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Found 3 results

  1. shambles

    HELP: De facto to a 457 Visa

    Hi I have been looking through all of these threads and was wondering if anyone could help. My partner has been offered sponsorship in Sydney on a 457 visa, and I am looking to go as his de facto. I am aware there is a lot of evidence you need to give regarding this but I need to know how long we need to be together to class as de facto for this visa- 6 or 12 months? I looked a couple months back and it said you only had to show 6 months, however I can not find this any more the immi websites just says "For a de facto partner, the relationship needs to have existed for six or 12 months before you lodge the application. The length of the de facto relationship depends on the visa you are applying for.For a de facto partner, the relationship needs to have existed for six or 12 months before you lodge the application. The length of the de facto relationship depends on the visa you are applying for." But it will not tell me what visas are for what length of time... We have only been together for 7 months (so you can understand my concern) Also would any one know if it would be accepted if I went out on a tourist visa and lived there with him for an extended period of time to rack our months up? He has a well paying job and I have savings, and therefore we have the potential to do this. Would this be ok in the eyes of the Australian government? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I had a couple of questions regarding necessary evidence to support a defacto relationship for the 457 visa. First, a brief summary of my situation: I am currently working for an Engineering consultancy in Perth, WA, on a temporary residency visa (skilled graduate 476). This expires in Jan 2014, so my employer has agreed to sponsor me. This is great news, as I have been in a committed relationship with an American, whom I met here in Perth in Dec 2012. The 457 visa allows you to include a defacto partner, only needing to prove 6 months co-habitation. It would otherwise be very hard for us to stay together, both coming from different countries and working in Australia. We have been living together for more than 6 months, but have been subleasing, so as a result do not have much evidence to support 6 months co-habitation. What we do have is as follows: Joint tennancy agreement from April - August 2013 (4 months) Signed statement from roomates we were subleasing from, from Aug - Nov 2013 (3 months) Joint bank account statement dating back only til 29/8/13 (4 months) Her as a named driver on my car insurance policy dating back to 12/8/13 (5 months ish) Flight itineraries of holidays together in Asia in June/July 2013 Bank statements with one off transfers to each other for camping trips/holidays dating back to June 2013 Timeline of photos from holidays, camping trips, afl games, photos with her family, skiing trip etc. Summary of my superannuation account showing her as the sole beneficiary in case of my death I think this is enough to prove our relationship, but not enough to prove 6 months co-habitation? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Does anyone think it necessary to include statements from friends/housemates/relatives? I heard it is useful to hold back on some stuff in case they ask for more evidence. Thanks!
  3. Hi, ive recently secured a sponser in oz, contract signed, now i just have to submit my application. Because its all happened so fast me and my girlfriend are not prepared i.e we have been together 2 years 1 year in Oz on a WHV where we met and 1 year here in the UK but we live apart due to our jobs!! we never thought this opportunity would happen so we dont have a bank account and do not live together. So i know this will prove hard for us to do defacto, we've decided to do a single visa for myself and my girlfriend is going to come on a 12mnths holiday visa where we live together and have a bank account she will not be working but i will which is fine so i was hoping to do it out there is this the best option are there any alternatives? we're really worried it wont happen for us but the opportunity came along so quick and suprisingly its what we both want so much but im terrified that paperwork will make it all crumble down around us!! we have been all over oz together lived in hostels, worked together travelled and been to thailand, spain done so much together but the 2 key things we haven't got...the bank account (which we're working on now) and we dont live together!! if you have any advice that would be great thanks!