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Found 9 results

  1. colombiu

    Visa 189 grant DELAYED!!

    Hello Everyone I have lodged my application on the 18th of November 2014 and I have not got any response yet nor an email from a case officer so far. I am very concerned about this situation as the processing time has taken about 4 months. When I read the immigration webpage there I found that the average processing time is 3 months and I've seen some cases where the response has lasted less than 3 months. Could anyone tell me how long this could take or what could be happening? I made sure all the information was attached and I carried out the medical checks as soon as the webpage allowed to do so.
  2. Guest

    Delayed Homesickness

    When I was about nine years old, my family moved from Hertfordshire to New South Wales. At first, it was the biggest adventure in my life and I loved it. Then I sort of settled in for a bit and got on with life. But now I'm fifteen years old and I've been insanely homesick for the past twelve months or so. It's ridiculous - I have everything I need here and it really is a nice place to live - but every time I visit England I have to hold back tears when I leave, and I've cried myself to sleep a good number of times. It's starting to take over my mind; I can't go a day without thinking about how much I want to go home and it's making me all depressed. It seems like everywhere I look there's a reminder of where I am, whether it's an Australian made product, an Australian flag flying on the street somewhere or even someone just talking to me in an Australian accent, and it completely ruins my mood. My friends never miss a chance to make fun of my accent or the fact that I say 'YOG-urt' or 'Ketchup' without thinking, and it's always the first thing people comment on when they meet me. It's really stupid, but that really gets to me. I'm the only one of my family that feels this way, from what I can tell - my parents have gone almost completely native and my brother was so young at the time he can barely even remember England. I say 'from what I can tell' because I've never actually discussed the matter with them; I know how much courage it must've taken for them to uproot and move to Australia because they believed it would give us a better childhood, and it would be extremely ungrateful to start whingeing at them now for it. None of my friends would understand, seeing as they're all born Australians, and I'm not about to go dumping my problems on them. I think my friends and family partly know, since it's not difficult to tell I'm not an Australian patriot, but the only emotion it's ever got from them is exasperation. I know it's such an utterly teenage sentiment, but I'm completely alone in this. The worst part is, there's absolutely nothing I can do. Usually when I have problems I can just do some thinking and work them out, but not here. The only thing I can do is just put on a brave face, keep my mouth shut and endure the next three years until I can move out and go back home. That's an extremely terrifying prospect to me and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it without breaking down and doing something terrible like telling my parents I miss England. It's been hard enough getting through just one year without exploding. People say that if you don't like Australia then leave, but I don't have a choice in the matter. I'm stuck here whether I like it or not, and that bothers me far more than it probably should. So... yeah. Sorry for the long post, I just have a lot to get off my chest. Have you ever felt homesick for England? If so, how have you coped with it? Do you have any advice? I'd really, really appreciate it if you replied, even if just to let me know that I'm not the only person on the planet who feels like this. Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Hi, I was a 176SS but now find myself in the 'new' group 3, as these have started to be processed now (seem to be working on Feb 2008 applications now) has anybody got an educated guestimate on how long the SMP would need to be delayed for before my application (offshore May 2009) found its way to the front of the group 3 processing queue? For those in the know this question won't (hopefully) be as ambiguous as it appears given that the applications per month are known and the previous performance of the DIAC processing is also known. I was hanging on tenterhooks for the SMP's but as the old SS applications are not sure to be automatically converted to SMP applications I could do without the admin or additional cost of reapplying for SMP sponsorship. The delay in rolling out the SMP's could prove to be a godsend for me!:chatterbox::chatterbox::chatterbox: Any best guesses are appreciated, go on have a stab at it :radar::Randy-git::shocked:
  4. Guest

    Tasmania SMP: Delayed

    Just checked their website, the page regarding state sponsorship was last updated 30 June. Now the original plan (which was on their website for the last 3 mths) was for the SMP or the State Sponsorship applications back up and running after 3rd or 4th of July.... not anymore as it appears.
  5. so guys what do you think SOL is delayed so when wud be the implementation date chances are : 1. implementation should also be delayed which is good for us 2. same as we are guessing 1st of july 3. in DIAC seminar held with all the migration agent department said they cannot implement before 18th june 4. expert Gill thinks new SOL may be implemented around 17th may and will be implemented staright way , really bad for few of us. SO what do you think ??? 1. 2 .3 .4 tick one above.
  6. Guest

    ACT State Sponsorship

    hi.. i keep reading posts on this site regularly, and found it very helpful. this is my first post and i hope someone will clear my doubts.... my state sponsorship application comes in normal priority, which means it takes about 30 working days for processing. where as now it has been 55 days, and i have not received any response. is anyone facing the same problem? ----------------- ACS skill assessment(ASCO 2231-11) - 26/06/2009, ACT SS applied on - 12/10/2009, ACT SS granted - Waiting!!
  7. We are a family of five and live in the Midlands. The children are 10, 9, and 6yrs. Mid 2007 we commenced plans to emigrate to Australia. Shortly afterwards a young close family member was taken seriously ill and we had to postpone our plans. The situation came to the saddest of conclusions in July last year. We recommenced our emigration plans late 2009. Our dilemma is in terms of the costs of achieving emigration now compared to 2007, as a direct result of the recession. So much so that we are seriously considering delaying our plans further. Our costs are roughly 1. Agents fees 1500.00 2. Visa 3000.00 3. Police checks 70.00 4. Medicals 1000.00 5. IELTS 150.00 6. Skills assmnt 400.00 7. Air Fares 3500.00 8. Container 5000.00 Additionally our house is currently worth £85,000 less than when it was valued two years ago Add to that the value of £500,000 at todays exchange rate 1.78 v 2007 rates @2.2 = >£100000. In total nearly £200,000. Has anyone else had to delay their plans for similar reasons? When does it just become too expensive to emigrate. OH says we could have a long holiday in Australia for the next 15 years for the monetary value we would need to sacrifice to pursue our plans at the moment.
  8. Guest

    TRA delayed is this normal???

    Hi all, posted my TRA by DHL on the 12th February, was told it would take around 2 days, anyway checked today and it has been in Sydney since the morning of the 15th, the last notes are from today (17th) which state clearance delay, is this the norm? Ive got visions of the enveloped being opened or torn and photos etc going on a journey by themselves :sad: Any info much appreciated guys. Amanda
  9. Guest

    Acknowledgements delayed!!

    Hi Everyone, Spoke to our agent today and he said that due to Government changes acknowledgements are taking upto 14 weeks to come through!! I was panicking abit because when we sent the Visa App off on 27th March the agent actually said that it would take about 6 weeks to get acknowledgement so thought that I would be organised and pre booked our meds (x-rays 6th June panel doc 22nd June) giving plenty of time (so I thought). Anyway rang the agent this morning because we need the 160 form for our x-rays and he has had an e-mail today confirming receipt of our payment but the actual acknowledgement letter will follow in 3 weeks time. Agent was abit cheesed off with me because I have pre-booked meds without having our client number but he said that we can still go ahead with the medicals - we just run the risk of if the meds go missing in OZ then they won't be very sympathic with us and will not put themselves out to find our info :arghh: They can apparently trace you by your passport numbers but would obviously prefer it if you wait until the acknowledgement comes through with a client number. Anyway our medical is approx 3 weeks away so hopefully we might be lucky and it will come through just in time if not then I will see if the Doc will hold onto the info for a week or so before they send it off to OZ. This will teach me to sit back and wait for things to happen in there own time in future!! Just sooooo excited and want things to get moving this whole process is so frustratingly slow as you all know!! Has anyone else sent medicals off without the client number?? Would be interested to know how you got on!! Julie xx