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Found 12 results

  1. Afternoon, I was flicking through a couple of books about travellers experiences in Australia that my dad had kindly dropped round to me and Bill Bryson's Down Under is one of them, in this book Australia is described like this, " the people are cheerful, extrovert, quick witted and unfailingly obliging, their cities are safe and clean and nearly always built on water, the food is excellent, the beer is cold and the sun nearly always shines " After just spending a month there i can honestly say that that description is spot on :yes: Anyway just thought i would share that with you :cute:
  2. walkwater

    Job description - Accountant

    Hi, I am an accountant and my job description looks like - Nature of duties performed while conducting Financial Due Diligence on Target Companies in relation to Mergers and Acquisitions transactions are - · Review and analysis of historical trading, cash flow and balance sheets. · Review and analysis of projections, and underlying assumptions. · Examining operating costs and organization’s income and expenditure. · Review of the adequacy of working capital facilities, including consideration of financing limits, term and covenants. · Preparation of report of the findings of the financial investigation. My question is whether the above duties be considered for the occupation of "Accountant - General". I intend to apply for 175 visa and I have positive skills assessment for "External Auditor". Can anybody help me on the above or suggest any department where I can get the same confirmed. Many thanks,
  3. Seniors Hi, I am new to this forum, I am in processing of launching application for ACS as Systems analyst. The issues thats really worrying me is that I got a job leaving certificate from a previous employer and a detailed job description. Job leaving certicate is mentioning my duration of stay at that orgnaization and my title etc. The point of worry for me (in my perspective) is that the JD is titling only "JOB DESCRIPTION" not "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN" thing. It mentions my ROLE, reporting line , my Business Title and Key essential job responsibilities and is signed by my immediate boss. Would that be a problem i.e a JOB DESCRIPTION as reference letter. Since I dont have any other source and I dont have links to that previous organization, since the organization has been rebranded / acquired by another competitor .. .... Need your expert opinion whether shud I go for ACS with these documents or would I be requiring more supporting documents? Regards, Saint
  4. My hubby is a self taught Aerial Installer, Virgin Media installer and Sky Installer. We are stuck as to what the Australian terminology is. Could it be Telecommunications Technician or Telecommunications Linesworker? Any help would be much appreciated. He has a digital tick Thanks so much
  5. siandsu

    skill description change

    Hope someone can help. Am trying to complete a state sponsor form and cant find my occupation on the list. In the origional DIAC application my skill is described as "Sheet Metal Worker (First Class)" However, I think they've changed it to "Sheet Trades Worker" Am in hope someone can shed light on my dark corner. Thanks in anticipation.....
  6. Hello Guys and girls, So i am living in the Samford Valley at the moment with my family in accommodation that we hope to keep temporary, and myself and wife need to find work asap! we haven't come here with stacks of money so with the exchange rate being as it is we find we need to work sooner than planned , also this will help us into getting our own rental property ( we have been rejected a house we thought perfect, we believe this was due to neither of us being employed) I myself am a chef but i only work in vegetarian, vegan and gluten free cookery so my opportunity's are limited , I am prepared to do anything to make ends meet and make our move to Australia work! My wife has a BA honours degree in dance and culture she has taught all different kinds of dance including street , hip hop , bollywood, tribal fashion belly dance to name a few. But again she will work in almost any field to get our feet on the ground. So anyone out there who can throw a bit of work our way or has a contact please be in touch! we have our own transport so that is not a problem. we would also consider relocation for the right opportunity. Many thanks The Garrisons
  7. rawdeal

    Job Description for 2231-79

    Hello, I want to apply for ACS assessment for 2231-79 ( Network/Firewall/Internet security ). But I can't find suitable job description for this category at ACS website. Can you give a sample job description for this category? I have Cisco Firewall Certification. Thanks
  8. Hello All, I'm a newbie...so apologies if this has been asked before! Myself and the OH started to fill out the TRA form today for his skills to be assessed. He is a Toolmaker/CNC Programmer/Machinist. Part 8 - Description of your Work is giving me a bit of a headache, as we are unsure how we need to set this out! Is it best to approach this like a CV manner ? Working backwards from current employer ? Just feel we will be repeating alot for each job, regarding tools, machines and materials.....is this what you need to do ? Any help or advise warmly welcomed. Thanks CatCat:smile:
  9. Just written my job description letter ready for the TRA as requested from the boss as he did not have the time and would not know how the TRA want it set out. Now he says he would have to clear it with HR (human resources) before it could be signed. What if they are awkward and refuse to sign it as in the last few years anyone that has left has only had a basic job reference from them. I have said in an email to them that it is not a job reference it’s a job description of my career and training. Where do I stand if its their policy not to sign such a thing as they would be preventing me from passing my TRA.
  10. Guest

    Fitter job description

    Hello all :wubclub: NICE TO SEE YOU TO SEE YOU NICE XXXX it's been a loooooong time since I was on here because we were told by agent to wait until next feb and my grandad died and ..... well time flies but I have been checking in to read about everybody and it looks like more and more people are doing it!!! I am just so worried that we won't ever get there - we were thinking of applying under Dave who has qualifications as a panel beater but for the past 4 years has worked as a field service engineer on fork lift trucks and production machinery and now on mechanical lifts but in oz their job titles are different to ours and the closest I think to his experience is a fitter but does it mean something different there????? Any advice from people who know what a fitter is and does or any other jobs which would fit his experience would be much appreciated :wacko:just feels impossible at the minute and so annoying because all his sorts of jobs he has done are on the modl but he hasn't got 1 lot of experience or quals he can use. Donna x
  11. Guest