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Found 28 results

  1. Guest

    VETASSESS for Graphic Designer

    Hi, i am newbie on this forum. i have few queries regarding general skill migration Visa for Australia i am from india and my education is Bachelor degree in Mathematics. i have been working as Graphic/Web Designer since last 5 yrs. currently i am working with ORACLE company india as a Graphic User interface designer i have checked on VETASSESS website i and my profession comes in occupation list as "Graphic Designer" well my query is am i eligible for Skill Migrant Visa? Should i move forward to process my assessment with VETASSESS? because question in my mind is that my education is nor relevant to my occupation but plus point is i have 5 years of experience in graphic designing and currently working with good brand ORACLE company. awaiting your response Thanks in advance! Pravin:biggrin:
  2. Hi all! I am a 27 year old Graphic/Web/UI/Visual Designer (I fit into all those job categories!) with a Graphic Design degree under my belt and years of experience working full time as well as freelance. I visited Australia back in 2012 on a Working Holiday Visa, worked freelance for a few Australian clients, and also did some retail work, but I only stayed 7 months (which seems a long time to me anyway!) due to personal circumstances. After living the lifestyle, and also having family members in Oz, I'd now like to move there and find design employment. I'd happily work freelance or full time. However, although there are lots of suitable jobs around all across Australia, many state that you will of course need eligibility to work in Australia. But I'd need a company to sponsor me. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on finding sponsored work as a Designer please? Shall I continue to apply for jobs on sites like Seek and just tell them I'd like them to sponsor me? Or should I be going down better, alternative routes to find sponsored work? I'd really appreciate any advice, thank you in advance! Dale
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first ever post on here and on any forum for that matter! I've been in Melbourne for 15 months and had a job for most of that but not a very good one at all….in fact it was so depressing i finally left it last month. Ever since i got that job i have been on the look out for another better suited job, i've applied for so many roles and either had no response or a 'thank you but no' reply. These are roles that i am more than qualified to do and had i applied to them in London I would at least have had an interview. I'm a graphic designer for fashion by the way, the industry is small in London but it seems smaller and more behind here. I'm feeling really useless and fed up plus I am starting to wonder if it's because I am not Australian? I have a defaco Visa and so do not require any sponsorship, I put this info on my cover letters plus it is on my CV. Starting to wish i'd stayed in my old job now even though it was soul destroying. What am I doing wrong eh?!
  4. Hi I currently work as a Senior Graphic Designer in the UK and have always wanted to move to Australia for a year or two to see if I like working out there Just wondered what was the best way to go about it? and if there's much call for Graphic Designers in Australia? Many Thanks
  5. Hi I am looking for a web designer kind of guy/ gal who is great at forum design. Part of my plans of being self employed in Oz I guess. Don't worry I'm not planning on making a rival migration forum-- love PIO too much and don't think it can get any better. Do send me the contact details of anyone you may know. Also if the designer of this forum sees this please put your hand up-- would love to meet you!
  6. lucylou1

