have just returned from a year in Australia doing conservation work as a volunteer, and at the age of 42 had the year of my life by a country mile. My dilema is that I have now completely fallen in love with the place and my life's ambition is to get back there before the dreaded 45 year old cut off! I was a packaging designer in the print trade for 20 years, but as it was my family's firm I have no formal qualifications, and after that I had my own painting and decorating business, but yet again no formal qualifications. Am I right in saying that if I was to re-train in a job that carried the right amount of points they would then need to see proof of a working career in that chosen profession, thereby putting me over the magical 45 limit? Does anybody have any hints, clues etc as to what I could do to achieve my dream, as I would literally sweep the streets at night to get back! I am desperate to achieve my goal and would consider ANYTHING, no matter how crazy, all replies gratefully appreciated!!! Simon
  18. Hi, I have a rare but desperate situation - please help!! I am really desperate. My partner is a permanent resident in Australia and we are now in the UK but planning to go to Australia. I applied for a partner visa and understand that I will be granted one - but not sure if it is temporary or permanent. My partner's company has been saying there were job openings in Australia until recently when they told us that Australia has slowed down and so there is no job opening until early next year. They asked us to stay working in the UK until the Australian opening comes up. We need to go back NOW to live for a few months for my partner to fulfil the two-years-in-five-years residency condition to renew the permanent resident visa. If we only go back early next year, my partner's PR visa would have expired. We are of course looking for other jobs in australia BUT if we can't find one, we cannot just live without jobs for so many months. So we are thinking of staying here until either of us have found a job. Question: if by the time we go to Australia, my partner's PR has already expired - will it affect my partner visa in any way? If it does not, then we can wait until at least I get a job. If someone has experienced similar things, please do let me know!! If not, can anyone tell me what visa conditions are printed on your partner (temp/permanent) visa? Do u know if there are other conditions? Thanks a BILLION!!
  19. I feel so angry and frustrated with this whole process. I desperatly want to get to Oz asap to start our new life. I'm so frustrated with all the turmoil and constant living in limbo. We started the process in feb 08 for 175 visa but wanted to get our eldest (13)settled into Oz education asap. We went over feb 09 and found 457 sponsorship for oh.When we got back put the house straight on the market as we were told the 457 visa should be in our hands inside of 6 months max.The house sold for the asking the day it went on the market Great.With everything falling into place so quickly we thought this is obviously ment to be.We then heard very little from our sponsor and contacted to find ou how things were going. They appolagised for the delay as it was the very busy time of year for the company but said all is going well and they were now focused on the visa and wanted to get us there asap.(this was the end of april)Great.We now move out of our house 2 weeks today we can't find any rentals within 10 mile radius of the kids schools and have had no further contact with the the company. I really feel its all about to go t*ts up big style. I just feel like i have no control over my life.:arghh::arghh:
  20. I work in IT and have a skills asessment with the ACS as Computing Professional specialising in Data Warehousing. We are applying for SS for Victoria. As part of our research, I have been sending my resume to a number of recruitment agents who specialise in IT. However, I have had no replies as yet. We have heard that recruiters aren't keen on talking to people until they have secured a visa and are in Oz (we understand why they might work this way). Has anybody else come up against this BRICK WALL? Can anybody recommend an job agency specialising in IT who are helpful (and offer a glimmer of hope) to offshore candidates? Any information would be gratefully received. Many thanks The J Family
  21. Hi, My son Ashley 13 - year 8 is desperate to make some friends - anyone in Kallaroo area (North of Perth WA) ?? Recently relocated and having a really hard time trying to fit in at school. Anyone in same situation ??
  22. Hi Guys Can anyone help, I am in desperate need to be sponsored as a hairdresser, I have completed my Cert III and have 1 years experience plus my Cert IV in Beauty and doing my Diploma in Beauty just now. We were going to be sponsored through hubby's work but that has fallen through, now with two young children, one born in oz, I am desperate to keep us here and this is our only option. So if there are any hairdressers out there, or anyone knows of any that would consider sponsorship, please let me know, I am prepared to move anywhere to get it. Thanks Mandy
  23. Guest

    Desperate for a Curry!!

    Hi can anyone help? We are off to Brisbane for the weekend and are desperate for a good curry, can anyone recommend an indian restaurant in Brisbane City Centre not too far from Queen Street Mall? Thanks in advance! Angela
  24. Guest

    Absolutely Desperate :(

    Hi all.... I need some advice....Im so desperate to be with my family in Australia since they have all emigrated over the last 5 years but because my mother (whom i am not close too) is still alive over here, i have no chance of getting a family visa. I also do not satisfy the points score for the skilled migration. I am ahotel Manager but have only been in my current role for a year. Previous to that i have spent 12 years in various roles within hospitality. Im nearing 40 this year and myself and my 2 sons want to get over there ASAP - but i have no idea what to do as i dont satisfy the obvious 2 visa options. All i do is get upset about missing my dad, sister and brother whom im really close to! What i need to know is this - If i sold up and went over on a holiday visa - but then managed to secure a management position - would i have to come back to the UK? Or could i stay there and be sponsored by my employer? My family would totally support me and my 2 sons, all having bought properties and really good jobs. What about schooling the boys etc? Im really confused and getting more frustrated by the day....If anyone can give any advice i would be eternally grateful - Even if the advice is not what i want to hear - at least then i could look at alternatives.... Kind Regards