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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I have had my skills assessed by Engineers Australia under the Washington Accord as Electronic Engineer as that was what my degree was in. My work experience however fits into the category of Telecommunications Engineer. Is this classed as a "closely related occupation" to Electronics Engineer as I need to claim some work experience points... Anyone had any similar experience? Thanks!
  2. Hi there, Had an interview for a role in Perth and employers seriously considering the 457 route. I just want some guidance that the role will fit the 457 criteria. I THINK it comes under Information & Organisation Professional but would appreciate a second (or third) opinion. The job is Client Administration Manager within a financial services company and the job spec involves the following (list is by no means exhaustive): - retrieving client information from third parties - ensuring client database is kept up to date with relevant information - liaising with financial planners to prepare accurate advice documents - diary scheduling - assisting with new business & arranging follow ups - maintaining confidential files & records - creating training database - management & filing of confidential correspondence The salary seems to meet the 457 requirements so its really working out if the job does too! Thanks! :err:
  3. Please clarify? Is it from the day I land in Oz? The day I start working in Oz? (which might be 6 months to 1 year later) The day I leave England? ( what if I go travelling for a while elsewhere in the world?) Reason I ask is once the house is sold in the UK I dont want to feel forced to transfer funds while FX rates may not be favourable? Help appreciated.
  4. Has anybody had their Skills Assessed by the Australian Computer Society. I just have a concern as they state full-time as being 38 hours or more! However, I work 37 hours full-time! Has anybody had issues with the ACS if your full time employment was less than 38 hours. Many Thanks..
  5. I caught myself the other day talking about "when I lived at home" meaning when I lived with my parents as a child. Now I'm 36, married with children and I've been moved out of "home" for 18 years!! so why do we still talk about that time and call it home? I certainly have no desire to move back "home" infact I can't think of anything worse!! so when people move out to Oz and still think of UK as "home" what does that mean? And it got me thinking, what is the definition of home?? or is it just a word we use? Lisa
  6. Hi everyone, Thanks in advance. I am currently applying for Visa 176. Only myself and my wife applying for this visa. No dependent too. There is a question that ask about family member. I have included my parent & brother. What about my brother's wife? Do i need to include my spouse's family too? If yes, does that mean all listed need to attend to health check? Tq.
  7. Have been reading a few threads on here and also been watching a few ads on TV, and this isn't a 'new' thing, just a general observation. I read the other day on here that £2000 - £3000 for a second hand car was classed as cheap, not having a go, but the word cheap did surprise me a bit. Also on the TV, a lot of goods etc, are now said to be 'only' this amount or that amount, but when looked at realistically these items are really (well to me) expensive. A TV reduced from £800 to £600, now according to the ads, 'That is a bargain'.:goofy: So have we lost sight of what constitutes a bargain these days, are we for the most part much more well off in this and age (even with the recession) that we see money as 'just' that, money and place little value on it. I guess a lot depends on what you are earning really. Someone on £50,000 - £100,000 may well view certain things as being 'cheap', whereas someone on a lower wage might view the exact same item as expensive, horse for courses I guess, but nonetheless it is a little worrying when some items (and lets be honest) can be a bit peripheral to our everyday lives, are seen in this light. I guess what I am trying to say is, have we become a little blasé about money and what it can do for us, and also take away from us. I know with the current economic situation a lot of people are struggling, some more than others, but all the same our 'view' of certain aspects of the world have IMO become a little skewed and the true value of having money, and vice versa have become a little off kilter. Just my thoughts is all. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. Guest

    The Definition Of 'Nice'

    Been a lot of talk lately about being 'Nice'. So just what does this mean? Is it being able to understand others view points, is it having the ability to interact with others, whilst these are worthy points I think nice can be one word that allows us to forgive ourselves a whole plethora of other sides of our character. I class myself as 'nice', BUT. I am not egotistical enough to believe that I can also be rude, self indulgent, arrogant, self centred etc. Far too many people say they are nice in the hope that it will excuse all of their other misgivings. To be nice is great, but if we are not honest enough to realise that at times we can be total and utter knobs we are not only misguided, but kidding ourselves that because we class ourselves as 'nice' we can excuse all our other behaviours. Ask anyone that knows me and they will say that whilst I can be nice, I can also be an extremely difficult and bloody annoying to live with. To admit we have faults is not a weakness, it is in my opinion a worthy and honourable trait to have. The minute we are honest with ourselves we can then see how others may see us, and this in turn allows a far better uderstanding of human nature. None of us are perfect, but it does peev me lately that some are excusing what they say because they see 'Themselves' as nice. When in reality the opposite can be the case. To excuse what we say because we think in the main we nice is to live in cloud cuckoo land. We are not only kidding ourselves, bit more to the point we seem to believe that we can say and do to whoever and all is OK because we are Nice. Just my thoughts, and you will have to excuse any spelling errors as I am typing this on my iPhone sitting freezing the proverbials off in the services car park and my eyesight and patience are giving up the ghost. Cheers Tony. :wink:
  9. Hello - my partner is currently in Australia on a working holiday visa. We will be marrying soon and applying for him to migrate as my spouse. I have a working holiday visa question. My partner worked for three months, from March-May, doing part-time casual tutoring for a local university. He has been offered another three-month contract with the same university, from mid-July to mid-October. We weren't sure, though, whether he were allowed to take another contract. The total amount of working time won't exceed six months, but the employment is spread over more than six months of the calendar year, because the six-week term break, during which he didn't work and wasn't paid, intrudes in the middle. How do they calculate the "six months" maximum working time for a given employer? Do you just count the weeks when you actually perform work, until those add up to the equivalent of six months? Or does a clock start ticking from the first day you start working, and six months after that date you can no longer work for that employer, even if there have been breaks in employment during that six-month period? Hope this makes sense...
  10. Hello all....first post and its actually on behalf of my mother in law who has recently initiated an application for a contributory parent visa. I'd be grateful for any advice please. She has engaged the services of a migration lawyer in Sydney, who have informed her that they need to investigate the implications of her step children on her application. She has 2 natural daughters - one is a permanent resident in sydney and the other - my wife - is in the UK. Her husband died three years ago and he has 3 children (grown up and in UK) from a previous marriage. Are the three step children still classed as step children now that her spouse has died. She has not remarried. if they are, then presumably this means she is ineligible for a CP visa? Thanks in advance for any information - the migration lawyer is investigating but it would be useful to get other perspectives on this. It is particularly significant as I am currently applying for a 176 visa and hopefully plan to be in Australia with my wife (her other daughter) in a couple of years time. If she cannot go, it may affect what we decide to do. Thanks and apologies for a long first post!