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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Delaying medicals

    Hi all, Bit of an odd request but does anyone know whether you can delay taking the medicals and if this will have consequences? Myself and the o/h applied for a 175 back in 2009. Due to the slowdown, i started a university course here and am now in my second year. My o/h checked our visa online the other day to see that our medicals had been requested in march of this year! (we had been a bit neglectful, thinking it will never get going again...!) So now i have the problem of wanting to finish my degree before we move. I have seen that women have delayed meds due to pregnancy but i dont know whether it would be reasonable to ask for another 6 months before we take them? I know this is an unusual problem as most people want to get gone asap! Any help/info/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks x
  2. 4chizzel

    Police Check delaying 457 visa

    Hi Could anyone tell me how long it takes a supervisor to review a police certificate for a 457 visa? My boyfriend is coming on my visa but unfortunately has a one off criminal record from 4 years ago. He never went to prision, was just given community service. We sent the police certificate last week. Everything else, including medicals, have been finalised. This is the only thing holding us back and the case officer originally told us she would grant the visa the same day as the police certificate was received. I've handed in my notice at work and now were stuck here waiting for a deciosin and every time we ring the DIAC my case officer will not speak to us (she speaks little english) and she won't give us the name of the supervisior to explain whats written on the certificate. Im fed up of waiting! I would be grateful if someone who has been in similar circumstances could tell me how long it took for them.
  3. Guest

    delaying oz

    Hi! I will be going to US next year for my cousin's wedding but I will also be fixing my papers for fiancee visa for Australia. If I am granted the fiancee visa, should I go to Australia right away? Coz I'm planning to start fixing my papers on January but I need to go to the US on April until June. Say, I got the visa on March (hopefully), should I go to Australia right away? :chatterbox: thanks.:cute:
  4. Hi there, My family and I are in the very earliest stages of thinking about emigrating to Oz and we're thinking about putting an application in for a skilled visa (Independent Migrant Visa - Subclass 175) under my wifes current occupation as a physiotherapist. My query surrounds the period of time after obtaining a permanent skilled visa that we can resettle in Australia and how long after the visa is activated we could wait to make the move without placing the extension of the visa at risk at the end of the 5 year term. If for example we obtained a visa, but our circumstances meant we needed to delay the move, the rules of the Resident Return Visa imply that we must have spent at least 2 years out of the last 5 in Australia. In practical terms, we're interpreting this that you actually have to relocate within 3 years of activating a permanent visa otherwise you cannot accrue the minimum 2 years before the visa comes up for renewal after 5 years. What would happen at time of renewal if for example we relocated 4 years or more after activating the visa ? From the looks of the information we have found so far, it suggests that our visa may not be extended and we would not be allowed to stay ? Any guidance or experience anyone has with this visa and how it works would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Glen
  5. garyjampot

    Deliberately delaying application?

    Hello I have been requested to get medicals etc today as I did not front load them like many people seem to have done. I have been given 28 days to do this but I don't actually want to go to Oz until next November, what with work and family commitments etc. And as I understand it the meds etc are only valid for 12 months. Has anyone ever asked their CO if they can delay the process? I don't want to sound ungrateful, but on the other hand I don't want to spend a grand on flights just to get my Visa stamped in the passport. If anyone has any experience in this area then I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance Gary PS. I got a CO allocated today. Applied 01/12/07. Come on you beauty!!!
  6. Guest

    Delaying funds transfer

    Hi, We sold our house a while ago and are currently waiting to be approved for our PR 175 visa. Unfortunately, the exchange rates aren’t great at the moment, so we're unsure what to do with our funds. I’ve read that there might be tax issues if you transfer funds after your initial 6 months in Oz on a permanent visa. Can anyone tell me what would happen if we leave the majority of our house sale funds in a UK bank account and transfer the money across in say 12 to 18 months time when the exchange rates have improved? We’re hoping we can transfer only what we need to get started and live off our Oz wages until the rates improve. Cheers Sara
  7. Hi all We just had the shippers round ( wahey.. its getting exciting now, as its nearly time to go :v_SPIN: :jiggy:!!!) and we were hoping to ship our stuff out end October and hope to get it all in Oz just before Christmas.............. NO CHANCE apparently, as the foot & mouth situation has put the Ozzie customs in overdrive and they are checking everything really, really, thoroughly and checking/treating/cleaning some things just in case, so obviously all this is taking much longer than usual and its adding another 2-4 weeks on all shipments!! Just thought i'd let you all Know........... :yes: Sally-ann x