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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everyone, My name is Charls. I applied for ACT state nomination (190) and got denied as according to the new rule they don't accept Skill assessment that is more than three years old. I'm willing to re assess my Skill assessment. I studied community welfare in WA and was there for more than 3 years. One of the other reasons why they denied my visa is because of this that I stayed in WA for more than 3 years, so that they cant consider me as a genuine applicant !! I have been going through the worst time of my life in the last 18 months..... If I get a new re assessment and fix the other issues, will I be able to reapply for the nomination? Since 'Welfare worker' is under 'Limited' option, do I have to re apply for the 'Verification' as well?
  2. I got sand stuck in my camera/lens when we went to the beach :cry::cry: Now it's blurry and won't stay open for more than a few seconds, it seems to have got worse the more I tried to fix it! Does anyone know how to get the sand out? Or am I doomed? I left the warranty in the UK aswell :cry:
  3. Guest

    Am I Depressed?

    Hi everyone I've just joined PIO and want to write something very happy and jolly about being here in Australia. But the reality is is that I feel quite sad, not because I am missing home but because I realise that my partner is not the person for me. I've struggled very hard to achieve the temp partner visa only to feel that it is slipping away. I had to stay in the UK whilst dealing with family issues the last several months and gained my 309 from there. I've been back with my partner now for 5 weeks. He is not emotionally supportive or physically demonstrative. He is carrying on with his same lifestyle before I arrived. Its like I am in his way - I am left out of any decision making to do with the flat, shopping, where we go, what we do etc. He eats and breaths his job. He and his brother constantly take drugs (cannabis) and he cannot go an evening without drinking alcohol. He is always saying he's going to change his behaviours but he never does. He also said strongly that he wanted to have children but he's sabotaging that with his drinking and drug taking. I feel quite alone, worried about my visa status if we split. I can barely speak with him with civility. At the moment we sleep in the same bed but on either side. I still love him but I know he is not for me. How can he be? He offers me no support in a new country. I've managed to find casual work but now he is asking for my share of the rent AND for me to pay him back the monies he spent on me whilst I was with him last year. He's suddenly sprung this on me. I know some of this is down to me but he never 'sees' me, he is never the one to start to talk about us, it's usually me. I've suggested counselling, I've tried talking to him before he gets right into his routine about our relationship and what WE can do to make it better and loving like it should be. He just says the right things but then does exactly what he wants. In March last year, he went all out to have a holiday in Thailand with his family and guess what - he managed to find time and money to f*** at least 3 Thai women - all without his family knowing. Whilst with them, he's texting me telling me how much he's missing me and loves me. He comes back to me and breaks my heart. He has never given me a reason for doing that, (I'd only just moved in with him about 2-3 weeks previous). The arguments, tears and disbelief that this happened to me is indescribable. I had to make him do an STD/STI check and I had to get myself checked out as well. How long can I do this for? I've worked so hard to get here to Australia. I'm not sure I can manage another year and a half like this. I know it would help me if I could get a good job. I want to have time, space and confidence building for myself. All I want is to settle down, be in love and love my partner - is that too much to ask for?
  4. BRITONS aged 45-54 have been branded the most unhealthy and depressed people in the world. A report today says they are more likely to be obese, depressed or smokers than those of 11 other nations including Australia, the US, China, Brazil, Mexico and New Zealand. A worrying 35% of middle-aged Brits are classed as obese, almost twice the world average, while 27% have depression against an average of 17%, says Bupa International, which surveyed 13,000 people. Bupa’s Dr Sneh Kemkah blamed our drinking culture, adding: “It is mainly down to lifestyles. The mid-40s is a time when the excesses of youth catches up with you.”