    Need a web designer

    I need a recommendation for a great web designer or if anyone on here is a web designer?? I would like to get a website designed and would interested in hearing from anyone who could help me do this....thanks :biggrin:
  7. Is there anyone out there looking for a Grad with 1st place top honours in 3D animation, and also has quallifications in IT and web design. Great all rounder, he is just looking for a start or anyone have any contatcs that might be interested. Brisbane area:D Trying to help my son inlaw out and maybe find a job:D You don't get if you don't ask. Please:D :notworthy: Cheers Brig :wubclub: X
  8. Hey guys, Signed up recently and wanted to start getting involved as I kick of my Visa applications and other bits in time for coming to Oz on a WHV next year. Just wondering if anyone else on here works in the graphic/web design industry? My current plan is to head over and try to earn a living working freelance for local agencies. Would definitely welcome anyone with any experience of this kind of stuff... The visions of building websites on Bondi Beach with my laptop and a beer are definitely quite appealing on this dreary October Monday morning!:eek:
  9. Hey Guys, wondering if anyone can shed any light. I've noticed over the past few months that there are loads of Front end web designer/developer jobs in Sydney. How is it that these occupations (ASCO category System Designer 2231-13) aren't on the CSL? My ACS results letter is currently on it's way under Systems Designer 2231-31 (fingers crossed) and I was wondering if this occupation would be listed on the new list as there appears to be a high demand particularly in Sydney. Any ideas??
  10. I have recently accepted a job in the Gold Coast, the office is in Helensvale. My partner and I are in a dilemma for a number of reasons and are really confused as to what to do. I'm British but have been living in Singapore for almost 4 years, my partner is Singaporean. I've accepted a position for around 90k before deductions. After calculating tax & outgoings for each month for everything we can think of, it seems we're left with about 1k a month for generally stuff and trips etc,. I know it will be less than that as there is always things we can't account for without experience. We decided to move for a better life but it actually seems like we may be in the same position or probably a little worse off than we are here in Singapore, of course there are other benefits like less crowded, less stressful etc. I'd just like to get an opinion perhaps from other people living there under the same kind of package or at least can advise on whether they think its doable comfortably. We're both in our mid-late twenties and don't live a lavish lifestyle, it would be nice to have a nice little one bed to come back home to, maybe somewhere where we can sip a cold beer on the balcony after work, we were looking at places so far for around $300-$350 a week. we're also bringing our kitten which makes things even harder! We're also both worried that my partner won't be able to find a job. Obviously we don't mind struggling for a while and supporting ourselves on one income source, but it worries us that she may never get a job. Shes a graphic/multimedia designer with only around 2 years work experience. We're thinking to live somewhere around Labrador / Hope Island / Helensvale where she can access the train for jobs in South Brisbane as she doesn't drive. The right location for us is also a worry. We both like a laugh but don't really want to be landed in Surfers having to wade through the drunken louts every night or stuck in some sleazy condo full of loud partying holiday makers. We're making the move on a shoe string budget, pretty much putting all we have into the cost of the move so we're at a big crossroads now and are both pretty stressed :-D Thanks in advance for any comments, we both appreciate any comments. We have crawled the online forums for information over the last few weeks but decided it might be good to post in case anyone is in a similar situation or has some advice!! Ade
  11. Hi everyone, I will make this short and sweet. I’m moving from UK to Sydney on 01 April 2011 on a 12 months working holiday visa. I would like to find a web/graphic design job. Should I start to apply now online and make phone calls even though I’m not in Sydney yet? Any tips, suggestions, contacts would be much appreciated. Here are my specs; - BA in graphic design - 3 years professional experience Thanks, G.
  12. Hi Like many, we're considering the big move. We're still in the very early days of discussions, but each time we end up at the same conclusion: - "Why not?". Would really appreciate any advice on the following, as it may put an end to the dream, meaning we can get on with our lives here, or it may give us more incentive to actually do something about it. First up, my wife and I are both approaching 43/44, so I believe the pressure's on (if the cut-off age is 45). I currently run my own web design / development business. I'm a sole trader, and do a mix of work for my own clients, as well as some work for other agencies. I make a decent living out of this. Question 1: would it be feasible for me to emigrate and keep the business running, maintaining my UK client base, while hopefully gaining new clients in Australia. And if so, what would be the tax implications? Question 2: if moving the business wasn't an option, I'm an experienced web developer / designer / programmer, and my wife's a secondary school teacher. Would we need jobs before arriving, or could we get in based on the desirability of our skills? I've been working for myself for 5 years now, and I don't relish the thought of going back to the 9-5, (even if it was in a warmer climate and we had a bigger house!) so ideally I'd like to just keep doing what I'm doing. I've tried googling for similar situations but haven't managed to find any. Many thanks in advance for any help or advice!
  13. Hi All, One of my friends had applied for the temporarry visa (TR) under the occupation of Fashion designer last year.But there hasnt been any positive feed back.. Please let me know normally how long does it take to process the visa for a fashion designer. Thanks.
  14. Guest

