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Found 16 results

  1. Over 3 years HGV experience on artics in UK, looking to make the move to Oz but job is not on the SSL list or Sol List, so where can i start? I also have 20 years in the parcel delivery industry, if that helps. Only me and the wife to worry about, but cant seem to get enough points to get over there. Anyone have any idea of where to start? Am going to visit family living over there ( since 1977 ) in Feb 2013 for a month, so would it be a good idea to wait till I get over there and try make a few contacts while we are there? Going to NSW looking for Truck or Van driving work, but will do anything. Willing to work, never been out of work, but some people seem to get there no problem, whereas I cant seem to get past step 1. Any help replied to, Thanks in advance Paul pitch70@gmail.com
  2. Hi folks!Me and my wife are planning a short trip on our way to OZ (about 3 months) so we think to send our stuff ahead before we leave (or ask someone to send it after we leave).I have few questions here: Since we have nothing in OZ at the moment, we also don't have an address to send the packages to.. So is it possible to send the packages without giving a destination address, but only the City? Melbourne or Perth for example? I guess that it will be impossible to guess the packages arrival exactly, so there are high chances that I will not be able to collect them the moment they arrive. Is it possible that the boxes will stay there for some time? If yes, could anyone give some approximate costs for leaving the boxes there? Where the boxes actually stay before being collected by the owner? Is it directly in a port where they arrive to? Or maybe there's some kind of sorting and storage facilities? NOTES: There are few boxes not heavier than 20kg We are probably will use a naval delivery which is the cheapest since it is the slowest It's not from UK I'll be grateful if someone could spill some light on these issues and share his own experience! Partial answers are also very welcome! Thanks a lot! Eugene
  3. Just an email from amazon, they've got free supersaver delivery to australia, and they say if you order by this sunday (11th) evening, it'll get here in time for xmas.
  4. Guest

    Temp Work - leaflet delivery?

    Hi All, I'm looking for some temp work for about 3 weeks while I get a job sorted. Anything (within reason!:wink:) would be considered. Leaflet delivery would be a great option as I would be able to get outside at the same time. Anyone got any ideas!? immediate work wanted really. Thanks Mike
  5. londonpaul

    Super Saver Delivery to Australia

    Amazon.co.uk offers FREE Super Saver Delivery to the following countries (offer ends August 15, 2011): Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200627060
  6. AS it say in the title NEXT are offering free delivery to Aus with no minimum order!! May be helpful for someone.:jiggy:
  7. hellsbells712

    Gate out Delivery full

    Gate out, Container full, This is the current status of our container at the port in Brisbane. Does anyone know what this means.:idea: Has it cleared customs just waiting for our company to load and deliver to us ???? Can't wait much longer. I need my bed....... No more airbed please, I've been poorly and need my comfort and my kids need their toys x Helen
  8. Hi, Our shipment is due to arrive in Oz any day now (the revised, revised arrival date!) We've been told it will take 14 working days to clear customs, which we've calculated to be approx 9th June. We've been travelling and expect to be back in Brisbane at the end of this month. We will then start searching for a rental property, but we don't know how long this will take. We don't want to pay the fee ($480) to have the goods placed into storage. Does anyone know if the shipping company (in our case Pickfords) will give us any flexibility around the delivery date?? Or will customs required the goods to be removed from their storage immediately on clearance? Thanks for any advice. Nicky
  9. shaunkaren

    International delivery let down

    I would like to bring to members attention that we have had a bad experience with DHL and a recent parcel delivery, followed by a somewhat lack lustre customer service response. My parents sent out a parcel full of UK goodies/books for a course and it cost a small fortune to send, having previously had a good service from DHL we used them again. Everything went really smoothly at the UK end and within 3 days the parcel had landed at Melbourne airport, my Dad was tracking the parcel so we eagerly awaited the knock on the door sometime soon. We gave allowances for the Easter/ANZAC public holiday and expected the parcel around Thursday/Friday last week. I was actually home all day Thursday and Friday and was disappointed that nothing arrived. I phoned my parents at the weekend to see where it was and the website stated that they had attempted delivery on the Thursday - noone knocked on the door (unless they knocked like a mouse because I was sitting in the front room at the 'alleged' delivery time), the courier used also did not leave a card. I called the DHL depot in Melbourne only to be told that the parcel was at our local Post Office (as they use a third party courier aka Australia Post to deliver here). I complained that as I did not have the shipping details or a card stating an attempted deliver how was I to know where it was? I received a pathetic excuse back from them stating it was all the third parties fault, I will be pursueing this one further!! My Dad has complained at the UK area and received a message back that they have to use couriers in "remote" areas of the world - Melbourne suburbs???? Never thought we had moved to the Outback back according to DHL thats where we are apparently. Anyway my Dad will also be pursueing this one further!! So if any of you lovely POM's out there know of a decent, reliable courier service that doesn't use Australia Post that would be great - I need a reliable source for my chocolate supplies in the future!!! Incidentally on the very same day we had a deliver from Amazon (via Australia Post) just dumped outside the door without so much as a knock!! Anyone else using DHL beware of the Australian end because they don't deliver. £77 for a parcel and we had to collect it from the Post Office - so not impressed!!!:arghh: Cheers Karen
  10. Ok so it's a fair amount that you have to spend to get free delivery but maybe you can get together with a friend. I know there are alot of sad PIO's people like me who miss M&S so now is your chance to get a fix. I have ordered from them several times, including glasses, crockery, clothes it comes within about 2 weeks and so far nothing has been broken. http://www.marksandspencer.com/International-Delivery/b/183243031 Happy shopping :biggrin: Michelle
  11. Hi guys, for anyone thats interested, M&S are offering free delivery to Australia at the moment Sallyx
  12. Any advice would be very appreciated. I am 49 years old and worked as a SDM now for around 15 years... usually IT Managed Services for a broad range of industries. I am ITIL qualified, managed teams of up to 80+ people and contracts in the region of 15-20 mil per year. In the UK, the jobs market is seriously in trouble and right now employers are looking at any opportunity to reduce head-count, especially expensive head-count that could potetnially be off-shored or replaced with low level skills. So, what's it like in Australia right now? How difficuly (or easy) given the brief para above do you think it would be to find a job as an experienced SDM? Many thanks
  13. Firstly, congratualtions on a great site with priceless information. I've used this for a lot of research, but have a specific question, so this is my first post. I've just started looking in moving from the UK to Aus, and have quickly realised that I need to get cracking on the Visa as a priority. I think that I'm clear about my options. I've taken a couple of the on-line tests, and it looks like I score 110, so I've been focusing on the state sponsored 176 option. Here's my question. I'm an IT professional with 20 years experience (technical & management.) My recent experience (past 8 years) has been in the role of Service Delivery Manager (and more recently managing a team of Service Delivery Managers.) The closest match that I can find for this on the skills list is: IT Manager 1224-11. However, this doesn't help a lot, as this is not listed on most of the local skill in demand lists (particularly as Victoria removed it today !) What I have found is 'Computer Professionals not elsewhere classified 2231-79. The description of this is essentailly what the title says. Given that my role is widely recognised (there are plenty of Service Delivery Manager roles on Aus job sites) and that I have formal qualifications (ITIL) what are the chances that the ACS would accept an application for this category ? Also, if I could get classified as this, would it help me as it is on the MODL ? Sorry for the lengthy post. Any advice with this would be much appreciated. I didn't realise that this would be so confusing or stressful ! :arghh:
  14. My partner will have completed her NHS training in 2009 and we are seriously considering a move to Aus. The biggest challenge (I think) will be for me to get work. I have been an SDM for around 15 years now - I will be 50 in Jul 09 - do you think this will be a major challenge? Personally, I would prefer to do something completely different but I doubt I would have sufficient experience or ability by 2009. Any comments welcome
  15. Guest

    Nasal Technology Delivery

    I've had a blocked up nose lately, and i've heard this add running on the radio for nasal technology delivery, i've only heard half of the add as i haven't caught it in full yet. Can anyone recommend this product? eddie:idea::smile:
  16. Guest

    delivery times

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can tell me how quick from ordering furniture to getting them delivered is, in the bed shops do they keep things in stock or do they have to be ordered. We arrive in four weeks and have booked accomodation for 5 days as we have already bought our house but we will have no beds :arghh: So was wondering how long these things take over there. Christine