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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new to this so bear with me. I am currently on a 457 Visa, have been with my partner for 5 years here in Australia with our Son (year and a half) and we are about to put in our 801/820 Defacto PR Visa, which we are more than eligible to get and I have no worries about obtaining this visa. My parents (English) however love Australia and would like to retire out here themselves. They are set up for money and would not require any assistance or loans in buying there home over here, and seeing out there days. The struggle and annoyance is the Visa situation. Now on the application for my 801/820 visa with my partner, it asks about subsequent entrants that are family, which according to the Immi Homeaffairs website this visa is eligible to do. I appreciate this might extend the waiting/process time on the visa, however, I'm secure here in Aus and therefore am not worried about it as long as that would mean my parents are PR's once the visa is approved in the next 3/4 years. Can someone tell me if this is the case and the way to go about it? I know there are other Visa options for parents, however they are far more expensive and require my visa to be approved before there's can even be submitted, and even then the waiting time is really long. Any guidance or help would be much appreciated Thanks Tom
  2. englishkoala

    820 Partner visa - Cash in hand job

    Hey, I have been with my Australian partner for 7 years and we've been living together for the last 2.5 - 3 years. Before that it was trips back and forth and a year when I was on my work and travel visa 6-7 years ago. The issue i'm facing is that I worked cash in hand during that work and travel year. The other 6 years are fully legit. Do I put those jobs down on my form 80? Do I really have to go back 7 years? I was hoping to have substantial focus of my evidence for the last 3 years.
  3. G'day guys. My girlfriend (British) and I (Kiwi) are looking at getting a defacto visa and while I'm sure the info is already here somewhere, i would appreciate any advice you could give me towards the following. We wont have been together for a year until mid October this year however we are going to the UK for 3 weeks in September. September is when her working Holiday visa expires, yet we would hope she would be able to return to the country until a decision is made.. How long before we leave should we be looking at applying for the bridging visa until a decision is made on the defacto? Is this covered in the cost of 820/801 together? Or an additional cost? For the Subclass 820/801 it costs $3975 to be lodged in Australia, I would imagine this is paid when the application is lodged. Do we apply for both at the same time? We are well aware of the documentation we need to provide for thsi sort of thing, just both heavily confused about the payments and visa types etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. My partner has recently started working for a company that want to sponsor him. I am currently on a working holiday visa and we have been told that I can be added to his visa as his defacto as we have lived together for three years. I have been told that I can work on this visa and I just wanted to check this is defiantly the case. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently on a working holiday visa which expires in July. Before then I'm applying for a De Facto Partner visa to stay in Australia with my partner. I know that once my application is received a bridging visa A is issued and that the conditions of the working holiday visa are continued. However - is the 6 month employment limit lifted in these circumstances? I've checked the immi website and various forums but can't find a definitive answer to this one. Also, when I lodge my application I'll have been in the country for just shy of 12 months. Will I need to get an Australian police check, since pretty much as soon as I submit the application I'll have been here for a year? I'm leaning towards waiting to see what a Case Officer says but I want to submit a "Decision Ready" application to give my self a fighting chance of an smooth ride (fingers and toes crossed). You seem like an experienced bunch so I'm sure someone has been through/is in a similar situation. Regards & good luck, Neil
  6. Hi Guys, I have a query regarding my partner securing a sponsored employment visa. we plan to go to Oz. his flight is booked for May and has his working holiday visa already granted from June last year, so he has until this june to use it.. Our plan is for him to get a job that offers sponsorship and for myself and our daughter to follow out at a later date when this has been approved etc. is this possible as this is our only option? sorry this is all new to us and we are trying to find the best possible way as we are not able to do it the other way of paying thousands to get in...any advice would be greatly appreciated. anyone in this position or had any sucess this way?
  7. Guest

    Need Visa Advice - Baby on Way!

    Need advice, I'm Australian born and raise but been living over in London for the past 4 years. I've been with a Swedish girl (28yrs old) for the past 3 and bit years and lived together for most that but been living apart for much of the past year due to money issues etc. We been taking about returning to Australia for a while now, she has never been there but always dreamed of it. Just recently we discovered she was pregnant (currently 16 weeks) which we're happy about though it was unplanned. Now we want head to Australia ASAP and share the joy with my family. One Visa agency advised to apply for a 'Working Holiday Visa' so we can get to Australia fast then apply for the 'Defacto' once there. But I'm worried that we'll be denied because of the pregnacy and then I know if we applied now, the Defacto takes time and not sure if we'll meet the past 12 mths together cause we been living apart for much of 2011 although we lived together for the 2 years before that and currently the past 4 mths. Advice on these or other Visa's or best way to go about things would be greatly appreciated as we'd love to be in Australia in the next month or two! :cute:
  8. DaveBecs

    Help, Im pregnant!!!

    Hey guys Ive just found out im pregnant, which we are both really pleased about, but dont know what to do about my visa, we obviously still want to emigrate to OZ!!! Im currently waiting for my defacto partner visa, my application has been with Australia House since 31st March and we are looking to travel in mid November, which should still give us plenty of time to fly. Do I need to tell my CO now? What happens when we get to OZ with regards to midwives and the birth??? Please help Thanks Becs :unsure:
  9. Guest

    Hi, I need some advice

    Hi there, I want to apply for the de-facto spouse visa. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 years. I have been in Australia for the last 11 months now, I came on a working holiday visa and it is due to expire on the 30th June 2009 so I now don't have much time to lodge this defacto visa app. We are visiting home on the 28th May and will return on the 15th June and I am worried that they will not let me back into Australia because they will see that I have only 2 weeks remaining on my working holiday visa. I was wondering, we will have everything to apply for the de-facto visa except for medical exams so as soon as the payment has been taken does that mean that I will be on a sort of provisional visa? I just don't want to get into any trouble by being here without a valid visa. Do you think it'll be better for me to stay home when I go home to visit and try to do it from there? (My boyfriend is dead against this idea but i'm wondering if its the only option) I'm not sure if this post will make any sense so, if you need anything clarified please just ask. Thanks for your time and any info will be appreciated Kim
  10. Me (Aussie) and my partner (Pom) met in Canada whilst both on working holiday visas from respective countries. We travelled for 5 weeks together end of May 08/all of June 08. Upon returning to Canada we lived together in staff accommodation (there is not many options in Banff) from July - Aug 10th. My OH went back to UK on that date to return to work. I travelled and then entered UK to visit OH for 2 weeks start Oct 08. Then moved to Ireland on WHV (as could not get a 2nd WHV for UK). OH visited a few weekends when he could and moved in Dec just after Christmas. We have been living together since (in shared accom as we are only on one wage due to unemployment - recession, and can't afford a place on our own). We feel we entered a de facto relationship at the end of June 08, when we returned to Canada, we decided then that my OH would moved to Australia so that we could be together and have a future together. We are unsure when to apply for the de facto visa, as there have been periods of separation - but not on a permanent basis. My visa is up in October and I would like to return to Oz in November (I have been away for 2 years). Has anyone had an experience/situation like this and how did they go? Will our period of separation effect the 12 month requirement and therefore the decision? If the visa is refused, what happens? Can we apply again, or is that it? We are really confused and don't know what else to do, any help would be gratefully received. All we want to do is stay together and live in Australia. Thanks!!!
  11. I have just returned to the States from my year working holiday visa... and I want to get out of my country as soon as possible!!! I want to move to back to beautiful Oz and live with my boyfriend who is an Australia citizen. We had been dating and living together for 9 months before I had to leave due to my visa expiring. It seems the only visas that have potential are the Spouse/Defacto Visa and the Prospective Marriage Visa... but we don't quite fit in to either category. The problems is we don't qualify for the Spouse/Defacto Visa because I can not prove that we lived together for 12 months (how strict is the government on this, would they know if I embelished a few months)? Also we don't have much proof: ie rent records, or shared bank accounts. Just a bunch of photos, letters from our family and friends... and well yeah thats about it. The other problem is we aren't quite ready to commit to marriage in 9 months, so even if we applied for this visa and then just didn't get married I would still have to leave the country in 9 months, so that is not practical and only a short term fix to the problem. So I feel like I am at a dead end. The only thing keeping me going is my heart, because it will be absolutely broken if we are unable to live together. Does anyone have any advice? If I did go ahead and apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa will they positevely kick me out after 9 months? Can I come as a tourist and then apply for the Spouse Visa after I fill our few more months of "living together quota"? I mean there has to be a solution... right? Please Please Please someone give me some advice I'm desperate!!!