    Sponsor A Graphic/Web Designer

    Posting this on behalf of one of my friends: Dear all, I am a student of Masters here(AUS). Course is Graphic Design. I want to know if a company wants to sponsor me for their Graphic Design/Web Design post, then what are the rules will be applied for both of the company and me? specially - 1. do I need to work for any certain period? say for 1 yr or 2 yr? or I can leave the job anytime after getting PR. but company has to open the vacancy for 3 yrs. 2. how much time it will take to process/get the PR on an average? 3. Since I am a student, in the processing time what will be my VISA status? student? Please mention any other important rules that will be applied. thanks very much in advance.
  15. Hi there, I am new this forum and I have planned to migrate to Australia as a Graphic Designer. My Situation: 1) I have done a crash course in Graphic Design and have over 6 years of working experience in Graphic Design. 2) Now I am working in a New company for past 1 year as a 3d Visualizer. 3) I have done my International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies from UK, which is not relevant to my work experience. My Question: So anyone with any suggestion, where I stand and how good I'll be to qualify?? Thank you very much.
  16. Hello, good morning! We are in the mid of preparing the commitment statement to apply for ACT State Sponsorship. We were browsing on SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site for my occupation: Graphic Designer and hubby: Picture Framer. What I got is 4 listing while 0 for hubby. Getting kind of worry of the employment opportunity. Does anyone here has any suggestion/advice for us on the employment opportunity in ACT and what sort of information to include in commitment statement? Do we need to list down the vacancies available or the website/recruitment agency that we contacted? Please advice. Thank you in advance. cheers!
  17. Guest

    Industrial Designer

    Hi all. I have been visiting this site for a while now. There seems to be some friendly people and a wealth of information available so today I have decided to join. This is my first post so apologise for posting in the wrong place or making any mistakes. Coincidentally, today I have just posted my skills assessment to Vetassess in what I expect to be the start of a long and winding road to hopefully receiving my Visa. Having spoken with a few agents I have decided to go it alone so would appreciate any advice. I have nominated my occupation as an Industrial Designer 2533-15. Is there anyone else who has applied under this occupation? Will I have to do a practical assessment and what is involved? What has been your experience to date and what advice can you offer? Assuming I receive a positive skills assessment I hope to apply under the Skilled – Sponsored Visa (176 Sub class) hopefully residing in or close to Queensland. Can anyone comment on whether this would be the best Visa option for me? One agent I spoke with a while ago said that 176 wasn’t an option and the only choice available to me was the Skilled Regional Sponsored 475 Provisional Visa from South Australia? Look forward to hearing from you....
  18. kuching

    VETASSESS for Graphic Designer

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here, please bear with my questions ... here are they ... 1) Will I have a high success rate to be assessed as a Graphic Designer, my background listed below ? 2) I checked the point I should have only 100 points. I am wondering if I am good to go for SA state sponsorship and apply for provisional visa 475? Here is my background ... I'm 38 and hubby is 39. no kids. Started a frame & art business together 5 years ago. Hubby is the framer and I am the graphic designer. My job scope is a) design and create graphical artwork digitally for clients' premises, either, house, office, hotel, property developer show unit staging etc. b) handle clients meeting, to understand their requirement hence to customize, design and create suitable artwork for them either digitally or hand painted. c) designing and maintaining company website Before this, I was working for 7 years as a computer software System Analyst. I have a Master Degree in Mathematics and Bachelor degree in Applied Statistic where I minor in computer science. by the way, my hubby is a certified GCF (Guild Commended Framer, UK) Please advice. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. million thanks in advance cheers! ching
  19. Hi Everyone, I am due to leave London in a couple of weeks to go and join my partner in Sydney who recently left for a new job. I am a graphic designer and keen to get work asap when out there. Does anyone have any advice with regards to searching for graphic jobs or does anyone have any contacts worth getting in touch with? I've worked for ad agencies, retail brands, architect practices so my background is pretty varied and would consider any area of graphic design. I would be so so grateful if anyone could help. I have searched through the usual websites - mycareer.com.au, seek.com.au - but there is barely anything there. (mild panic!) I couldn't be more thrilled to be moving to Sydney but want to make sure I can secure some work be it freelance etc so I can fund this new life i've been planning in my head for months. Thanks in advance. Jen
  20. Hi all, With so much valuable advice offered on POI - I'm hoping that somewhere, someone will be able to help with my dilema..... After months of persuading OH that Oz would be a great place to settle, we're finally about to start the ball rolling with the first phase of the visa application - having discussed our options with migration agents it seems that 'Skilled Regional Sponsored' is the way to go. OH is a very talented graphic designer - at the moment regions sponsoring graphic designers are South Australia and Tasmania (although we'd initally hoped to go to Melbourne) anyway, I've scouted loads of recruitment websites for graphic designer jobs but not getting very far :no:. OH happy to go to Australia provided he can find work otherwise no way - can anyone help me please and offer any advice on creative agencies or specialist recruitment agencies in or just outside Adelaide - I fear that without the possibility of finding work, this Australian dream will not be realised. HELP!!!!
  21. Guest

