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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, i was wondering if there are any jobs in design or mechanical engineering
  2. Hi I am a packaging designer, and currently working in the UK for ASG , I am coming to Melbourne in September, I don't even require a visa as I am already coming with my partner as a de facto, I just need a packaging job, I have over 10 years experience and have used Artios CAD, I am great at making 3D mock ups, and also have graphic design skills, if anybody knows of work or a contract that will get me started I would love to hear from you, also as this is a very specialised area I would also love to hear from anybody who has tried looking for similar work. Kind regards Babbel (this is one of my favourite places to eat in Phrahran). I would be more than happy to pass on my details on.
  3. I am looking at moving to Australia from the UK. I currently work as a sales and marketing manager within the hardwood industry and have been doing this job for almost 12 years now. Within that time I have studied a 5 year business management degree at Birmingham university various college courses and also owned my own business which my current employer bought off me. I have visited Sydney, the Gold Coast and also Brisbane and would consider these areas. If you would like to know more about me then please feel free to email me simonpurchase@hotmail.co.uk I am looking at full time career and would have no plans to move back to the UK. If you know of any good jobs then please get in touch it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, Just got back to England from travelling and realised this is not for me. I'm looking to do the move to Aus. Having worked in London for 5 years, at a packaging branding company. If anyone knows anybody or got any tips that would be great. I am free and easy looking to do the move this year (sooner rather than later). I've contacted several recruitment agencies and design companies already. A question I would ask is - would it be better if I get a work visa and head over with my portfolio under my arm? Cheers, Nick
  5. Hi all, Just a quick question, does anyone know if it is easy to get graphic design work once we arrive in Adelaide?:wubclub:
  6. Hello fellow pomsinozzers!!! I run a direct sales company based in North Perth and we are currently looking for a motivated sales and design consultant.. We are the fastest growing UPVC double glazing company in WA and ideally the succesful candidate will have an understanding of Double glazed windows/doors. Upvc double glazing is the next boom product here in WA due to it's fantastic thermal properties so get in quick and start earning straight away. Sales experience a benefit but induction and ongoing training will be provided.. This position is open to anyone currently in Australia or moving soon and with a qualifying work visa.. All our current consultants are earning in the region of 100k dollars per year based on commisions, We as a company supply pre qualified leads on a daily basis and all we need from you is for you to have a mobile phone ,car and a hunger to earn. Please Pm me or contact me at jgreer@enviroglaze.com.au
  7. Hi All, I am employed by a multidisciplinary design consultancy in the UK and am planning to move to Melbourne in early 2013, I am currently employed as an Intermediate Electrical Design Engineer. My question is this:- How heavily does Building Information Modelling (BIM) / Revit MEP feature in the building services / construction industry within australia??? Would I benefit from getting involved now, i.e. is it expected of an electrical building services engineer in Oz or is it classed as a different role over there??? Any advice would be greatly received!
  8. Hi all, I am a structrual engineer specializing in bridge design, and will go to australia next year. I wanna know the main bridge and general reinforcement concrete structure design softwares in australia. Please help me. Thanks
  9. Guest

    Migration Graphic Design Advice

    Hi my name is Joe. I'm new to the forum but in need of some advise if any one can help. I am 30 years old and have recently returned from Australia after spending 2 years in the country on a working holiday visa. I was getting sponsored but my employer decided they didn't want to go through with it at the last min and with only a few weeks left on my visa I had to return to the UK. I am looking at returning to Australia but if any one has any advice that would be most appreciated. I am a Graphic Designer with a degree and have been working constantly in Graphic Design for 9 years. Since returning from Oz I am currently employed full time in an advertising agency. I have seen that Graphic Design is not on the main Skills list but is currently on a State Sponsorship Migration skills list. I am wondering if it is worth applying for State Sponsorship. Or Applying to a business and try to get sponsored. I have been in contact with a few migration agents but have had mixed advice on which would be the best route to go! Can anyone recommend a good agent? I don't mind where I go in Oz and know its going to cost a lot but its worth it. Glastonbury and Wimbledon have just started so it's nothing but a summer of rain http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/cry.gif! Hope someone can help Thanks Joe
  10. Guest