  5. After 6 months of sheer hard work trying to get a new employer to renominate my 457 visa or give me a new one, and working for cash in hand to survive, I finally had to bite the bullet and leave the country. I have left behind 5 years worth of belongings with my ex, whom I lived with temporarily after having to give up my apartment, and we broke up during this process as he was so stressed with the situation... It was a very sad, and looong 29 hour journey back to my Mums house in Norfolk. Im 34 and feel like my life has collapsed around me. I finally received word from DIAC that my visa would be cancelled, but by then I was already on the plane... I am determined to get back to Australia, as had made my life there and miss it terribly. I've only been back in UK for a week, after 5 years away so have opened a UK bank account - applied for my tax back early through expresstax.com.au (they can sort claiming my superannuation too). I found it difficult being in Sydney to gain a new sponsorship, so will just have to be more aggressive doing the same from the UK. Everything just seems up in the air at the moment. I want to get back asap, and was going to wait for my super and apply for General Skilled Migration Visa (175) anyway, just to have something in motion. Any advice about getting back into the country would be much appreciated. Markus
  6. I'm going to make this as lighthearted as possible, but will no doubt will have to get serious at some point. It has apparently been found out that those suffering from 'mental' disorders 'can' have a severely shortened life expectancy, somewhere between 10 and 15 years shortened, but funnily enough NOT through the mental illness they are suffering from ie, Bi Polar, Severe Depression, Schizophrenia. It seems as though because those that suffer from these illnesses and those around them seem to concentrate on these aspects of health the more 'common' ailments we can all fall prey to are often overlooked, heart disease, diet, excercise, general fitness, blood pressure, the list is endless. While these ailments to most 'normal' people 'seem' to be dealt with far sooner those that suffer from mental illness and their carers 'can' overlook such matters and often these things go undetected for a lengthy period. So, in summation, any of you suffering from a mental disorder and indeed your carers should be made aware that your 'GENERAL' health also is very important. I live with a looney tune who has Bi Polar and Schizophrenia. According to statistics I will out live her by many a year, I have this morning made Ruth write her will again. I am apparently going to receive several cupboards full of pills, 124 items of clothing that she forgot she bought, :biglaugh: and her collection of books entitled, Men are from Mars, Woman are from Earth and I'm from the planet Zanussi'. On a serious not though, to all those who are or who know someone who has something wrong with them mentally then please ensure you general health is looked after as well,:yes::wink: Cheers Tony.:cool:
  7. Hey, Just wondered if anyone out there could help. I'm a 31-year-old from the UK. I came here to Oz on a 417 visa in February 2009. I was fortunate to get a decent job in country NSW soon after arriving. In mid-2009 my employers tried to sponsor me through a 459, but this was rejected as we did not meet the essential skills criteria. I have been on a bridging visa for more than a year while another application for a labour agreement 1066 (involving mucho paperwork) has been considered. Unfortunately, we finally heard last week that this too has been rejected. The rejection letter has given no reasons and does not seem to explain any mechanisms regarding an appeal. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any other routes to go down? I don't live there but I have set my heart on getting a job in Sydney someday. I really don't want to go home - there's nothing really for me there and getting a job (from the looks of it) there will be mighty tough! I've tried to contact Immigration themselves, but (as I'm sure people on here know!) getting answers out of them is a bloomin' nightmare. Any advice appreciated! Thanks, Stuart.
  8. Hi all, I need guidance and advice about my current situation. I did my masters in IT (2009) from OZ and then kept trying to get a job in the IT sector with no success. I have previous experience teaching programming and database to high school students in my home country hence I landed up a job as a IT trainer in a college and after 6 months of working there I got a part time teaching position as a lecturer in my university (from where I did my masters). However I worry a lot about my future; mostly because, my family's financial situation has gone down the drain and I'm becoming very irritated and stressed. I grabbed whatever opportunity came my way because I needed the money to pay the bills and the rent. I really want to get into the IT sector but my visa condition (currently on TR) and lack of experience