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Found 18 results

  1. On the new 491 visa, if a visa holder was offered a place at the University of Queensland which has a main address in Brisbane BUT they would be only studying in the Gatton campus which is in a regional postcode, would this be allowed?
  2. Hi, My boyfriend already has his PR visa. We were going to add me as a de-facto partner and include my daughter who is 17 as a dependant. We are now having a baby of our own (due in June) and my questions are Should we wait until after the baby is born to apply for my de-facto visa - this would mean we have been living together over 2 years and together for almost 4 so I could possibly get a permanent visa rather than temporary??? However; If we do wait until the baby is born, my daughter will be 18 and possibly not in full time education although she will be waiting on a college course starting... She doesn't work and is fully dependant on us financially. Is being 18 a cut off for dependants? Im unsure which avenue is best for us all, apply now or wait.... Any advice re our situation would be gratefully appreciated
  3. pinkpolkadot08

    VIP- very impatient person....

    Hi everyone! Just going out on a limb here, in the hope that someone was or is in the same situation and knows a bit more about it! My Husband left for Australia on a W-H Visa and he now has got an employer that is willing to sponsor him (he's a chef). My question is if he lodges the application to be sponsored can our daughter and I go over before he does on a Holiday visa and be 'on shore' when he applies or do we have to wait in Ireland until everything is sorted? We only got married in January so as you can imagine this isn't how we would like to be spending our first year as a married couple. Also as for the actual sponsorship , my Husband was charged for drinking and driving 4 years ago. He was 37mls , the legal limit in Ireland is 35 but has not re-offended and was honest with them from the start. That is his only charge on his police cert and I have a clean one . Will this matter to the Ozzie Immigration people? I would really appreciate ANY help with this. The little one really misses her daddy so we want to get over there as quick as possible. Thanks . Niamh
  4. Howdy all, need a little help please... doing a Patrner migration visa... the missus is a Pom and I am an Aussie. We have children. So we are filling in the forms and for my part that means Form 40SP. My question is for question 38 about dependants. Basically what do I put in there? As far as I can work out without falling out of my tree, I am only including two of our four children in the application (Form 40SP) as the two older children (10 and 8) are Poms but the younger two are destined to be Australian citizens by descent. However, in question 38 on Form 40SP do I say yes and if so, how many? I figure that it must be for other dependants as they already have info on the form from question 19 about the children (the Pommie ones) and from what I can work out????? I am not even mentioning the two younger ones as they should have their Australian Passports before I get to working out all the questions on the forms. PLEASE, if anyone can give me a definite answer to these questions, it would help out heaps! Feel free to ask if I haven't explained properly. I know some people put down answers and might get away with getting them wrong if they are not relavent to the situation, but I would rather get it right, please, so although some readers might suggest ideas, I would rather, if I my be so bold as to ask, I would rather just getting a straight answer..... if possible. In summary, the missus is a Pom with two children aged 10 and 8 who are from a previous relationship..... We also have two dual citizen children (Pozzies = Poms and Ozzies due to being born in the UK and also having Australian citizenship by descent)... and on form 40SP, when asked "Do you have any dependants?" do I put Yes or No? (the older two have required clearance to leave the country so that is not the issue or question here) I have tried to work out a couple of other questions and wrote them on a thread entitled, "A couple of DAFT questions" but I am still trying to get a definite answer to those. Anyone have time to pop over to that thread and have a look? Meanwhile I shall be Up The Gum Tree! thanks
  5. kasisalo

    adult dependants

    hi both my daughters 18 and 20 are at college and are allowed on the family visa as our dependants are they allowed to have a part time job after college and if so is there a limit to how much they are allowed to earn, at the moment i am helping them out with spending money and working for a few hours a week after college would help as young adults do tend to need a bit of cash of there own any help would be much appreciated thanks:smile:
  6. Hello all, Would appreciate any advice regarding our obligations with regard to our visa application and the fact that my husband has 2 children from a previous marriage. If we're fortunate enough to get a visa it'll be just me, OH and our daughter making the move, his other 2 children will be remaining in the uk with their mum (we're assuming they would not want to come with us at this moment in time). What are our obligations regarding visa application, medicals etc? Any advice greatly appreciated, we're up against it trying to get everything we need submitted before the July criteria changes take place. Thanks in advance :smile:
  7. We're just preparing to apply for 176 visa after obtaining a successful skills assessment and state sponsorship from Victoria. I've been going through the forms today to ensure I've got all the information together. My husband has 2 daughters from a previous relationship. They were born in NZ and are NZ citizens (we're in the UK). His ex remained in NZ and has full custody but he obviously sends maintenance so they will be included as non migrating dependants on our app. My concern is the medical checks and whether this will be required if they are NZ citizens ? Just worrying in advance about the logistics of this because of the distance between us and organising things like this (although I appreciate we'll have time to sort out over the coming months!) TIA
  8. Hi, Please can someone help. My husbands kids (from a past relationship) mother has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They are 18 & 23. We have been state sponsored and have just been requested to go for the medicals. Is there anyway we can add them to the visa application as dependants so they can come with us or is it too late. We have not mentioned them coming with us yet as we did not want to get their hopes up. As you can imagine it is a terrible time for us all but I could really do with knowing what the options are - many thanks
  9. b14ck

    Are they Dependants?

    Hi i'm currently in Australia on a 12 months evistor visa and have since married a PR whilst here i have two children in the uk, one thirteen and the other eighteen in July who haven't lived with me since July 2008 they are living with my Ex. i will be lodging an application for an onshore spouse visa ASAP through an agent but i need to know if my kids in the UK are classed as my dependants or not even though i have had minimal contact with them thanks to the Ex making things difficult. i did a search but found conflicting answers, Where can i find out whats what, does anyone know the answer? has anyone had a similar problem? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi I have a question with my visa application. Today case officer requested medical for wife as non migrating dependent. But she is pregnant at the moment. If I Please give me some advice. Cheers
  11. Hi again, I have a 12 year old daughter who isn't able to migrate with us as her mum holds the majority of the custody. I have been looking at the medical requirements and I am are a bit confused. Does my daughter need to do a medical and have x-rays done even though she's not migrating? She has recently travelled to Spain. Cheers M & C
  12. Hi, I hope some agent or experienced member can answer the following: Under current policy, assuming a dependent (spouse) of a student 573 visa meets every requirement, can he/she apply for a Skilled Independent 885 or 886 as primary applicant? How about in the near future, say 2 or 3 years from now? Thanks Jose
  13. Hi All Another update with our saga. All documents are now complete, DIAC have cleared everything apart from a police certificate that is outstanding for my husbands non migrating daughter. The cheque has not cleared from weeks ago so I am assuming that her Mam did not send it and she will not answer my calls etc. Asked DIAC to proceed without as they have meds and everything else and highly unlikely she would want to move anyway. Hoped they would treat as they did with Xray i.e. get a police cert if she ever wanted to move. This was their response: Dear Client, Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. I confirm receipt of the documents provided. Character checking applies to all family members, whether they are migrating or not. I noted that your non migrating child, XXXXXX will be 18 years of age on 01 June 2010. XXXXXXXXX will not be considered as a member of your family unit after the age of 18 unless you provide new evidence that she is wholly or substantially reliant on you for financial support and she will countinue to be wholly or substantially reliant on you for financial support after June 2010. I will review your application in June 2010. Team 4 Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre Please can anyone explain the last paragraph, we were assuming that as we got meds and everything done that the girls would be classed as still being part of our family unit. Does this mean that once she is 18, CO will grant Visa without police cert and without her named on the application as a family unit member? After reading the financial support part, she lives away from us with her Mother and is a full tiime student at college. The only support we provide is through the child support agency. Does this count as substancial financial support & if we keep the payments up when she is 18 will they then class her as part of the family unit? Any advice in this area would be appreciated Regards Jayne NAME: The Pettys (JaneyP) OCCUPATION: Bricklayer Priority No. 5 DATE OF 175 VISA APPLICATION: 14/07/09 on line no agent DATE SS GRANTED: 01/09/09 DATE MEDS & PC'S UPLOADED: 18/08/09 ADDITIONAL INFO: Vetasses successful 15/04/09 C/O: 16/03/10 16/03/10: We are non CSL 176 visa apps and we have been assigned a case officer today. Received an email requesting some further information. My partner has two children to a previous relationship, they live further down the country and we hardly ever see them. Our CO is asking us to provide copies of their passports, one has to have a police check and they both have to have medicals. This will be extremely difficult due to the usual circumstances surrounding separation. Is this normal practice as they will not be migrating with us?
  14. Juliep

    ens and dependants

    hi im getting ens for PR my daughter is in uk studying and she is 18yrs i support her while she is over there can i include her on my application even tho she is doing her study in uk? julie
  15. theonetruechris


    Just wondering, Who is classed as a dependant? Aside from the typical husband/wife and children. Can a parent be a dependant?
  16. hi im on a 457 visa living on brisbane and going to start my PR i want to know how i prove that my 18 yr and 21 yr old are dependant on me ? they also want to return to the uk to study as it works out cheaper to study over there than her as we arent PR yet any advice please julie x
  17. Guest

    medicals and dependants

    hi i was just wondering about medicals, your dependants not migrating dont need to sit a medical do they:unsure::unsure:
  18. Hi all Visa finally went off today after having to wait for letters from accountant, inland revenue etc as OH is self-employed. We are also trying to get our daughter on our application who is 18 you need proof that they are still financially dependant on you. So we had to wait for a letter from her NVQ placements, also bank statements and payslips had to be sent. Anyone else managed/trying to get their 18 yr old on their visa? Julie