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Found 56 results

  1. Randy

    491 visa

    Hi, I would like to apply for skill assessment for Chef occupation. Could anyone tell me what is the procedure for it. Please note that I'm not the main applicant. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Really struggling to find information on this, basically we would like to launch our application, however we are not sure if we can lodge our application before my partner has completed her ILTS test to prove her English proficiency . Or can we add this evidence post lodging of our application. Any help would really appreciated. Thanks Ben
  3. Dean Linz 5

    Dependant child aged 18?

    Hi everyone, If anyone could offer me some advice it would be very much appreciated. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not too distant future, but due to being 5 points short for a permanent visa we would unfortunately need to apply for a 457 T/V with a view to applying for the 887 P/V after 2 yrs. We have a daughter who will be 18 when we apply who would apparently therefore need to be in full time education to be able to be included on our visa due to her age? We have looked into a full time college course that interests her but she has also been offered the same qualification but as an apprenticeship which she would get a small wage for; £350 p/m. She would still be living at home and obviously would be dependant on us still on such a low wage. Therefore my question is... although this apprenticeship wouldn't be classed as being in full time education, as most of her week would be hands on in placement, it is still a learner course so would this still make her eligible to be on our visa? Sorry to make it long winded but thought I need to properly explain my circumstances. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi there, I'd like to study for a PhD or MBA in Australia but my son has Asperger's Syndrome and I'm not sure whether this could make it difficult for me to get a Student Visa. I'm a UK national, as is my son, who is 16. He has a statement of special educational needs and the local authority have paid fully for him to attend a £26,000 per year mainstream private school because his Educational Psychology Reports show his to be academically and intelligence-wise advanced ahead of his age. They did not pay anything towards any learning support for him and the school he currently attends has no learning support person or learning support department. I don't know what paperwork I would need to put in my Student Visa Application regarding him (-or does he apply for his own Visa?). I have his Statement of Special Educational Needs, his Educational Psychology Reports and his Diagnosis. However I have no letter from a consultant other than these as he hasn't had any help from any consultants over the years. We are currently out of Britain due to a family emergency and may not be able to return for a couple of months. However I'd rather not delay submitting a Student Visa Application as time is moving on. Would we need an additional letter from a consultant or anything like that? And if so can we get one while we are abroad or does it have to be written by someone who knows our son? Getting letters from his schools shouldn't be a problem. Please advise me as I know nothing about this . Thanks Xx
  5. Hi, I am applying for my 175 and would like to add my mother as my dependant, she is widowed and fully dependant on me. I am wondering if anyone has done it before who could advice if this is possible and the necessary processes, documents, health check that she needs to undertake for the application. Really appreciate your help.
  6. Hi guys:cute: I put my parents under "other family members" section when I applied for 175 (still waiting for CO), however I do have the plan to bring them over under contributory parent visas (subclass 143). I recently heard that if I put my parents under other family members instead of "non-migrating dependents", I will have trouble sponsoring them later because the selection of "other family member" in my application will automatically mean that I will not want them to come over in a later stage. Is this true? Is it necessary for me to inform the DIAC and put them under "non-migrating dependants", and if I do so, do they need to submit PPC/medical and will it make my applciation even longer?:chatterbox: Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was wondering if someone can advise on the following: My family applied to move to Australia and was granted a perminant residency visa, I was included in this as a dependant as I was just below 18 at the time. After a few years my parents moved out to Oz, while I'm still in the UK (my visa window runs out next March). At the time when my parents where applying, I had a girlfriend (of a few months) at the time, she is now my wife (we got married a month ago!). Is it possible for me to sponcer her through a Partner visa, subclass 309 (& subclass 100 2 years after entering Australia) even though I was a dependant on my Fathers visa? Any help is very much appreciated!!
  8. bazzaritchie