    Fashion designer jobs

    Hi Everyone, My partner and i have been desperate to move to Oz, ever since we came back from travelling there. The problem we have is we only reach 110 points and that would include doing the IELTS test. Then i saw that fashion designer is on a the regional state sponsorship list for SA. But when i look for design jobs in SA, cant find one. I would be grateful if anyone has any advice, or any ideas where i can magically find 10 points thank you Nicola :wacko:
  22. Hi My wife has a Diploma in Illustration and graphic communication (Distinction) she also has a BA hons illustration (3rd class) Worked as a Kitchen designer for MFI for 6 of the last 8 years highly experienced cad designer. her job description fits all the criteria for 2533-17 Interior Designer- see below Would she qualify for a skilled visa as an interior designer? 2533-17 Interior Designer Tasks & Duties Plans and designs interiors for buildings, offices and homes, with consideration to layout, function, aesthetics and safety. consults with clients to determine needs, preferences and expectations analyses functional requirements, desired effect and purpose of the interior sketches plans of areas showing arrangement of space, furniture and accessories estimates costs and materials required and presents plans and quotes to clients for approval selects or recommends purchases of decorative and functional materials and accessories such as furniture, lighting fixtures and paintings directs workers engaged in on-site implementation of proposed scheme uses computer-aided design systems as part of the design process and for consultation with clients designs original furnishings and joinery to conform with proposed scheme may work with architects in the preparation of plans may design interiors for ships, aircraft or other transport vehicles Entry Skill Level The entry requirement for this occupation is a bachelor degree or higher qualification or at least 5 years relevant experience. This occupation requires high levels of creative talent or personal commitment and interest as well as, or in place of, formal qualifications or experience. This can be relevant when applying for temporary business sponsorship, and in some cases in applying for skills assessment.
  23. Hi, I'm wanting to apply for a visa to work in Australia for 4 years. I have a degree and have worked as a web designer for 2 years. I can't find anywhere if web designers are recognised and can apply for a Skilled Independent Visa. I have seen that Computing Professionals are recognised but as web designers specifically aren't on the list I'm wondering whether it's worth applying or not. Does anyone know where I'd be able to find out, or if they have applied for a visa as a web designer and have any advice for me? Thanks for any help! Ceri
  24. Hi another question... My partner is 35 and a well experienced Graphic designer but is not 'Qualified' as he went straight into the job when he left school. Is there any chance he can get a skilled visa ?...and has anyone else obtained one with any job just though experience? As its frustrating that experience alone seems to count for nothing. When you can be perfectly Skilled at what you do.
  25. Hi another question... My partner is 35 and a well experienced Graphic designer but is not 'Qualified' as he went straight into the job when he left school. Is there any chance he can get a skilled visa ?...and has anyone else obtained one with any job just though experience? As its frustrating that experience alone seems to count for nothing. When you can be perfectly Skilled at what you do.