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Found 8 results

  1. richardcoull

    Evidence of dependency cpv143

    Hey guys my son was 17 when we lodged cpv 143 and now he is 19, when we r about to get our co. Can u pls advice me wht kind of evidence i can give ? my son is not in ft education but hes doing small courses of arts. During his period of waiting he went to australia for a holiday. Anyone went from such situation? what was your experience?
  2. richardcoull

    Contributory 143 queries

    I SENT THIS EMAIL TO MY AGENT >>BUT HAVENT GOT ANY RESPONSE..I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IF U GUYS CAN HELP ME email \/ i have applied Parent Contributory Visa 143 through agency in March,2013.Im in last stages of the visa,i have query that is worrying us as it may become obstacle for our visa. I would really appreciate if u guys can clear our doubts and reply with a satisfactory response.The query i would like to make are as follows:- DEPENDENCY - The date my father lodged this visa, i was 17 yrs old and on this September ( 2014 ) im turning 19 yrs old. As per the visa criteria, a dependent should be under 18 years old. My question is, What age is considered for dependency? the age when i applied for visa or the age when my visa is verified by the case officer ?. At the same time I would also like to know the factors which can do to prove my dependency on my parents ? I may also inform you that lst year i took admission in BA part !, under the correspondence course scheme conducted by the university. confirm if this correspondence course will satisfy the immigration authorities or not? Other queries:- 1. Assurance of Support ( AOS ) - Till now, we haven't got a appropriate response by you or your agency.We haven't received a procedure for it or when we can apply for it. I have read through some forums related to aus immi that applicants before us, have already applied for it. I heard it takes a month to get AOS done ..is that true ? Please share any information about AOS, we would really appreciate. 2. As we are in the last stages, it is really tough to wait as there is mixture of excitement,curiosity and worry. So please tell how much more time it will take for case office allotment? Respectfully, Richard coulls
  3. Guest

    Proof of Dependancy

    Hi all, I have just been assigned a CO who has asked for proof of dependency for my son. My son was 17 when I first applied and is now 19. He has lived with us until last September when he finished college and started Uni. I live in Lancashire and his Uni is in Cardiff. Having reviewed all other posts regarding dependency, what I am going to do is: · Send proof of address (he is still registered to this address for all his mail) · Send his bank statement showing what little funds he has · Send my bank statement showing that I am paying his car insurance · My wife will send her bank statement showing that she is paying his mobile phone bill · Both he and I will complete a statutory declaration saying that he is in full time education of financially dependant on me · Get his Uni to write a letter confirming his full time education? The question is, will this be enough? I do give him financial support however this is in form of cash of random amounts. Thanks in advance
  4. Sanders

    High dependancy pregnancy

    Hi everyone just really wanting abit of information. We are looking at moving to WA early 2012 fingers crossed -house sale etc soon We have a daughter and are wanting another baby dilemma is now or when in OZ. I have been told that it is possible that I have an incompetant cervix diagnosed after 2 late miscarriages. I am really worried and scared about the care of this in OZ, just wondering if anyone has had a high dependancy pregnancy in OZ or even an incompetant cervix. Really hope someone can help Thank you in advance:biggrin:
  5. hi there after being told we have our 457 visa confirmed suddenly they are requesting proof that my 18 year old daughter is dependant please help and advise me my daughter does not work nor is at college so how do i prove dependency ??
  6. imaxx

    Proof of Child's dependancy?

    Does DIAC accept information on evidence of dependency using online access to the school's database? circumstance: son was full time uni student but shifted to a short course temporarily due to some reasons. we are asked to submit proof of dependency. the school has online services where his school records (grades, fees etc) can be accessed. I want to show proof that he is still undergrad in the uni. Will DIAC accept the proof by giving them access to school records online, for them to verify? TIA.
  7. Hi, Is there anybody who can give me urgent advice as i have to respond within 28 days! I have applied for a 175 visa and have included my children on the application. The oldest has just turned 23 and is presently in his final year at university. I have just received the following from the case officer and am now panicking:-:arghh: please provide further documentary evidence of dependency to support your claim. Such evidence should include: ● Official evidence of the relative's income and assets. ● Evidence of the extent to which the relative's income is personally supplemented by the applicant (such evidence may include payments of accounts, subscriptions, etc). ● If applicable, evidence that the relative is unable to live independently. ● Please include form 47A as part of your evidence I must advise that if this office accepts that your relative is your dependant, they will be required to meet the health requirement for entry to Australia. If the relative does not satisfy the health requirement for entry to Australia, then, in accordance with Migration Regulations, the entire application for migration will have to be refused. I have sent letters from university, evidence that he is based at our home address when not in university and form47a. The problem i have is that i generally buy groceries for him from tescos which he takes back to university with him, pay for his car insurance/tax and help with petrol. i usually give him money (cash), to supplement him so cannot always show on my statements that he receives regular sums of money directly from bank to bank.:cry: I'm not sure what to send to them. Can anyone help please? z&p
  8. Our co has requested evidence of our 18 year olds dependancy, he no longer attends school, has never worked. What evidence do they need. Has anybody else had to send this? what did you send? did you get the visa? :arghh:help! I am now worried we won't get a visa. nikki x