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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, My husband and I are hoping to make the move in 2015 with our 3 children. Realistically we don't expect to have more than £10k in savings. We're currently renting (never owned a home), and had initially planned to buy somewhere in the UK first. However, saving for a deposit has proved difficult and house prices don't seem to be rising enough to make us a worthwhile profit in 2 years time once fees etc are deducted. Im concerned that we will find that buying a house in Aus is just as difficult to achieve as it is here in N. London. Should we consider delaying our move and buying a property here, or just go for it and see how things go in Aus? Any experiences would be great. Lucy
  2. pommysteve

    Australian bank deposit

    How do I pay someone in Australia? They have provided account# 999999999 BSB# 999 999. Is that like A/C No & Sort Code? How do I go about paying form UK account? Or maybe I need an Oz Bank Account?
  3. Here in cold old England I believe it is normal to pay one month's rent as a deposit and also the first month's rent up-front. What's normal in Australia?
  4. Hi guys does anybody know of a rental?? must be secret harbour. if you know of a minimum 3 bed with a lock up garage reasonable garden please contact me, if it makes owners feel better i can give a reasonable deposit up front any help gratefully recieved cheers :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  5. I've been a member on here for a while but not posted for a long time but I have a read nearly every night. We have had our visas for a couple of years now and are still trying to make our minds up about the big move to Queensland. One of the main things holding us back, the same as nearly everyone, is the money side of things. After we have sold our house and paid back all we owe, paid all the moving costs etc we would not have any money left for a deposit for a house. hopefully we could save for this but it would take a good few years. That's hoping we can both get jobs. How long do people usually stay in rentals for? Are we mad moving to OZ and not being able to buy a house? Any thoughts welcome please. Thanks. __________________
  6. Any else had problems booking flights with Jetstar and paying via their Direct Deposit system? Made a booking on the 26th May 2011, payment was made the same day via their Direct Deposit system but we are now being told there is no record of them receiving the payment. Have had confirmation from our bank it was received by their account, have sent Jetstar fax with all relevant information and heard nothing back! Our flight is on Friday 10th June. No joy at all (or helpful advice) from the one and only number we have for them in Australia. Anyone been through the same thing? Any ideas how to resolve it? Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if we can use some of the equity in our UK house to be used as a deposit to buy over here in Oz? Has anyone out here done it and did it go smoothly? Thanks and happy Easter :wink:
  8. Hi folks, I was just wondering how deposits and 'reservations' work in rentals, in practice, when trying to get an application accepted? For example - the one form I've filled in so far has a pricing section where it asks for: Property Rental pw Rental Bond 2 weeks first payment Cost of tenancy agreement Reservation fee and period Questions: - If I want to offer above the asking rate (can I, legally?), do I communicate this by simply writing it in the Rental PW box? If not.. and assuming someone else has.. how is this done? - Also, if offering multiple months up front - again, is this a valid/legal sweetener, and how is this done? - Since I assume we should 'put our money where our mouth is', I assume placing a reservation/deposit seals the deal, pending references? Do we push for a provisional acceptance of our application, and then send a deposit by BPay/etc before anyone else can, if possible? Or should we wait before we're confirmed as the first choice before offering any deposit, reservation fee, etc? - How does the reservation fee work? Is it just something from calmer days, when a prospective tenant might ask the landlord to hold on for a few days while they make their decision? I assume it might be irrelevant these days, since with the market the way it is, any sign of hesitation would simply move the landlord on to the next acceptable candidate who unconditionally signs up? - If reservations can still be used, and we want to hold it for a few days, again, how do we do this? Simply write a figure and number of days in the form? Many thanks! D
  9. Hi All, On Saturday the 5th March, i saw an ad on carsales.com.au and went to inspect the car. I did a revs check online and found there were no encrumbances or written off details. I decided to book the car by paying a deposit of $800. I also asked the seller and he said everything was clear. On Sunday, once the seller sent me the Engine No and other details, i did a Vehicle History Check with RTA. I found that the vehicle had a repairable write off. It had the rego on a pensioner and i would have to bear extra rego charges if any. When i found this i was really shocked. Monday morning i informed the seller about this and told them i will not be buying the vehicle with a bad history. The private seller is denying to pay my deposit of $800 back Please let me know what way should i go to get back my deposit. I have all the conversations in my SMS's. I raised a Fair Trade complaint today but not sure if it will be helpful Cheers, maddy
  10. Hi, Just wondering how it might be if I was to: 1. Put 170,000 AUD down on a 230,000 AUD house and ... 2. Borrow 60,000 AUD from a bank ( or equivalent ) as a mortgage 3. But not be able to pay the mortgage off ? Would I lose my 170, 000 AUD down payment ? Or would I have my 170, 00 but have to pay a 'fine' because I could not pay the 60,000 AUD mortgage ? Any advice much appreciated Thanks.
  11. Hi, Has anyone else been asked to increase their deposit on a forward contract from 10 - 15% ? I fixed a rate at 2.25 over a month ago and paid a £11K deposit (10%) .... but I have since received an email from HIFX requesting a further £4K immediately to secure the contract. I don't have these funds available right now and if I can't pay the extra £4K they are asking for then they will sell the currency on and I will then incurr a loss. I'm not sure if this is quite fair really, as I have already lost out on the improved exchange rate, and also I thought we had a fixed contract..... does anyone have any thoughts on this please? :unsure:
  12. Hi I wondered if anyone can help we currently are renting out our family home in the Uk and have quite some equity which we would like to release but our current mortgage lender says unless wages are being paid into a Uk account then they will not remortgage? Is this the rule for all lenders ? If not, we are in a position to change mortgage providers so can anyone recommend a company that would enable us to do this. Thank you Debs and Gaz
  13. Hi all, We are busy saving like mad since we arrived here in May to get up a deposit for our own place - although with stamp duty and all the other costs involved with buying and paying rent as well its a slow process. Like most people who are selling in the Uk we have just had to let any equity we had go to get a sale on our house. With the costs of shipping and setting up again it doesn't leave us with a deposit. We wondered if anyone know of its possible to get a 100% mortgage or close to it as we hate the fact that we are looking at another year of paying rent and trying to save when we could be paying our own mortgage! We are looking to buy new and take advantage of the first time buyers grants and new build grant but we are not sure if that will count towards a deposit? Any advice or tips would be great! My hubby has a pretty good salary (near to 100k) and is hopeful of getting a bit more than that pretty soon as he is job hunting like a demon! thanks Julie
  14. 2 more lenders have anounced that they are now accepting 5% deposit mortgages instead of 10% that they did require. Is this the start of more flexible criteria? Time will tell! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
  15. Guest

    10% Deposit Mortgages?

    Hi All, First time poster here, been reading the forum for some weeks now with great interest. I am lucky enough to have dual UK/Oz citizenship and will be moving to Sydney in the next few weeks permanently. I have secured a role paying circa $250k AUD and wanted to buy a property in the next 12 months in the $800k - $1mil range. However all my investments / money is in pounds and I want to give the exchange rate as much time to recover to the $2 mark as such would like to only put down a 10% deposit if these mortgages are available. having a quick look at the internet all offers seem to require a 20%+ deposit. Anyone have any awareness of different options for someone in my position? Many Thanks, J
  16. Just read this on the internet, is now a good time to buy a house in australia www.whocrashedtheeconomy.com
  17. Guest

    low deposit mortgages

    Hi We really want to take advantage of the 1st home buyers grant but we will still only have enough for a 5% deposit at the end of the year, does anyone know which banks etc will give us a mortgage if we only have 5% to put down. thanks:notworthy:
  18. Hello, This is a quick question for any real estate agents here in Oz. We put an offer in on a house conditonal upon finance approval. This was back in March, we put a $1000 deposit down. Well to date, we still haven't received approval from RAMS (long story), we should finally hear back something this week one way or another. My question is, we still haven't received our deposit back, and they won't give it back to us unless we can prove that we didn't get financing. However, the deal fell through and the vendor actually took the house of the market. If we find out next week that we do have mortgage approval, can we still get our money back?, or can they legally keep the money, even though the house has been taken off the market. Any help would be great Karen
  19. George Lombard

    Statutory Deposit Solution Mooted

    Finally I think there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The MIA has made the following announcement; I have been asked not to identify the particular state treasury involved, but at least those who still have the A$100k to invest will be rewarded: Solution to $100,000 security bond issue Following representations to State Government Treasury authorities over the last few weeks, we have received advice that one of them is about to re-introduce the General Skilled Migration bond - enabling visa applicants to gain the 5 bonus points for the $100,000 investment in a designated security. This should benefit many clients who have been waiting for over a year for a resolution. The finance authority concerned is finalising arrangements for the re-introduction of the bond - in particular, systems for coping with what will probably be a large number of enquiries and applications. It is anticipated that the bond will become available in the very near future (perhaps before the end of this month). We will advise all members as soon as an announcement is made. Kind regards Kevin Lane Registered Migration Agent [MARN: 0213954] Membership & Professional Services Manager Migration Institute of Australia Cheers, George Lombard
  20. According to a bulletin to MIA members this afternoon the government will acquiesce in a solution to the statutory deposit issue (A$100,000 migration bonds not being available from state treasuries since last November) where a complying bond can be sourced from a state treasury. We will be able to advise applicants about this after 10am tomorrow. Phone number in Australia is +61-2-97990085. Cheers, George Lombard
  21. Hi, just wonder if anyone has deposited traveller's cheques straight into an Australian bank account. Is it possible and would the bank charge me for that? Cheers. Mel.
  22. HI all, Well, it certainly looks like the flipping house is not going to be sold prior to going and as so, we have to sell everything to try and scrape the funds together to get the deposit and rent up front. And as i only have a banger and hubby has a company car , it will be a major stuggle. I have heard on PIO that some people are asked to pay six mnths rent in advance plus one mnths rent as a deposit . Is this the case , what have been your experiences ? Bit stressed now, as i can't see how we'll manage ...............stupid fliping housing market!!!!!!!:arghh: Thanks everyone.
  23. With the exchange rate so low, we're thinking about leaving some sterling in a UK deposit fund to earn some interest while we wait for the exchange rate to improve (maybe that's wishful thinking). Does anyone know whether we would be liable to UK tax on the interest earned once we've become non-residents of the UK? I know that Australia taxes its residents on all earnings world-wide but we would place the cash in my spouse's name who will have 0% marginal tax rate in Australia. I guess if we had to pay UK basic rate tax, we could get a credit via the double taxation agreement, but it's a bit messy. Anyone come across this specific situation?
  24. Can anyone help with advice on how much deposit is required on buying a property ie $350000 home . Is there a minimum deposit like 10/20% of the asking price . thanks all the best
  25. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can help us out on a few mortgage dilemmas. We are researching the property in Adelaide and we would ideally like to buy something around the $250 - 300k mark. My husband is in IT and earns about the equivalent to $100k per year in the uk (£45k). We are trying to work on worst scenario situation so we are hoping that he will be able to get a job paying no less than $80k in Adelaide. We have a house to sell in the UK and after shipping, flights, renting for a few months in Oz ( we are budgeting about £12k for this) we reckon we should have about $40k deposit to buy when we find the right place. The problem we have is that when we have been researching what we would be able to borrow percentage wise in OZ it differs massively. Some say that you will only be able to lend about 70- 80% of the value of the property maximum, others say there are up to 100% mortgages available from certain places in OZ. We would probably need to borrow about 90% of the house price if we want a house of that value. Does anyone have any experience or idea as to whether this is realistic? Do we have enough deposit to get that kind of loan? Any help or advice would be really great!! thanks Jules, Nod & Rio x:wideeyed: