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Found 33 results

  1. We are in the process of completing our offshore (UK) application for a 309/100 partner visa and have decided to get a couple of UK-based Australian friends to complete stat dec forms in order to support our application. My concern lies around getting these decs witnessed. According to the DIAC website the following applies when completed overseas: ******************************************************** A statutory declaration can be made overseas provided that it is witnessed by a person who falls within one of the categories in Schedule 2 to the Regulations. Example 1 A doctor who is registered to practise medicine in Australia may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration when he or she is overseas. A doctor who is registered to practise medicine in a foreign country (and not in Australia) cannot witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. Example 2 A member of a police force in Australia may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration overseas. A police officer of a foreign police force cannot witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. If you need to make a Commonwealth statutory declaration overseas, you should be able to contact a person listed under Schedule 2 as an authorised witness at the nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. ******************************************************** Does anyone have any tips on the easiest way to find a suitable witness over here? I don't know of any Aussies living over here in the professions listed so that's not going to be an easy option and I don't think a UK solicitor etc can do it. I haven't followed the above advice of contacting the embassy/consulate yet - I just wanted to check with a few people here before I did as I'm sure other people will have come across this problem before. Many thanks in advance!
  2. llessur

    Do stat decs "expire"?

    Might be a stupid question but I'm just finishing putting the evidence together for our 309/100 partner visa application and am aware that it's taken us sooo long to get all of the evidence together that some of the first stat decs we had done are now dated the end of May which makes them about 3.5 months old. At this stage I'm just going to submit everything on the assumption that the CO will ask for new ones if needed but does anyone know if this is likely to be a problem? I would get them re-done now but a couple of them were posted over from Oz so getting replacements could take a couple of weeks. We also have much newer stat decs dated within the last week or so - it's just taken an age to get them all back to us, countersigned etc...
  3. Hi, I've read through a great number of threads about Stat Decs, but most of them refer to Spouse visas... I hope there are some guys who know similar situations. I'm from Low Risk country, my boyfriend is British. From my side I want to get Statuory Declarations from my Mum and my cousin, as they know us best as a couple. We visited them several times and they live in different part of my country. For certification I will pick notaries, because they seem to be most recognised worldwide. I assume the Stat Dec is to be written in our native language, signed in the presence of a notary and then it goes to the sworn translator? Second question- while notarising their declarations, should the witnesses attach the copies of their IDs /Passports (also notarised as valid copies of originals) ? Last thing - is it OK that from my side only family gives declarations? We live in the UK, so when I go home I obviously visit family in the first place. Me and my boyfriend had some contact with my friends a couple of years ago, but now, because of time and distance, we're not very close. I'll be very grateful for any tips and advice!
  4. Guest

    888 Stat Decs

    Hi everyone. I am in the process of applying for a PMV 300 and am just after some help and advice re the stat decs. My partner's mum and partner will be the Aussie's and my mum in the UK will also write one. Are there any tips on what information DIAC are looking for? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am desperate to get the visa granted and get back to my girl in Perth asap! Thanks
  5. hi, I am applying for a partner VISA, subclass 309, from the UK. I have statutory declarations from family and friends both in the UK and in Australia. I know I have to get the UK statutory declarations witnessed by a solicitor. What about the statutory declarations made in Australia then sent over to me? These declarations have been witnessed in Australia according to the list in the 'Parter Migration Booklet', so eg by a Doctor. They will be included in my submission to the Australia High Commission in London. Have I done the right thing? The certification of documents instructions on the Austrlia High comission website refers to who can certify documents in the UK - I am unsure whether this refers to only those declarations actually made in the UK (in which case I'll be ok) or whether this includes all statutory declarations included in the application. Does anyone have any advice on this based on their experience? Any help gratefully received!! Thanks!
  6. pts

    stat decs

    Hi, My two stat decs have arrived from Australia. The 888 forms are filled in correctly but I noticed that the copy of their passports are not certified. Do they have to be signed or is it enough that the actual stat dec has been witnessed? Many thanks
  7. Hi, About to apply for de facto and a bit confused regarding the stat decs and supporting statements. I know for ozzies, we require them to complete an 888 form, get a copy done of their ID and have this certified. I also wanted to include supporting statements from my friends and relatives in the UK. I understand it is ok for them to write a letter, containing their statement and contact details and that ID is not needed. However, is it ok for them to just write the letter and sign it, then return it back to me, or should they be getting the letter counter signed by someone? If so, who? I don't want to have to ask people to go and hunt out a solicitor in the UK to get them witnessed if it is no necessary. Thanks :smile:
  8. bennyboy

    Stat decs about partner

    Hi to all, Please help!!! Just reading page 40 on the Immigration booklet about the information needed for stat dec's about relationship with o/h. Can anyone please roughly state what sort of info they wrote? There is so much that is required, can't really think how to word it all either!!! Is there any particular information that will be looked at that is definately needed? I am a bit weary of leaving information out and the visa is refused! (Spouse visa). Any info as usuall greatly appreciated!:hug:
  9. k8bug79

    do stat decs expire?

    Hello, we have started to collate bits and pieces for my spouses visa. A few friends have done us declerations regarding our relationship and my ex is in the process of signing a stat dec to say my daughter can come with me. But we are now looking at delaying a few years becasue of work commitments and finances. Will the declarations expire? Obviously I would provide some for the interim period between what they cover and when we apply. My best friend from childhood is yet to do one for us so we can leave hers, but two friends local to where we live and who see us in our day to day lives have already written and had them countersigned. WIll this be an issue? Thanks
  10. hey guys ... so first up just want to give a shout out to everyoone posting on thise site you have provided us with so much information that we are very thankfull for. just a few questions, firstly myself (australian) and my boyfriend (irish) are applying for a defacto visa in the next few weeks . we have been living together for just about 12months and dating for around 5 months before that . we have been collecting our doccuments needed and are just about done but are struggiling to find answers on the following: 1. must we get a health check before we submit the application. 2. do both of us need to get a health check or just my boyfriend (applicant) 3. how many photos can we submit and should the be oringals or printed etc etc? 4. when writing up our own stat dec/ letter of realationship is there any key points we should consider or any particular layout . (im worried i will just jumble useless info together and it wont look efficeint) 5. most of our recipts for little weekends away are in my name is this an issue (i would mormally for for accomidation and then my boyfriend pay for all activities we did- which we dont have recipts for) and finally any other usefull points anyone would like to add would be very helpfull.. thanks again guys and goodluck with all your applications
  11. Hi, My partner and I are currently writing our stat decs which are being witnessed on Thursday. How much did you write, Ive done mine and its about 3 typed A4 pages long. Is this about right? Unsurprisingly my partner is struggling a little bit and I think he might get to 2 pages at a stretch - will this be okay? Thanks : ) D
  12. As the title suggests was wondering if our stat decs for defacto have to be hand written or if we can type them out before getting them witnessed at a solicitors? Thanks
  13. Hey, So we have 3 stat decs from australian friends for our defacto visa. I am getting my mum and a friend to write one in the uk aswell. As these are not "official" requirements for the visa do we have to get these signed off by a solicitor, or can they be signed off by a police officer? How did you do your british stat decs? Thanks, D
  14. Guest

    Stat Decs for defacto.

    Hey Everyone, Hope you all had a great xmas and new year. Well the flights are being booked this wknd – very excited! Bit risky as were not putting the defacto in until March, but its so much cheaper if we book now, just means Ill have to book a flight back if I have to go for a working holiday visa. Weve started compiling all the evidence, and Im really hoping weve got enough to get approved. Just have a question re. stat decs and bank statement authorisations: - With the stat decs what should we get our friends / family to write? How much is expected from them and what kind of format? I presume it needs to be hand written and signed?? - For financial / living together evidence we will be providing a copy of the lease to prove weve lived together for at least a year, as well as separately addressed mail and bank statements highlighted to show account transactions between us. We also will have had a shared account for 4 months. I know this stuff needs to get approved by a lawyer or police office – does this mean they just have to provide a hand written note confirming all copies are genuine? Or does each item need to be signed or stamped? Thanks All : )
  15. Hi Could anyone please help me as to what and how much info needs to be put in a stat dec? Thnanks:err:
  16. Hi there, Under Australian law, there is a list of people who can legally witness/sign a stat dec and also the certified copies of your passport and birth certificate and form 888's etc. I had a pharmacist do one and an accountant (CPA) do the others. Is this going to be ok? I read somewhere I need a solicitor and now Ive already sent the stuff off Im freaking out Im going to have them sent back which would be obviously devastating since my partner is OS at the moment and its killing us being apart as it is let alone have stuff sent back and have to be apart even longer. Can someone please let me know??? Thanks a lot shaun
  17. Hi, just wondering if anyone can say for definite if a local government officer is able to witness statutory declarations and certify copies of documents. I notice they are on the list of people who can countersign passports, it's just i have neighbour who is one and this would save me a fair bit of money if he were able to sign for me. Sarah
  18. My Partner is having to do a Stat Declaration for his current job as he doesnt want to imform employer than he will be leaving (not until visa accpeted etc) as obviously we still need his job. So ive looked at the link www.ag.gov.au/statdec and found the Stat Dec Act 1959 which has the form to fill in. Firstly - Is this where he would write his own job description details for the current employment? Then do we print this off and get solicitior to fill in the witnessed by bit etc? Then does this get photocopied (so its not an original as stated by the TRA guidlines), and resigned by the solicitor? Next - Where does the Stat Dec Regulations 1993 come in to it? What do we need to do for this part? And whats the difference with using the 1959 Act as aposed to the 1835 Act?? I know this sounds mad, but thats how it seems to me. Any clues?? I just really want to get this right Thanks in advance to anyone who can help Kate x
  19. Hey guys, Just so i get it right this time! I have a solicitor signing my stat decs tomorrow. Can someone just confirm this is correct? Signature of person who wrote stat dec Declared at: Is this the solicitors office address? On: Date Before me: Solicitor name, occupation, signature, date and their home address? Just want to get it right this time! Thanks!
  20. Guest

    Police checks and Stat decs...

    Hi all, yet another question from us, we are applying for a spouse visa, on the forms that need to be filled in for the police check, it has a list of people that can 'verify' your identity, ie police officers, teachers etc. It says the person must not be a family member and must have known you a minimum of 2 years. it says the list of people provided 'isnt exhaustive' as long as the person verifying your identity is in a profession. does anyone know if a chef as classed as a profession? we would think it is ....but we could be wrong. we dont know anyone personally on the list provided who fits any of the professions but know someone who is a chef which would be perfect for us. Next question.... we are starting to ask people to fill in the 888 forms for the stat decs. Does someone actually need to witness them signing them or just have to see a copy of their ID (passport etc) how did you all get people to do this? Can we take the stat decs and get them signed by a solicitor etc ourselves or do the authors need to do this? how did you all go about this? If the stat decs need to be witnessed/signed by a solicitor we are happy to pay for this but wondered how people find the time to get this done if they work full time etc? who did you all get to witness your friends/family stat decs? thanks in advance!!!
  21. I have looked at a lot of previous threads, bu they don't seem to answer my query, so hoping someone else can help!???! We are applying for a partner visa (defacto). We met in Canada in a transient tourist town. Most of the development of our relationship was while we were there. We want to submit declarations/statements supporting our defacto relationships from friends who knew us well there who are both from Canada and from the UK. I know that if they are Aussie they can use form 888 - which we will get. My questions are; how is the best way to get these from our Canadian and UK friends? Do they need to be witnessed and if so by who? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Vee
  22. Hi Can anyone give me some advice on how you have to lay out the stat decs? We have to get 4 family members to complete 1 each and the solicitor we were going to send them to in order to get this done said that they think we have to do it as an affidavitt which will cost £400 (£100 for each one) Does anyone know if this is correct? Can any of you let me know what you did for yours? Seems barmy that we would have to pay out £400 to prove that we have been together for 17 years!!!!! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jules:arghh:
  23. hi this is a question for my brother in law. I had to write a joint stat dec, and 4 friends and family stat dec's as im not married, but my sister and brother in law have been married for 18 years and my question is do they too have to provide the stat dec's? many thanks to any one who can help
  24. Guest

    Following up on stat decs

    Hi there, My partner of three years and I are currently applying for a de facto visa. Just wondering whether you've had any experience with case officers who have followed up on the stat decs of friends and family via phone? What is the likelihood that they'll be called and questioned, just so we know whether to warn people that this may be the case! Cheers :cool:
  25. Guest

    Stat Decs

    Hi, I've read many posts on stat decs but I'm still very confused. Are we meant to get all our friends together and go along to a soliciotors to fill them in and have them signed, or can we fill them in then go to the solicitors on our own? Also, must it be a solicitor or Justice of the Peace, can't my mother do it she's a Uni Lecturer? Also, does the certifier sign the copy or the original which we must then copy to send? Aaaaaargh my brain hurts! Cheers. Alex.