    Teaching as a dependant

    My girlfriend has accepted a job in Sydney and we are currently going through registration process etc. I am a P.E teacher and was thinking about picking up some casual teaching work whilst I am over there. I wondered if anyone knew whether I still have to go through the whole qualifications assessment or whether I can casual teach by just registering with NSW authority? I am unsure whether I can get away without doing this as I don't need the assessment for immigration reasons as I will be named on the Visa. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Barry
  9. Hi does anyone have any experience of getting a disabled, aged, dependant parent out to OZ with them? We are hoping to move out but for the obvious reasons above we cant leave my mum behind nor can we wait until we are 'settled' to move her out with us. Any experience stories / advice would be very welcome. Thanks Ali
  10. hi i am on a 457 visa and wasnt able to include my 24yr olds son on my application because he was working in the uk, so he came over to oz on a working holiday visa but now i am going to apply for PR would i be able to put him on my application as he is not working out here and i am surporting him ? thanks julie p:wub:
  11. Guest


    Hi, just lookin for some information. My fiance and I are planning on moving to Cairns this time next year. She is a registered nurse, who has previously worked in New Zealand, the agency that she went through last time has assured us that they can sort us out with a 4 year visa within 6 months , but with me being classed as her dependant. What does this mean exactly? I know i'll be able to work, but am i limited to how many hrs a week i can do? (like a student visa is limited to 20hrs per week). Im a scuba diving instructor, hence the reason the move to Cairns (with it being Barrier Reef hub centre). Weve also been told by the agency that after 6-12 months we can apply for a permenant visa, so that in 18months we could look at gaining residency. Since i will be classed as her 'dependant' will this mean that my visa will be conditional despite being permenant?? Gaz
  12. Hi, just want to inquire on behalf of my sister whose planning to come here in Melbourne on a student visa. She'll be taking up a masters degree and that entitles her husband to work full time. They have a 6year old daughter and will go to a primary school. Tuition fee is bloody expensive at 8,000 per year. Just want to find out if they can get some sort of discount or refund once her partner starts working fulltime. Cheers!
  13. kasisalo

    dependant children

    both of my daughters are at college one has a part time job as well and the other has just started to recieve unemployment benefit ( 18 and a 20 year old) will this affect them getting on our family visa (will they be classed as not being dependant on me) thanks for any advice
  14. I'm totally lost here! I've included my parents as non-migrating dependants in my application, a confiramtion for which has been sought by my CO. I understand that my confiramtion will make them liable to undertake medicals & police checks. My Mum's all clear, but my Dad's had a two heart attacks(most recent last year) for which he does take medication. Will/Can this affect the overall Visa outcome? :confused:
  15. Guest

    Adding Dependant on VC 485

    Hi All, I want to add my mother on my current VC 485 visa. Can anyone please help me with the necessary forms and documents for the same. I am confused between form 1276 and form 47A. I already have a VC 485 and she has a tourist visa and currently staying with me in Adelaide. from the immi site I got this info: General Skilled Migration Can anyone help me with the documents that I can provide to show evidence that the relative resides in your household evidence that your relative has been dependent on you for at least the last 12 months Thanks in advance Andy
  16. southerncrossfj

    Medical forms for non-migrating dependant

    I was asked by my CO to submit the medicals for my son (17 years) who lives with my ex wife in my home country (I live in a third country), and have managed to persuade them to do that. According to DIAC's info, he should take "Health Examination Referral" for eHealth, or otherwise Form 26EH/160EH since my application was lodged electronically. However, my son is not appearing in my online application status perhaps because he is not migrating so I can't download any of the above form for him. In this case should I download the blank Form 26/160 (not EH) and let my son to use it? Some info says "Do not use Forms 26 or 160 if you are applying online from outside Australia" ..... would anyone please kindly advise me what to do?
  17. Guest

    UK-born dependant

    We have permanent residence but are currently in the UK. If we had a child in the UK, is it a simple process to add them on to our status? Any idea as to the costs and timescales involved? Also, is the visa subject to the same 'entry within 6 months to activate it' requirement?
  18. :wacko:we currently have a 176 visa ap lodged (Feb 2010) after getting a job offer we are now waiting or nomination approval (told us 2 to 3 months - from june 2010) and changing it to a 119, meds done, police checks done, my daughter is 18 years of age still in school until end of aug 2010, does she have to be in school or collage to still be classed as a dependant after this time or just still be dependant on us for money, shelter etc. she only works 8 hours per week so is clearly dependant on us. once in oz hopefully wants to go to uni or tafe but didnt want to start here then have to quit and start all over again so hasnt applied over here. please help as we are really getting worried about this !!! not to mention confused !!!
  19. Guest

    Dependant's IELTS on 886

    Hi All, Just need your insight regarding hubby's IELTS. I'm the main applicant. His expired in July 2010 with individual scores of 6.5. We've been here for two years now. Shall he re-sit his IELTS provided he's done it already and he's been working here for two years? Thanks
  20. Please can anyone help..I have twin boys who I want to put on my 457 visa..I am a qualified midwife..I have two younger sons who will qualify to go on my visa but my twin boys are now 20 and in part time work..They are unable to get full time positions where they work and have been unsuccessful in gaining full time employment elsewhere as this is so difficult in the UK at the minute..What do I have to do to prove that they are still dependant on me..they only earn about £400-600 per month and so could not possibly afford to live alone..does this qualify them as being dependant
  21. Guest

    Australian Dependant

    Hi all, This is my first post, so just laying out feelers to see if anyone has been in my situation. Very briefly, I am a 38 and a finance manager for a garage, my oh is 41 and is a self employed mechanic, we have 2 children - 11 and 5. My natural father is Australian and still lives there. I also have 2 half sisters over there all with their own families although we are all in regular contact after I located them earlier this year. I was born in the UK and have always lived here (except 4 years in Germany with the forces). We are hoping to emigrate to Oz in about 6 years once my son leaves secondary school and my daughter leaves primary school. We are unsure whether to try and do this via the skills migration or whether I should apply for dual nationality and take my family with me that way. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience, or would it not really make a difference either way? Thank you in advance for any insights. :hug: Toni. x
  22. gsaps

    dependant parent

    As with a lot of potential migrants, i'm agonising about leaving a parent behind. i'm going to be going over on a 457 visa early next year, how do you go about proving a parent is a 'dependant' in order to be included on this visa (or is it possible)? any help/advise is appreciated Grant
  23. Guest

    Dependant staying in uk?

    Can anyone answer my question please? My son is 16 and is included as a dependant on our visa application. Can he come back to the uk temporarily after activating the visa with the family, to continue his studies? He will be over 18 when he finally comes to join us in OZ.
  24. Hi there, we're on a 457 visa and applied for ENS 856 3 weeks ago. (Nomination accepted in November and approved, application lodged 3 days after 856 application sent in). My almost 20 year old son was enrolled in high school grade 12, but after speaking to the deputy principal a few days ago, he has signed to leave school. He had trouble settling in with the younger kids etc etc. Obviously on the visa application 3 weeks ago he was in school and thats what we signed to say. What do I do now? Email immigration and tell them? Or wait? He has an appointment with the careers advisor today and is going to a TAFE open day tomorrow as thats what he wants to do, but not sure how, as last time we enquired he would have to pay international fees. He isnt working, and never has since being in Austrailia (19months ago), as we need to prove his dependancy on us. Any advice will be greatfully received. Thanks in advance
  25. Can anyone tell me on a 457 sponsorship where my daughter is coming as my dependant, does she have to first enter Australia with me or can she follow on 4 weeks later? Reason being that she has family occasions on her Fathers side (we are divorced) and a graduation in mid August, oh and myself want to go at the beginning of August. Was thinking then that if she stays behind for a month with her Dad is that seen as her not being dependant on me if you know what I mean. Sorry it sounds confusing cos Im confused :confused: Hope someone can tell me as i have looked on DIAC and cant seem to find clarification. Cheers :wink: