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Found 14 results

  1. I’m 17 and want to apply for australian citizenship via descent, my dad was an australian citizen (aswell as his mother my grandma) and we always planned on getting myself an aussie passport, as i was born and live in the UK, however my dad passed in 2018, which is giving me the problem i have, on the immigration website on the application for citizenship by descent there is a form that has to be filled out the 1195 form? and there is a section that needs to be filled out by the person with the citizenship (my dad) but obviously i can’t get that done, and i don’t know what to do, can someone help me please. i have all the passports and citizenship evidence and death certificate etc.
  2. I am new to forums so please be patient. My father is an Australian Native and has always resided in Oz. I'm British by birth and on my mother's side. I'm 27 and want to apply for Australian citizenship. It hasn't been straightforward because his name is not currently on my birth certificate but my mother is having my birth certificate re-certified with his name (his has signed a parentage declaration).. this application has just been made. (hoping it doesn't take long). I am traveling to Oz in a few weeks time. I want to then make my Citizenship application there (with new birth certificate) as I want to stay there. My concern is the timeline of the process. I have previously spent a year in Oz on a 1yr working visa. I want to work as soon as I legally can when I return next month but worried it will be ages before the ceremony. Can it be fast tracked? Can I get a work permit in the interim? Is it a bad idea to go there on a 3month holiday visa (I am law abiding and would not work until legally able) when it may take longer to get a ceremony date? Has anyone done it this way?? Any help please!
  3. oppyddrum

    Citizenship By Descent

    Hi Everyone, I just have a quick question about a citizenship by descent application; I am applying for my 6 week old son who was born in the states. Does he get a certificate of citizenship once the application is approved? or do we have to do a separate application for evidence of citizenship? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everybody, I'm planning my application for citizenship by descent. I was born and raised in England, living there now, my father is Australian. The problem is I'm not sure if I will pass the good character check. I was arrested and convicted of criminal damage while living in Hungary. I took a beating from the police, held my hands up and paid the fine. It was a drunken incident which started with me being assaulted by a stranger, i fought back, the guy ran away and i decided to take vengeance on his bicycle. Turns out the bike wasn't his, he was just trying to steal it as he fled. I felt really bad for the guy who's bike I smashed and apologized to him when I paid the fine. It was stupid but it happened and I wish it hadn't. I also have a spent conviction for shoplifting when i was 15 (I'm 23 now). This all sounds pretty bad now that I've written it down, but I'm not a mean person and I'm not a threat to anybody. What do you guys think? Will this stop me from getting my citizenship? Right now moving to Oz is my only ambition for the future and I'm just hoping this stupid incident won't come back to haunt me. Any responses will be greatly appreciated, thanks guys and girls x
  5. Hi all I m a 27 year old British citizein and have just found out about Australian citizeinship by descent. My mother is entitled to this as both her parents are australian (she was born and is a citizein of the uk only ) . And i was hoping i would be entitled to it too once she gets her oz citizeinship since i am her son, however it would seem that since she had not gone through this process at thte time of my birth i may not be entitled to it... could anyone clarify this point for me please? does anyone here have any experience of this? thanks
  6. swifty99

    citizenship by descent question

    Just a quick question about citizenship by descent, i have been granted it as my dad was an australian citizen at the time of my birth, just wanted to know when i have been a citizen in australia for 2 years or more would my son then be able to apply for citizenship by descent or is it only if i was a citizen at the time of his birth (he is 18) will be 21 when he wants to move to australia. Thanks
  7. Has anybody been down the same road we are travelling and had any success? Our 25 year old daughter is a UK citizen by birth. We formally adopted her when she was aged 7 years old in the UK. At that time we were both British citizens. However, subsequently Mum acquired "Australian Citizenship by descent" and we moved to Australia (without our then under 18 year old daughter who wouldn't go on PR application because she said that "she hadn't seen all that Britain had to offer yet".) Our daughter is now with us here in Australia on a year long "Working Holidays Visa". She loves it here and wants to stay here permanently (and she is probably regretting her earlier decision). We want to see if she can apply for "Citizenship by descent" but the rules seem very ambiguous. Some sections of the government's web site suggest "yes she can", while others imply "no she can't". We went to see our Federal MP the other day and asked her staffer if she thought an application would be successful. The staffer said yes. We still have a few nagging doubts though: Yes mum now fulfills the 2 years residence in Australia, but no, Mum wasn't an Australian citizen at the time of our daughter's birth. We will talk to the department of immigration this week, but in the meantime, I wonder if any other migrants have faced this scenario? We really want her to stay as it'll give her a new and positive start for her in life at a time when she is receptive to this change. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Our sons certificate of Citizenship by Descent came through today, 1 week after sending off the application. :jiggy: Next step is passports for them both. It's now 3-1 aussies so they'd better grant me a spouse visa!!
  9. Hi All, I have just had a phone call from the police regarding my police certificate, they called me as i do not currently have a valid british passport, no travel no reason to have one! The man said that he thought that this may get my citizenship returned as they need a valid passport number on the police certificate, however on the citizenship information it doesn't say anything about this in fact for proof of identity it say passport if any. My plan was once i had got citizenship i was going to apply for an Australian passport anyway, so does anyone know if my lack of a valid british passport is going to throw up any problems? Many thanks Laura
  10. Hoping someone can help me, my wife is currently applying for citizenship by descent we are looking at moving out to australia and think that this would be done via the partner visa, think is how do we work the sponsorship issue as my wife lives in uk with my and is at home with our daughter, she has a sister who is an australian citizen and works out there could she be mine and our daughters sponsor. Really need advice as very confused
  11. Hi, my partner is an Australian by birth. As her mother is a British citizen by birth, she is also entitled to British citizenship by descent. Has anyone gone through the process of applying for a British passport under these circumstances? The British equivalent of the DIAC website is less clear than I would hope!
  12. Hi, we are just filling out my husbands citizenship by descent application. On it it asks if my father in law holds citizenship of another countrym the date it was aquired and by what means. My fil was born an Oz citizen but moved back to the UK with his parents he has lived here ever since. On the 1st of January 1983 (after my husbands birth) he became British Citizen along with everyone else who was in the UK and had the right of Abode. So how did he aquire this citizenship it says Naturalisation/ Birth/ registered/ Grant. We were thinking he was naturalised but was he actually granted it? Searching the Border Agency doesn't help at all as they just have modern applications information. Although I maygive them a call:wacko:
  13. k8bug79

    Citizenship by descent

    Hi, I don't know if anyone will know the answer to this. My husband is starting the application for Citizenship by Descent as his Father was born in Australia to British parents, lived 1 year of his life there but returned home to UK after that. We are fairly sure my husband is eligible for it but there are a couple of points that concern us. 1 the length of time he was there, but can't see anywhere that says this is an issue apart from if his father also was a citizen by descent the he would have had to have lived there for 2 years, but as he is not then this does not apply to us. and the second that they cannot have been there on diplomatic duties. To our knowledge his Grandparents were over there on an extended visit to my father in laws Aunt, they were permanant residents over there, on my father in laws birth certificate it says his Mum was a nurse but his Dad was a Clerk, Commonwealth. I am sure that this probably isn't diplomatic duties, can anyone tell me what this could be? Thanks in advance
  14. karenstretton

    Australian Citizen by Descent

    My husband is applying for Australian Citizenship by Descent, once he has this will i be able to get a permanent visa ? We currently live in the UK but are desperate to live in Australia where all my family are but have been unable to qualify for other visas.