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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, hope whoever is reading this is well, Has anyone had their 417 Working holiday visa denied? I applied for a 417 Working Holiday Visa (I'm a pommie) and on the form it asked if i have ever overstayed my visa in a country, which unfortunately i have done, when i was in Taiwan 2014 (obviously not meaning to- forgot to renew my visa so I went to renew it and turned out I had to renew this visa outside of the country and i had actually already overstayed so I flew home and paid a fine at the airport before leaving). My visa has not been approved/denied yet but I know Australia is strict on not wanting possible overstayers and I've read in many posts people (Brits) getting their visas approved in minutes. So, I am wondering if I'm going to end up waiting the 36 working days to find that my visa will be denied, because of my Taiwan overstay! Anyone been in this position before and had their visa approved (or denied), albeit in the 36 working day processing time frame? I've been granted a student visa before when i studied in Australia for 3 years (2010-2013) and didn't breach any rules on my visa there, so hoping that counts for something? Thanks in advance for any insight on the situation- I'm just very excited to get started on my aussie adventure but now worrying my visa won't be granted! Naomi
  2. Has anyone been denied a 457 Visa due to Chronic Hepatitis B? I am a nurse applying for a 457 Visa but my husband who is my dependent has Chronic Hepatitis B. Has anyone ever been denied because of this? Need some advice? Thanks.
  3. Please share for those who have information and knowledge about this, thank you. Johnmarkz
  4. hi All, I have been searching these forums for a while and cant seem to find anyone in a similar position. I wonder if anyone can help... I have applied for a 176 visa with defacto partner but its looking likely that we will not be able to produce the 12 months relationship evidence for them, they have already requested more and we have submitted futher stat decs and some phone bills. i have a feeling that they will reject my partner access on the 176. My question is if they reject him can I still continue with the 176 visa? He is 28 so can still get a WHV then we can apply for a defacto on shore next year. I am a bit worried that if they reject him they will throw out the whole application:eek:
  5. Hi all, I have applied for state sponsorship in 2 states: SA and Victoria. I did not meet Victorian sponsorship requirements due to inadequate experience (less than 2 years) in my job. SA reply is pending and I am crossing my fingers about it. I have 18 months of experience as a registered nurse and wonder which route will be the best for visa application. Any thoughts?
  6. :noxmas: Can anyone out there offer any advice ? After finally finding a way to make our dream come true and be told we could emigrate to Australia our dreams have now been totally crushed by being told by the children's father that he will not give his consent to us going. After all the talk of how they could have a better life and education he has decided that this country offers a better opportunity. Yeah right !! Is anyone else in, or has been, in the same situation ? Any ideas of a way round this ? I can't believe we can come this far only to fall at the last hurdle. Spending the rest of our lives in this country will seem like a life time prison sentence ! Any ideas or advice would be gratefully appreciated.:noxmas:
  7. Our son has asthma and growth hormones deficit and I'm wondering if it's going to be a problem. His asthma is mild (he has inhalers daily during winter time) and he need to see a endocrynologist once every 6 months to get his prescription then he gets his daily shot which cost is about 800 $ per months. Is it going to be a problem. Did anyone have to face this ?
  8. I submitted my ACS online application today but towards submission, it gave me the following denial message: Your payment was not accepted (DO NOT HONOUR). However your application has been lodged and you will be contacted in the near future to provide an alternate payment method. I contacted my bank and their computer system wasn't probably up at the time. They confirmed a request for payment did come over but was denied and if you try again now it should work fine. In the ACS FAQ, I read that they try twice before asking for another mode of payment. So my question is : 1. Do they make both tries at the same time? If not, how much later after the first try do they attempt the 2nd try to charge $400. 2. Suppose, the 2nd attempt also gets denied, how soon do they inform you about it asking for the second mode of payment? 3. Is that ok to hold the certified copies for now until I get a clear picture on the mode of payment? Anyone ever gone through a similar scenario or know what the next steps usually are after a credit card payment denial?
  9. Hey all, Many thanks to all who have contributed advice and information over the last few months. For those of you planning on submitting de facto visa applications, just a word of warning to ensure you have the full 12 months of solid evidence of being in a de facto relationship prior to applying. I know this is the most basic of requirements, but my partner and I have been together 2.5 years, have proof that places us at the same address dated back 12 months, and still we were politely told we hadn't met their requirement. I had been corresponding with an immigration supervisor over the last few months, and had been fortunate in securing an appointment to enable her to take a look at our evidence. Just so you know, my partner and I have a joint bank account, joint bills and joint rental dated from early February 2009. We have proof that my partner came from the UK to Australia dated over 12 months ago and lived with me there. He has evidence that places him at my address in Australia. She argued that because he wasn't on my lease at that time, he could have been sleeping on the couch. We have stat decs from my housemate and closest friend that stipulates we were a couple. We had already planned on moving to NZ in December 2008 for the purpose of accuring the evidence for the visa. We travelled (with joint proof) until February then secured our apartment. In addition to joint statements, we had stat decs from friends detailing how my partner and I met 2.5 years ago, plenty of photos, itineraries dated back 2 years and plane tickets for future travel. Still this wasn't enough to satisfy the 12-month requirement. My partner's police check and med was clear, in case you were wondering. Perhaps we met with an immigration stickler? Not sure. I know there are plenty of couples on POI who have had successful applications with only 9-12 months of defacto evidence. But my suggestion to those of you with less than the full 12 months of "joint everything", is try and tee up an appointment with an immigration officer at the office you wish to submit. It was the best 20 minutes we spent, as if we'd submitted in the post, she informed us that she would have rejected the application out right. Pretty tough going, I think...
  10. Guest

    State sponsorship denied today!

    hi guys Today I received an email from my agent telling that Victoria did not grant the request of sponsorship ... This was the letter from Vic: Thank you for your client’s application for sponsorship under the 176 - Sponsored visa scheme. Following a review of the information you have provided to the Skilled and Business Migration Program, we regret to inform you that the Victorian Government is not in a position to sponsor your client under the Skilled – Sponsored scheme. We consult with industry to determine which occupations are currently "in demand" in Victoria, and seek advice to determine whether individual applicants would be "employable" or not for the current Victorian labour market. We do this because we need to ensure our sponsored migrants have the skills and specialisations on our Skilled – Sponsored Eligibility List which are in shortage in the current market, and to ensure that skilled migrants have a realistic chance of employment when they arrive in Victoria. In this case, our advice indicated that your client’s skills and experience did not match the current industry requirements. This decision was based on an evaluation of your client’s qualifications and years of work experience, taking into account the current needs within Victoria’s regions and industries. Note that we would be happy to reassess your client’s application should they be able to obtain a valid offer of employment in their nominated occupation within Victoria, and your client’s occupation remains eligible for sponsorship. Kind regards, Skilled and Business Migration Program Workforce Victoria Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development GPO Box 4509, Melbourne, 3000 I'm so sad!!!:sad:
  11. melbournegirlinny

    Humanity denied in a dash for cash

    I know most people are focused on the shocking temporary closure yesterday of applications for the 175, 176 and 475 GSM visas ,but I just read this article about the problems in the international student sector and the denial in many ways of treating international students as people. I thought some of you might find it of interest. It makes some very good points I think. Humanity denied in a dash for cash | The Australian
  12. My Australian fiancee is applying for the youth mobility visa this week I am in the UK and she will be staying with me and looking for work when she gets here Our plan is to spend a year here and I will apply for the prospective spouse visa for Australia and we will both return there to get married Are there any reasons that this visa could be denied?
  13. Guest

    Medical denied

    My Partner (Brit) & I decided to front load our application (From the UK) in order to hopefully speed up the process, but after going for the Med it was found that he had a heart murmur!! So Now have had to spend over a thousand pound for private specialist appointments and tests (as public has over 4 month waiting list) to realise that not only could he have a congenital heart leakage but could lead to his medical refusal thus no VISA!!.. Has anyone else had anything like this happen and what are the other options to get my man back home with me?? They cant possibly reject a basically healthy 25 yr old man due to the fact that he may very later in life need some sort of medical treatment?? He has no other symptoms and was just a fluke that the doc picked it up.. Im devastated cause we were hoping to be back home (Aus) in two months to start our new life..:frown: Will they maybe just ask for a guarantee from myself that I will/can support him if anything ever does come of this??