is posing a big hurdle:cry: . If I apply for graduate jobs, I never get a reply and few of those who have replied, tell me they want someone junior to fill the position. It’s a catch 22 situation :arghh:. I find myself depressed and frustrated each day. Looks like I will be forced to stay in a profession (Teaching) which I do not wish to pursue. I do like the job that I'm doing; it’s just that my heart is somewhere else. Will I ever get an IT job? Is there any employer who would wish to employ someone in my situation (No experience but determined to achieve my dream)? Do people who have no experience or wish to change their career have to forget about their dreams? I feel trapped. I guess my question is: I know there are a lot of people on this board that have a job in the IT industry; please guide me. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO????? I am lost :confused:. Thank you all for your time and patience. All advice will be much appreciated. Thanks again. P.S: Sorry if this is a wrong place to post the thread.
  9. Ok, this will be a tad long however hope some of you can understand my situation.... im 31, moved to sydney in mid 2003 with my GF. she is an aussie who i meet in london. after 2.5yrs with me in london (4.5 for her althogether) she fancied a move back to syd where her family are, well i wanted to go more; prob 60/40! anyway, got my defacto visa very easily, moved there, ending up getting good jobs, good money, owned property, got a cat, got a car, made some friends etc etc.... thing is that after being there 12mths my GF wanted to go back to London whereas i really liked it in syd/oz. perhaps cos it was so far away from where im from helped too. her parents are from europe and she spent a fair bit of time on holiday in europe as a kid and has never felt that close to australia apart from the fact most of her family live there. im not close to family at all; before we came back to london 4mths ago i had only spoken to my parents twice in 2yrs and have only seen them once since i got back. not one of my family came over to see me in 6 yrs (btw - im now an aussie citizen)..... so my GF stuck it out in syd with my for 6 long yrs which considering she didn't like it there after 1yr was v.v.good off her! she wanted me to get my aussie citizenship (as did i as im sure we will retire there one day) as i said i would always return the favour and get her, her uk citizenship (she has another 2.9 yrs to go to get it) as she cant get a euro visa thru her parents, long story! in other words, im stuck here until 2012. fingers crossed we will move on in 2012 to somewhere else, perhaps asia or middle east to work. my GF thinks london is ok (we do have good friends here, some aussie, some british however most of the aussie's are all moving back therhome after bagging a brit bloke!! ironic as we have mobed in the other direction) and would happily move in 2012 however has also hinted that she may move back to sydney sooner and waive her right to get uk citizenship if im really that unhappy however i couldn't ever do that as i know if we go back to oz then there will be heaps of problems as she will get fed up there within 3mths and we would have spend a fortune on yet another move not to mention losing her uk visa, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! so, basically i have to stick it out until mid-2012. thing is that i really miss my life in sydney even though i didn't really do much, i still miss what i had, e.g. - nice house, nice car, good well paid job that i knew back to front and best of all, not being in scumy london. prob was that my GF didn't work for the last few years we were there as i earnt good money so she didn't have to where as now back in the uk, she works and i dont. i now find myself locked in the house all day not wanting to leave it whilst my GF is at work........... i hate waking up and hate my boring day trapped in london. sounds good not having to work (we have some savings etc) but im so depressed being here. have started to drink more (with awful hangovers!) and even put on weight etc however dont know what to do..... i cant place my finger on it however i think that the uk has gone down hill SOOOOO much since i left 6yrs ago. the kids, the lack of respect, the crime, the filth, the gov - all just awful. i cant see why anyone would want to come here unless they had money and could live in a lovely village in cornwall or devon etc!! i dont care abt things like weather etc, doesnt bother me if its 5c or 30c wet or dry (30c today in london!). i totally understand there is more to live than beaches, sun and barbies however just wanna be back in oz, or perhaps i just wanna be anyway but the uk/london - really very confused however perhaps i should make the most of the next 2.5 yrs and get over it.....??!!
  10. Guest

