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Found 9 results

  1. It's supposed to be cooler near the city where I live but I'm sure someone said it was 37 here at 6pm. I just had to curtail my evening walk up to Crown St. This is a time when it is Heaven if you have air conditioning, Hell if you don't!
  2. Hey Guys, I hope you're all well and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this thread. My problem: I'm in Melbourne at the moment on a tourist visa with the "no work" restriction. I really love it here and would love the option to work and stick around for a few years. I'm quite an honest person and would only do things in the correct manor. History: In 2005 I was issued a WHV but as far as I can tell (it's been a long time) I didn't complete enough regional work to get a second WHV. Is there any exceptions made on this (probably not!) My occupation: Well I'm a trained Sound Engineer to Diploma level and have been working in that business on and off for the last 15 years. I've been self employed and running a successful audio production and DJ service for the last 7 years. I have invoices and contracts for most of my previous work as proof. The issue: I'm quickly running out of money and really this is that last throw of the dice for me. My budget for visa application (whichever visa is available to me) is about 2000-3000$ Any suggestions how I should proceed further? Which visa do you think would be most suited to me? Many thanks Tony.:huh:
  3. Hi My 19 year old daughter is desperate to study Equine Science at Uni when she goes in September 2011 and as such she has gained a place at two Uni's in the UK to do her BSc in Equine Science but is still torn between wanting to stay in England as she doesn't feel quite ready to leave yet and going with us as she knows how much she will miss us. Does anyone know of a really good Uni or College that caters for Equine enthusiasts as what we have found doesn't seem to come close to the course content and depth she has been offered here? Also what would the job opportunities be like for her as we have no idea just how horse orientated it is in Australia apart from the Melbourne Cup of course! Thank you for any help you could render. deb2
  4. "People won't be able to cool down while they're asleep. Babies and the elderly are particularly at risk ..." Met Office advice, according to the Daily Fail My advice to the elderly is: take off your overcoats and remove your cardigans. I still remember that day they had the bushfires at Kingslake-Marysville and it hit 46 degrees.
  5. coming from freezing scotland and very very rarely experiencing 30 degrees....and on days when it did occur ...it felt like an absolute heatwave lol ....no joking i was one of those peeps who would hide indoors and melt !!! ..... well after experiencing the last 3 days of 42 / 43 degrees and barely sleeping through last night ....what a lovely feeling to get up to a cool 30 degrees this morn .....today im gona have to do all the housework .... all the shopping ...and maybe even a bit of gardening .....who would have thought that 12 degrees or so could make that much difference :jiggy: mrs keily
  6. Hi My husband has been running his own web design business for 5 years and has done work for big companies like Mecca bingo,Channel 5,motorola etc. But we have decided time for change and have looked into moving to Australia and we think it's the perfect place to raise our 2 young children. I know PHP/Zend developers are highly sort after over there but we are having trouble obtaining a company who will help us obtain a visa for us due to my husband not having a degree! - So frustrating. My husband has sat all the computer exams so he is PHP qualified etc but we have been told this is not acceptable. So is there a way to obtain a visa and not have a degree as my husband has the experience and work to prove just how talented he is? He won't have a problem finding work over there but can't apply till he has a visa and that is becoming a nightmare already and the process hasn't even started. Has any one been in a similar situation that could possibly help point us down the correct path as to what we should do next. Also if anyone can recommend a good company who can sort out our visas and not charge us for phone calls and to fill in forms that would be great.
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding accreditation of my degrees in Australia and whether or not it is strictly necessary to have them assessed by either Vetassess or AEI-NOOSR. I've tried looking for a thread on this but couldn't find one. I have a bachelors degree and a PhD from a UK university and I'm being sponsored on an RSMS visa (119/857). Currently, my nomination is with immigration for approval. So, as I'm waiting on this, I've collected all other documentation I need for the visa application. Except, I'm unsure whether or not I need to get my qualifications recognised as being equivalent to Australian degrees. In booklet 5 for employer sponsored visas (http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1131.pdf) is says I need to include in my application "Evidence of qualifications and experience (certified copies of all qualifications, work references and, if applicable, evidence that your qualifications are recognised in Australia). It's the "if applicable" bit that gets me? How do I know? Surely UK degrees are equivalent to Australian ones? I have been in touch with my HR contact and she says they need assessing, wheras I have been in touch with a future colleague and she didn't have her degrees assessed (she has the same level of qualifications I do), but just sent in certified copies of her certificates with her visa application. I'm not sure if my HR person is just playing with a straight bat and covering her back and saying it's necessary. Can someone help? Thanks in advance. Regards, Scott.
  8. Whats the summer temperature over in the UK?
  9. Guest

    Open University Degrees

    Has anyone submitted an OU degree for their skills assessment? Mine is for IT and the ACS assessing body's guidelines specify it must major in IT, must have so many semesters and so many "units". OU is distance learning, and doesn't work on the basis of semesters, and I'm not sure what a unit is in this respect, but OU degrees rarely have as many modular courses as the ACS requires for the number of units. My original degree was in chemistry, and I took my OU degree to keep me marketable for IT jobs. I'll be gutted if after 5 years' hard work they won't accept it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks, Spock.