    Grand Design Dreams

    Something to get the imagination going; All fantasy just for fun this is not about real expectations :spinny: You know those dreams of winning the lottery & all the things you'd do with the money. Well other than a few specific plans to help family & a couple of select friends. I never really new what I'd like for myself. I've never been one to dream of owning a Ferrari, or house with a swimming pool & all the gadgets, I'm definitely not into all the latest bling. However I knew I'd want a house. But what kind ? I could never imagine the kind of house that would really suit ME & enhance my lifestyle & interests. Inspiration for a dream home dawned once whilst at cinema watching Harry Potter lol. Now don't get ahead of me here, I'm not going to say I want to live in Hogwarts, architecturally awesome as it is, there's far too many children & way too much hustle & bustle for a quiet soul like me...No seriously I like peace & tranquillity with my decadence .LMAO :biglaugh: So whilst waiting for the film to start an Epiphany dawned upon my creative self. What I need to do. Is win the Lottery & buy a small regional cinema, that has all the lovely baroque frills & flounces still in place, & didn't get turned into a bingo hall. Then working on the design with an architect & builder convert the inner space to some kind of liveable area compatible with my tastes & requirements as the eccentric bohemian I am. So now my head is full of quite viable designs for a kind of apocalyptic baroque galleried space. that one could literally ride a custom motorbike right inside, through the front door. A fabulous space born of movie mayhem & decadent style. theatrical, dramatic & gothically flamboyant would suit my personality. its an achievable scheme..... Of course this not quite the Australian dream property, unless they have small grandly decorated cinemas the have fallen into disuse ? I'm very fond of Colonial style & love Queenslanders but again these are dreams to fuel the imagination. So what would be your grand design ? Given the illusive lottery win ? A new york loft style, country cottage , Barn conversion, windmill, dockside penthouse. What would you create for yourself & the life you lead ? Choose a property style that shows something about your character. Look forward to reading some replies. I haven't figured out how to properly post pics on here yet but please include pics of what style property you'd love if given the chance.
  11. :biggrin:Hi I am a Design technology - Woodwork, Metalwork, Graphics with 14 years experience hoping to move to perth next year - what are the chances of me finding a job in secondary education?
  12. Can anyone tell me what is the favoured structural design computer software used please? I know OH uses CAD and revit - are they the common ones? Thanks
  13. Hello, this may be an unusual post, but I'll never know if you dont ask! My hubby and I are thinking about moving to Mt Martha from Melbourne. I am a graphic designer and artist and work for myself. I wanted to know if there is an art and design interest and appreciation or focus in Mt Martha as I am wanting to run an exhibiton of my work and run an art class for children. Any opionions would be greatley appreciated. Thanks so much! Ps I really hope we can move!... Depends of finding the right land/house and land opportunity at a comfortable price!
  14. Parley

    New UK Passport Design

    New passport design unveiled 25 August 2010 The redesigned UK passport, now featuring strengthened security features and iconic images from across the nation, was unveiled today by Chief Executive of the Identity and Passport Service Sarah Rapson. The new 10 year passport will be issued from October, with pages of the passport containing well-known UK scenes, including the White Cliffs of Dover, the Gower Peninsula, Ben Nevis and the Giant's Causeway. The use of these images, recreated through special printing techniques, is just one of a number of enhanced security features contained in the passport, which will give UK citizens added protection from identity theft and fraud and ensure speedier travel across borders. New security measures include: * moving the chip which stores the holder's details to the inside of the passport cover where it will no longer be visible. This gives additional physical protection as well as making it much harder to replace the chip without damage to the passport cover being spotted; * a secondary image of the holder printed onto the observations page; * new designs now stretching across two pages; and * a new transparent covering which includes several holograms to protect the holder's personal details. Sarah Rapson said: "The new passport features a host of scenes from across the UK. "Through its combination of physical and electronic security features, the UK passport remains one of the most secure and trusted documents in the world, meeting rigorous international standards. "The new design is part of our strategy to stay ahead of criminals who look to fraudulently alter or copy passports." The new passport will replace the current UK ePassport, which was upgraded in 2006 with the addition of an electronic chip to hold the owner's details, and to comply with the US Visa Waiver Programme. The personal details page of the passport will be moved to the second page in the passport booklet, in common with other passports in Europe and around the world, to help speed up travellers' passage through border controls.
  15. Guest

    Graphic design jobs

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to move to Australia in September on a working holiday visa, while also potentially applying for a skilled sponsored visa. I'm a graphic designer with experience with mainly fashion/beauty brands here in the UK, working for the likes of Asos.com and Chanel. Fashion is a huge thing to me when it comes to graphic design, so I’m hoping to move into the same field in Australia, though i am aware that its a step back from the scene here in London, that’s not a problem. I'm just wondering where the best place is for such work - Melbourne or Sydney? I've been speaking to so many people and they give mixed reviews, so some help would be much appreciated. My current job lies with a fashion magazine, so it would be great to jump into the same thing out there, so any ideas on where the magazines are based? where the fashion hub is? which is the most fashionable of the two? I know Australian Fashion Week is in Sydney, but then I’ve also been told that the creative jobs/people are all in Melbourne? Share the light...pleeeeeeease. Thanks so much :cool:
  16. Hi all I'm a POM in Oz (have been for nearly seven years now and loving it) and I'm looking to move down to Melbourne from Brisbane. Is there anybody out there who knows of any Web Design positions available in and around the Melbourne Metro area and if so could you PM me with the details? Thanks in Advance and I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.
  17. Hi all!! Im brand new to POI so this is my first post and would like to get any info I can from people who are looking into or have managed to find work as a digital designer in OZ. There are a lot of Graphic Designer posts out there but not many for the online counterparts! I am a senior designer / art director in a global advertising agency based in Manchester. As stated I am a digital designer so mainly design websites and aps for emerging technologies such as iPhone. I would like to know any of the following information as I am planning on moving to Oz in the next year: - What is the market like - demand particularly in Melbourne / Sydney - Has anyone had any experience getting interviews pre or post arrival - Any experience in getting sponsorship again pre or post arrival? - What are the best sites to look for this kind of work - What kind of sallaries are likely - Anyone know of any excellent online/through the line companies? Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you all soon! bbben1 :biggrin:
  18. Guest