    Depressed Pom

    Oh well we failed the TRA today. Next step AQF3, can anybody share their expereinces for me with this route. Pathway E. Hubby is a Diesel Fitter
  11. Hey im just asking for friendly advice.:rolleyes: My parents moved me to oz in 2003 at 13 im now nearly nineteen hapily engaged to an australian but i miss wales terribly.I miss the culture,scenery and family. Every time i see my fiancees family i get a tight feeling in my chest wishing i could see my cousins and grandparents etc.Its always bottled up.I find i cry over the stupidest things.I don't know what to do i'm moved out and my parents and i don't talk our family relationship went downhill since we moved here.i found highschool socially hard and now im in uni. I don't want to move back as i don't want to leave my fiancee,my family and friends are a big part of who i am and sometimes i feel so helpless.I am a low income earner and can't afford a flight back for a holiday either. Iam thinking of going on anti depressants even though reluctant to..I get so jealous and defensive if people not from wales go there or to the uk cos i miss it and its not like me usually.This may not seem like a big thing but my fiancees sister has two welsh friends(shes australian) and i havent met welsh people over here,but she wont introduce me to them and that hurts me deeply.I have met a really good english mate over here tho. thanks for listening
  12. Guest

    So depressed here now

    Hi All, I am new here but wanted to post my story of what has happened since I came to OZ and really would appreciate your advice, please don't judge me as I am not a bad person. I came here two years ago after losing my mother to illness. I had been to Australia plenty of times on holiday and loved it and as I have dual nationality British and New Zealand I thought I would come to Australia and live and a brand new life I was so wrong. It took me months to get a job and then when I did I was treated like dirt. I ended up leaving the job and got severley depressed as the culture here was so different to the UK and I just found it very hard to meet people. Cut a long story short I got arrested when I got drunk and got charged with it. Told that I would not get a criminal record as it is a minor offence and sent on my way. I then pull myself together to get another job only to be offered it go through police clearance and they tell me I know have a record, the job offered was refused. So after all this I have spent two years trying to meet people, trying to get work and cant get anywhere. I then think OK I am running out of money I must try to get some centrelink to see me though until I get another job only to be told that you have to be a permanent resident to get it, (I thought new zealanders were entitled) and to get permanent residency I have to have nothing bad in my past so I am screwed either way. I am seriously depressed now and feel that I have very little strengh left. I grew up in London but was born in New Zealand, I am wondering whether I should go to New Zealand and start again or go home, please tell me your honest opinion. And before you guys say that it must be me, I would have to agree with you since I came here I am not the same person, although I have never had a problem in the UK in all my life and had good relationships and friendships all the time, why has this happened here. I have to make a decision before I have no money.
  13. Guest

    So depressed

    I'm not sure I can survive the next 17 months out here. I'm currently listening to Radio 2 online with tears streaming down my face. If it wqeren't for my kids I think I would through myself of the nearset bridge!
  14. This is a brillant book have a good bedtime reading!
  15. Hi I need to get a few things off my chest so I hope most of you won't mind me using 'Poms in Oz' for doing this. We have been here since Dec 07 and I can honestly say I have never been so depressed in my life. I have 2 boys 10 and 7 in a lovely private school which they both love. I am a nurse working 4 nights one week and 5 nights the next. It is the same problems just in a different country. I have no friends as I am working all the time. My children are at school club sometimes at 7.30am so my husband can go to work. This was not how it was supposed to be. I would liked to have thought that I would not have been so naive as to think that things would be better over here but quite frankly in my opinion they are not. The only thing cheaper is the school fees. Unfortunatey my husband has had to go overseas for 2 weeks so therefore I have had to get an agency 'nanny' to sleep over as I need to work because of the dreaded 457 visa. Hardly worth me working. Looking back in my diary a year ago i was full of excitment and so much looking forward to our new life. We have sold everything in the Uk (we still have a little house that is onl the market) it has cost us about $100k to relocate including flights, 2 cars (secondhand) school fees the list goes on. So for all of those out there thinking about coming over think again. The grass is not always greener. this does not mean to say that things would be different for you. Sorry if I have upset anyone with this as some people only like positive comments on this forum.
  16. Guest

    On 457 visa and depressed...

    I am currently on a 457 visa and I am depressed! Everyday I come to work and I fell like crying. On the fifteen minutes train to work I try to convince myself that it is not such a bad job, or I just complain all the way. I am really unhappy with what I am doing and there is little support of the management team. I fell lost, I don’t know what to do and to makes matter worse I am starting to have panic attack when I have to do my work. I have always been a good employee achieve my commitments. This is the first time that I fell really unhappy with my work. Nowadays I wish I am sick or hit by a car so I can stay at home. The good thing is that the request for my permanent visa has being done 7 weeks ago with all docs necessary. But still I am really depressed as it can take another 2 weeks or 6 months… I just don’t know what to do… It is so close and yet I am so sad… Sorry, I just needed to air these emotions…
  17. Hi PLease can someone give advice , we have been informed that the degree my oh has is not recognised by the regulatory body in oz, even though he has over 10 years exp. We basically have 2 choices stay in the UK and retrain for another year to get existing degree accredited, taking the risk that by he time retraining has been done the occupation may be off the mol list or apply for state sponsorship under another occupation that is closely related to get over there quicker. the whole annoying thing about this is the fact that my oh has been told that the assessing body in aus (AIQS) have said that in order to qualify for a positive skills assesment he needs to be eligible to join the UK equivalent body (RICS) at what is known as probationer level. After much research he has been told that he can join the RICS however his degree needs to be converted, but because of his 10+ years exp-erience this can be done after joining and will replace what is known as APC. The annoying point is he has confirmation in writing that he is suitable to join at the required level, however the AIQS have now said that because there is an element of retraining involved, do not bother to apply until that is complete. The funny thing is the retraining required is exactly the same as he would have to do if joining the AIQS in oz, so in reality if we take option 1 we stay in the UK retrain, apply for 175 get assessed and approved, wait for the VISA (months!!!!) then when we get to oz (possibly 2010) and he wants to join the AIQS he will then have to do the whole year again just to get full membership I find the whole scenario really silly, they are complaining there are not enough trades but when you are trying to go, they put every obstacle in your way to put you off. Or do we go for option 2 and apply through the route where his degree is accredited and hope to pick up sponsorship via the state? Sorry for the rambling i need to get it off my chest and my oh is so laid back about it he may as well be horizontal!!! LOL Any advice is greatly appreciated :arghh:
  18. Well we have hit our first major stumbling block today. We had our house valued and its not enough. We knew the market is not good at the moment but its still between £15K and £25K less than we were expecting!!! We can't believe its that low. We bought the house 3 yrs ago brand new (4 bed det) for £215K and last year put on a huge conservatory which cost £12K. We are in a lovely cul-de-sac with a decent garden which has woods at that back i.e. not overlooked. Oh well the dream was nice while it lasted.
  19. HI I am just getting things off my chest and probably using this site for counselling!!! I came to Melbourne in December with my husband and 2 children (8 & 10). I am on the e457 visa so obviously have to work full time. This for me is 4 nights a week. I am 37 and to be honest I am struggling with the work. I work in surgical, medical, A&E all over really. As I have the visa with the company (agency) I need to work 38 hours a week. If they cannot find me a shift I have to carry it on the next week so some weeks I need to work 5 nights. This is exhausting especially if I have to drive an hour plus to get there. The kids have to therefore go to the breakfast club in school for 7.30 so my husband can go to work. I am sitting here wondering if we have done the right thing? If I had the chance again to start from scratch I would apply for a perm. visa and not a e457 as you are tied to the employer and there is nothing you can do about it. The agency are fine and lovely people working there however, it's me who has to work. I don't see my kids or husband as much as I would like. I say to myself it is only for a year! (10 months to go!). In my opinion the nurses in the UK are allowed to do so much more than here. You still have to check more or less every drug give! even saline for flushes! (nurses will understand this!) We are in a rented house at present and maybe if we had our own house my outlook would be different. As I am working nights it is difficult to meet people . We are 'Billy no mates at the moment!' WE have spend 18 months planning on coming to Oz, selling furniture, house, etc. I know 2 - 3 months is not a long time but I think I have made a grave mistake coming here. The only saving grace is that my children just love the school. Even getting dressed at 6am ready for school!! Counselling session over with for now. I'm sure to be continued. At least it will save me $50 with a professional! Great site by the way whoever thought of it. K x
  20. Guest

    Even more depressed now

    Just read SAVTA's wonderful news that their CP visa has been granted. Genuinely very happy for them, but, going on their timeline, then it is going to be December 08 before ours comes through. Another 14 months - and that is on a good day as we lodged ours 14 months after them and the queues are increasing all the time. Really not sure I am going to be able to cope with such a long wait. Really, really, frustrating, infuriating and upsetting. Oh I just want to give up and not bother!!!!! Bugger!!! Jean:cry: