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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a nurse with a couple of questions in mind with regards to the 457 visa. 1.) I'm single, will my parents be qualified as my dependents to accompany me for the 457 visa? 2.) what are the usual requirements for parents for such visa processing as dependents? 3.) Will they be able to come with me to Australia on the same date? 4.) Do all employers agree to having their sponsored nurses bring their dependents? or is it a case to case basis? Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi Guys, I have just been granted a Skilled Migrant (Class VE) Subclass 176 (Skilled Sponsored) visa for the state of Western Australia. I do not plan to move there before the next year (approx jan 2013) but i had a few queries that I needed answered if anyone can help me out. 1- What is the process for spouse/ children to travel there with me on the same visa? I am currently unmarried but wanted to know just the same. 2- I have a brother who is completely dependent on me (he is younger) due to a severe neuro medical condition. If I want him to move there with me, what do I have to do? is this even possible? Also, it says on my grant letter that the visa is valid till 2017, what do I do after that? can I not leave the country and return on the same visa? Would really appreciate an answer to these queries. Thanks in advance, Ariel.
  3. Guest

    Contributory parent visa 173

    my sister is a permanent residence of australia.. i live in australia as a fulltime student about a year ago my sister applied for my parents permanent residency as a Contributory Parent Visa permanent 173 now immigration has asked for my parents medicals and Police clearance they have also asked my medicals and police clearence The question is why are they asking my medical and police check when i wasnt even included in application?? does it mean im getting permanent too because of im dependent on my parents for my fee etc??? and how long more does it take once you have given medicals and police checkss already been 15 months. Answers in details would be highly appreciated thanks guys !!!
  4. Hi All, I hope this is not a repetition in the forum, i searched for this to make sure ... but human error exists .. I am on 175 application, waiting for the visa grant.... form 80 etc loaded .... everything done. Now my father got retired from his job and my mom is a housewife, and i am their only son. I am willing to include them in my visa application as dependants to get their visas with me, then i will call them over later when i will arrange a house etc. What you guys advice me to do? Option1: .. Include my parents to my currently processing application as dependents, right now. Option2: .. Get my visa first, then goto australia, and then ask your parents apply for visa on my sponsorship etc.. According to my current research the OPTION 2 takes time (years) we are from HR country .... did anyone try this before?... any sincere advice?.. Thanks to you All..
  5. Hello, I hope you can help us. I am an Aussie citizen (however originally from UK) and I met my partner while in Europe last November. My partner is Dutch and we intend to apply for the subclass 300 fiance visa (prospective marriage visa). I live in Brisbane and she lives in the Netherlands. However I have a few questions which I hope others who have been through a similar experience can help us with. 1. We met for the first time in November 2011, and have only been together physically 5 days (in November). However We are totally committed to each other and are no spring chickens (I am 57, she is 50) so we both know what we want in a life partner, and marriage is a clear best option. Since we met we have been in multiple daily contact via email, Skype, phone. However will the short period of time we have physically been together count against us? 2. When would be the earliest time at which we could reasonably apply for the fiance visa? Would 3 months from date of first meeting be sufficient to convince the authorities that it is a committed relationship? 3. My partner has two daughters from a previous marriage, one 16 and one 18. The 16 year old lives with her and is still at school, but the 18 year old lives away from home at University in Scotland. However as a student she is still financially dependent on her mother. Would both the girls be able to come in under their mother's prospective partner visa? 4. Because of the added complexity of dependents, would it be best to use a migration agent? 5. Finally, does anyone know the approximate time scales? Ideally my partner and daughters would like to be in Australia by January 2013, in time for the start of the school year. Is this feasible? Thanks in advance for any advice and info.
  6. Guest

    Student Visa with dependents

    Hi, I'd be really grateful if anyone could help with this. If I was to be granted a student visa to allow me to study nursing in Australia, would I be able to bring my husband and children. From what I have seen it looks as though I would have to prove that I could provide for them financially, which I can't, I would be reliant on husbands ability to bring in a wage. Do you think that this is even a possible avenue to explore. Other wise I intend to study here and register with APHRA when I qualify, but I would like to study there if poss. thanks in advance
  7. hia

    176/475 with Dependents

    Hi All Need quick information about whther dependents like Mom and wife can be added in 176 and 475 visa one single application ??? Is there any kind of hurdle in it or things can move smooth ?? Any experiences will be greatly welcomed..!!!!
  8. Guest

    Parents in law Dependents

    Hi - below is my situation and hope someone can guide me on best option 1) I was referred to a migration agent in July 2010 who advised that I would be able to add my wife's parents as dependents to her application for 100 permanent visa and due to the financial facts and circumstances that I had provided, high possibility for being approved by the department. 2) Application was submitted in Sept 2010 to High Commission in Singapore, main (my spouse Singapore citizen) and secondary applicants (wife's parents Malaysian citizens in Singapore on dependent pass in Singapore) completed medicals, character checks, father even had to do re medicals for chest xray, etc. 3) After a long wait 7 to 8 months (with me in Australia and wife and kid of 5 years in Singapore), we have received Permanent Residence for my spouse end April 2011 but the parents were rejected on the grounds of them being still married to one another and a different "family unit" to ours. I already knew of this issue before applying but given the confidence provided by the migration agent, went ahead with the application with parents as dependents thinking that compassion would be shown... 4) My wife wants to join me down under by September but if we are to support parents over there, it is just not workable financially. Also, my daughter of 5 has always been taken care of by them. Options and concerns in my mind as I see it are as follows: Option 1 - Apply for online 676 six months tourist visaTourist visa (Subclass 676) with possibility of extending for another 6 months if 8503 condition is not imposed. If condition is imposed, they go back to Singapore and apply for another 6 months visa. Concern here is given they have applied for dependency and got rejected, will they also reject the visitor visa? How best to approach this?? Do I need to mention that they applied for dependency and got rejected - and mention that they now only seek to visit... Option 2 - Apply for ETA (Visitor) (Subclass 976) with the intention of applying for onshore contributory visa once they are in the country for 6 months or so. This is assuming 8503 condition is not imposed. As my wife is a qualified medical professional and hope by this time she will have a steady job in Australia and further my daughter is already enrolled in school here planning to start next year, she would meet the "settled" criteria. I will be the sponsor - Concern here is that my wife must have been a PR for 2 years even though I am the sponsor?? Another concern is that the department might still impose the 8503 condition even though it is 3 months? Option 3 - Similar to option 2 above except that the contributory visa is applied offshore again after 6 months or so. Same concerns as Option 2 - Additional concern is once they apply for the contributory visa offshore, will they be rejected visitor visas while their application is being processed? Thanks for your time in reading this and hope you can guide.
  9. I dare say this topic and question has been asked before, but maybe not as specifically as my circumstance. The spouse is employed by the ADF and therefore, we have PR Visa's. As an ADF member, the spouse gets Citizenship, along with the children after three months are up. I am not working and will be the only one in the family on a PR Visa, however, as the children's main carer, should we separate and divorce, where does that leave me in regards to entitlement, benefit and custody rights? Any sound legal advice would be welcome in this issue.
  10. kasisalo

    proof of dependents over 18

    my daughters are 18 and 20 they are both at college and are my dependents what documents of proof of this do i need to have be grateful of any help with this
  11. Hi everyone. I hope it would be possible to find any advice on my problem, because it totally confuses me now. Frankly, I simply don't know what to do next and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a widowed mother and a little sister of 13, and both of them have been dependent on me since my dad had died. We are planning to move to Oz, but after reading a lot of forums over the net, I decided it would be easier to migrate in two steps: firstly, me and my spouse via GSM, and afterwards, after two years of settling - my mother and sister via the parent visa. The above decision was made, because proving of dependency seemed to be a complicated and mysterious procedure, and we were going to support my family by sending them money, unless they eventually join us with a parent visa. I've lodged my offshore 176 application not long ago, and DID NOT include my mom and sis there, only spouse. Just a few days ago I suddenly realized (my terrible mistake!), that my mom will not be able to pass the balance of family test, once she has lodged a parent visa application: my deceased father had a child, my half-brother, which existence destroys everything. He has always been living separately, did not manage even to contact us, and we are not even sure where he is now. We simply do not have any relationship with him, and he also does not want this relationship to be. I've thoroughly explored the booklet 3 as well as the "Migration Regulations, 1994". The latter document claims that the mentioned child could be not taken into account, if my father is deceased and at the time when my mother had started the relationship with my dad - my half-bro had been over 18 (unfortunately, he had been 4 years old at that time). This means that it will be impossible to take my family with me to Oz - and this thought devastates me totally. I am now thinking of the possibility of including my mom and sis into the already lodged application. And I really need an advice here: 1. is it possible to change the list of dependents in the already lodged application? 2. do we have any chance of our application being approved in this case? 3. in case we do - what do we need to show as the evidence of the dependency? What comes to my mind is: - my mother is widowed, she is 53. - whe is currently unemployed, not on a pension, and it is unlikely for her to find any suitable employment in a small town where we live (she has 2 years remaining before the pension). - we live together - I've been transferring money to her account every month during almost a year till now (I can provide a bank statement). - she has a dependent daughter (my sis), which also requires money to live. 4. what else can help us to show the dependency? 5. Have there been any successful stories like mine ? May be someone could share his knowledge with me... Any help would be highly appreciated. We're on a CAT 2 now, and awaiting of a CO being allocated soon, therefore this becomes a matter of urgency now, and it stresses me up even more.. Many thanks in advance to everyone who could shed any light to the above matter, Regards, Evgeny.
  12. gypsy10

    Dependents on a 176 visa

    I'm the main applicant on our visa. Does anyone know whether it would be possible to include my wife's parent's on our visa as our dependents. If we are to leave the country they will have no-body else left here. :unsure: Also what would be the fees for including my parents-in-law? Thanks in advance for your help
  13. Hi everyone. Another of my great "stressfull" moments. I will find out within 2 weeks if i have been accepted to study a Masters in Australia. If i do then my OH and two children who are at home will come with me. I do though have an 18/19 year old who doesnt live at home. Does anyone know if i can include her on my student visa application? Once i have done the Masters my intention is to apply for permanent residency and gain work experience in Australia, so i was going to put her on then.....but the thought of leaving her behind for 2 years is actually crippling me:cry: it might even be what makes me stay right where i am always wondering if i did the right thing. Does anyone know of any of the fine print in the student visa rules? Thanks
  14. I submitted my application on 11/11/2009 but got my C.O on the 15/01/2010. i included 14 dependants in my application but they will not migrate with me, it might sound strange and funny, but its true, DIAC says all secondary and no migrating Dependants must do medical.My dependents don't have passports,therefore the panel doctor will not conduct the medical examinations without their passports. i can't get passport for 14 people b'cos its expensive, can someone advise what to do
  15. Hi All, I got query from DIAC regarding the information on dependents which I had mentioned as a part of my application lodgement for GSM-175. I think from the email I may have mentioned the names my family members (father, mother, brothers) as a part of my application. From the email below I believe they are not dependents to me as per the Migration regulation and they dont intend to move to Oz at this point in time. The email received from DIAC states as follows: Migration Regulation 1.12 defines a member of your family unit as: • a spouse or interdependent partner; or • a dependent child of you, your spouse or your interdependent partner; or • a dependent relative of you or your spouse, who: - has never married or is widowed, divorced or separated; and - is usually resident in the family head's household; and - is dependent on the family head. Members of your family unit are required to complete health and character as part of your migration application, regardless of whether they are migrating with you or not. Any persons you have listed as a non-migrating family member who do not satisfy the above definition cannot be considered an eligible dependant. We ask you amend their status in your application to 'Other family members’. Please provide written confirmation for this change to Adelaide.gsm.team3@immi.gov.au Taking the above into consideration: Q1. I am confused, from what the above email states regarding the "health and character requirements" for family members. they are (father, mother and siblings) required to complete health and character as a part of the application. So should I ask my folks and siblings to take up the medical tests and get their PCC done aswell or should I advice DIAC the change the application status to "other members". I am a little confused here PS guide me? Q2: If I dicide its best to change their status, how should I advice DIAC that they are don't intend to immigrate to Oz? Can I change there status to "Other family members" from the online application system some where (PS provide the link)? Should I lodge a PLE or send an email or send a written and signed confirmation over post? Kindly advise me on this as its urgent as already 25 days have passed without noticeing the email in my inbox. Thanks in advance. Suni
  16. Hi, I will shortly be applying for a 457 temporary visa which shouldn't be a problem. However, I have some questions about adding my boyfriend to the visa: - My boyfriend and I have never lived together, does this mean we don't have any chance at present of him being classed as my 'dependent' as a de facto partner? (We have had a relationship for 3 years) - If my boyfriend and I live together in Oz for 6 months (I understand there is some kind of six month rule) will this be adequate for him to start out on a working holiday visa and then transfer to mine? (he already has approval for the working holiday visa) - Will it actually be possible for him to transfer to my visa as a dependent later on in this way and how would I go about that?! thanks!! Hazel (very excited but a little bewildered about her move to oz...)
  17. Has anyone been successful in including non dependent children in their visa application, because that is what we are trying to do? When we first met with our emigration consultant last year, we knew that successfully including all our kids in our visa was a challenge and a half especially as we have 3 kids, 2 of whom had left school and were in full time employment and therefore technical not dependent on us, and as such had plans, B&C ready to deploy if needed. So after successfully getting my skills assessed and obtaining state sponsorship with it, the visa application went in last August for a 176 state sponsored visa, including all my kids in the application along with ‘form 47A - Details of child or other dependant family member aged 18 years or over’ for my two eldest. CO appointed in January, Meds and police checks requested (for the whole family) in January and duly completed in February and sent back to the CO and so the waiting games commences again. Of course we are pinning our hopes on, a good response from us on form 47A, that they requested medicals and police checks for all of us and that my second daughter is a hairdresser and so they might include her to obtain her skills as well but in truth are planning on a negative response with regard to their inclusion and expecting to put into place; plans B&C if they are needed. To fill the void of the wait on a final answer I thought I would post to see whether anyone else has been successful in including non dependent children (my eldest two being 20+) in their visa’s and understanding from them what they felt made the application successful as from most things that I have read getting non dependent children included in visa’s does not happen unless they are in full time education or have medical reasons that make them dependent and neither apply to my two eldest.
  18. This is from the DIAC website, and it's about a change that will kick in on the 28th of March: From 28 March 2009...certain secondary holders of a Subclass 457 (Business (Long Stay)) visa will, in a subsequent Subclass 457 visa application, continue to be the member of the family unit (MFU) of a primary holder of a Subclass 457 visa, or dependent child of an interdependent partner of a primary holder of a Subclass 457 visa. Such holders, if they satisfy the requirements described below, will not have to satisfy the general MFU and dependent child of interdependent partner requirements. To be eligible for the MFU extension, the person must have been granted their initial Subclass 457 visa on the basis that they were the MFU (other than a spouse) of the primary Subclass 457 visa holder. In addition, at the time of decision on the subsequent Subclass 457 visa application the person must: * be under the age of 21; and * not be the spouse or interdependent partner of another person. A person who was granted an initial Subclass 457 visa on the basis that they were: * a dependent child of the spouse of a primary Subclass 457 visa holder; * a dependent child of a dependent child of the spouse of a primary Subclass 457 visa holder; * a relative of the spouse of the primary Subclass 457 visa holder; or * a dependent child of an interdependent partner of a primary Subclass 457 visa holder; will not be able to satisfy the new requirements if the spousal or interdependent relationship is no longer in existence at time of decision on the subsequent Subclass 457 visa application. Visas granted under the new circumstances will cease to be in effect on either the end of the visa in effect period, or the day before the holder’s 21st birthday, depending on which event occurs earliest..... The amendments apply to applications for visas made on or after 28 March 2009 and applications made, but not finally determined before 28 March 2009. Forms: Form 1066 will be amended to reflect these changes. What this means is that as long as they are under 21, and not in a spousal or interdependent relationship, and the relationship between the main applicant and parent of the dependent still exists, then dependents who were part of an initial 457 visa application will not have to prove that they are still a dependent in a subsequent 457 visa application. It also means that subsequent 457 visas will only be valid up to a dependent's 21st birthday! Cheers, Veronika
  19. Hi All, i am just about to put an application in for a postgraduate student visa in australia and i wondered if i have to declare my two children 6 and 3 (from a previous relationship and we were never married). I haven't seen them for a while and they will not be coming with me, and they will not be visiting either. i have read through the documentation and it seems quite confusing: "All members of your family unit must be declared on your application whether or not they intend to travel to Australia at any time. A member who is not declared will not be eligible for entry to Australia as your family unit member, except for a person who becomes a member after your application was decided" I don't want to put the wrong thing on the visa and for it come back and bite me, but i also don't want my visa declined because of this. Does anyone have any suggestions or had any experience about this? any help would be greatly appreciated. MrT
  20. Guest

    Non migrating dependents

    Hello all. I have a question for anyone that might be able to answer. I 'm due for my XRays tomorrow, medical last week. I intend going to Victoria alone if I am successful. My son who will be 16 when I travel, would like to come with me at some point to visit, see where I am etc. This is a precursor to him coming over perhaps on a more permanant basis when he is finished college at 18. He lives with his mum who is married, other kid etc. She is very against him even visiting and bitter towards me etc etc . Obviously I can understand how any parent would be upset, but those issues aside, does anyone know whether he has the right as a 16 year old to travel without his mothers consent? Thanks for any help.:policeman:
  21. We just got a case officer with a letter to say that we have to get all non-migrating dependents medicals done too. Has anyone been in the postion where this has not been possible through various reasons, is there anyway around this if you are no able to do this? I'm gutted as we did ours last week and now found out that this should have been done but feel this might not be so simple and will be gutted if this is the end of the line for us.:no: Kellyx
  22. SBREW

    Question about dependents

    Hi this is going to be maybe an unusual question but my huband has a 18 year old brother who we considered taking to Oz with us as a dependant does anyone know how I could go about doing this on the main visa is it possible? :arghh:
  23. Hello, I hope someone can clarify something for me....On the on-line visa applic for 175, when they ask you to list dependents i.e. parents, brothers/sisters (other than children and spouse) do they mean those that are dependent on you or just for the list of family members regardless??? Thanks, much appreciated, Tracyxx
  24. Guest


    Right now this is a tricky one! I moved to Oz 4 weeks ago with my girlfriend on a 457 sponsership( she's a nurse). We have now decided to put the application in for pr. This is where my problem starts. Now some of you may have your own opinions on this but it would be nice if you could help with the question. I have a daughter that i didnt know about until she was 4 years of age(she's now 11. At the time it turned my world upside down and i chose not to have contact with her. Here lies the problem. As far as i understand i need to have a medical done for her for us to get the visa's.She will be down as a non migrating dependent. Im not on the berth certificate, have never had contact and dont know where she now lives?? Any help on what i should do would be appreciated, bearing in mind we are now in Oz. Thanks