    Graphic Design Jobs

    Anyone else having trouble breaking into the graphic design scene over here. I've got almost 3 years experience can use all number of print and web design programs and yet can't a look in. Just a shedload of rejection letters. I have managed to land a part-time design role, which might hopefully go full-time in the future, but no guarantees so i'm still looking. I think people see that i'm a Brit and can't be bothered thinking that it'll be expensive to employ me or something. When in fact its cheap as chips and it pretty much means i have to work for them for my whole time in the country. I blame the economy everyone's scared to spend money. Any similar tales you'd like to share, or just some advice would be nice. Cheers!
  19. Guest

    Art and design courses in Oz

    Hi everyone My daughter has just had her interview to go to college in the UK, she was originally goinf to do 4 A levels including Photography and graphics (she wants to be a photographer) At her interview the art tutor has recommended that she does a Btech in art and design, as it will open up other avenues for her when she comes to going to Uni, including architecture fashion design and loads of other things, she will do little bits of each subject in her first year and then specialise in hr second year in her chosen field, it will also mean she wont have to do a foundation art degree prior to going to Uni. Shes been offered as place, which is great as they only have 18 places, pending her getting 4 GCSE's. She sat 3 last year a year early and is doing another 8 this year so Im pretty certain she is going to get in. The tutor was blown away by her portfolio, and couldnt believe a girl of her age could produce the work she has, she actually kept some to display, and thought one of her photographs was a postcard! So now she is saying she thinks she definately doesn want to come toOz as the course sounds so good, so I need to find something similar over there we have applied on a 176 family sponsorship visa, so we are looking at a fair old wait anyway so would imagine she may have already finsihed her first year here, at the rate things are going, I dont want to leave her here, but do want whats best for her, there is an option for her to stay with my parents and finish her course, but beacuse the way her birthday falls she will be almost 19 by then (born beg of Sept) and it will be so hard to get her to Oz........................ Any suggestions?
  20. Guest

    web design

    could anyone tell me if there is much call for web designers in perth
  21. Hi, any advice on getting Graphic Design jobs in Perth? It is not a requirement of visa as oh has adequate points. I'm a recent graduate, so not much experience, but BA hons & portfolio. Really looking to see what opportunities are out there etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :arghh:
  22. Hi Everyone, I am a Fashion designer desperately wanting to move to Australia but I do not score enough points to be able to live and work in Melbourne and Sydney where most of the fashion jobs are. I am only eligible for Adelaide on the skilled Regional visa 475, but I can't find any jobs at all and I have looked everywhere, contacted recruitment agencies and spoke to migration officers! Can anyone help me please? Many Thanks, Karen
  23. I'm looking for jobs in design engineering, if anybody can help me Thanks
  24. Hi Everyone. We are thinking about making the big move to Oz within the next couple of years. But could really do with some advice about working in the ad/design industry. I am an Art Director/Designer with 20+ years experience. Having worked on a broad variety of clients. Have loads of experience and the usual software knowledge. What are the job options like? Are there many? Where would be the best location to try? And many more questions.....!!!!! I know we are talking about quite a time in the future when we make the move...if only we had a crystal ball........ but any advice about how things are and opportunities, would be much appreciated. Cheers. Tony. :idea:
  25. Hi I got a HND 10 yrs ago as a graphic designer, but Photoshop was minimal then as PC's not used much. I am really eager to re-learn the fundamentals of Photoshop, and other progs like Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver etc, and need to learn Html, PHP, CSS etc. I have a copy of CS3 and looking to get a standalone desktop just to do my design work as a hobby. I have lots of tutorials etc, just need someone who I can ask for advice or who can teach me what to do and where. I have been working in IT Helpdesk for a few yrs and pick things up pretty quick. Can anyone help? I am in Brisbane, cant afford to pay as not working at the moment, but could prob stretch to a slab of beer here and there or something. thanks